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Repentant White Frat Boy Gives Stalinist-Style "Confession"

By “W”

At Fox News.

“Racist” Fraternity Pledge Book: Did Feminists at North Carolina State Stage a Hate Hoax Against Fraternity?

By Nicholas Stix


Disparate Impact and Duke Basketball

By Nicholas Stix


White Racism is so Bad! (Anti-Racism Poster)

Scott Walker: The GOP’s Arafat?


Yasir Arafat, who sought to blow up Israel, in 1999

Scott Walker, who seeks to "blow up" America, in an undated picture

By Nicholas Stix

The late Arab Moslem terrorist Yasir Arafat was notorious for telling Western audiences in English that he wanted peace with the Jews of Israel, while telling Arab Moslem audiences in Arabic that his life was dedicated to running the Jews into the sea. It was the latter claim that was Arafat’s true intention.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker recently said he was against a mass amnesty for illegal aliens, but that’s not what he told a private dinner in Donorstan earlier this month.


Myrtle Beach, SC: To Kill for! Would You Kill for a Good Cinnamon Bun? (Weird Crime News)

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Cinnamon bun argument escalates, Myrtle Beach woman charged with attempted murder
By Elizabeth Townsend
03/26/2015 10:58 P.M.
03/26/2015 10:58 P.M.
The State

Police arrested a 34-year-old Myrtle Beach woman in connection with attempted murder and unlawful conduct toward a child on Wednesday after she allegedly tried to hit someone [boyfriend?] with a car following an argument over a cinnamon bun, according to a police report.

Amy Joe Derepentigny was charged with attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person and was booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center, according to jail records.

Police were called about 2 p.m. Tuesday to the 400 block of 28th Avenue North for an incident involving a car crash.

An investigation revealed that Derepentigny and the victim of the alleged attempted murder had argued at a local gas station about not having enough money for a cinnamon bun before driving to the home where the incident happened, police said.

Derepentigny told the victim, “If you step in front of this car, I’ll run you over,” according to the arrest warrant.

Derepentigny then quickly accelerated toward the victim and attempted to strike him in a 2000 Ford Expedition, police said.

Authorities said there was a 13-year-old child in the front seat during the incident, so Derepentigny was also charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

The victim told police that he did some “high stepping” to get out of Derepentigny’s way when she allegedly drove toward him, and she then ran the vehicle into the fence of a nearby apartment building, according to the report.

Contact ELIZABETH TOWNSEND at 626-0217 or on Twitter @TSN_etownsend.

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14 Words: The GOP

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“Spine of a worm, integrity of a whore, and the morals of a pirate.”

Glenn Beck

Republican Voters Have Higher IQs than Democrat Voters!

By Nicholas Stix


Accused Felon-Officers Carlos Curiel Quezada Jr. and Henry Solis: This is Not Your Father’s LAPD


Henry Solis' wanted poster: It ain't like it used to be, and no, it won't do

By Nicholas Stix

Bill Parker’s body
Is ‘a spinnin’
In his grave.

Bill Parker’s body
Is ‘a spinnin’
In his grave.

Bill Parker’s body
Is ‘a spinnin’
In his grave.

And his truth
Goes marching on!


He May be a Rapist, but He’s Our Rapist! Bears Criticized for Signing Player Under Investigation in Sex Assault Case

By Nicholas Stix


Slavery in America: South Asian Restaurant Owner in Santa Clarita, California, Allegedly Had Slave Cook, Whom He Brutalized

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Cue the chorus: It's Whitey's fault!

The Tandoori Grill, located off Valencia Blvd. in Santa Clarita, remains closed after the owner, Pardeep Kumar, 47, was arrested for enslaving and beating the victim.

At CBS L.A..

It was Terorrism! Germanwings Crash was Deliberately Caused by Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz, 28; Was Mass Murderer of 149 a Muslim?


Andreas Lubitz

By Nicholas Stix

At a just-concluded press conference, Lufthansa initially talked nonsense about “improving training.” The training had nothing to do with it. If pilot error had caused the crash, then they could talk about “training.”

But then the Lufthansa CEO straightened out and said, “Another word should be used, not ‘suicide,’ because he killed other people. Not suicide to kill 149 people.”

You’ll never hear an American official use that sort of bluntness.

A year ago, The Boss said, “Where do we go now, Germany?” Now she says that’s out. “I’ll lose my [son].”

At Heavy.

Breaking News: “Kidnapping” of Californian Denise Huskins was a Hoax; Charges Possible!



By Nicholas Stix

Inside of one day, the cops in Sacramento called this a hoax, but almost four months after Jackie Coakley’s UVA rape hoax was debunked, the Charlottesville PD still won’t call a spade a spade?

At CBS Sacramento.

Rape Hoax! Katelyn Webster of Pennsylvania Lied About Rape Against Innocent Man to Hide Secret Relationship

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Published on Mar 25, 2015 by Women Nowadays.

Brown vs. Black—vs. America

By Nicholas Stix


Is the Mossad Behind the American Nazi Movement? Purportedly Pro-White Activists Put Fake, Anti-White Quotes in the Mouths of Prominent Jews That Make “Pro-Whites” Look Like Monstrous, Genocidal Liars

By Nicholas Stix

This is the latest one to come down the pike. I googled, and could only find Nazis who had published the “quotation,” and none of them linked to an original source.

This is exactly the sort of thing you would do, if you wanted to aid and abet the goal of white genocide. Hardly anyone is going to want to have anything to do with these lying, genocidal freaks, and those who will are merely other lying, genocidal freaks.

“The Average American…Must Ask Whether Someone is Trying to Destroy America” (Phyllis Schlafly)

By Nicholas Stix


Honoring of UVA Rape Hoaxer by Fan Blog Dedicated to Her Gets Her an Instant Boost of 400 Google Hits!


This blog does not seek to silence University of Virginia rape hoaxer Jacqueline "Jackie" Coakley, the white Tawana Brawley!

By Nicholas Stix

Shortly after 11 p.m., all rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley got at Google were 10,000 “hits.” By 11:30 p.m., just after I posted about her, she had 11,400. Progress often comes in drips and drabs, my friends.

