Monday, August 06, 2018

Hear America’s Last Living, Honest Historian of Race: Raymond Wolters’ 2004 Lecture, “Fifty Years Since Brown v. Board of Education

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Prof. Raymond Wolters: Fifty Years Since Brown v. Board of Education (AmRen Conference, 2004)


Anonymous said...

Tonight,all FOX wanted to talk about was their darling,Candace Owens being "harrassed" in Philadelphia with white boy Charlie Kirk--and from the way she was dressed at breakfast,Kirk must have fed her some sausage BEFORE venturing outdoors to eat.Stormy Daniels has more clothes on than Candace Owens did today.
FOX is losing this viewer very quickly.Cucker,I mean Tucker Carlson tries to act like he's pounding the table against the black and Mex tide coming in,but when pressed by one of the many black guests("You're not in favor of racism,are you Mr.Carlson?") on his show,he becomes defensive and apologetic ("I'm against all types of racism.")
I believe,on the tip of his tongue,he WANTS to say,"Shut your black mouth,you complaining worthless minority,"but he likes his job too much.What starts out as a possibly honest confrontation,ends up as nothing more than a meek puddle of mush.Arguments about illegal immigration solve nothing,but DO allow the Mexican spokesman a chance to tell his side of the story with a smirk on his lying face.
Hannity and Ingraham love to have blacks on--sometimes a conservative black and a liberal--or more.I don't know the blackie's names--one regular is a lawyer named Leo.Another is a friendly,smiling black talk show host in California,who plays Rochester to Hannity's,Jack Benny (Yessir,Mr.Hannity,you're right as usual."),another is Niger Innis.Both shows are playing more and more clips from other networks broadcasts--to supposedly reveal the lies they tell about Trump.However,what you wind up hearing,is the crap dialogue you were trying to avoid listening to-by watching FOX!!!This is a recent idea of Hannity's and Ingraham's and I'm not sure it's a successful one.Allowing the blacks on as much as they do,is definitely not a success,imho.
But as I said yesterday,FOX has gone black and from here it appears,they will NOT be goin' back.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

OH, take that Wolters off the air! That video must be banned. I am so hurt by all the "hate speech".