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As I had long suspected. persons of color.

Nicholas Stix <>

sat, mar 25, 2023 6:28 p.m.

As I had long suspected. Persons of Color.

Who Is Murdering Transgenders?
There was a big increase in the number of transgender individuals murdered in 2020. Was this due to slowly growing conservative white male resistance to The Narrative about trans as today's saints?

Killing of transgenders a peculiar type of crime the perpetrators or prime suspects almost exclusively confined to individuals described as "persons of color".

Crimes of this sort as perpetrated in "persons of color" neighborhoods the assailant race not identified you can reasonably assume almost always very high percentage of the time [probably approaching 100 % of the time] a "person of color". 

Blacks in particular very hate filled and bigoted against anyone they perceive or know is a sexual deviant of whatever sort.

Big increase too really less than one a week. About the same as the historical weekly rate of blacks being lynched USA over a fifty year period, 1880-1930.

detectives stated that they believe Rodriguez is attempting to exit the country, through the texas-mexico border, and flee to cuba....

sat, mar 25, 2023 9:00 p.m.

detectives stated that they believe Rodriguez is attempting to exit the country, through the texas-mexico border, and flee to cuba. they also believe he may make a brief stop in the area of collier county, florida.

A suspect wanted for murder is believed to possibly be in Texas, headed for the Mexico border in an attempt to flee the country, according to police.

stanford law school suspends diversity dean after she doubles down on Duncan debacle

By R.C.
sat, mar 25, 2023 9:17 p.m.

stanford law school suspends diversity dean after she doubles down on Duncan debacle

Another incompetent black female with an academic job.

But I repeat myself.

lynwood, mass: uber driver, marine vet, murdered by raceless passengers

By "W"
sat, mar 25, 2023 7:09 a.m.

lynwood, mass: uber driver, marine vet, murdered by passengers

no description of the perps...

halle bailey, of new little mermaid infamy, still wallowing in "racism" claims

By "W"
sat, mar 25, 2023 12:50 p.m.

halle bailey, of new little mermaid infamy, still wallowing in "racism" claims

stupid whites need to wean themselves from anything to do with disney-in-name-only "entertainment."

The disney dreamers academy mentioned here is an annual promo for 100 all-congoid females. they are taken to disneyworld and shown how to become leaders [professional complainers and agitators].

russia to store nuclear weapons in belarus – Putin

By R.C.
sat, mar 25, 2023 2:11 p.m.

russia to store nuclear weapons in belarus – Putin

rt russia & former soviet union

Say, how do we get this ballsy, decisive White guy to run for office in this banana republic?




intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94

By R.C.
sat, mar 25, 2023 2:40 p.m.

intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94

More White privilege at work.

Conspiracy Theories (Graphic; Saturday Funnies)

By An Old Friend

... at first sight (Graphic; Saturday Funnies)

By An Old Friend

Spring! (Graphic; Saturday Funnies)

By An Old Friend

black jurors speak out about Murdaugh conviction

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
monday, march 6, 2023 at 6:53:00 p.m. est

Did you see the jurors who went on nnn to tell their reasons for convicting Whitey Murdaugh?

Two black women—one of them twice as fat as Lizzo, the other AS fat—sat in judgment of this White guy’s life. two blacks whom we KNOW of being on the jury—there may have been more. One White man also appeared on nnn to speak—and basically said, “Murdaugh was a lawyer, so I didn’t believe him.”

Murdaugh’s lawyer effed up during voir dire.

Would you trust a black with your client’s life? Or a White person who didn’t like lawyers?



From Young Frankenstein to Old Wokenstein: Too bad—even Mel Brooks can’t fight against the insanity of being forced to have at least 50% blacks in his cast

[“97-Year-Old Mel Brooks Releases History of the World, Part 2 to ZZZs; blacks apparently in every scene.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
tuesday, march 7, 2023 at 8:02:00 p.m. est

Making appearances in History II are black Jesus and black Alexander Graham Bell—which IS funny—because there’s no way that blacks could have COME CLOSE to inventing the telephone without a White person telling them how to actually do it.

