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The GOP in 2016 and the Hispanic Vote

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

Police Catch DC Torture, Mass Murder, Arson Suspect Daron Wint


The war criminal slaughtered Savvas Savopoulos, 46; his wife, Amy Savopoulos, 47; 10-year-old son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57

Suspected war criminal, Daron Dylon Wint, 34

By David in TN

“Suspect wanted for torture and quadruple murder of CEO and his family busted with a box truck full of cash: Dramatic late night DC arrest of local welder and his four ‘accomplices’”

“Police have captured Daron Wint, the man suspected of torturing and killing a family and their housekeeper before setting the mansion alight.”

At the Daily Mail.

Officer Kerrie Orozco, 1985-2015



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader Erik Zikos for this.

Officer Kerrie Orozco Sept 19, 1985 - May 20, 2015

Updated on Wednesday

A life taken too soon. End of watch May 20, 2015

Officer Kerrie Orozco has been with the Omaha Police Department 7 years and 5 months. She was a Bi-lingual, Spanish interpreter and began working for the Gang Unit in March of 2012 and sadly ended her career in the same Unit.

Officer Orozco is survived by her husband Hector Orozco and two stepchildren, Natalie and Santiago. Officer Orozco had given birth to Olivia Ruth on February 17, 2015. Oliva Ruth was delivered early and was expected to come home from the hospital tomorrow, May 21st… the same day Officer Orozco was going to begin her maternity leave.

Officer Orozco is also survived by her mother Ella Holtz, brothers Elija and Erran Holtz, brother Nolan Nielsen and sister Kelsi Holtz.

Officer Orozco was currently active in coaching baseball and has been coaching since 2009 at the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club. She also did many other things at the club including planning pizza parties. She volunteered with Special Olympics and was president of Police Officer Ball to benefit Special Olympics Nebraska. Kerrie was a Girl Scout Leader, participated with Shop with a Cop and assisted with the Latino Police Officers Easter Egg Hunt.

Officer Kerrie Orozco was not only a top notch police officer but she gave back to the community in so many ways. In today’s press conference, Chief Schmaderer stated that the community owes a great deal to such a wonderful person. Her loss will not only impact the police officers but will also be a huge loss for the citizens of Omaha.

N.S.: The Omaha Police Foundation has set up an Orozco Family Fund to help out the widower Orozco with burial costs, etc., in his time of need.

State-of-the-Art College Admission Essay Writing Scams

By Nicholas Stix


Remembering a Racist Mass Murderer Who, in 1914, Stole 7 Lives

By Nicholas Stix


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Violent Black Supremacist Erica Ford, of the New Black Panther Party, Now Claims to be for NoShootingsNYC




Ford was one of the chief organizers of the 1998 Labor Day weekend, Million Youth March riot in Harlem.

I thank the reader who forwarded this to me.

On Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:42 PM, "COSTA, MARC" wrote:



Detective Marc Costa
Community Affairs
103rd Precinct
New York City Police Department
168-02 91st Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432

From: erica ford []
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 2:33 PM

Peace & Blessings To All Those That Want This Weekend In New York to Be Safe

Thank You to those who came out to the press conference/gathering yesterday. It was a great showing of strength and dedication. Together, we can accomplish all things!

As promised, I have attached an information sheet for those who want to be a part of this weekend's efforts, and it can be shared with your networks. (please note the date change for the beginning of the initiative) Tomorrow, May 22 at 7:00pm, we will begin the #NoShootingNYC effort for Memorial Day weekend. Teams will canvass 'hot spots' throughout the weekend, ending the canvass on Tuesday, May 26 at 7:00am. Please, if you have not already done so, opt-in to the info text message group that will provide updates and important information. Text NoShootingsNYC to the number 69866 to join in. Also, our intention is to include everyone Please forward to your larger networks.

Together, we will engage our communities in an impactful and healthy way, while sending a clear messages that when we unite, our communities respond. Thank you for helping keep our streets safe this weekend.

