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A New York Stare of Mind

By Nicholas Stix
Spring, 1993
A Different Drummer magazine

As I get settled in my subway seat, I notice the young man sitting opposite staring at me. He’s a handsome, sleek, black fellow in his 20’s, about a foot taller than me. His sharp features betray no anger. On the contrary, if anything he looks to be goofing on me.
I return his stare, if for no other reason to show that I can. After a few seconds, I concede the game to him. I don’t smile, I don’t consciously avoid his glance. A few years ago, I would have played out the stare down, till one of us blinked or smiled or looked away. Now I have more important things to do, like finish the book I brought with me.

Upon breaking sight, I notice for the first time that he’s a street character, dressed in shabby jeans, maybe homeless.

The first time I heard the “rule” about avoiding eye contact, it was from my college neighbor, Cindy. That was about 15 years ago. Back then, it wasn’t “eye contact” you were supposed to avoid, but eye contact with “black men.” Cindy said it straight.

In recent years, I’ve heard middle-class whites repeat Cindy’s rule like a mantra. Last year, Saturday Night Live even worked it into a sketch – a New York City official peddled a booklet, How to Avoid Eye Contact in New York City. Nowadays, the “black man” part is left unspoken. What the hell, it’s not as if the black middle-class isn’t just as afraid as their white counterparts of the stares of poor, young black men.

Cindy was a nice Jewish girl from lily-white Sheepshead Bay. I’m Jewish, too, but my Long Beach, Long Island neighborhood was equal parts white, black, and “Spanish,” as we said in those days of politically incorrect speech.

As a teenager, Cindy hadn’t had any black friends. As a token white in a black youth program, I’d spent more time with black than with white kids. I had black friends and black enemies. Of course, the “color bar” made everything different, and last I noticed, it was as thick as ever.

It’s not like Long Beach didn’t have racial tensions, and the occasional race riot. In general, we had two kinds of race relations: tense and explosive. A microcosm of New York, we were a system of ghettoes – some golden, some rusty – at war with each other. There was none of New York’s anonymous hatred, no sir. When I got mugged, I enjoyed the virtues of familiarity: “Oh, it’s you, Tyrone!” Safe among ourselves, my older sister and I mimicked the tough black girls on the school bus: “What are you lookin’ at, gir-r-rl!” Of course, nobody had looked at anyone.

During nine years split between colleges in New York and West Germany, eye contact wasn’t an issue. The exception involved a couple of punks riding the Munich subway in the spring of 1985. They wore sweat suits, the international subway muggers’ uniform. [Postscript: They may have been Turks.]

When I returned to the U.S. in the late summer of 1985, the Bernard Goetz case was the “Divisive Racial Case” of the moment.

Late one spring evening in 1986, I boarded a Brooklyn-bound Lexington Avenue train. Although the train was packed, I was the only white face. (Where were all the white “liberals” from Brooklyn Heights and the Slope?)

The teenaged black girl sitting opposite had her eyes locked on me. I joined her for a stare down—and won. As I reached for my pen to record the goings-on, my vanquished foe sounded mock alarms to her girlfriends. “Uh-oh, he’s going to ‘Goetz’ us. He’s gonna kill us with his …” watching me reach inside my pocket, “pen!,” exploding in teenaged laughter and giggles.

In the summer of 1987, I was again a token white in a roomful of blacks. Newswoman Carol Jenkins was about to interview politicians Roy Innis and Rev. Al Sharpton. While watching the equipment men set up, I felt eyes upon me, and they weren’t the eyes of Texas. At the far end of the room, Reverend Al was staring away at me. I met, I stared, I conquered. Then Sharpton gave me a big smile. Though we were never introduced and didn’t exchange word one, I’ve been convinced ever since that there’s some humanity deep down in Reverend Al, no matter what the rest of the world says. [Not anymore, I’m not.]

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve lost a few stare-downs in my day, usually after a rough night. But I’m not about to announce them to the world.

As the B train pulls into my stop, I look for the street guy. Maybe we’ll lock eyes once more, for old times’ sake. But no, he’s stretched out asleep on his seat, likewise busy with more important things.

Bobby Portis Must Go!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 12:57:00 A.M. EDT

Even allowing for extra lawbreaking leniency in a black sport like the NBA, there is no justification for keeping Portis on the team. You hear all the time from the blacks in NBA and NFL, “We all love each other.”

Uhh, not in Chicago, it's pretty obvious. If you keep him, you condone the assault and battery. Mirotic cannot possibly be asked to be around a guy who has nearly killed him. If he hit his head on the basketball court, after falling from “The Punch,” his health is STILL not 100% assured. Blood clots can form days later.

What would happen in the event of Mirotic dying—a 16-game suspension?

Hopefully, that scenario doesn't happen, of course.

Portis is not a “teammate” in the truest sense of the word. He must be released from the team immediately—and treated as even MORE of a pariah than Colin Kaepernick is being treated by the NFL. That should be his punishment—no employment—then jail time as well.

The damages from the civil lawsuit will come later—another reason these two cannot coexist. Portis must go.

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Maloney, Baloney! Three at CBS Sports Win Duranty-Blair Awards for Journalistic Infamy, for Cover-Up of Racist Maiming of White Boston Celtics Star Gordon Hayward by Cleveland Cavaliers Jae Crowder and LeBron James”;

“Another Racist NBA Attack, Another Cover-Up!”; and

“Update on Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis”;

“‘I'm Pretty Sure We Can Move Past This’: Black Chicago Bulls Player Bobby Portis Holds Bizarre Press Conference Four Days after Maiming Teammate Nikola Mirotic (‘The Punch’), and Presumably Stealing His Job”; and

“Is Racist, Chicago Bulls Psycho Bobby Portis a Member of the Murderous Nation of Islam? (Photoessay).”

The First Amendment Has been Turned Upside Down! Racist Pro Athletes Who Have No First Amendment Rights are Granted Extra-Legal Privileges, While Cops’ First Amendment Rights are Crushed; That’s What You Get When White Uncle Toms Surrender to Black Supremacists

N.S.: Professional athletes have no First Amendment rights in the workplace. That means that when they protest on the job, it’s not because of the U.S. Constitution, but because their bosses are granting them privileges with no legal basis. So, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and various owners have granted black supremacist players and their white sycophants the privilege of spreading the racist blood libel, whereby white policemen racially profile and murder black angels, who just happen to be racist cut-throats who commit attempted murder and murder against white policemen.

Those would be the same bosses who have ordered NFL players to refrain from honoring actual victims of racism, such as the white Dallas policemen slaughtered by black supremacist devil, Micah Xavier Johnson. Goodell expressly ordered Cowboys players to refrain from memorializing those white policemen.

Meanwhile, public sector employees do have First Amendment rights. However, RINO Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder just violated the First Amendment rights of State Police Col. Kriste Etue, who had criticized the NFL black supremacists. Indeed, he is violating the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights of all white state employees.

Snyder responded to outrageous demands for Col. Etue’s dismissal by acting like a Communist, and calling for the following.