For his next movie—at age 100, Brooks will expand on that ludicrous idea and have an all-black cast for the tentatively titled, “I ALMOST Invented DAT”—to where Thomass Edddison, Ben Frankline, the Write Brothers, Sambo Morse and many other black “inventors” discuss and re-enact the circumstances of how the light bulb, bi-focals, airplane flight and the telegraph were ALMOST created—BY BLACKS—with the ideas then stolen by Whites like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers and Samuel Morse.

A film clip:

“Now where’d I leave dat phone I was real close to inventin’? Looky there, some White man in the yard, running away with my phone. Damn thing didn’t work, but I was gettin’ there. Oh well, I’ll just start tryin’ to invent electricity. But first, some watermelon, while I lay on the hammock.”

GRA: Seriously, it’s all part of historical revisionism, and Mel may or may not know it, but in History of the World, Part II, he’s being used to facilitate the same revisionism Ava DuVernay apparently succeeded in accomplishing with the CP5 miniseries.

How about a black JFK, while we’re at it (or is that too soon for anyone to believe?)


la times raves about Brooks’ series
By Grand Rapids Anonymous
tuesday, march 7, 2023 at 10:58:00 p.m. est

GRA: Because it’s so “diverse”?

(latimes) As popular as it’s been across the decades, Mel Brooks’ work, on its low or high end, isn’t for everyone; the easily offended need not apply. (For the situationally offended, the next good sketch may erase the bad flavor of the last.) Part II is typically rude, crude, dumb, learned, erudite and delightful, by turns or even all at once, and it’s perhaps the only television series that would dare, or even find occasion to make a joke about a pop vocal group called Bolsheviks to Mensheviks. Which is good enough for me, and maybe for you.


By Anonymous

wednesday, march 8, 2023 at 11:48:00 a.m. est

Why not a negro in every scene! Everyone knows anything of any sort of value was first done by blacks. blacks have been first in everything that ever was. the original human was a black african. they also patented an “improvement” to the ironing board, however you make an improvement to an ironing board.

Interview with War Crime Victim Abby Zwerner

By Jerry PDX
saturday, march 25, 2023 at 10:39:00 a.m. edt

I don’t know if anyone else has seen the Abby Zwerner interview, but she granted an interview after her recovery from being shot by that little racist pos. Well, she’s out of the hospital but still has physical issues she has to deal with. In any case, unlike many White victims of black racist violence I’ve seen no virtue-signalling statements from her or her family. None of the usual: “We support the poor little black wog because he was abused or a victim of racism,” or “We have nothing but forgiveness in our hearts because he’s an underprivileged POC,” or “He must be forgiven so he can achieve his true potential, you know, as a rapper or nba player,” or “We still support blm and the black man, along with his right to rape, rob, and kill Whitey.”

She does say how she can’t forget the look on his face and you can see the emotional shudder in her eyes when she says it. Kind of like a Chucky look? She didn’t say it directly, but I think she meant the kid looked downright evil and hateful.

Zwerner’s refusal to play the White-forgiver of racist black violence means the media will have no further use of her, so I doubt we’ll hear much from her after this point but it’s refreshing to see a White person not play the game.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
saturday, march 25, 2023 at 4:28:00 p.m. edt

The refusal to say the race IS a bit of virtue-signaling in abstentia, Jerry. It may not be her fault, though, as the censorship police at nnn would probably delete any identification of the kid AS black, e.g.: “the black child with a gun then turned toward me”—“no, no, no,” sayeth Lesta Holt, “no blaming blacks.”

She and the media may have been told immediately, by the virtue-signaling police and d.a. not to “spill the grits,” as it were, about the race of the kid—and it’s held up remarkably well. In a country where everything else under the sun gets leaked—the shooter’s race does not.


For what reason? To protect the reconstituted (and false) image of blacks which our woke government and media strive desperately to make us believe is real.


