Sunday, August 12, 2018

“I’m a white guy”: The Part of the Seattle Airplane Story the Media Left Out

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 2:20:00 A.M. EDT

GRA: All you hear is the fact that he (Richard Russell) was suicidal, but what's left out of the conversation comes at the end of this particular section of the radio transmission, between Russell and an air traffic controller:

"At one point, the airport employee (Russell) joked: "Hey, do you think if I land this successfully, Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?"

The controller tried to maintain this light conversation, adding: "You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything, if you could pull this off."

However, the man referred to as Rich replied: "Yeah right! Nah, I’m a white guy."
GRA: "I'm a white guy." Add this person to the epidemic of white suicides in the US. "I'm a white guy"—meaning he has no chance anymore to have a decent life. This is not “white privilege,” as is constantly repeated by liberals, but white desperation—and it's increasing, due to the many factors that are well known to readers here (immigration, black annexation of US cities—with the accompanying crime, drugs and neighborhood decline, job losses, etc.).

Look what happened to the retired 73-year-old in Aurora, Colorado last week. Richard "Gary" Black died because a black thug knocked his door down and assaulted Black's grandson. He saved his family by shooting the black lowlife (a gang member, according to later reports).

"I'm a white guy," Black probably thought, before he was tragically killed by police, who mistook HIM for the criminal instead of the dead negro on the floor.

So many instances of black-on-white crime reported on NSU along with OTHER situations caused by blacks living around whites, leading to the decline in living standards for whites.

"I'm a white guy," used to mean a lot. Yesterday, it meant taking an airplane for one last ride.


Anonymous said...

"I'm a white guy"Part 2
Needless to say,I would rather have seen Seattle ground service agent, Richard Russell land his plane successfully,however his simple phrase should in some form be a rallying cry for whites in America.
As local authorities marvelled,"How this man flew the plane--doing stunts-- without any formal training was amazing."
Simple,he was a white guy.A black or Mex employee would have had no clue.
"I'm a white guy."
Whites need to feel proud of themselves again.Under constant attack by media (which I should have included in my previous post as a negative for whites),we don't feel like we belong in A COUNTRY THAT WE (WHITES) STARTED!
If I was in Charlottesville today,I would make hundreds of signs repeating what Russell said,either with that phrase,"I'm a White Guy"or with a slight variation:"I'm a WHITE MAN."-which ever is more effective(or both).
As I type this,I'm watching MSNBC rip whites in general,Laura Ingraham and Trump--calling them all racist.The lib whites planted on the show,are of course,agreeing with the blacks that "conservative whites should not be allowed to have a forum to speak."
"I'm a white guy".
We broke away from England's tyranny to form our "own more perfect union."
"I'm a WHITE MAN."
We evolved and improved the country as the decades passed,using intelligence and courage--fighting against overseas dictatorships to keep our WHITE American way of life from being taken away.
"I'm a white guy."
Through hard work and genius,airplanes,cars,computers,cures for diseases(and much more)came from whites.We are now told to forget all of these achievements and to prepare for extinction(if liberals and minorities have their way).
"I'm a white MAN."
It needs to be said forcefully,over and over until the minorities get it through their heads--we are the reason America exists.It was our country before and can be again.Blacks have not proven they can keep up with whites in ANY capacity--except reproducing.Mexico and central American countries are in chaos as are black cities.
Whites need to unite and begin to take back what is ours.

--GR Anonymous-"I'm a white man."

Anonymous said...

AM Joy had a queer sounding black guy(figures) hosting.Along with blacks Zerlina Maxwell and Tara Dowdell--either one I've never heard of--plus a white woman.Jess McIntosh,who is now one of my least favorite whites,outdid the blacks in their attacks on Trump and whites in general.McIntosh should be ashamed to show her face in public.
MSNBC is pounding the racist drumbeat today.Washington D.C.has a march on Sunday and the network is pushing the Omarosa garbage as a companion story to "white supremacy marches".
I turned it on just to see how bad these lib networks are getting.To no ones surprise,it's to the point of ridiculousness.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

One more thing:Washington's black female mayor appeared on TV to tell everyone,"Today's march is a march for hate."
The OTHER "hot codeword",besides "racism"they like to make a mantra of,for the press to swallow,buffet style.
A march for hate?A while back I printed what I hate.One was I hate what blacks are doing to this country,our cities and my neighborhood.That's what I hate--and the protesters probably agree.It's a march,not of hate,but an attempt to change what's killing our country.It's love of country--not hate--that's bringing these whites out in two cities today.
I hope others can see that.
--GR Anonymous