Snyder said he will take the following actions during his review:

  • Reviewing and developing cultural awareness and sensitivity training guidelines
  • Convening a formal group to recommend policies regarding private social media use by state employees, including department directors and others in leadership positions
  • Implicit bias training in the Cabinet and department leadership teams
  • Working with MCOLES to require that all police officer training academies in the state instruct their recruits using the U.S. Department of Justice Fair and Impartial Policing (FIP) program
  • Asking the Michigan State Police to expedite community outreach efforts of the Post Community Service Officers by scheduling community conversations statewide throughout the winter of 2018
  • Requiring a review of MSP trooper recruit practices and standards for admission
  • Integrating the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) with law enforcement to influence positive change by having increased productive dialogues and improved relationships.


NFL Players Can Protest on the Job, White Michigan State Police Bigwig Can’t Comment about the NFL Players Though
By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, October 20, 2017 at 12:36:00 A.M. EDT

Click on Detroit

DETROIT - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced Thursday that Michigan State Police Col. Kriste Etue will have her pay suspended for five days due to a social media post about NFL players who protest during the national anthem.

Snyder has ordered that Etue "have a suspension of pay for five days while reporting to work and demonstrating outstanding leadership by example for the men and women she commands."

Here is the full statement from Snyder:

“Colonel Etue posted something on social media that was inappropriate. She immediately apologized and has acted to demonstrate that apology, including facilitating meetings with various groups to hear concerns and to share the work the Michigan State Police does in cities and neighborhoods statewide to connect with the communities they serve and recruit new troopers from all backgrounds."

"I have full faith in Col. Etue’s leadership as the commander of the Michigan State Police, which I believe to be the best law enforcement body in the nation. The Colonel has served honorably as an enlisted trooper for 30 years, and I hope we can come together as Michiganders to move forward and find common ground, rather than rehash past mistakes."

Etue shared a meme on her Facebook account calling NFL players "a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates."

Etue has since apologized and met with the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus.

READ: NAACP Detroit chapter calls for governor to take action in MSP controversies

"It was a mistake to share this message on Facebook, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended," Etue said in a message released days after the post.

"I will continue my focus on unity at the Michigan State Police and in communities across Michigan." She said she would not resign, and Snyder said he will not fire her.

GRA: Other reports showed John Conyers and other black Michigan reps calling for her to be fired. She can't comment on the black NFLers without suspension, or a push by blacks to get her fired, but the players CAN protest on the job, with no repercussions. Got it.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Is Racist, Chicago Bulls Psycho Bobby Portis a Member of the Murderous Nation of Islam? (Photoessay)



“The Chicago Bulls' first round draft pick, Bobby Portis, right, shakes hands with Bulls General Manager, Gar Forman, during an NBA basketball news conference Monday, June 29, 2015, in Chicago.”

As a high school athlete Arkansas in 2012, when he committed to the University of Arkansas basketball academy

The bow tie tells the story.

And the eyes.




Of the three above pictures, the first two are of Bobby Portis, who actually has a Google Images category of "eyes," while the third is of serial killer Carl "Coral" Eugene Watts, aka "the Sunday morning slasher," who bragged of slaughtering as many as 100 women, virtually all of them white. I submit to my readers that Portis' eyes are scarier even than Watts.' And while we do not know of Portis killing anyone ... yet, we do know that he almost killed a 6'10" man with a single punch.


"Time is not on Portis's side when it comes to getting minutes." Portis found a way around that problem.

“I'm Pretty Sure We Can Move Past This”: Black Chicago Bulls Player Bobby Portis Holds Bizarre Press Conference Four Days after Maiming Teammate Nikola Mirotic (“The Punch”), and Presumably Stealing His Job

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Maloney, Baloney! Three at CBS Sports Win Duranty-Blair Awards for Journalistic Infamy, for Cover-Up of Racist Maiming of White Boston Celtics Star Gordon Hayward by Cleveland Cavaliers Jae Crowder and LeBron James”;

“Another Racist NBA Attack, Another Cover-Up!”; and

“Update on Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis.”]

By Nicholas Stix

On Tuesday, the big basketball news was how two Cleveland Cavalier players, LeBron James and Jae Crowder, maimed a white player, Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward, whom the team had just landed in a blockbuster trade that sent Crowder from the Celtics to Cleveland. James and Crowder sandwiched Hayward. James, arguably the most outspoken black supremacist in the league, who has enthusiastically supported the black campaign variously slaughtering and attempting to slaughter white policemen, bumped Hayward from the front, while Crowder chipped him from behind.

Oddly enough, some sports media operatives, in their discussion of the incident, refused to so much as mention Jae Crowder, claiming that the only contact was between Hayward and James.

However, the same day (Tuesday, October 17), a different black player maimed another white player, this time his own teammate.

During the Chicago Bulls’ practice that day, in a blow reminiscent of Kermit Washington’s near fatal, 1977 sucker-punch attack on Rudy Tomjanovich, black backup center/forward Bobby Portis slugged the team’s white starting power forward, Nikola Mirotic, breaking several bones in the latter’s face, knocking him out and giving him a concussion, and effectively ending Mirotic’s playing career, just as LeBron James and Jae Crowder effectively ended Gordon Hayward’s career.

And guess who is the Bulls’ new starting power forward?

Earlier today, Portis held a press conference, in which he apologized while never looking anyone in the eye, acting as if he were heavily sedated, and in his answers to sports media operatives’ “questions,” doing little more than repeating their questions, prefaced with a “Yes” or “No.” At least one white operative tried to help out Portis, by asking him if his victim hadn’t “instigated” whatever it was that happened.

Grand Rapids Anonymous noted:

Here's the link to the presser.

Major points: Portis says he “tried texting Mirotic, but he hasn't answered.”

GRA: What a surprise (talk to his lawyer).

Speaking of that, a question was brought up about legal action.

“I'm not concerned about that right now.”

GRA: Are they ever? No, otherwise, this stuff wouldn't repeatedly keep happening.

N.S.: Meanwhile, a white K.C. Johnson (no, not the diplomatic historian who was the Emile Zola of the Duke Rape Hoax), tweeted,

Germany Imposes Control over All Social Media Postings, as Part of Plan to Impose EU-Islamic Anti-White, Anti-Christian Dictatorship; UK Dictator, er, PM Theresa May is Also on Board


"A German court recently sentenced journalist Michael Stürzenberger (pictured) to six months in jail for posting on his Facebook page a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, shaking the hand of a Nazi official in Berlin, in 1941. The prosecution accused Stürzenberger of 'inciting hatred towards Islam' and 'denigrating Islam' by publishing the photograph."

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

We were stunned to learn about what happened in Germany between 1930 and 1945, and wondered how it could have happened at all. It is worse than anyone imagined. It is happening again.

Germany: Full Censorship Now Official – Courts Rewrite History
Judith Bergman
October 21, 2017 at 5:00 a.m.
Gatestone Institute

A new German law introducing state censorship on social media platforms came into effect on October 1, 2017. The new law requires social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to censor their users on behalf of the German state. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online "criminal offenses" such as libel, slander, defamation or incitement, within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint -- regardless of whether or the content is accurate or not. Social media companies receive seven days for more complicated cases. If they fail to do so, the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law.

This state censorship makes free speech subject to the arbitrary decisions of corporate entities that are likely to censor more than absolutely necessary, rather than risk a crushing fine. When employees of social media companies are appointed as the state's private thought police and given the power to shape the form of current political and cultural discourse by deciding who shall be allowed to speak and what to say, and who shall be shut down, free speech becomes nothing more than a fairy
tale. Or is that perhaps the point?