“pentagon ‘actively working’ to find doctors who will provide hormones, puberty blockers for u.s. military kids abroad”

By N.S.

a prayer vigil...for the living?! black supremacist manhattan da Alvin Bragg, who is persecuting President Trump, asserts that the President, er, the President’s Followers Sent Him a Death Threat Letter with White Powder, and now Bragg’s atheist followers are holding a public “prayer vigil”

By N.S.

So as not to bury my lede: I think this is yet another black supremacist hoax, either by Bragg himself, or one of his followers. After all, after thousands of black supremacist “hate” hoaxes, what are the odds that this one is legit? The letter supposedly said, "ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That was to make it sound like the President.

But what if one of the President’s supporters had sent a death threat to Alvin Bragg? Bragg loves cut-throats. And he loves to persecute. Oh, but he only loves colored cut-throats who persecute Whites. Tough noogies.

Note, too, that the White racial socialists who typically love to speak of "the separation of church and state" are now quiet as a church mouse.

Friday, March 24, 2023

"africa has the potential to be an optics and photonics powerhouse like the united states and germany"

By An Old Friend
fri, mar 24, 2023 6:36 p.m.

"Africa has the potential to be an optics and photonics powerhouse like the United States and Germany."

Well, he says so:  

Imogore is also committed to giving back by advancing optics and photonics in africa. "I am passionate about bringing young africans into optics and photonics. africa has the potential to be an optics and photonics powerhouse like the united states and germany. My vision is to see the potential of young africans put to use to make the african continent a key player not just in optics and photonics but in other high-tech fields." Imogore is finding ways to achieve his vision, including serving on optica's diversity, equity and inclusion rapid action committee. "I felt honored to be offered this opportunity to contribute to the optics and photonics community. This is my passion – advancing the progress of my home country and continent through optics and photonics by tapping the potential of others like me."

Used to be the Optical Society of America. Now it's diversity-strong optica!

I'm a life member ... from when it was the OSA.

totally evil trans-criminals exposed in missouri

By "W"
fri, mar 24, 2023 8:20 p.m.

totally evil trans-criminals exposed in missouri

tragic news for Celine Dion

fri, Mar 24, 2023 10:18 pm

tragic news for Celine Dion

Barney Frank and Andrew Sullivan can only wish they had this disease.

"school president quits after calling ukrainian refugees ‘privileged robbers’"

By R.C.
fri, mar 24, 2023 10:45 p.m.

"school president quits after calling ukrainian refugees ‘privileged robbers’" - media — rt world news


massive oil and gas deposits discovered in north africa

By R.C.
fri, mar 24, 2023 10:58 p.m.

massive oil and gas deposits discovered in north africa — rt africa

This can’t be true.

Four trillion barrels of oil?!

chatgpt can now access the internet, and run the code it writes

By R.C.
fri, mar 24, 2023 11:06 p.m.

chatgpt can now access the internet and run the code it writes

Yeah, but will it replace indian coders?

We can hope....

delusional cops speak of their dogs as "officers": the legal system agrees: man gets sentenced to life in prison for killing police dog

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 24, 2023 11:41 p.m.

man who killed bcso k-9 Chucky gets max sentence of life in prison

Fisher investments relocating headquarters from Washington state to texas

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 24, 2023 11:25 p.m.

Fisher investments relocating headquarters from Washington state to texas

Capital is mobile.

Just as folks vote with their feet (think californians moving to texas), so too does capital move about the country.

two foreign criminal invaders found dead on train in texas; 10 other criminals in need of medical attention

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 24, 2023 11:28 p.m.

two migrants [sic] found dead on train near knippa; 10 others in need of medical attention

uganda, the homosexual revolution, and females

[Re: “more on uganda’s stand against the homosexual revolution.”]

By Jerry PDX
wednesday, march 22, 2023 at 11:24:00 p.m. edt

15-30% of women in the u.s. now identify as being bi or lesbian, while rates of homosexuality among men has not changed. The increase is purely due to environmental conditioning. THAT’S what happens when you allow the lgbtq agenda to indoctrinate children. It doesn’t have a significant impact with men, but if you implant the message pre-adolescence, it does affect women.