Blessings of Happiness

No Shooting NYC Coalition

Black Thug Suspected of Mass Murder in Washington, DC


The war criminal slaughtered Savvas Savopoulos, 46; his wife, Amy Savopoulos, 47; 10-year-old son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57

Suspected war criminal, Daron Dylon Wint, 34

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this article.

At The Last Refuge.


By Nicholas Stix

Katharine Hepburn!
Meryl Streep!
Ingrid Bergman!
Bette Davis!
Vivien Leigh!
Audrey Hepburn!
Irene Dunne!
Marlene Dietrich!
Doris Day!
Deborah Kerr!
Shirley MacLaine!
Judy Garland!
Barbara Stanwyck!
Jean Arthur!
Greta Garbo!
Greer Garson!
Margaret Sullavan!
Jennifer Jones!
Susan Hayward!
Ava Gardner!
Norma Shearer!
Myrna Loy!
Claudette Colbert!
Rita Hayworth!
Carole Lombard!
Olivia deHavilland!
Jean Simmons!
Joanne Woodward!
Liv Ullman!
Marie Dressler!
Dorothy McGuire!
Catherine Deneuve!
Grace Kelly!

Mainstream Media in 2015: Calling for the Slaughter of White Men is “Ironic, Funny and Thought-Provoking”

Bush’s Legacy vs. Obama’s Legacy (Cartoon)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ann Coulter: All Roads Lead Back to Immigration



By Nicholas Stix

She’s making immigration analysis sexy.

Ann Coulter is one of those thinkers you want on your team, and not on the other guys’ team.


Wall Street Journal: The Little People Love Losing Their Jobs and Their Country to Globalism; It’s Evil Patriots Like Pat Buchanan Who Continue to Cripple the GOP!

By Nicholas Stix


Poster Campaign Fights Back Against Columbia University Rape Hoaxer/Defamation Artist Emma Sulkowicz; Hoaxer/Slanderer and Her Goons Counter Attack (Photoessay)

Earlier today, Sulkowicz got a Flickr photo account exposing her shut down.

At the hoaxer-defamer's graduation from Columbia

"Pretty Little Liar" poster closeup on Columbia's campus

The Obama Administration in Ten Words (Poster)

Hear Jack Jones Sing His Signature Song, Bacharach and David’s “Wives and Lovers,” Accompanied by a Dazzling, Mad Men-Inspired Photoessay and Complete Lyrics!


Jon Hamm as Mad Men protagonist, Don Draper

By Nicholas Stix
Expanded at 2:06 p.m., Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I only watched one episode, a few years ago, of the hit AMC series, Mad Men, about advertising men and the women (“Mad,” as in Madison Avenue, home of most of the biggest advertising firms), and set during the early 1960s. However, I have recently read fans of the show say that this song was featured on the show, as an expression of the Don Draper character. Mariabrat’s exquisite photoessay accompanying the video below plays out this theme.

Meanwhile, this is what Jack Jones looked like at 25, on the cover of his 1963 Wives and Lovers album, and for most of the 1960s.

As for the song, it’s exquisite, with both swinging and lyrical elements. I can’t recall offhand hearing such a mix elsewhere. I’m amazed that Bacharach and David didn’t offer it to Sinatra first, though Jones must have had a leg up, due to having made his first hit with their song “Lollipops and Roses” two years earlier.

(Feminists hate this song, and have sought to “disappear” it, but what don’t they hate? They hate beauty, charm, class, virtue, normalcy, romance, comedy…)

Beginning in 1964, the song-writing duo devoted itself to writing hits for girl singers, and in 1965, Dionne Warwick had her first hit singing their song, “Walk on by.” From then on, she was their muse, until their acrimonious break-up in 1973, over the musical movie bomb, Lost Horizon.

Neither music man was ever the same after that.

Imagine what Jones’ career would have been like, had Bacharach and David composed more songs for him.



Although the Draper character was older, I am convinced that the young Jack Jones, in his elegance, good looks, and self-confidence, was the inspiration for the Draper look.


Uploaded on Jun 10, 2011 by mariabrat.