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Racist Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Conversation Interruptus


Starbucks' Racist-in-Chief Howard Schultz

By Nicholas Stix


Is ABC World News Tonight Anchor Man David Muir a Compulsive Liar, or the Most Ignorant Man on TV? (Ann Coulter)



By Nicholas Stix

I don’t understand Ann Coulter’s problem with this guy. He’s handsome and pc, ergo, ultra-qualified to be a national news reader.


Why Does the Name of the University of Virginia Rape Hoaxer Only Come Up 11,000 Times on Google?


UVA rape hoaxer Jacqueline “Jackie” Coakley

By Nicholas Stix

Answer: She’s getting massive protection from rape hoax activists in the MSM and Wikipedia.

Jackie Coakley.

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The Good News: Below is a Picture of Pretty, Blonde Californian, Denise Huskins, 30; the Bad News: I Only Have Her Picture, Because She’s been Kidnapped, and is being Held for Ransom

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Jim Snow at North Carolina State University: Black Fraternities May Drink at Their Parties, but Whites May Not

By Nicholas Stix


Mississippi: “White Supremacist” Sentenced to Life Until Parole for “Hate Crime” Murder of Openly Gay Black Mayoral Candidate


The MSM wanted so dearly for killer Lawrence Read to be a white supremacist

By Nicholas Stix


Obama on Obamacare: The Joke’s on You! (Poster)

The Three Laws of Economics

By Nicholas Stix

1. Money helps money;
2. Money marries money; and
3. Money makes money.

What Tucker Carlson and Roger Ailes Don’t Want You to Read! The Suppressed Mickey Kaus Column on Fox News’ Censorship of Stories on the Fight Against “Obama’s” Illegal, Unconstitutional Amnesty of Tens of Millions of Illegal Alien Criminals

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Fox Makes It Easy for Amnesty

By Mickey Kaus
March 18, 2015

[Note: I posted this on Daily Caller. They took it down, saying I couldn’t “trash Fox” on their site. I quit Daily Caller. Reposting the item here without changes.]

Axelrod’s Wish: On page 424 of his recent memoir, Obama’s former top strategist David Axelrod describes running into Fox chieftain (and immigration amnesty supporter) Rupert Murdoch at a dinner in the fall of 2010:

During the dinner, Murdoch, who was seated beside me, insisted that the president had to move on immigration reform. ….

“But the solution has to be comprehensive,” I said. “We can’t just attack a piece of the immigration problem. And you know, there’s one big thing that you can do to help, and that is to keep your cable network from stoking the nativism that keeps us from solving this.” [Emphasis added]

Four years later, Axelrod may be getting his wish. Most of the mainstream broadcast and cable networks avoided giving excessive coverage to the recent congressional fight over the Department of Homeland Security, which was all about Republicans trying to block Obama’s executive amnesty by attaching restrictions to DHS funding. NBC Nightly News went a step further and avoided mentioning the immigration issue even when covering the funding fight — treating the threat of a DHS shutdown as if it were some sort of out-of-the-blue natural disaster.

But it’s one thing for Dem-friendly NBC to go to bat for Obama’s causes.  It’s another if Fox does it too. Fox is supposed to be the feisty opposition network. You’d think it would wage a rousing campaign against Obama’s executive actions on immigration, which are surely wildly unpopular among its viewers, both because of their ends (de facto legalizing of illegals) and their means (presidential overreach).

You’d think that.  But you would be wrong.

Fox didn’t editorialize in favor of Obama. It just covered other issues. This is a proven pro-amnesty posture, pioneered in the spring of 2013 when the “Gang of 8″ amnesty bill snuck through the Senate while conservatives were distracted by a seeming trifecta of Obama scandals (IRS/Benghazi/seizing AP reporters’ phone records).  Given the unpopularity of amnesty with a large swath of voters, any publicity given to the issue is likely to result in an intimidating blizzard of phone calls to the U.S. Capitol, complete with threats against Republicans who might be primaried from the right, Cantor-style. Corporate pro-amnesty lobbyists need peace and quiet to work their influence on Republicans in the face of this GOP-base opposition. No stoking!

That’s what Fox delivered. What makes me so sure? I’ve got proof! Or close to it.  Here is a list of the lead story each day on Megyn Kelly’s “Kelly File” show from January 14 (the day the House sent the Senate a DHS bill with a “rider” blocking Obama’s amnesty) until March 3, the day the House finally caved and passed a “clean” DHS bill. (I picked Kelly File because it seemed the high-viewership show likely to best express Fox News Channel’s id. Bill O’Reilly is powerful and egomaniacal enough to go rogue.) I’ve also noted when immigration was discussed, even if it wasn’t the main story — which (spoiler) it never was:

1/14 — ISIS

1/15 — ISIS

1/16 – ISIS

1/19 – State of the Union

1/20 –State of the Union/Terror. (Obama veto threat over immigration is mentioned)

1/21 — Iran (Later in the show, Gov. Perry is interviewed and immigration is discussed)

1/22 — Terror (Yemen)

1/23 – Israel

1/26 — Blizzard/Terror

1/27 –Terror/Israel

1/28 — Terror (Later in the show, Sen. Sessions is interviewed and the immigration fight is discussed at some length)

1/29 — Terror/Taliban

1/30 – Terror/Taliban (Immigration later mentioned in passing by a pundit)

2/2 – Terror

2/3 — Terror (ISIS)

2/4 — ISIS (Immigration by Muslims mentioned later in the show by Gov. Jindal)

2/5 — Terror

2/6 — Terror

2/9 — Terror (ISIS) (General Dempsey in passing mentions open borders as a security issue)

2/10 — Brian Williams/Terror

2/11 — Yemen/Terror

2/12 — Yemen/Terror

2/13 — ISIS

2/16 — ISIS

2/17 — ISIS (Federal court decision on immigration and Senate filibuster discussed later in the show)

2/18 — ISIS (Federal court decision discussed later in show)

2/19 — ISIS (Appeal of federal court decision discussed briefly later in show)

2/20 — ISIS, Feds fear right-wing radicals (Funding fight discussed later in the show)

2/23 — Terror (Mall of America threat) (Senator Lee gets to give anti-amnesty funding pitch in second half of show)

2/24 – “American Sniper” Trial

2/25 — ISIS

2/26 –CPAC convention/ISIS

2/27 — CPAC convention (Jeb Bush immigration pitch discussed. Mention of House funding vote but not that it was about immigration. Segment on possible “Dreamer” murderer)

3/2 — Netanyahu (Mid-show discussion of federal court case, “Dreamer” murder case, Jeb Bush position.)