I suspect ugandans at least have some awareness of what will happen if they don’t stop homosexuality in its tracks. The men quite rightly don’t want millions of women to become homosexuals.

A New Scandal at the New York Times? Was Paul Krugman’s Anti-American Screed on the Anniversary of 9/11 Ghost-Written by His Racist Black Wife?

A New Scandal at the New York Times? Was Paul Krugman’s Anti-American Screed on the Anniversary of 9/11 Ghost-Written by His Racist Black Wife?
By Nicholas Stix
September 14, 2011

Is it just me, or are the 9/11 commemorations oddly subdued?

Actually, I don’t think it’s me, and it’s not really that odd.

What happened after 9/11 — and I think even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful. The atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons….

The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.

["The Years of Shame," by Paul Krugman, New York Times, September 11, 2011.]

Weighing in at 181 words, this is the most succinct and eloquent column I’ve ever seen from Krugman. Granted, I happily go years at a time without reading the man. My criterion for judging one of his propagandistic productions is this: How much of my time has it wasted? He could easily make all of his columns this brief, but his communist publisher, "Pinch" Sulzberger, demands more wordage to fill the space between ads. And truth be told, leftists can’t get enough of this stuff, and wonder that anyone can dare to question this Nobel Laureate.

Conversely, neo-conservatives have expressed outrage over this column. Donald Rumsfeld reportedly said he cancelled his subscription to the Times. And at the Washington Post, blogger Jennifer Rubin is up in arms.

Lefty WP blogger Erik Wemple responded by mocking Rumsfeld not once, but on consecutive days.

In “Rumsfeld cancels New York Times subscription: Who cares?,” Wemple insists,

The Krugman stuff, after all, was neither over-the-top nor surprising nor unsubstantiated.

This is the mentality of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and his supporters.

Mixing her metaphors, Jennifer Rubin responded to Krugman,

One cannot begin to imagine what motivates such hatred and contempt for his countrymen, especially on a day when the overriding theme was unity….

One thing you can say for Krugman: The jewel of the liberal media is revealed to be an intellectual black hole and a spiritual wasteland. No wonder it is a dying enterprise. Its countrymen have better things to do than be insulted by the likes of Krugman.

I wouldn’t overstate the case for unity. If the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” avoided swinging rhetorical brickbats that day, it wasn’t out of a sense of national unity or decency, but out of cold political calculations. Krugman was simply saying what “Obama” wanted to say that day, but couldn’t, and so the latter likely farmed the job out to the former. “Obama” and his handlers have been doing this sort of thing since at least spring 2004, when supporters such as then-New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and the editors at the UK-based Economist magazine began sending out trial balloons for his presidential campaign. (Officially, “Obama” was running for the U.S. Senate for the first time but, unbeknownst to the public, his presidential campaign was already underway, under the direction of Svengali David Axelrod.)

I found Rubin’s sanctimony less impressive—especially her comparing Krugman to Joseph McCarthy, replete with the famous money shot from Judge Joseph Welch—than her recalling of an earlier outrage from Krugman when, following the Tucson Massacre, he “accus[ed] the Republicans of sparking mass murder.” The most important line in Krugman’s screed was the last:

I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.

While publishing viciously dishonest letters from readers attacking its house “conservatives” (the late William Safire, David Brooks), the New York Times has protected its leftwing writers from criticism for at least 20 years through especially heavy-handed censorship on its letters page. Its editors even censor online comments, so that it will seem as if only a tiny minority of troglodytes disagreed with its leftist writers. (During the 1990s, the newspaper prominently placed several of my letters to the editor in the Sunday magazine and Week in Review sections, but whitelisted me sometime during or after 1997, and has more recently put me on its block list for online comments, as well. Thus, if I want to get a letter or comment published, I have to use an alias, via a different computer. One can only imagine how long the Times’ whitelist must be.)