Meanwhile, the district court in Munich recently sentenced a German journalist, Michael Stürzenberger, to six months in jail for posting on his Facebook page a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, shaking the hand of a senior Nazi official in Berlin in 1941. The prosecution accused Stürzenberger of "inciting hatred towards Islam" and "denigrating Islam" by publishing the photograph. The court found Stürzenberger guilty of "disseminating the propaganda of anti-constitutional organizations." While the mutual admiration that once existed between al-Husseini and German Nazis is an undisputed historical fact, now evidently history is being rewritten by German courts. Stürzenberger has appealed the verdict.

A German court recently sentenced journalist Michael Stürzenberger (pictured) to six months in jail for posting on his Facebook page a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, shaking the hand of a Nazi official in Berlin, in 1941. The prosecution accused Stürzenberger of "inciting hatred towards Islam" and "denigrating Islam" by publishing the photograph.

Germany has made no secret of its desire to see its new law copied by the rest of the EU, which already has a similar code of conduct for social media giants. The EU Justice Commissioner, Vera Jourova, recently said she might be willing to legislate in the future if the voluntary code of conduct does not produce the desired results. She said, however, that the voluntary code was working "relatively" well, with Facebook removing 66.5% of the material they had been notified was "hateful" between December and May this year. Twitter removed 37.4%, and YouTube took action on 66% of the notifications from users.

While purportedly concerned about online "hate speech," one EU organization, the EU Parliament, had no qualms about letting its premises be used to host a convicted Arab terrorist, Leila Khaled, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) at a conference about "The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Struggle" in September. (The EU, the US, Canada, and Australia, have all designated the PFLP a terrorist organization). The conference was organized by, among others, the Spanish delegation of Izquierda Unida (United Left) as part of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left bloc in the European Parliament.

In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May also said that she will tell internet firms to tackle extremist content:
"Industry needs to go further and faster in automating the detection and removal of terrorist content online... ultimately it is not just the terrorists themselves who we need to defeat. It is the extremist ideologies that fuel them. It is the ideologies that preach hatred, sow division and undermine our common humanity. We must be far more robust in identifying these ideologies and defeating them -- across all parts of our societies."
Prime Minister May keeps insisting that "these ideologies" are spread "across all parts of our societies" when in reality, virtually all terrorism is Islamic. Meanwhile, her own Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has refused to ban the political wing of Hezbollah. Hezbollah's hate speech, apparently, is perfectly acceptable to the British authorities. So is that of South African Muslim cleric and hate preacher Ebrahim Bham, who was once an interpreter to the Taliban's head legal advisor. He was allowed to enter the UK to speak in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, a government building, at the "Palestine Expo" a large Jew-hate event in London in July. Bham is known for quoting Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels and saying that all Jews and Christians are "agents of Satan". Meanwhile, a scholar such as Robert Spencer is banned from entering the UK, supposedly on the grounds that what he reports -- accurately -- is "Islamophobic".

The British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) also recently stated that online "hate crimes" will be prosecuted "with the same robust and proactive approach used with offline offending". The decision to treat online offenses in the same way as offline offenses is expected to increase hate crime prosecutions, already at the highest recorded level ever. Prosecutors completed 15,442 hate crime cases in 2015-16.

Jews in Britain, who have experienced a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism over the past three years, are frequently on the receiving end of hate crimes. Nevertheless, their cases constitute less than a fraction of the statistics. In 2016/17, the CPS prosecuted 14,480 hate crimes. According to the Campaign Against Antisemitism:
"we have yet to see a single year in which more than a couple of dozen anti-Semitic hate crimes were prosecuted. So far in 2017, we are aware of... 21 prosecutions, in 2016 there were 20, and in 2015 there were just 12. So serious are the failures by the CPS to take action that we have had to privately prosecute alleged anti-Semites ourselves and challenge the CPS through judicial review, the first of which we won in March. Last year only 1.9% of hate crime against Jews was prosecuted, signaling to police forces that their effort in investigating hate crimes against Jews might be wasted, and sending the strong message to anti-Semites that they need not fear the law... Each year since 2014 has been a record-breaking year for anti-Semitic crime: between 2014 and 2016, anti-Semitic crime surged by 45%".

Almost one in three British Jews have apparently considered leaving Britain due to anti-Semitism in the past two years.

British authorities seem far more concerned with "Islamophobia" than with the increase in hate crimes against Jews. In fact, the police has teamed up with Transport for London authorities to encourage people to report hate crimes during "National Hate Crime Awareness Week", which runs from October 14-21. Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police will hold more than 200 community events to "reassure communities that London's public transport system is safe for everyone". The events are specifically targeted at Muslims; officers have visited the East London Mosque to encourage reporting hate crimes.

Last year, London mayor Sadiq Khan's Office for Policing and Crime (Mopac) announced it was spending £1,730,726 of taxpayer money policing speech online after applying for a grant from the Home Office. Meanwhile, Khan said that he does not have the funds to monitor the 200 jihadists estimated to be in London, out of the 400 jihadists who have so far returned to the capital from Syria and Iraq. (He also implicitly admitted that he does not know the whereabouts of the jihadists who have returned). When asked by the journalist Piers Morgan why the mayor could not have them monitored, Khan answered:

"Because the Met Police budget, roughly speaking, 15 percent, 20 percent is funded by me, the mayor. The rest comes from central government. If the Met Police is being shrunk and reduced, they've got to prioritize and use their resources in a sensible, savvy way."

When Morgan asked what could possibly be a bigger priority than, "people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with intent to harm British citizens", Khan did not answer. Perhaps because it is hard to admit in public that fighting "Islamophobia" is now a higher priority than fighting terrorism?

Judith Bergman is a columnist, lawyer and political analyst.

Update on Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 1:52:00 AM EDT

Here's more:

(SBNation) Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic has been hospitalized and is out indefinitely after a fight with teammate Bobby Portis at Tuesday’s practice, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

Portis has been suspended for eight games for his role in the incident, the team announced. Mirotic will miss 4-6 weeks with the injury, according to team president John Paxson.

Portis reportedly struck Mirotic in the face with an alleged “cheap shot” following a shoving match during practice. However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Portis threw a punch after Mirotic charged at him following an escalating conflict.

The players had been talking trash to one another in practice, going back and forth before those exchanges escalated into a physical encounter, league sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic's face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up, league sources said.

Mirotic suffered a fractured bone in his face and sustained a concussion, according to the team. He could need surgery. The two veterans had been vying for minutes in Chicago’s rotation.

The TCM Film Noir of the Week for Sunday, October 22 at 10 am ET, is Raw Deal (1948)



By David in TN
Friday, October 20, 2017 at 9:36:00 P.M. EDT



The TCM Film Noir of the Week for Sunday, October 22 at 10 am ET, is Raw Deal (1948).

John Ireland and Marsha Hunt

Claire Trevor

Dennis O’Keefe plays an escaped convict on the run with his woman, Claire Trevor.

Raymond Burr, center; John Ireland, right; and a third bad guy


Raymond Burr, in one of his noir “heavy” roles, does something bad to a woman, but gets his just deserts in the end.

John Ireland and Marsha Hunt

Anthony Mann directs.