3/3– Netanyahu (Brief mid-show mention that “the standoff over funding the Homeland Security Department is over.”)

I sense a pattern! For this entire period, Kelly File was basically ISIS and Terror, with a few off-lead excursions into the DHS funding fight, usually when absolutely necessary (as when a federal judge blocked Obama’s executive action). Even some discussions of the federal court decision failed to mention the parallel Congressional funding fight. In fact, immigration was discussed as the underlying issue in the funding fight only 6 times over the whole 34 show period — and only 3 times in the crucial 20 show period that followed the Senate Dems’ initial filibuster of the Republican DHS proposal. These were the weeks when anti-amnesty organizations were desperate for some outfit like FOX to apply pressure on possibly wavering Senate Dems. Instead they got more ISIS.  I would suggest that the near-exclusive obsession with Middle Eastern terror is difficult to justify by the inherent news value of the subject, let alone its value to Fox viewers. You’d think the network would want to take a break if only for variety’s sake.

The semi-hysterical focus on ISIS in itself played into Obama’s hands, of course, since the Democrats’ were making a ‘how-can-you-shut-down-Homeland-Security-with-all-this-horrible-terror’ argument. Technically, Democrats were the ones blocking a Homeland Security funding bill with a filibuster– but FOX was not about to emphasize that. “Filibuster” was mentioned only 2 times on Kelly File during this whole 48-day period (three if you count Senator Lee’s attack on “obstruction”). It was mentioned only 17 times on the entire Fox News Channel (plus nine uses of the word in relation to other issues, such as Keystone or Iran sanctions, or general chat show pundit-to-pundit admonitions to stop “filibustering”).

This isn’t what actual coverage designed to alert and inform opposition to Obama on the issue would look like.  It would be more like: “Good Evening. Day 7 of the Democratic filibuster of Homeland Security Funding … ”

Even if Fox had done that, Republicans wouldn’t have succeeded in blocking the executive amnesty. Obama could have vetoed any bill they got to his desk, and the votes aren’t there for an override. The best the anti-amnesty side could realistically have hoped  for would have been some embarrassing defections by Democratic senators like Donnelly, Manchin, Heitkamp and McCaskill (who in fact defected on one procedural vote).  As Frank Sharry of pro-amnesty advocacy group America’s Voice pointed out, even a few key-vote defections would have punctured the Democrats self-presentation as a unified pro-legalization brand, and made opposition to executive amnesty bipartisan.

The main significance of Fox’s immigration tamp-down, though, was as a precedent — a dry run for how Murdoch’s network might ease the way for a legislative amnesty down the road (especially if, as is quite possible, the courts void Obama’s executive actions).  If Fox gets away with it this time, there will be no opposition news network next time either.

P.S.: Whom to blame? It’s tempting to be sophisticated and point a finger at young FOX producer types who might be doing what they think the boss wants (as opposed to what the audience wants). That sort of thing happens in large organizations — the nervous aides are more autocratic and intolerant than the CEO. My sense, though, is that FOX is a pretty tightly run outfit. It’s run by the man who built it, Roger Ailes.

That seems to be Rupert Murdoch’s judgment.  Remember Axelrod’s anecdote — the one where he lobbies Murdoch to do what has now been done. I didn’t tell you how it ends. Here is how it ends:

Murdoch shrugged. “You’ll have to talk to Roger about that.”

RT @MarkSKrikorian: Ex-chiefs of staff for Boehner & Priebus run ads pressuring conservatives to fund Obama's lawless amnesty

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Obama Begins Totalitarian Gleichschaltung of Local Police

By Nicholas Stix

At The New American.

How Barack Obama Has Transformed the Presidency into the Head of a Criminal Gang

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Democrats for a Dictatorial Presidency
By Ed Lasky
March 23, 2015
American Thinker

Members of Congress from both parties once jealously guarded its power against the executive branch, but under President Obama, this is no longer true for Democrats. There are very good reasons Democrats have ceded their power to President Obama and ignored their responsibility to uphold the Constitution the past 6 years -- and disgraced themselves in doing so. Because governmental bodies rarely give up power voluntarily, this historic transition deserves careful scrutiny.

When Barack Obama was on the cusp of becoming president in 2008, he gave a speech declaring to his supporters that they were days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” That was one promise he did keep. How has America been transformed? America has unprecedented levels of national debt. The Obamas, like the Clintons, will not feel the impact since they will all be vastly enriched from their “public service.” There have also been records set for food stamp and disability payments, record low workplace participation rates and unparalleled weakness abroad. Granted, the stock market is hitting record highs -- a consequence of abnormally low interest rates and the extraordinary use of quantitative easing. Obama’s War on the One Percent has failed. But Barack Obama has done far more and the consequences will be felt for many years to come. He has transformed the presidency.

Obama has seized power in ways that Michael Barone has aptly characterized as “Gangsta Government.”  Barone was inspired to write his first column on that topic by Obama’s unilateral denying of creditor rights in the Chrysler bankruptcy. But it became a series for Barone, and Obama’s future actions provided the gist for David  Freddoso’s superb book, Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy. Obamacare was jammed through Congress via “reconciliation” a rarely used procedure meant to deal with minor budget issues -- not taking over one-sixth of the American economy.