But not even the virtual equivalent of a limousine armored and bullet-proofed against critics is safe enough for Krugman.

Then again, should anyone be surprised by this? I don’t mean “surprised” in the sense of an Erik Wemple. Krugman is both a tenured professor of economics at Princeton, and a “tenured” NYT columnist. He is ensconced in two professional worlds, each of which is dominated by people like himself, who believe that dissenters, no matter how well the latter can defend their positions with facts, logic, and principles, must be silenced, whether by censorship, whitelisting, imprisonment or execution.

Lies are every bit as important to the Left’s power as the above-cited forms of oppression. After all, do leftists not always remind us that they are the soul of tolerance, equality, non-discrimination, truth, justice, blah, blah, blah? And so, a commenter at Jennifer Rubin’s blog asserted, against a commenter who had noted that Rubin permitted comments, while Krugman did not,

TheGJ - you expletive deleted liar. Go straight to where you belong - under a rock. The comments were on for 2 days until creepy jerks like you started with the death threats. You folks are NOT Americans. 9/12/2011 8:44:29 PM EDT

A two-fer, at that: Overmeyer lied both about Krugman permitting comments, and in manufacturing right-wing death threats. In leftwing fantasyland, the threats and murders always come from the Right, but in the real world, they are overwhelmingly the work of Democrats.

But it gets better. Apparently, there is a good chance that Krugman didn’t even write the 9/11 screed that appeared under his name.

Alexis Zarkov, a reader at Larry Auster’s blog writes,

I was long puzzled my [sic] Paul Krugman. Sometimes he would come across in his columns, articles, and books as a rational, intelligent and sensible person. At other times, he comes across as petulant, immature, bilious, and irrational. He contradicts himself…. Who is the real Krugman? What accounts for this Jekyll-Hyde behavior? After reading a New Yorker article about Krugman, I think Mr. Hyde is actually Mrs. Krugman--an angry black woman, Robin Wells. According to the New Yorker, Paul has Robin edit his copy.

From the New Yorker article:

When he has a draft, he gives it to Wells to edit. Early on, she edited a lot--she had, they felt, a better sense than he did of how to communicate economics to the layperson. (She is also an economist--they met when she was a postdoc at M.I.T. and he was teaching there.) But he's much better at that now, and these days she focusses on making him less dry, less abstract, angrier. Recently, he gave her a draft of an article he'd done for Rolling Stone. He had written, "As Obama tries to deal with the crisis, he will get no help from Republican leaders," and after this she inserted the sentence "Worse yet, he'll get obstruction and lies."


If this article is accurate, then Wells could be the source of the extreme partisanship and anger we find in many of Krugman's publications. I know the angry-black-woman personality type. While intelligent and academically successful (often through affirmative action), she has a chip on her shoulder, and thinks of Republicans and conservatives as racist. In my opinion, Robin is hurting Paul's reputation. If she's behind the 9/11 blog, then this time she's gone too far. I also suspect that Paul can't say no because like many Jewish men, Paul is henpecked. Too bad because I think he's [sic] is basically a sane and intelligent man.

  Larry Auster:

This is funny. On a day on which I had posted items about two angry and anti-socially self-assertive black women, Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, who were in the news, a third item I posted, about the insanely angry and hate-filled New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, turns out to be in reality about an insanely angry and hate-filled black woman.

But if this is true, if he has turned over the key writing of his NYT op-eds to another person, isn't that a serious scandal? It would, however, help explain how he writes so many op-eds. It seems to me that almost every time I pick up a Times, there is a Krugman op-ed in it, all of them over-the-top angry in the same Krugman way, which now turns out not to be the Krugman way, if this revelation is correct.

Given that whites turned out to have ghostwritten the pearls of wisdom of black Nobel Prize winners Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, there would be no lack of irony, if it turned out that the work of a white Nobel Prize-winner had secretly been ghosted by a black woman. And to those leftists who insist that Krugman got his Nobel for his contributions to economics, as opposed to his shrill shilling for the left wing of the Democratic Party, I say, I’ve got a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge.