John Alton provides his justly famous cinematography.




Another Racist NBA Attack, Another Cover-Up!


Vic Nikola Mirotic

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 1:43:00 A.M. EDT

Black Chicago Player Assaults White Teammate--No Publicity, No Major Repercussions, Either, as Nickoli Mirotic is Significantly Injured by Black Teammate, Bobby Portis

(ESPN) CHICAGO -- Bobby Portis has apologized to his Bulls teammates for getting into a fight that left Nikola Mirotic with facial fractures and a concussion.

"He didn't address us today, but he did address the team before so that was taken care of," Bulls swingman Justin Holiday said after Friday's practice.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg acknowledged that Portis' apology took place during a team meeting but did not want to go into specific details about his message.

"I'll keep that between the team," Hoiberg said, "as far as exactly what was said in that meeting."

Portis, who has declined to speak to the media for now, practiced Friday for the first time since Tuesday's incident. He was suspended eight games for punching Mirotic.

"It was good to have him back in here," Hoiberg said of Portis. "Obviously everybody's looking forward to getting Niko back in here as well, hopefully soon."

Mirotic, who was not in the building, is expected to miss at least four weeks because of his injuries.

GRA: This is hardly being mentioned anywhere. I accidently ran into it and the first question is: How is Bobby Portis not in jail for assault and battery? The incident is being kept quiet by the Bulls—as it's an obvious racial blow-up. How can Mirotic—an excellent white shooter—imported from Europe, play on the same team as Portis? One of them has got to go, before Mirotic comes back from his injuries. I'll keep you posted when that occurs.


Perp Bobby Portis. TMZ: “Bobby Portis is paying the price for his brutal punch on Bulls teammate Nikola Mirotic ... as the team has slapped him with an 8-game ban.” Price? What price?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Maloney, Baloney! Three at CBS Sports Win Duranty-Blair Awards for Journalistic Infamy, for Cover-Up of Racist Maiming of White Boston Celtics Star Gordon Hayward by Cleveland Cavaliers Jae Crowder and LeBron James

By Nicholas Stix

“The NBA's hyped season-opening game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics was derailed within a few minutes. New Celtics star Gordon Hayward went up for a lob, bumped into LeBron James in mid-air and landed awkwardly. The result was a gruesome lower leg injury that the Celtics are calling a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia.” [Gordon Hayward's ankle injury and road to recovery, as explained by a medical expert, by Jack Maloney @jackmaloneycbs, at CBS Sports,
Oct 18, 2017.]

That was the first paragraph of a thing by CBS Sports operative Jack Maloney. “Thing” is the term I use in place of an obscenity, for an obscene propaganda exercise on behalf of evil by media, academic, and political operatives.

The first paragraph tells a lie of omission, which makes the rest a wordy smoke screen. Blah, blah, blah. For 1,690 words, but it seems like 3,000.

Maloney interviewed a certified athletic trainer Jeff Stotts, on the extent of Hayward’s injury, and what his rehabilitation will likely entail. Normally, such an article would be enlightening, but in this case, it’s deceptive. The real story is what was done to one of the game’s biggest white stars by two black players, one of whom is an open racist and the game’s biggest star.

Gordon Hayward was sandwiched. LeBron James bumped him from in front, while Jae Crowder knocked him down from behind. And yet, nowhere in the above thing, does Jack Maloney so much as mention Jae Crowder.

(I call media items “things” that otherwise could only be described with obscenities.)

If Maloney thought the sandwich was innocent, why did he withhold all mention of Crowder?

LeBron James is a notorious racist, and supporter of blacks who assassinate or attempt to assassinate white policemen, while telling blood libels about the “racial profiling” of people who are, in fact, murderous black felons of all ages.

I don’t know about Rae Crowder, but non-racist blacks in the NBA are a rare breed. In any event, Crowder’s act speaks for itself.

Crowder and James put a hit on Gordon Hayward, and deliberately destroyed his career. Whites who support the black supremacist NBA are pathetic quislings.

I am also bestowing on Maloney’s bosses at CBS Sports, Sean McManus, Chairman, and David Berson, President, Duranty-Blair awards.

The Duranty-Blair Award recognizes those journalists whose work embodies the spirit of Walter Duranty and Jayson Blair, two of the most notorious journalists in the history of the Fourth Estate. It is no accident that both men worked for the New York Times.

Walter Duranty wrote a series of early 1930s dispatches from the Soviet Union, where he was Times Moscow bureau chief, in which he lied about the Ukrainian Holocaust, in which Stalin deliberately starved millions of Kulaks (farmers) to death, through a man-made famine. Instead of reporting the truth, Duranty reported that the peasants were happy and well-fed, and was rewarded for his lies with a Pulitzer Prize.

Jayson Blair (here, here, and here) was an early 2000s black affirmative action hire, who alternately plagiarized reporters at other newspapers, and fabricated articles out of whole cloth, all for stories set hundreds and even thousands of miles away, while he sat in New York City cafés.

Previous Duranty-Blair winners are:

CBS News producer Mary Mapes in 2004;

Seven reporters and editors at the New Orleans Times-Picayune in 2006;

ABC News reporter Brian Ross in 2012;

Peter Berger (not the brilliant sociologist), of The American Interest, in 2013;

Associated Press operative Tom Hays, in 2014;

New York Times operative Farhad Manjoo in September, 2016;

CNN’s Symone Sanders (2), Don Lemon, and Kate Bolduan (2), in November 2016;

New York Times Propaganda Officer Francis X. Clines in March 2017;

CNN Activist Jim Sciutto, in May 2017; and

Associated Press “Reporter” Duncan Mansfield (posthumous), in September 2017.

Michael Slager News: Trump DOJ Refuses Request by White Cop-Hating Newspaper for Investigation by Obama DOJ Designed to Vilify, Dismantle North Charleston PD

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

What I think is going on here is that the Obama DOJ, as run by racist criminal generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, were using “reviews” on local, white-run police departments, as a tool for destroying them (e.g., Ferguson). Note the language from the white cop-hating Post and Courier, which assumes that the feds will recommend of any PD they are investigating that it be taken over by the feds (“consent decree”) and dismantled.

White North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and Police Chief Eddie Driggers thought they’d outsmart Obama’s racist feds, by asking for such an investigation up front, as if the black supremacists would then go easy on them. Fat chance.

The investigation was carried out by the DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS), which under Obama performed a kinder, gentler form of evisceration of law enforcement than the old-fashioned consent decree.

The demands by black supremacists that the DOJ COPS review of the North Charleston PD be released, are in order to be able to attack the department, Trump, and Sessions with Obama’s racist propaganda.

Feds deny request for report on North Charleston police, but senator joins growing calls for release
• By Andrew Knapp
• Oct 20, 2017 Updated 3 hrs ago
Post & Courier

The Justice Department has denied an open-records request for a report about North Charleston police despite an intensifying chorus of voices from South Carolina and Washington calling for its release.

In rejecting The Post and Courier's inquiry, the federal government said it was sticking to its "commitment to respecting local law enforcement," even though local law enforcement had asked for the report in the first place. The agency plans to hold on to 601 pages that memorialize work by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, a decision that rankled those who sought the reform measure after a police officer shot Walter Scott to death.