Wives and Lovers- Jack Jones. This song was out in the fall of 1963. It was a perfect song for the 1950's - early 1960's era. This song also fits the character of Don Draper from the TV show, "Mad Men". Along with the pictures of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and the cast of Mad Men, are also other ads, famous people and other pictures from the 1950's and early 1960's.

Jean Raspail’s Novel, The Camp of the Saints, and Europe’s Apocalypse Now




Solving the Mystery of Columba Bush and What “Assimilation” Will Look Like Under President Jeb: She Has Refused to Ever Learn to Speak Proper English, so He Speaks Spanish at Home!


Jeb and Columba at a reconquista gathering

By Nicholas Stix

Jeb Bush loves his wife, which requires that he hate America.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recalling the Days When Southern Jews were Forced to Drink from Separate Water Fountains

By Nicholas Stix


Michael Ramirez: Behind the Obama “Creator” Cartoon

Victims Must Sue Rape Hoaxers: Salon is Guilty of Actual Malice, in Defaming Victim of “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz


Sulkowicz extended her hoax to her graduation at Columbia; she won't stop, until her victim sues her into the poor house

By Nicholas Stix


Shooter was Fixated on George Zimmerman

By “W”

The media/Obamanation has been “fixated” on Zimmerman as a white Hispanic killer of an unarmed black youth who might have discovered the cure for the common cold, if not cancer, had he not been tragically cut down, etc., etc.

Someone will eventually off Zimmerman, and the crowd will roar that he had it coming.

The Schofield Kid: Yeah, well, I guess they had it coming.

Will Munny: We all got it coming, kid.

Unforgiven (1992)


Incompetent, Affirmative Action FedCops Ignore Real Terrorists, and Instead Hunt White Men

By Nicholas Stix


Monday, May 18, 2015

Blacks Want to Exterminate All the Geese, but Still Demand Those Golden Eggs (Photos)

The White-Free Future of the FDNY (Photo)

Mug Shots of Killer Waco Bikers: 20 White, 12 Hispanic, 1 “Black” (Mulatto)

By A Texas Reader and Nicholas Stix

ATR: Looks like some of Jeb's folks and not just white folk.

Wonder if the FBI considers the Hispanics "white."

Click on the photo to enlarge it.


Apparently, no biker is clean shaven.

N.S.: Note how stupid and hardcore the pictures all look. There has been a concerted effort online for several years now, to claim that bikers are really jolly, middle-aged, surfer dude types, and that world certainly exists, but these mug shots exude the very true stereotype of biker thugs that our generation grew up on. Thus, there are at least two biker cultures, and we must always keep that in mind, and therefore have our guard up, any time a group of bikers crosses our path.


This Face, This Woman, This England: Her Obituary Recalls the Great Albion of Not Long Ago


The Marchioness of Reading, 1945

By Nicholas Stix

Is her obituary Britain’s obituary, too?


Another Black Mob Attack in the New York City Subway: They Stripped, Beat, Robbed Black 15-Year-Old of His Valuables and His Pants, and Left Him Unconscious. Might as Well Crucify the Guy. Well, Don’t Give THEM Any Ideas. Yes, THEM.



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank reader-researcher A.L. for this story.

The attack reportedly was committed at 3:25 p.m. That’s right after school let out, so it’s likely the 15-year-old vic, and possibly the perps, too, just got out of school. (Or they timed the attack, based on school dismissal time.)

I’ve lived in New York City for just under 30 years. The dwindling number of civilized adults in this town have to plan their traveling around the school schedules, because of racist, violent black kids.

Jonathan Estrada

I used to work in nearby Ozone Park, with my shift sometimes starting at 4. My commute would bring me through this exact station at this exact time, and it was always unsettling. Hordes of menacing high-school students loitering around with nothing better to do. The whole thing had the charged atmosphere of a prison yard, like anything could go down at any second. Which I suppose is appropriate, since inner city high schools are feeders for the prison system as much as anything else. Eventually they increased police presence at the station to shoo kids along and keep them under control. But all that seems to be coming undone under the regressive reign of DeBlasio. There are parts of this city which I will no longer visit under any circumstances. (Which is a shame, because those are some of the areas where all of the hip young transplants are trying to settle.)