I have a question for my liar, er, lawyer-readers: If the Krugmans ever have a falling out, would Mrs. Krugman have a legal claim to the family Nobel?

If we were talking about a legitimate newspaper—humor me, here—with any sense of journalistic integrity, there would be an investigation, and should the worst prove true, Krugman would be fired in disgrace, and be finished as a columnist. Granted, the scandal might well furnish his wife with a well-paid, new, second career. But this is the New York Times we’re talking about, a leftwing rag that serves as a punchline, and as the inspiration for journalistic booby prizes. This is the same newspaper whose publisher, after determining that there could be no doubt that it had won a Pulitzer Prize for fraudulent dispatches by reporter Walter Duranty, refused to return the award.

Come to think of it, the best outcome for lovers of real newspapers would be if Krugman is exposed as a fraud, but Sulzberger refuses to fire him. Then we can say, “The New York Times? You mean the Walter Duranty-Jayson Blair-Paul Krugman Times?

The Legacy of Slavery Emancipation

By N.S.

In his most recent Taki’s Magazine column, my old VDARE colleague, Steve Sailer, writes:

If the IQs of self-identifying African-Americans don’t vary by fraction of white admixture in their DNA, then that would suggest that it isn’t genetics that is responsible for the IQ gap but instead social constructionism: the act of ascribing African-American identity to them.

Not surprisingly, scientists have tried to carry out this key test quite a few times going back to 1934. For example, writing in The New York Times in 2009, Jim Holt confidently asserted in a review of U. of Michigan psychologist Richard E. Nisbett’s book Intelligence and How to Get It, which attempts to debunk The Bell Curve:

“Among his more direct evidence, Nisbett cites impressive studies in population genetics. African-Americans have on average about 20 percent European genes, largely as a legacy of slavery.”
The second clause of the last sentence is false. It should read ‘largely as a legacy of emancipation.’

Nisbett/Holt were confidently citing the scholarship of blaxploitation movies, not to mention blaxploitation “scholars.”

According to the late historian Eugene Genovese (in Roll on, Jordan?), White-black racial admixture largely occurred when black females worked as prostitutes after the Civil War, serving a largely White clientele. However, I would add another major factor: black-on-White rape.

Note, however, that according to legendary black journalist-civil rights activist Ida B. Wells-Barnett (who has her own postage stamp, so her authority is unassailable), no black man ever raped a White woman. The White hussies threw themselves at irresistible black men, and only cried “Rape!,” when they got caught in flagrante.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Edward Dowd: fed raising rates would be a willful demolition of the banking system

By A Texas Reader
thu, mar 23, 2023 10:39 p.m.

Edward Dowd: fed raising rates would be a willful demolition of the banking system

Heard an ad on the radio on my drive home tonight.

Local coca-cola bottler has an immediate need for employees.

Full benefits including health insurance plus 401(k).

Ad been running on “classic rock” station for weeks now.


More on the las vegas bus murder

By N.S.

Dominique Lucas (the vic): “I wasn’t bothering you!”

Aaron Cole (the killer): Reaches into his side pocket for his knife, and proceeds to slaughter Lucas.

I don’t believe this was Aaron Cole’s first murder. He was much too cool and confident.

TV news reader, David Charns: “There’s some kind of argument.”

There was no sign of an “argument.” If a black man attacks someone else, alleged cops and alleged reporters alike assume that there was some sort of “verbal dispute.” They manufacture it, as part of their assumption of moral equivalence. My experience is that a violent, black criminal decides he’s going to attack someone, and then starts screaming at him, as a prelude to, and part of the attack.

My hunch is that Aaron Cole decided he was going to slaughter Dominique Lucas the moment he set eyes on him.

I find it surprising that Cole didn’t look for a smaller, White man to kill. Lucas was a pretty good-sized man, and was black.

The judge who let Cole bond out for threatening to slaughter a family three days earlier must be disbarred and sued, and his name made infamous worldwide.