The newspaper has appealed, but some locals said the response is a “slap in the face” and raises public suspicion of what the records contain.

Though some leaders are still pushing for the report, Mayor Keith Summey was silent about whether he would seek from the Department of Justice what he and his police chief had first asked for. But Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., this week penned a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had essentially disbanded the COPS Collaborative Reform Initiative last month.

"North Charleston residents and elected officials continue to be very interested in receiving the results of the COPS Office's already conducted assessment ... regardless of your recent announcement," the senator told Sessions in the Wednesday letter. "I ... urge you to release any final or near final findings and recommendations."

City Councilman Bob King said North Charleston has invested too much time in the effort to walk away now.

"They ought to release it," King said. "The Department of Justice did the city of North Charleston an injustice by cutting us off."
Many neighborhood leaders also have joined forces to demand the taxpayer-funded report.

"It's not being respectful to law enforcement. It's being disrespectful to the community as a whole," said the Rev. Clinton Brantley, pastor of St. Matthew Baptist Church. "It makes me think they have something to hide."

Before Sessions ended the program, federal officials said the assessment was being finalized. Its near-completion buoyed hopes that the documents would still be made public under the federal Freedom of Information Act, potentially handing advocates and a police advisory commission a helpful blueprint for change.

But that won't happen — at least not yet.

The COPS unit won't willingly divulge the information, FOIA officer Chaun Eason said, because of a legal exception allowing it to withhold certain communications used in a "deliberative process." The agency's refocused mission under Sessions also prevents a discretionary release, Eason said.

"Consistent with the attorney general’s commitment to respecting local law enforcement control and accountability," Eason said in an email, "the COPS Office will no longer be issuing Collaborative Reform assessment reports."

Sen. Tim Scott and President Donald Trump discuss race relations in an Oval Office meeting last month. Scott wants Trump's administration to release a review of North Charleston police.

'Pressure' on city officials

Walter Scott, a black man, was pulled over by patrolman Michael Slager in April 2015, one in a long line of minor traffic stops thought to target minority communities. After a struggle, the officer said he fired in self-defense when Scott grabbed his Taser.

But an eyewitness video showed Slager shooting eight times as Scott ran away. Slager pleaded guilty earlier this year to a federal crime and is awaiting sentencing.

Amid calls for a sweeping civil rights investigation of the whole North Charleston Police Department, Summey and Police Chief Eddie Driggers asked the Justice Department a year after the shooting for a less confrontational agreement. The COPS program agreed to review police policies and procedures and suggest changes.

But in keeping with President Donald Trump's own principles, Sessions abandoned such reform measures in mid-September, and agency officials said they no longer expected to do "wide-ranging assessments" of local police or complete ones they had already started.

The Post and Courier's request for documents already created by the Justice Department turned up 606 pages, the agency said. The department, though, handed over only five: the letter from Summey and Driggers asking for the COPS probe; it already was public.

First Amendment expert Jay Bender of Columbia, a lawyer for the newspaper, said it's unlikely that the agency would seriously rethink its decision now.

"We have an attorney general that believes cops can do no wrong and a president who encourages cops to beat up people in custody," Bender said. "There's not going to be any evaluation by the DOJ that suggests impropriety at a police department."

The agency also denied a similar FOIA request from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, said Monique Dixon, deputy director of policy at the New York-based civil rights organization.

"We’re encouraging folks in North Charleston to pressure city officials to ask for the report," she said. "If they really want that document, the officials can push for it."


North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey (left) and Police Chief Eddie Driggers attend a 2015 vigil for Walter Scott, who was fatally shot by a police officer. A year later, they asked the federal government to review the city's police policies and procedures. File/Staff

'Slap in the face'

Summey has expressed disappointment that the federal authorities were "backing away from their commitment," but he has not strongly pressed for the report's release.

A new written agreement with the COPS office, which the council's Public Safety Committee approved Thursday, allows the city to draw "technical assistance" from the federal agency, but it provides no details about the effort expected to run through August. Driggers said at the committee meeting that he will visit with COPS officials in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 30 "to affirm our commitment ... and to set the steps to move forward."

The mayor and his spokesman refused to answer questions asked by The Post and Courier in multiple phone calls and emails. A police representative also did not respond to requests.

Meanwhile, the North Charleston Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Community-Police Relations is developing its own recommendations for the police force, but it had viewed the COPS report as an important step toward that end. Its chairman, Keon Rhodan, said the group is disappointed now but optimistic for an eventual release.

"The report definitely would help," he said, "but there are other tools that we can use to help bring about change we need."

Vice Chairman Daniel O'Neal said he thought the Justice Department had contradicted its own vow to promote local accountability for police.

"I feel like this decision is a slap in the face," he said. "It makes me wonder what exactly is in the report that they don't want the citizens of North Charleston to know."

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Libs Line Up with Black Racist, “Empty Barrel” Wilson

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, October 20, 2017 at 12:45:00 P.M. EDT

After White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Called Cong. Frederica Wilson an “Empty Barrel,” Following Her Racist Attack on President Trump

“MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said he was “stunned” by White House chief of staff John Kelly’s remarks about Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, suggesting that the former general was a product of a racist upbringing.

“‘John Kelly never sat next to Frederica Wilson in his elementary school,’ he added….” [At The Daily Caller.]

“Joy-Ann Reid lauded fellow MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s Thursday night segment in which he characterized White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly’s attack on Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson as the product of his “segregated” Irish Catholic upbringing. [Also at The Daily Caller].
GRA: So it’s OUR fault for not understanding what 13% of the population thinks like. We're so [frigging] fortunate to have libs and blacks—in droves on the airwaves—to interpret how the black race looks at things (mirror image of sensible whites).

Let's see: Whites work, they don't.

Blacks kill each other, we don't.

Blacks kill whites, we don't.

Whites are basically honest, blacks lie all the time (part of their DNA?).

Whites are family oriented, looking to benefit their country, blacks are not—do not.

Many more examples. Lawrence O'Donnell thinks because he was having sex with Tamron Hall, he understands blacks. Millionaire blacks, yes, but not the rest of the 99.9% that are destroying this country.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Notoriously Bigoted Politician Speaks Out!



By A Texas Reader
Pres. Bush warns against politics of “bigotry or white supremacy”
Thu, Oct 19, 2017 3:42 p.m.

Former president George W. Bush on Thursday called on Americans to reject bigotry and white supremacy.

ATR: He is an anti-white bigot with a fetish for Mexicans.

“Pres. Bush warns against politics of “bigotry or white supremacy.”

Spree Shooter Radee Labeeb Prince was a One-Man Crime Wave Who Got a Free Ride from the Delaware Criminal Justice System



By An Anonymous Reader

As stated, this animal enjoyed almost 20 years of “affirmative action justice” for innumerable felonious assaults that would have guaranteed prison time virtually anywhere else: from a reading of this article, it appears that he was never convicted of anything that resulted in a jail sentence: astonishing.

Looks like the district attorney's office in Wilmington, along with the State AG, have some type of disability preventing them from performing the duties of their office and properly prosecuting violent, recidivist criminals like this.

N.S.: He repeatedly skipped out on court dates, but instead of hunting him down, and charging him additionally, prosecutors would reward him by dropping the previous charges, and declining to charge him for being a fugitive. In other words, the more crimes he committed, the more prosecutors rewarded him.