Victim beaten and robbed of pants on subway platform
Posted: May 15, 2015 10:55 P.M. EST
Updated: May 15, 2015 11:03 P.M. EST
By Luke Funk
New York (MYFOXNY) –

A man [sic] was attacked by at least five people and left pantless on a Brooklyn subway platform on Friday.

The NYPD says it happened at about 3:25 p.m. The victim was on an "L" train at the Broadway Junction station when he was attacked.

The attack continued on the train to the Atlantic Avenue station where it spilled out onto the platform.

Police say the man continued to be beaten. In a short video clip that was posted on social media, the man appeared to be unconscious and dragged back toward the train by one of the attackers.

The attackers then stole his pants, shoes, and phone and then ran off.

The victim was taken to Brookdale Hospital where he was being treated for various injuries.

Police say there have been no arrests and the investigation continues.

Community activist Tony Herbert says it appears to be part of a growing pattern where gang members will walk up to someone, ask what gang they are in, and then attack.

Florida Public Sex-and-Pot Bust of 45-Year-Old, White Alternative Charter School Principal and Her Black Charge

By Nicholas Stix

“Educators” promote sex in school; teach “Sex Ed”; and hand out condoms to students; but then we’re supposed to be shocked to find them having sex with students?
JAY GREEN 1 hour ago

The whole world is corrupt .. These hoes aint loyal .. Students and staff fuck each other at charter scschool all the time. Thats what charter schools are for. Its the place where failing educators and failing students meet to charter success collectively. And lastly i could be wronw, but it looks like the student is cock eyed. If he starts rapping and puts out a trap queen type song.. he would shmurda tha game. Akademiks would definitely make him relevant again.

(At the video’s Youtube page.)

At Countenance.

Remember “Headless Body in Topless Bar”? Do You Remember What Race the Heinous Murderer-Rapist was?

By Nicholas Stix

That was a rhetorical question. You don’t know, because no one reported it… until now.


Don Draper = Jack Jones?

By Nicholas Stix

A full-blown Jack Jones renaissance is underway in the Stix household. Every day, of late, I’ll be listening to Jones recordings in one room, while my Chief of Research will be listening to them in another one. Often, we’ll both be listening to the same song, Jones’ signature and biggest hit, “Wives and Loves.”

About a week ago, after going over 20 years without hearing him, I searched up Jones’ performance of “Once Upon a Time” at Youtube, and found a treasure trove of uploads of his recordings and live performances. It turns out that at 77, the man still looks good, sounds great, has gone back to the elegant look of his youth, before elegance was crushed and he surrendered to the bummy “casual” look, and is still going on tour every year! He would have just finished a 24-day tour in the UK yesterday, but his wife Eleonora (#6) needed sudden surgery, and he stood by her, postponing the tour until next year.

I kept coming across remarks from 2011 at Youtube by people who said that they had been inspired to upload or listen to Jones’ most famous performance, of Bacharach & David’s “Wives and Lovers,” by the cable TV series about early 1960s advertising men, Mad Men, and mentioned the protagonist, “Don Draper,” played by Jon Hamm.

It seems that the show played Jones’ early ‘60s hits, apparently as signature to the Draper character. (I only saw the show once, a few years ago. I thought it was well done, but I have little time for episodic TV these days, aside from watching Mets and Jets losses.)

I looked up pictures of the Draper character, and this is what I found.


Meanwhile, this is what Jack Jones looked like at 25, on the cover of his Wives and Lovers album, and for most of the 1960s.

Although the Draper character was older, I am convinced that the young Jack Jones, in his elegance, good looks, and self-confidence, was the inspiration for the Draper look.



Median Weekly Earnings in 2013 by Race and Detailed Ethnicity from BLS/DOL (Poster)

Was New York City Worse 20-25 Years Ago?