The driver must also be fired and, if legally possible, sued. The bus authority must be sued, which I’m sure can be done, legally. The driver talked a lot of nonsense about not being able to stop when the vic was begging him to, and yet he stopped at the next official stop. He needed seconds, not minutes to move from the left to the right lane.

This video has been edited—you don’t see Aaron Cole stab Dominique Lucas 33 times.

By Jerry PDX
thursday, march 23, 2023 at 10:29:00 p.m. edt

Check out the statement by the black bus driver (all participants in this little drama appear to be black). When asked if he had a responsibility to intervene he says:

“Not that I know of. My first priority is for my safety so I’m safe for the other passengers.” THAT’S what he said in court but what did he say to his family and friends when he told them about what happened:

‘Crazy niggers, pullin’ knives, fussin,’ fightin,’ and causin’ trouble every goddam day, sheeeit I wasn’t gettin’ outta that seat for nuttin’ coz that nigga was one crazy ass motherf*$%#r if I ever seen one.”

When strangers fall in love with your golden retriever on train rides (video)

Re-posted by N.S.

"The guy making a business call while rubbing the chin definitely is a veteran dog owner. Veteran play right there."

video shows black man stabbing bus passenger 33 times, as driver continues route in las vegas (video)

By N.S.

"video shows man stabbing bus passenger 33 times as driver continues route in las vegas

"horrifying video shows a las vegas bus passenger stabbing a man 33 times as the driver keeps going despite the doomed victim's screams for help."

Did education reform in the public schools fail, due to underfunding?

By N.S.

Safe Now: “Critics, Ted Kennedy for example, would repeatedly argue that the reforms are finally in place but the funding was never delivered by Congress. It’s too bad that there was a funding cheapness, because this gave critics something to point to as an excuse for the failure to close the gap.”

N.S.: You’re fantasizing. Education budgets weren’t underfunded, they were overfunded. Already during the pre-Brown early 1950s, segregated, black Southern public schools were getting as much or more than White schools (the late, great Raymond Wolters).

By the 1970s, education spending needed to be cut at every level, from pre-K to the antiversity. Instead, congress stuck its hand ever deeper into White taxpayers’ pocket, in order to pauperize them, and enrich black and hispanic grifters and their White “allies.”

Years ago, first Pat Buchanan, and then Jason Richwine showed that black-dominated schools were drowning in cash, with spending typically twice as much per student as in those still dominated by White students. And many public schools in well-to-do, White districts were black-dominated a generation or more ago, as racist, black thugs (whose parents did not pay for their kids) ran out all of the White kids.

Meanwhile, the White kids’ parents, like millions of other White parents, had to pay twice for education: Once for their own kids’ private schools, and once for the racist, black thugs who had taken over the public schools.

another sexual psychopath kills himself

By "W"
thu, mar 23, 2023 1:14 p.m.

another trans-person kills himself

They are pressured into transing, and when they are not happy with their new self, a number commit suicide:

the dailymail, like other media, refers to a biological male as "she" and "her."

jackson, mississippi water system woes

By An Old Friend
thu, mar 23, 2023 1:19 p.m.

jackson, mississippi water system woes

I note that the current mayor and his six predecessors are blacks:

Population 79% blacks:

Five of seven city-council members are blacks:

the newest effort to claim sars-cov-2 has natural origins is even more cynical than it first seems

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From: Alex Berenson from Unreported Truths <>
thu, mar 23, 2023 5:00 p.m.

URGENT: The newest effort to claim Sars-Cov-2 has natural origins is even more cynical than it first seems

URGENT: The newest effort to claim Sars-Cov-2 has natural origins is even more cynical than it first seems

Hillary "arkancide" Clinton promo for Columbia foreign policy course mercilessly mocked

By N.S.

"Hillary Clinton promo for Columbia foreign policy course mercilessly mocked

"former secretary of state Hillary Clinton sent the internet into a tizzy after sharing a goofy video to promote a foreign policy course she will be co-teaching at Columbia university..."

adidas, Nazi, mutually agree to part ways

By N.S.