More arrogation of power followed. Obama made recess appointments when he alone declared Congress was in recess, and tried to load up government positions with like-minded ideologues without bothering to abide by the Constitutional mandate that the Senate had to approve these appointments. The Supreme Court eventually rebuked him for exceeding his constitutional authority.  He has used his regulatory agencies to transfigure the laws as passed by even a Democratic Congress when those laws might cause him political problems (Obamacare waivers and delays, for instance; the IRS interpreting Obamacare legislation to require subsidies flow to people in states that failed to set up their own exchanges, though the legislation did not provide for that practice). Clearly, Barack Obama never had much respect for the second branch of the government.

But Obama does not show much respect for the Judiciary branch of the government either, as shown by his display of contempt towards the Supreme Court at various times, including a shocking display during his 2010 State of The Union Address when he (wrongly) accused them of making a decision that would allow foreign funding of political campaigns.  He also declared that the Supreme Court should rule that Obamacare was constitutional:

"Ultimately, I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,"

Not only was this statement wholly inappropriate for a president to make it was factually wrong (maybe he should have been tested on the Constitution before being hired to be a part-time lecturer on it at the University of Chicago).

But he has no respect for the separation of powers; nor does he feel any obligation to abide by the Constitution. "By hook or by crook," he will expand the government.

Others have called Obama’s egregious actions akin to that of the leader of a Banana Republic.  A few months ago, Charles Krauthammer said that Obama’s granting of de facto amnesty (and all the taxpayer-funded benefits that flow from that act) was comparable to that of a caudillo of a banana republic who rules by decree. But one does not have to rely on critics alone. Barack Obama’s own boasts show he is proud to have found ways to ignore Congress and the American people. When the House fell to the Republicans in 2012, he was not to be outdone:

I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions…

What followed was a veritable  ”barrage” of “pen and phone” actions, in the words of the non-partisan The Hill.  Tim Devaney writes:

Obama in January (2014)  declared his intent to use executive power to enact policy changes without Congress, and he has lived up to his promise, making aggressive moves on climate change, immigration, land protections and the minimum wage.

Obama knew he would have to rely on executive action given Republican control of Congress, and he has raced through 2014 to get as much done as possible.

The pace has only picked up since the midterm elections, with big announcements on immigration, climate change and foreign policy with Cuba.

“He’s pushing every executive power to the limit,” said Robert Cresanti, executive vice president of government relations at the International Franchise Association.

He has actually pushed it beyond its limits.

One of the most dramatic actions he took was his granting of de facto amnesty -- after the 2014 midterm elections. Devaney continues:

Obama after the midterm elections issued an order protecting about 4.5 million illegal immigrants from deportation.

Obama directed federal agencies not to deport the parents of immigrants who are living legally in the U.S. He also expanded the scope of young immigrants who qualify for such protections. 

The move enraged Republicans, who accused the president of going around Congress to act alone on immigration.

And Republicans have promised to take action to curb the orders. But it’s unclear whether there’s much they can do. Even a government shutdown would leave most federal employees involved with processing the new immigrant cases at their desks.

His flouting of the laws has accelerated. He hast taken advantage of loopholes, stretched the meaning and abused the concept of “prosecutorial discretion” to grant illegal immigrants “rights and privileges,” used his regulatory authority to circumvent Congress (and punish his political enemies via the IRS), and relied on the legal concept of standing (wherein aggrieved parties seeking legal redress need to demonstrate his actions have actually harmed them) to shield him from judicial action that might curb his trampling of the Constitution.

How have his fellow Democrats responded to his aggrandizement of presidential power? His shocking and unprecedented attack of the Supreme Court Justices during his 2010 State of The Union led to them giving him a standing ovation and rapturous applause. That was symbolic of how they have responded over the past 6 years.

A friend suggested that a Republican president would be able to now exercise power in the same overreaching way. There is a salient and crucial difference, Democrats cheer Big Brother, they want a bigger and more expansive federal government that ignores the concepts of federalism and rights of individuals as opposed to the collective. Republicans want a smaller federal government that frees people from the Leviathan. If a Republican President tried to exercise power as Barack Obama has, a Tea Party revolt would make the one in 2010 look like a tempest in (can’t help myself) a tea pot.

They have helped him stonewall all efforts by Republicans to exercise their responsibilities as the legislative branch of the government. Congressman Darrell Issa had been on a multi-year crusade since becoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (when Republicans won the House) to ferret out the truth behind Obama’s abuse of the Oval Office. The Democrats took the extraordinary step of appointing Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings to be the Committee’s Ranking Member, bypassing Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who would have been expected to assume that role. Political pros realized what had happened.  There was a belief that Cummings would be far more effective in blocking Issa's investigations into the Obama White House than Maloney would.  Cummings has been running interference for Barack Obama ever since. Former Republican Senator Howard Baker recently passed away. He has been lionized for his role during the Watergate scandal in exposing Richard Nixon’s misdeeds -- exposures that led, with the help of not just Democrats but fellow Republicans, to Richard Nixon’s leaving office. Elijah Cummings is no Howard Baker; there are no Howard Bakers in the Democratic Party now.

Empowering Obama, cheering him on as he grabs more power, has been the automatic response by all Democrats during Obama’s six years in power.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid aided and abetted Barack Obama by the nuclear option of doing away with the filibuster so Obama could appoint left-wing judges to federal benches across the nation, for example.

This derogation of their duties, this abandonment of their responsibilities, this ceding of power to the president has been a disgrace. After all, who willingly cedes power?

But there is a rationale behind this strategy to support the abuse of the office of the presidency; to herald the circumvention of Congress and the will of so many Americans. They feel they have a lock on the presidency that may be perpetual and unbreakable.

Republicans have a geographical advantage when it comes to keeping the House (see “Why Democrats Can’t Win the House”). This can offer some, but limited checks against a President who has no compunction against seizing and exploiting power. So how to overcome any obstruction offered by conscientious members of Congress? Empower a president that will likely be a Democrat for many decades to come -- if not forever.

Chris Cillizza is just one of the most recent of political pundits who have commented on the electoral edge that Democrats have in winning the presidency:

No matter whom Republicans nominate to face Hillary Rodham Clinton in November 2016, that candidate will start at a disadvantage. It’s not polling, Clinton’s deep résumé or the improving state of the economy. It’s the electoral college.