This is not unusual today. In Baltimore, Freddie Gray’s arrest record contained all sorts of charges without dispositions. In Atlanta, Shamal Thompson committed one felony after another, without ever being punished, as judges and prosecutors kept issuing him black-man-gets-out-of-jail-free cards, until he murdered Eugenia Jeanne Calle. Meanwhile, in New York, Daryl Thomas committed one First-Degree Rape after another, but the NYPD kept giving him freebies, writing up his forcible rapes as “trespassing.”

Reno Hightower ·
Wilmington, Delaware
Another ghetto turd who shouldn't of even been walking the streets plus 42 times arrested is a joke....smh

Matt Riemann ·
University of Delaware
What about all the articles your rag paper has written about “criminal justice reform?” This is it. It’s been reformed. The AG’s office and courts hardly ever put people away for long periods of time after multiple felony convictions. This guy proves it. So can we stop with the vote pandering criminal justice reform talk?

Rick Schumacher
Maybe someone from Delaware's lenient judicial system would like to explain to the victims loved ones why this FN POS was allowed on the streets to continue his felonious lifestyle. Maybe judges and prosecutors should start being held responsible for their poor decisions.

“Mass shooting suspect: many prior arrests, few convictions” (Wilmington News Journal, Oct 18, '17)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They Got Him! Feds Have Alleged Spree Shooter Radee Labeeb Prince in Custody

By Nicholas Stix

“We spoke to a woman, Karen Flowers, who says she knows both Prince and the victim.

"Prince is a good guy. He did a bad thing, don't get it twisted. He did a bad thing, terrible thing."

He’s now been arrested 48 times and convicted of 15 felonies so far in the state of Delaware alone, and committed mass murder in Maryland.

Good guy.

At ABC6.

Dead Reckoning: Radee Labeeb Prince, Suspect in Maryland Workplace Mass Murder AND Delaware Shooting Today, Had been Arrested 42 Times and Convicted 15 Times of Felonies in Delaware Alone, but Enjoyed a Steady Diet of Criminal Justice Affirmative Action


Suspected war criminal, Radee Labeeb Prince—see how proud he is?

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

Developing: looks like another black “employee” decided to use a gun to resolve a human resources issue.

There’s been no report that he was fired, and he’d only “worked” there for four months before shooting five, killing three, and then fleeing.

Looking at his photo, one can only imagine the incredible government pressure applied to the employer to hire this time bomb, when every cell in his body was likely sending out alarms.

Are employment background checks already forbidden in Maryland?

At the New York Daily News.

Do Black NBA Players Deliberately Try to Hurt White Ones?

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 4:27:00 P.M. EDT

When I watch this video I have to wonder.

Gordon Hayward of the Celtics goes up for an alley-oop, and LeBron James bumps him from the front. That might not have been so bad, because he at least saw that coming, but Jae Crowder body slams him from behind while he was high in the air, causing him to land awkwardly and break his foot. He's likely out for the season.

It's a gruesome injury; don't watch unless you have a strong stomach.

When you undercut somebody from behind like that when they are leaping for a high lob, there will almost certainly be a high-impact slam to the floor.

There's an unspoken rule about hitting someone like that when they are skying high for a lob, but apparently the rule was suspended due to reasons having to do with race.

I've written about this before, but it bears repeating. I've played plenty of rat ball in my life, and sometimes been the only white guy on the court. I know from experience black players will deliberately try to hurt white ones. My nose was broken from a deliberately swung elbow toward my head and seen other similar injuries from the same and the usual suspects.

LeBron James is a noted racist, and I don't doubt his homey Crowder shares his bigotry, so they have to remind one of the few legit white stars in the NBA not to get too uppity and play too well, or there will be consequences. After all, they got whitey outnumbered.

Today in History for October 18th (Associated Press Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Associated Press
Published on Oct 17, 2016

Highlights of this day in history: Inventor Thomas Edison dies; Three scientists share Nobel prize for DNA work; Anthrax scare hits CBS in New York; Two U.S. athletes suspended for Mexico City Olympics protest; Rock star Chuck Berry born. (Oct. 18)

[Actually, the video narrator says that Tommie Smith and John Carlos, the black supremacist sprinters, were banned for life.]

Manhunt! Obama Hire, Black Machinist Radee Labeeb Prince Working at Maryland Business Park for Only Four Months Commits Mass Murder, Shooting 5, Killing 3, and Leaving 3 in Critical Condition


Suspected war criminal, Radee Labeeb Prince--see how proud he is?

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

3 Killed, 2 Critically Wounded in Shooting at Business Park in Edgewood
WBAL Radio 1090 AM

A manhunt is on for Radee Labeeb Prince, who authorities say has a criminal history.

[Make that a very lengthy criminal history. This is one of the violent, black, career criminals whom the John Doe calling himself himself “Barack Obama” forced white employers to hire.]

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

White Juror Averts Another Emmett Till Jury in Mississippi; Crooked Jury Foreman Ignored Jury Vote, and Tried to Acquit Monster in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

By Nicholas Stix

Sixty-two years after the fact, we constantly hear about Emmett Till, the 14-year-old black angel who was murdered in Money, Mississippi by Roy Bryant and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, after he had sought to get a married white woman, Carolyn Bryant, to sleep with him. (Yes, I know, the whole thing has since been revised into a racial fairy tale, in which Till was murdered for breathing while black. I’ll deal with that another time.)

In that case, the jury hearing the murder charge against Bryant and Milam took just enough time to order cokes, for appearance’s sake, before returning to the courtroom, and declaring the killers “not guilty.”

This time, instead of an all-white jury, it was a racially split one—six blacks and six whites, at first. Then, after one white man got himself kicked off for complaining on Facebook, it became seven blacks and five whites.

Panola County DA John Champion watered down justice, to the point of taking the death penalty (i.e., justice) off the table, but it didn’t help one bit.

This case was not a close call. One expert from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, investigator Tim Douglas, had testified that through triangulating the cell phones, he had been able to determine that defendant Quinton Tellis had been with victim Jessica Chambers up until at most four minutes before her murder. A forensic investigator testified that Chambers’ car keys, which her murderer had thrown away, after setting her and her car on fire, had Tellis’ DNA on them.

The jury foreman, Mr. Lamkin, passed a piece of paper to the clerk. Either the clerk or Judge Gerald Chatham read aloud, “Not guilty.”

A white juror piped up that the jury was not unanimous.

The black jurors who voted to acquit had never deliberated. They had decided, from the get-go, that they were going to help out a brother, no matter how monstrous he was. After all, the victim was only a white girl.

The mainstream media spun the verdict that the jury was “confused.” That’s a bald-faced lie. Judge Gerald Chatham had instructed the jury that the verdict had to be unanimous. The black jurors voting to acquit simply decided that the white jurors’ votes didn’t matter. Mr. Lamkin (Lampkin?), the jury foreman, simply acted as if the whites were invisible, and handed the clerk a verdict of “Not guilty.” [Judge declares mistrial in Jessica Chambers case after confused jury comes up with split not guilty verdict by David Boroff, New York Daily News, Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 9:27 A.M.]

CNN claimed that “most jurors” had voted guilty. That would have to mean at least what, nine?

