Friday, June 30, 2023

gang-rape in south africa, and surgery psycho Katie Price (graphic, disturbing photos)

The stunning, shapely, pre-op Katie Price, then named Jordan Brighton

[“raceless savages continue to run amok, torturing and burning invisible people alive: the rsa needs animal control as much as we do.…”]

By Jerry PDX Friday, June 30, 2023 at 12:19:00 a.m. edt

No White should ever be unarmed in south africa, well, or plenty of places in the u.s., either. If you do go to south africa, don’t be a dumb coal burning bitch like Katie Price, you know, the big boobed influencer that...well, actually I never heard of her, either, until I spotted this random article:

Post-op Katie Price, after one, two, or three boob jobs

I looked into who she is and apparently she’s a surgery junkie who somehow makes money as an “influencer.” She’s got a bunch of kids but the first child she had was with a negro and they produced a hulking, violent, brain-damaged sprog that she can’t be alone with because he would probably hurt her (rape her?). A few years back, she went to south africa (her first mistake) to film a tv show and was gang-raped by a gang of negroes, which caused her to become suicidal (and leave her kids alone?) and suffer from ptsd.

At least she claims to have been raped; nobody has ever been arrested for the crime. When it’s one of those internet pseudo-celeb media pigs, one always has to wonder if they are just trying to generate headlines for more clicks, but in her case, I’m inclined to think it actually happened. Reason is, if she was going to lie about a rape, she wouldn't do it in africa, because that would mean black men would be the perps and coal burners with mulatto children want to blame White men for being rapists. black men being the perps means she has to tone down the accusations and contradicts the myth of the “falsely accused black man.”

She now blames the tv company for not supplying security but if she was dumb enough to not realize that a beautiful White woman with big boobs wouldn’t attract attention from negro rapists in africa, then she deserves what she got.

Her response later on to the trauma and horror of being gang raped was to get bigger boobs than ever:

White women who go after black men are always neurotic psych jobs.

The latest incarnation of surgery psycho Katie Hilton


Anonymous said...

If she only had read NSU...


Anonymous said...

The woman has become a freak.