Yes, the somewhat arcane — yet remarkably durable — way in which presidential elections are decided tilts toward Democrats in 2016, as documented by nonpartisan political handicapper Nathan Gonzales in a recent edition of the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report.

Gonzales notes that if you add up all of the states that are either “safe” for the eventual Democratic nominee or “favor” that nominee, you get 217 electoral votes. (A candidate needs to win 270 to be elected president.) Do the same for states safe or favoring the Republican standard-bearer, per Gonzales’s rankings, and you get just 191 electoral votes.

That Democratic advantage becomes even more pronounced if you add to the party’s total the states that “lean” Democratic, according to Gonzales. Put Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Iowa (6) and Nevada (6) into the Democratic column and the party’s electoral vote count surges to 249 — just 21 votes short of winning a third straight presidential race. (Gonzales doesn’t rate any states as “lean Republican.”)

Such a scenario is decidedly realistic given that President Obama not only won all three of those “lean” Democratic states in 2008 and 2012 but that he did so by an average of eight points in Iowa and nine points in Nevada. And, the last Republican presidential nominee to carry Pennsylvania was George H.W. Bush, way back in 1988.

Gonzales’s analysis, which some will dismiss as premature but I applaud (it’s never too early!), reaffirms one of the most important — and undercovered — story lines in presidential politics in the past decade: the increasing Democratic dominance in the electoral college.

A Democratic only has to win 270 electoral votes to become president. There is the famous “blue wall” of 18 states and Washington, D.C. that have reliably voted Democrat in presidential elections going back 6 years that total 240 votes. Michael Barone thinks that this blue wall is not impregnable for Republicans, but it will be very challenging, especially since Democrats have opened the borders, engaged in massive voter registration drives, have not given up in efforts to grant felons the right to vote, and now President Obama pushes to make voting mandatory; red states are turning increasingly purple and become blue in presidential races.

So as promised, there are 270 reasons Democrats have aided and abetted and become accomplices to Barack Obama’s increasingly dictatorial view of the presidency. But 270 can be reduced to one reason: Democrats are optimistic they will have a hold on the presidency for many years to come and will now have the power to impose their agenda on America. Barack Obama has showed them the way and future Democrats will follow in his wake.

Image by Otto Veblin

Walter Williams Explains Social Justice and Climate Change (Picture)

Chinese Restaurant in Kenya “Locks Out” Africans After 5 P.M.

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The friend who sent this wrote,
I just wish we could lock ‘em out 24/7.

At Russia Today.

Black NFL Serial Rapist Great Darren Sharper Facing 9 Years in Prison on Plea Deals; Will Join Warren Wells, Et Al., in NFL Rapist Hall of Fame

By “W”


The City of Ferguson and the State of Missouri Must Conduct and Publish Their Own Investigations of Eric Holder’s DOJ!

By Nicholas Stix


Randy Newman and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra: I Think It's Going to Rain Today

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

If Samuel Beckett had been reincarnated as a singer-songwriter, he would have been Randy Newman. Irony in the darkest hopelessness (except that he’s also a communist) and depravity.

Newman is to singing what Steven Seagal is to acting—an abomination. I tried to find the album version of this song, from Sail Away, to no avail. He doesn’t even try to sing here.

Is Newman a worse singer than Bob Dylan? That’s a tough one. I might have to flip a coin.

But some of this songs were sublime songs, and some were funny. Listen to that orchestra. That’s his music. At the time, I had no idea that he was capable of such melodies, but that was before I saw The Natural, which has the greatest score I’ve ever heard.


Uploaded on Nov 3, 2008 by scofak.

Randy Newman & Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Roelof van Driesten.
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1979.

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
Randy Newman

Broken windows,
In empty hallways,
A pale dead moon,
In a sky streaked with gray.

Human kindness is overflowing,
And I think it’s going to rain today.

Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles,
With frozen smiles to chase love away,

Human kindness is overflowing,
And I think it's going to rain today.

Lonely, lonely,
Tin can at my feet,
Think I’ll kick it down the street,
That's the way to treat a friend.

Right before me,
The signs implore me,
Help the needy,
And show them the way.

Human kindness, is overflowing,
And I think it's going to rain today.

France: Media Lied, and Claimed National Front Came in Third in Local Elections, When It Actually Came in First!

By Nicholas Stix

At the New Observer.

Our Diversity is Our Strength; Dallas Racists Celebrate Racially Segregated Public Magnet School Commissioned to Produce Minority Police and Fire Person Recruits; Why isn’t There a Segregated School Exclusively for Mexican Wife-Beaters and Child Molestors?

By A Texas Reader

At the Dallas Marxist News.

Black Supremacists Who Tried to Destroy Whites’ Brunch Got the Surprise of Their Lives in Minnesota, Yes, Minnesota, Yesterday, as Whites Fought Back!

White heroine on the phone

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to the old friend who sent this.

One of the black supremacists, Vanessa @BaconTribe twitted,

“They said get out, chanted white lives, blue lives, put their hands on us. Our signs were taken. But I’ve been thru worse. #BlackBrunchMN”

They were trespassers, racially harassing paying customers, staff, and owners. Their sense of racial entitlement is such that they believe they can terrorize whites anywhere, anytime, and break any laws to do it, but that the latter have no right to self-defense, or anything else.

They also claim to be “protesters.” First of all, harassing people based solely on the color of their skin is not “protest.” Second, the entire basis of their “protest” is whites’ mere existence.

The black supremacist above was calling it “violet” (sic) that whites defended themselves against her and her comrades’ racist violence.

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Loretta Lynch’s Oath

Stop the Presses! Racial Profiling Alert! Chicago Tribune “Reporter” Jeremy Gorner Has Determined that the Chicago PD Stops Blacks More Often than Whites or Hispanics!



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At True News USA.

Silent Movie Stunt Men (Documentary Video, 1980, Narrated by James Mason)

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Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film
“Hazard of the Game”

Published on Aug 12, 2013 by Jon Auty.