There appeared to be confusion among jurors before the judge declared the mistrial. The jury said it had reached a verdict and the court clerk read the not-guilty verdict recorded on a piece of paper. But at the prosecution's request, the judge polled the jury, and most jurors said their vote was guilty. [Mistrial declared in burning death of Mississippi teen by Jamiel Lynch and Darran Simon, CNN, Updated 11:19 P.M. ET, Mon October 16, 2017.]
However, CNN also suggested that the final jury had six blacks, rather than seven.

The judge should have thrown Lamkin off the jury, after the latter sought to subvert justice, and had him charged with obstruction of justice, but he let him remain. (I know, such charges are never lain against criminal black jurors.) However, the judge no longer trusted Lamkin, and would later repeatedly emphasize the requirement of jury unanimity, and carefully go through pages of documents.

The AP/NBC News reported today (sotto voce) that the foreman tried a second time to ram through an illegal acquittal, but that doesn’t sound right to me.
BATESVILLE, Miss. — The jury in the tense murder trial of a Mississippi man charged with setting a 19-year-old friend on fire and leaving her to die handed a bailiff a note: They have reached a verdict.

What followed was confusion.

Before the decision was read, Judge Gerald Chatham asked if the 12-person panel had unanimously agreed on a verdict. A male juror spoke the shocking words: “We didn’t all agree.”…

After the verdict disagreement, the judge asked the panel to continue deliberating. Shortly afterward, a court clerk read what was believed to be the final verdict: Not guilty.

Tellis’ relatives smiled. Chambers’ family cried.

Then, the judge polled the jury. Seven for guilty, five for not guilty. [Jessica Chambers Case: Mistrial Declared in Death of Teenager Burned Alive by Associated Press, Oct 17 2017, 10:53 a.m. ET]
If the foregoing AP/NBC News report is correct, and I’m wrong, it is even more incriminating of Lamkin, the jury foreman. It would mean that Lamkin repeatedly disobeyed the Judge’s orders. It would also mean that likely two blacks voted to convict.

DA Champion said there will be a re-trial.

The courts have invented a constitutional right for blacks to subvert the criminal justice system, and blacks are running with it.

Blacks, who constitute 13.3% of America’s “residents,” commit the majority of the murders in this country.

The American jury system is dead, which means the American criminal justice system is dead. Can a diverse America, in which colored criminals run amok, endure without a criminal justice system?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Too Black to Prosecute: Sadistic Black Coach Assaults and Abuses White Girls with Impunity—and He’d Struck Before!

By Jesse Mossman
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 1:48 p.m.

Sadistic black coach will not be prosecuted for injuring girl by forcing her to do splits. I suspect he enjoyed hurting a white girl, but
apparently he is too black to prosecute. Now if a white man did this to a black girl the media would blast this nonstop until they threw away
the key.

At Buzzfeed, of all places!

Hate Hoax Alert! Yet Another Fake Campus “Hate Crime”; Individual Arrested for Graffiti Swastika at University of Maryland is Black

Mon, Oct 16, 2017 5:09 p.m.
By “W”

At PJ Media.


By David in TN
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 5:13 p.m.

It's official. Hung Jury. Don't know the split yet.

Seinfeld’s John O'Hurley Praises Mike Pence, “Bravo” for Leaving Colts Game, Puts Down Political Theater!

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Published on Oct 9, 2017

"I go to a football game as I go to a movie or anything else ... for escapism. Not to hear somebody's political views." -- John O'Hurley on Mike Pence's decision to leave Colts game.

Lawrence Auster and Jessica Chambers

By Nicholas Stix

When putting together David in TN’s work on the Jessica Chambers trial last night, I forgot an observation of the late Lawrence Auster: “Liberalism is a factory for the production of dead white females.”

Larry had once written the same statement, without the word “white.” I followed up, and asked him if that was what he meant. He responded in the affirmative.

To add to Larry’s observation, the liberal criminal justice system is increasingly a factory for the protection of white females’ killers.

“Not Guilty”; Chaos in the Courtroom! Foreman in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Tried to Slip in an Acquittal of Defendant Quinton Tellis, Even Though Several Jurors Voted Guilty! Another Juror Had to Pipe Up in Open Court, to Stop Travesty of Justice

By David in TN

JESSICA CHAMBERS VERDICT WATCH: Jury sent back for more deliberations
By Eryn Taylor

Prosecutors said Tellis doused the women [sic] in gasoline then set her on fire and left her to die on a country road near Courtland.

N.S.: There’s a video and tweets from reporter Bridget Chapman at WREG.

The judge is now being very careful, and no longer trusting the jury foreman. He keeps repeating to the jury the instructions he had given it before deliberations began, but which the foreman, Mr. Lamkin, had ignored, that the verdict must be unanimous.

I wonder what Mr. Lamkin’s background could possibly be.

New York Daily News Provides Phony Cover Story for Arab Moslem Who Murdered Young Woman, Ted Kennedy-Style, While He was Getting Her to Cheat on Her Boyfriend


Murder victim Harleen Grewal

By An Anonymous Reader

Ahmad, Grewal, Singh, Azam - SHAZAM! Another fine NYC morning rush...
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 1:40 a.m.

Another one for the “minority intersectionality” wreckage files - in this case actual and flaming - of the 3rd-World mess that NYC has become.

The Daily News deserves an award for “most unintentionally comical article headline”:

“Father can’t understand why son fled burning car with passenger trapped inside after Brooklyn crash”

The answer can be summed up conclusively and simply: the father's name is Mohammad Azam, and his son's name is Saeed Azam - fine, honorable, brave Muslims both.

The father's duty is to lie and obfuscate for his son, his son's duty was to leave the dhimmi (“non-believer”), and save his own [butt], leaving her to burn to death in the wreck that resulted from his reckless driving.

“The 23-year-old smashed the luxury Infiniti 35G into a concrete barrier on the Gowanus Expressway.”


The victim's boyfriend, Karan Singh Dhillon

How does a 23-year-old Brooklyn punk afford a “luxury Infinity”?

Back in the day, the best anyone of us could muster at that age was a 10, 15-year-old beater.

“Ahmad was caught on camera hailing a yellow cab early Friday after escaping the roaring flames that killed passenger Harleen Grewal, 25.”

(When was “early”? 2 A.M., 4 A.M., 6 A.M.?)

“Ahmad told police he was dating Grewal, but friends said he was just giving her a ride home.”

[N.S.: “Dating” is prostitute talk for “sleeping with.”]

Didja catch the neat new “journalism” here? Ahmad - the perp - admitted to the police that he was “dating” the victim, but somehow the crack Daily News is saying otherwise, very quickly hunting down and interrogating “friends” (of whom?) who said “he was just giving her a ride home.”

In other words, they feel that this spineless worm of a man should be cut some slack, as the woman in his “luxury” ride was just a “friend” he happened to be taking home, “early Friday.”

But wait - her REAL boyfriend - a man by the name of Karan Singh Dhillon - told the News that “She would do anything for people.” Apparently that included getting into the car of a [dirtbag] with a suspended license, incapable of handling this “luxury” car that he somehow had in his possession.

This [crap] seems to be happening on a daily basis in this city, and who the hell knows how many other places in this nation now. Welcome to the new “normal.”

N.S.: It turns out the 25-year-old victim was from India. Her boyfriend was a Sikh, so she was probably one, too.

