Monday, June 26, 2023

statscan celebrates 40 million canucks

By A Canadian Colleague

On june 16, statistics canada issued a press release with a video about canada’s population reaching 40 million on june 16. It is certainly cause for celebration, says statscan (which used to be a respectable organization).

Does the video (2:35 minutes) look to anyone else like a propaganda piece by the century initiative (a lobby group pushing for 100 million canadians by 2100) or a maybe cabal of developers? A hodge-podge overview of history with an incessant promo of immigration. Each new million from the mid-30s on is excitedly announced like a countdown to new year’s. So wonderful that immigration is making up for our low birthrate. canada’s 2.7% growth in 2022 (which outpaced africa’s measly 2.4%) is 96% due to immigration. What’s not to like?

I’m embarrassed that a once respected government department came up with this brazen piece of propaganda. Did they invoke the ghost of Leni Riefenstahl?

And that chief statistician doofus at the end who doesn’t give his name but says what an exciting milestone this is and how excited he is to be living in a time of change and about what the future may bring. I’m also pretty excited about what the future may bring but not quite in the same way that he is.

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jerry pdx
With Trudeau ushering in as many Muslims as he possibly can, soon to be Canadistan.