This excellent look at the silent pictures and the stunts that made these movies so successful. Interviews with many of the stunt performers of the time including Harvey Parry and Yakima Canutt. Narrated by James Mason.

Spartanburg, SC: Refugee Racketeers, Feds Have Condemned an American City to Death

By Nicholas Stix


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew Dead at 91; He Warned that Mass Low-IQ Immigration and Liberty Cannot Co-Exist



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20 Shot, 3 Murdered, Over Weekend in Chicago, Where No One Ever Gets Stabbed, Slashed, Bludgeoned, Deliberately Run Down, Poisoned, or Pushed to Their Death Anymore


Fox Chicago.

Jeterized MSM Talk Lots, but Say Nothing About Goteborg Mass Shooting

By Nicholas Stix

During Derek Jeter’s long, glorious, Yankee career, he perfected the art of talking to the media, while saying nothing. Where crime is concerned, the media have perfected the same art, in dealing with the public.


No Feminism Without Chivalry: Feminist “Reporter” Sits Down for Interview with Adventurer She Seeks to Humiliate; Writes Off His Good Manners as Weakness

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Bear Grylls, Action Man

21st March 2015
By Lucy Kellaway
Financial Times

Bear Grylls thinks nothing of hauling a dead sheep out of a bog, cutting it open to eat its raw heart, and settling down to sleep in its bloody fleece. He has dined on maggots, fought with the SAS, broken his back, and climbed Everest. He is world-famous as a professional adventurer, a prolific author and a reality-TV star. Even so, he finds an interview with Lucy Kellaway hard going

2,400 words

I AM SITTING in the bar of the Connaught hotel in Mayfair talking to a man who has just slid out of his chair and is hiding under the table. “Right. That’s it. I’m back under the parapet now,” he calls up to me.

Bear Grylls, who thinks nothing of hauling a dead sheep out of a bog, cutting it open to eat its raw heart before settling down to sleep in its bloody fleece, cannot cope any more. In the past hour I have asked too many questions and he has reached the end of his endurance.

In truth, I am getting quite close to the end of mine. Bear Grylls is a well-mannered old Etonian, a former member of the SAS, an elite army unit; a God-fearing boy scout who is good at climbing mountains and whipping his knife out – as well as compressing his muscular body into a tiny space under a table – but the cut and thrust of conversation is not really his thing.

All varieties of survival, on the other hand, are very much his thing. Surely, I ask him, when he is still sitting beside me, he has developed a strategy for surviving interviews? Grylls fixes his pale blue eyes on me; they show no trace of impatience – or any emotion at all. The blandness almost seems like a tactic; taken with the short-back-and-sides, neat checked shirt and jeans, he looks more dishy plainclothes policeman than TV personality. He rattles off a three-point plan:

“Try to be authentic. Don’t do very many. Don’t try to justify anything, let things speak for themselves.”

Authenticity, I protest, can be a mistake in an interview; the trick is to be inauthentic in just the way that fits your brand.

“You’re right,” he says, surrendering without struggle. “I’m not very good at arguing.”

Equally, not doing many interviews is tricky when a man has quite so much to promote. Grylls has written 18 survival books in 10 years, a rate of production that almost matches that of Barbara Cartland. He has seven TV shows running simultaneously – three in the UK, three in the US and one in China, all of them featuring the clean-cut action man pretending to be a hunter-gatherer, or helping others pretend to be one, some 12,000 years after hunter-gathering went out of fashion.

“It’s pretty cool,” he says, contemplating the sheer scale of his output. “Pretty fun.” He nods his handsome head and smiles.

As for the last point in his three-point plan – not justifying anything – that is all very well, only the whole purpose of our sitting here sipping Diet Cokes is for him to do just that. Above all, what I want to understand is our fascination for survival in inhospitable places. Never has crawling into a camel’s carcase to escape a sandstorm been less relevant to modern office-dwelling couch potatoes; yet never have we loved watching Grylls do it more, and never have we been keener to try it ourselves.

For the second season of Grylls’ TV show The Island, 80,000 people came forward eager to be allowed to spend six weeks getting hungry, thirsty, bitten and scared. That is more than three times as many as those who applied to suffer lesser indignities on Big Brother. And it is not only ordinary people who feel the pull. Stephen Fry, Ben Stiller, Miranda Hart and other assorted celebrities have all trekked through the wild with Grylls, pursued by dangerous creatures – as well as by a camera crew.

“It’s two things,” he explains. “One is that I think people like to feel that they are prepared. What would happen if you really were stripped of everything? And the other side of it is that people like to wonder, could they actually do it?”

But prepared for what, exactly? Real life is never going to leave us on an uninhabited desert island. Indeed, so artificial is the experience that Grylls’ TV crew had to import a few crocodiles in advance to make the island seem more dangerous, as well as quantities of fresh water to keep everyone alive.

What might be more relevant to telly viewers is programmes that told them how to survive on the minimum wage, deal with ugly divorces, dementia and that sort of thing.

Yet, according to Grylls, the two sorts of survival are the same. “In the end, it’s about positivity, kindness, humility, courage, determination.”

He reels off the list of attributes as if he has said it 100 times before but I get the sense that Grylls, a pillar of the Alpha movement, believes it. His reality TV series offers an alternative version of human behaviour. The first two episodes of The Island show how 14 men and 14 women initially take to the wild: the women shriek feebly at every encounter with a snake and the men fight each other.

“I think that women have a much harder time, actually,” he says. “So the men want to be strong, they want to show that they’re the man. Women on the whole wanted to look after each other and to nurture.”

I say this is sexual stereotyping of the most blatant kind, but he goes on: “Every man on the island, since they were a kid, has grown up dreaming of being Rambo.”

Grylls flexes his biceps, which are so eye-poppingly big that the fabric of his shirt strains.

“Take your son,” he goes on. “If you put him on an island, he’d like to think he’d know what to do.”

I say my son – who I’d earlier outed as a Grylls fan – wouldn’t have a clue. What he likes doing is lying around in his dressing gown watching YouTube. Grylls looks momentarily disappointed, then says the most interesting thing about men and women is not the difference between them but that what they learn in extremis is the same.