Source: Beyonce Knowles, adidas mutually agree to part ways (exclusive)

degenerate prince william makes splash at queer eatery in poland/more disney BS

By "W"
thu, mar 23, 2023 11:39 a.m.

degenerate prince william makes splash at queer eatery in poland/more disney BS

disney boasting it will host biggest homo queerfab, sponsored by apple, walmart, amazon:

Medvedev warns german arrest of Putin will be declaration of war on russia

By R.C.
thu, mar 23, 2023 9:47 a.m.

Medvedev warns germany [sic] arrest of Putin will be declaration of war on russia

Hot diggity dog!

“Only in America” (The original version, by Jay and the Americans, and the new one, by Grand Rapids Anonymous; recording)

["texas man murdered during test drive, while trying to sell car."]

“Only in America”
By Grand Rapids Anonymous

“Only in America”
By Jay and the Americans
Written by the Brill Building team (until I rewrote it)

Only in America,
Can a muslim from iraq,
Meet his fate in texas,
Shot dead by a mexican.

Only in America,
Can a man who has no sense,
Stay inside his basement,
And still end up President.

Only in America,
Land of mass insanity,
Would a post-op transgender,
Think, they were somehow like ME.

Only in America,
Can a black who fights a cop,
Be declared a hero,
This sh*t—it just will not stop.

Only in America,
Will the Whites without a clue,
Learn some life’s hard lessons,
From this great site, N-S-U?

Only in America,
We’ll just have to wait and see,
Do we take back our country?
The question’s for you and for me.

Only in America,
Only in America,
Only in America,
Only in America.



Jay & the Americans - Only in America - Feb. 2, 1965 Hulabaloo

the daily mail just did a re-run, racist “thing,” attacking Whites for objecting to disney’s newest contribution to The White Genocide Project; was this the second, third, or fourth time around?

By N.S.

"Halle Bailey says she was 'shocked' at racist response to her casting as the Little Mermaid - but was heartened by videos of little girls discovering Ariel 'is brown like me'"

“W” just sent in “disney BS: it is ‘racist’ for Whites to complain about being replaced,” about the daily mail’s new “thing,” under operative Sophie Mann’s byline, attacking any White as “racist” who criticized the White Genocide Project.

But this was a repeat “thing.” I tried to post the following comment, but doubt very much anyone will see it.

This propaganda “story” is a repeat. The dm ran the same “thing,” almost word for word, on September 14, 2022. Will the dm’s gauleiter gaslight me, too, by shadowbanning me, or have they already?

The March 22, 2023 dm celebrated the banning of critics by social media (twit, which again permablocked yours truly a few days ago).

“W” sent in that “thing,” which ran under the byline of operative Kelsi Karruli, last September:

“new, dusky, affirmative action little mermaid receives negative reaction, which exposes pc run amok at the daily mail, which blocked or deleted virtually every comment!”

dm hed: "'I'm SO proud of you and your beautiful performance': Original Little Mermaid Jodi Benson publicly backs Disney's live-action star Halle Bailey after trailer for new movie got 1.5 MILLION dislikes on YouTube amid racist backlash"

“The Little Mermaid has garnered over 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube after star actress Halle Bailey faced racist backlash over her casting from trolls on Twitter”

My hunch is that this isn’t even the second time the dm has run this “thing.” It has devoted “things” celebrating the blackening of the little mermaid as far back as 2019. My hunch is that they keep re-running the same “thing,” but revise it each time, to include new social media screen shots. Many of the accompanying photos, including one of pre-op star Halle Bailey and of happy little black girls, are also recycled, from one “thing” to another.

Disney BS: it is "racist" for Whites to complain about being replaced

By "W"
wed, mar 22, 2023 4:10 p.m.

Disney BS: it is "racist" for Whites to complain about being replaced

Whites and hetero-normatives should have nothing to do with disney.