This is significant, because had Saeed Azam cuckolded a Moslem, there would have been hell to pay, including the life of the woman involved. (Unlike whites and Hispanics who, if they killed anyone for cheating, would have killed the other man, Moslem men always kill their own woman/relative/whatever, even when she was raped.)

The fact that Azam considered his victim his inferior—to him, she was no better than a prostitute—made it that much easier to let her be burned alive.

There are other perps in this incident: New York Daily News alleged reporters, Aaron Showalter and Denis Slattery, Head of Content Zach Haberman and Arthur Browne, editor-in-chief and publisher of the New York Daily News.

At the New York Daily News.


Murder suspect Saeed Azam

Summary of First Week of the Mississippi Burning, Jessica Chambers Murder Trial of Quinton Tellis: Jurors Finished First Day of Deliberations; Deliberations Resume Today (Monday)

[See earlier “Was Jessica Chambers a Hate Crime Victim?” (VDARE Report); and “The Jessica Chambers Murder: Mississippi Authorities Have a Suspect!” (VDARE Report).]

By Nicholas Stix

The following is largely a summary/copy of daily blogging by my friend and partner-in-crime, David in TN, beginning last Monday, and of a long telephone conversation we had on the case a couple of days ago.

CNN produced a documentary on the murder of Jessica Chambers, which it scheduled for broadcast on the Saturday (on CNN) and Sunday (on its subsidiary, HLN) before the trial began.

CNN “pre-empted” the show on Saturday for the tornado and attacks on Trump.

The theory of the lead investigator is Tellis had done something to her and thought Jessica Chambers was already dead when he set the car on fire.

The doc ran on Sunday night on HLN, as planned, thus ensuring that only a fraction as many people would see it.

The film crew spent a great deal of time with the DA, the chief police investigator, and Jessica Chambers’ best friends, a black woman, as well as Clarion-Ledger reporter Therese Apel, Chambers’ parents, and other people from the hamlet of Courtland.

While on the surface, the film seemed to be in “Just the facts, ma’am” mode, it was actually working from the usual racist script.

The bad guy of the piece was not the defendant but the victim’s father, Ben Chambers Sr., because he said that he opposes interracial dating.

Jessica’s mom (who had long ago split from her dad) was o.k., because she emphasized that she had nothing against her daughter dating black guys.

Keep in mind that Jessica Chambers was a very discriminating young woman. Not only did she only sleep with blacks, but only with black criminals.

Her first boyfriend, abusive gang member Bryan Rudd, had moved away to Colorado. The second, drug dealer Travis “Travo” Sanford, was in prison at the time of her murder. Panola County DA John Champion rejected Internet speculation that the jailbird might have ordered Chambers’ murder from inside.

No mention was made of the People magazine report that largely introduced this atrocity to the nation, or of the reporting done by the local paper, The Panolian, whose editor/publisher, John H. Howell Sr., was very helpful to this reporter, graciously giving me an extended interview.

The documentary denied that Jessica and Tellis, who had only met two weeks earlier, had slept together, but reports I’ve read said they had.

On the one hand, the audience was told that Chambers had been running with “a bad crowd,” but on the other hand, we were supposed to ignore the fact that all of the men in that bad crowd were black.

The script also turned black murder defendant Quinton Tellis (whom authorities also believe committed the torture-robbery-murder of a Chinese graduate student in Louisiana eight months after the Chambers murder) into a victim. Tellis was supposedly as gentle as a lamb, before spending a four year bid in prison on a ten-year sentence for burglary.

Tellis, who has repeatedly benefited from criminal justice affirmative action, likely attended master classes in prison with other bright lights, who would have taught him how to commit the “perfect crime,” by burning his victims, in order to destroy DNA evidence.

Monday saw voir dire, and the choosing of a jury. The trial proper began on Monday, and ran through the weekend. The jury began deliberations on Sunday, and will pick up where they left off at 9 a.m. Monday.

Monday, Day 0: Prospective jurors underwent voir dire, and the jury was empaneled. Since the justice, er, the death penalty, is off the table, the black prospective jurors didn’t need to lie during voir dire, by claiming that they were ready, under appropriate circumstances, to vote for execution. (The prosecution argued that it would be easier to get a conviction without the death penalty being in play. You can say that again.)

The jury consisted of six blacks and six whites; five women and seven men.

Tuesday, Day 1: Quinton Tellis is sporting a pair of eyeglasses, just like Lemaricus Davidson at his trial for the Knoxville Horror.

Jessica Chambers managed to say something like "Eric" or Deric." In her condition (throat literally on fire) she might have been trying to say "Tellis," and it came out "Deric."

Tellis' DNA was found on the car keys that had been tossed to the side of the burned out car.

Wednesday, Day 2: One white man gets himself kicked off the jury, after he is caught posting to Facebook, “It Sucks.”

That makes the jury 7-5 black over white.

Several people at the scene said Jessica Chambers said “Eric.” Most observers see this as a major sticking point regarding a conviction in the case. On the other hand, the victim called herself “Katrina” and other names. It's difficult to imagine the state she was in. (She had First and Second-Degree burns on 98 percent of her body.) One witness testified to asking Chambers if her killer was white or black and she answered “Black.”

Thursday, Day 3: The jury was taken to the scene of the crime, the store where Jessica Chambers was last seen alive, and the suspect’s home.

Friday, Day 4: First Responders Testify to Hearing Jessica Chambers Say “Eric” Burned Her

The live stream I saw allowed you to see the autopsy photos, very horrific.

Jessica Chambers’ body had been turned brown by the fire, with red splotches all over. Her hair was singed, with some burned off. The eyes were shut with mouth open, burns and soot showed inside the mouth. It's difficult to see how she could have spoken very clearly.

The hospital gave Jessica Chambers “comfort care,” what they give to a patient who won’t survive. She looked to be in terrible pain when she died, her face twisted in agony.

Friday, Day 4: Quinton Tellis admits to being with Chambers the evening she died.

Investigator testifies how phone records and interrogation began to swing case against Quinton Tellis. (Tellis deleted his telephone messages, as soon as he heard Chamber had died.)

Interviewed by police, Quinton Tellis admits to being with Chambers most of the day. He had lied when questioned a year earlier that he was with her only in the morning.

This filled in the timeline right up to Chamber’s horrific death.

Saturday, Day 5

Closing arguments. The defense rested without calling any witnesses, Tellis in particular. His original supposed alibi witnesses couldn't support him.

Sunday, Day 6

In closing argument, a defense attorney referred to Jessica Chambers as "Erica Chambers" THREE times.

You wish Knoxville Horror prosecutors Takeesha Fitzgerald and Leland Price were on this case. Or former LA prosecutors Walt Lewis or Paul Turley.

Another time, they said "circumstantial evidence = acquittal."

A top-flight prosecutor would have a field day in the rebuttal.

I think the prosecutor did well in his rebuttal. He started by pointing out "Her name was Jessica Chambers, not Erica Chambers." The defense attorney called her "Erica Chambers" in his closing.

He pointed out Tellis was proven by cell phone and texting to be with Chambers up to four minutes of when she would have been murdered.

The jury finished deliberations Sunday night, and will resume deliberations at 9 a.m. CT tomorrow (Monday) morning.