“When you haven’t eaten for 12 days, you’re covered in sandfly bites, you’re tired and you’re cold – the only thing of value is: I want to hold my kids, or I want to tell my mum I love her.”

Again I find myself protesting that things have come to a very odd pass if we need starvation and sandflies to remind us we love our parents and children. “My wife would agree with you,” he says.

And yet this lust for extremity has been central to Grylls’ life. He dropped out of the SAS in 1996 after breaking his back and, instead of spending the rest of his days in a bath chair, two years later became among the youngest people to climb Everest.

“Life covers us with a layer of fluff. When you’re high up a mountain and you’re really touching life and death – I mean, if I look at my time on Everest, four people had died just the day before. I did touch something – I found a strength that I don’t find in everyday life. I struggle with everyday life. And I can’t kind of really connect well but, when I’m pushed like this, I find there’s an authenticity in what I’m endeavouring to do that makes me feel a bit complete.”

Perhaps this is the difference between Grylls and me. He thinks the “fluff” is meaningless; I think it is what life is made of. I also wonder if what he is describing is merely the luxury of a near-death experience, which tends to be a warped guide to living.

“Yeah. Maybe,” he says, again deciding to roll over rather than fight.

Although it is interesting to ponder whether we are closer to the essence of humanity up a mountain than pottering in the back garden, the answer to the question has little to do with his rip-roaring success. Judging from the traffic on YouTube, what people really love about Bear Grylls is that he does things that we think revolting. A clip of him biting into a maggot fatter than his finger has been watched more than 15m times, while him drinking his own pee has had more than a million views.

If I were Grylls, I would despair at how my fans loved me not for being brave, nor for my good work with the boy scouts (he became leader of the movement nearly six years ago aged just 35), but for drinking my urine, which takes no skill at all. Anyone could pull it off if they put their mind to it.

“If somebody could have told me aged eight that that’s what I’d be known for, I’d just laugh. It’s brilliant,” he says.

It might be brilliant but, according to the US Army Field Manual, it is also wrong. Urophagia, or the drinking of urine, is not recommended as a rehydration strategy.

“They haven’t been in as many jungles as I’ve been in. So here’s the truth: if you’re dehydrated and it’s pure waste product, and there’s yellow and red and brown, it’s not going to help you. If you’re well hydrated, you suddenly find yourself crashed, you’re in your life raft, you’ve got a full bladder, you should not be wasting that.” Grylls gives a small smile of such confidence that I know that if I ever found myself in a tight spot with him, I would gladly drink – and do – anything he told me to.

“Look at this,” he suddenly says, changing the subject. Out of his pocket comes his phone, and he is showing me a video of two boys having a fight in a back garden with wooden swords, and then another of a boy being pulled along in a muddy stream.

“He’s on a waveboard with an old garden rake tied to a quad bike … And it’s February.” All three are whooping with joy.

This is Grylls with his sons – Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry – and here he is reproducing his own happy childhood in which his father, the Tory MP Sir Michael Grylls, endlessly took him out in boats and up mountains.

“My dad was really one for finding what you love and going for it, keeping your core competency as what you do,” he says, masking any feeling with a layer of management jargon.

Another thing Grylls senior did for his boy was to allow the sensible name he gave him – Edward – to be pushed aside in favour of the silly nickname provided by his older sister. This was a masterstroke: Bear Grylls the explorer is as fine an example of nominative determinism as was ever thought up. It is hard to imagine that the programmes of Edward Grylls would have been watched 1.2bn times – as his website asserts Bear Grylls’ programmes have.

“As a kid I used to hate my name. I’d go, ‘Why can’t I just be called something normal?’ Well, I’m an adult now, so I can look back and understand that Bear is a cool name for an adventurer.”

Not only has it been cool, it has been the basis of a global brand. As well as the TV programmes and books, there are Bear Grylls survival holidays in a dozen places around the world – including such unrisky spots as the Surrey Hills, near London – and several hundred different bits of Bear Grylls survival kit. In particular, there is the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife (about $75), which he tells me is the biggest-selling knife in the world, having sold “literally millions”.

So does merchandising make more money than everything else put together?

“Yes,” he says, ending the conversation there.

But the books aren’t doing too badly, either. Although there was a fairly limited appetite for a cookbook featuring elephant dung and raw goat’s testicle, his autobiography, Mud, Sweat and Tears, was voted “the most influential book in China” in 2012.

Why? Is it because the Chinese are even fonder of eating eyeballs and testicles than the British explorer?

“I don’t know,” Grylls replies. I wait for him to offer a reason but he doesn’t. “I don’t know,” he repeats.

The story of the Bear Grylls brand might make a fascinating case study but it is one its owner seems to have no interest in. Instead, the lesson he teaches business leaders on the ground is how to survive at 29,000ft. When I ask what the parallels are, he says at once: “Have no ego.” This might be great advice but I point out that every chief executive I have ever come across is in possession of a giant ego and they aren’t going to get rid of it because he says so.

“Then they need to hear the message,” he says firmly.

And what about the size of Grylls’ own ego?

“OK, here’s the deal. I’ve genuinely never liked things that draw attention to what I do, to me. The irony is I’ve found myself in a job where it’s all about that. I have to always put my head above the parapet.”

I start to say that if he hates drawing attention to himself, he could always just stop doing it. He’s 40 now, and could just do the adventures, and leave the telly cameras at home. If publicity is loathsome to him, he’s stupid to go on courting it.

“I would no sooner go and meet someone and call them stupid than go to the moon, do you know what I mean?”

His words are angry but his demeanour remains pleasant, in a bland sort of way.

From the corner of my eye I see his PR is signalling that time is up. I turn to look at her and, when I turn back, Grylls is nowhere to be seen. He has inserted himself under the table.

After a bit he comes out and gives a bone-crushing handshake. He makes to leave, then as an afterthought, asks my son’s name.

“Hi Stan, it’s Bear,” he says into my tape recorder. His voice sounds entirely different – so upbeat it could turn the most delinquent adolescent into a keen boy scout at once.

“Just to say, keep going, hero: you can do it. See you at the top.”

Extra! Extra! Read All About it! Get Your Sunday Multicultural Wrap-Up!

By Nicholas Stix

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Yet Another Episode of ... Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome!



By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Subhash Chander, 64, was found guilty late Thursday by a jury of three counts of first-degree murder for spreading gasoline at the 36-unit building and igniting it — apparently out of anger that his daughter had married beneath her status in India's caste...

Chicago Tribune.
Hey, did he steal the gasoline from his own C-store?

Just askin'....

N.S. P.S. From January 3, 2008: "A photo released by the Oak Forest [sic] (Ill.) Police Department shows Subhash Chander, a 57-year-old native of India living in Oak Forest. Chander was charged Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008, on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of intentional homicide of an unborn child and one count of aggravated arson in an apartment fire late Saturday, Dec. 29, 2007,that killed three family members. The victims were his daughter, 22-year-old Monika Rani, her 36-year-old husband, Rajesh Kumar, and their 3-year-old son, Vansh. Rani was five months pregnant."

[Subash Chander murdered four people, which means that he satisfied even the academic definition of mass murder, which requires four murders, though academics consider unborn children mere fecal, er, fetal matter.

It's Oak Park or River Forest.]

Snoqualmie, Washington (Stunning Photo)

What Does Genderfluid Mean? (Do You Suffer from Penis AND Vagina Envy?)

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[For technical background, see:

“Classic Abbott & Costello Sketch: ‘Crazy House,’ with Hillary Brooke and Murray Leonard.”]

Tumblristas - Episode 6 (RETAIL MARXIST REVOLT)
February 12, 2015
Common Filth

Daniel Walsh

What the hell does genderfluid even mean?


Your gender changes. Example would be someone who considers themselves male on certain days and female on others along with the other 9000 new genders.


They believe that their gender changes on a whim, and that what you're doing can have an impact on whether you're male, female, ketchup or a tortoise that day. I know a couple people who identify that way, and they're pretty chill, but part of me realizes I'd be embarrassed by them in public, and everyone else who identifies that way that I've met was incredibly obnoxious. The LGBTQ community is a fashion accessory to most of these people. I'm supercool with trans people and drag queens, supercool with other members of the LGBTQ community, hell, I'm bisexual, but there's something depressing when a straight person pretends to be a member and switches back and forth between penis- and vagina-envy in a day because they think gender and sex-type are so loose-weave that they're interchangeable with "attention whore" and "narcissist."

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Montana Bear Tragedy (with Disturbing Photograph)

Forwarded by RC

This is a very sad story about a bear... Everybody should heed the warnings not to feed wildlife because they become dependent and don't forage for themselves any longer. It is such a tragedy to see what has been done to our country's wildlife. The photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect U.S. wildlife.


Animals that formerly were self-sufficient have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance. This photo is of a black bear in Montana. He's nicknamed Bearack Obearma. It is believed that he has become a campground organizer.

Hate Crime in Germany: Brutal Gang Attack by 6 Turkish Moslems, Who Came Close to Murdering Lone White German Teenager in Bobingen; Mohammedans Stomped Boy Unconscious; Police Covered Up Crime for Days

Translated from the German by Nicholas Stix

It was only after I’d finished the translation that I saw that this story was from November, 2013!

Via Citizens’ Movement North Rhein/Westphalen.

Young Men Beat Down 16-Year-Old for No Reason
By Pitt Schurian
27. November 2013 10:54 a.m.
Augsburger Allgemeine

A group of young Turks [Moslems] did not know the 16-year-old; they simply wanted to blow off some rage. There were kicks in front of the Bobingen City Hall, until the victim lost consciousness.

Six young Turks jumped a 16-year-old German in front of Bobingen’s City Hall, beating and stomping him. All of this apparently occurred without a motive. The victim was traumatized and suffered, among other things, swelling of the brain.

16-Year-Old Brutally Beaten for No Reason

As was reported on Tuesday, the attack occurred late in the wee hours of Saturday. The police explained its silence until now with claims that this was necessary until now, in order to clear up the attack’s background.

Yesterday, the local head police inspector, Maximilian Wellner, said, “The group pounded away on the youth without any reason. We investigated everything: There were no previous contacts; relations to a girl, or conflicts. They simply looked for a lone person, against whom to let loose rage.

The Victim was from Augsburg, and was on His Way Home

The victim was 16 years of age. He had come with the train from Augusburg at about 10:45 p.m. Friday, and he was on his way home. According to police, six or seven Turkish youths 16 and 17 years of age followed him from the train station, and he was seeking to flee them, by running into the city. [This paragraph is unclear to me. If he was headed home, why would he flee into the city?]

As Bobingen’s Deputy Chief of Police Helmut Kleber narrated, “They caught up to him at City Hall Place, and began severely beating him. Several perpetrators hit the victim with fists and stomped on him. He was also hit with a belt.

As the Boy Already Lay on the Ground, Came the Kicks

According to police, as the 16-year-old boy lay on the ground, the punches and kicks continued. After two massive kicks hit him in the head, he was briefly unconscious.

The interrogation of the participants determined further that this brutal act was clearly too much for some of the participants, such that they pulled the attackers away from the victim, who was then able to save himself at a nearby police station.

Shortly thereafter, police found two suspects near the scene of the crime. They were provisionally taken into custody. During questioning, one confessed to having hit the victim. He also named all other perpetrators from his group. All have now been charged with “dangerous bodily injury.” Five were from Bobingen, and one from Königsbrunn.

The victim required treatment in Bobingen’s Wertach Clinic. Lacerations and contusions were found all over his body.

Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Global Warming/Climate Change/Whatever in One Picture

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Austin, Texas: Man Who Committed Hate Crime Hoax Outs Himself, and Promises More to Come!

By A Texas Reader
Yesterday we told you about how Austin was all in a tizzy after someone took it upon him or herself to do a bit of direct action and hit the East Side’s most gentrifi-licious businesses with “Exclusively for White People” stickers. Now the man behind the…

At Death and Taxes Magazine.