David in TN to N.S.,

This was an email exchange we had nearly four years ago. With the current subway and other assaults in New York, I thought you might want to see it again.

In a message dated 7/9/2011 7:01:50 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, David in TN writes:


This afternoon, I rewatched the Bernhard Goetz Biography Channel interview. The program pointed out that New York City is a much safer place than it was 20-25 years ago.

My question is: Were there more racial attacks of the kind we see today back in the pre-Internet days? The Internet makes it possible to find news items and pass them on.

N.S. to David in TN, on Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 6:20 PM:



I can't say whether there are more or less "wilding" attacks now, and the official murder rate is about 70% lower than it was then, but during my 26 years here, casual racist assaults have gotten steadily worse. Black women, including those with cops in the family, will now go to supermarkets in white neighborhoods with the sole intention of jumping white shoppers, knowing that nothing will happen to them. (They won't even act like they're shopping. They'll just set up in an aisle, arrange children, adults, and empty shopping carts so as to make it impossible to pass, and wait for a victim.) Indeed, people will support them, and "respectable" black women they don't know will immediately pop up to give false reports to the police (a crime) on their behalf. Black street thugs will likewise terrorize whites, knowing that the police will not arrest them, short of them killing someone. Dealing with the NYPD in such situations is surreal, as sergeants and lieutenants (I'm including whites here) lie about the law, and about what one just experienced, in order to side with the black malefactor.

On May 9, after the second time in one year that NYPD supervisors lied like that to my face and my kid's, I yelled at a white lieutenant, "Thanks for an object lesson for me and my son!"

I don't have to badmouth the NYPD. After my son's experiences with me, he has contempt for officers of all colors. However, just like his old man, he is polite in individual dealings (ditto for dealing with blacks). But like me, in both cases, he expects nothing.

As we left that station house following that last episode, I told him, "As soon as you're old enough, you have to move to a state where you have the right to carry a weapon."

A lot of people will say that that's a crazy thing to say to an 11-year-old, and I would never have planned it, but my son has seen things that no 11-year-old should see, like his old man getting jumped while shopping, and then getting arrested.

Another Cop Killed: A Houston Police Officer was Killed in the Line of Duty Monday While Trying to Stop a Suspect During a High-Speed Chase

By A Texas Reader


Duke University is Race Hoax Heaven! My New VDARE Report is Up!


Duke’s head race hoaxer, President Richard Brodhead at an April Fool’s Day Nuremberg-style rally, hating hate!

Duke U or Dupe U? Noose Hate Hoax Perp Probably Asian, but Administration Won’t Say

Duke University working itself up to another Hate Hysteria, this time targeting its own Professor Jerry Hough, a white, 80-year-old Obama-voting liberal who dared to post a dissent to a New York Times editorial megaphoning the Main Stream Media/ Minority Occupation Government Narrative of the Baltimore riots. Recycling this story in the usual uncritical way, the Raleigh News-Observer’s Jane Stancil [Email her] wrote: “The situation comes a few weeks after a Duke student hung a noose from a tree, prompting outrage. The student left the campus but issued an apology and will return to Duke in the fall.” [Duke professor responds to criticism about his comments on African Americans, May 15 2015].

Which raises the question—yeah, whatever happened to that story?...

Read the whole thing at VDARE.

The Classic Nicholas Ray/Humphrey Bogart/Gloria Grahame Film Noir In a Lonely Place Opened Exactly 65 Years Ago (Photo)

A Short List of Murderers Released to Murder Again

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to James Fulford

By Wesley Lowe

This is just a short list I compiled when I set out to find people who were already convicted of murder and afterwards committed murder again.


John McRae -- Michigan/Florida. Life for murder of 8-year-old boy. Pedophile. Paroled 1971. Convicted of another murder of a boy after parole, in Michigan 1998. Charges pending on 2 other counts in Florida.


John Miller -- California. Killed an infant 1957, convicted of murder, 1958. Paroled 1975. Killed his parents 1975. Life term 1975.


Michael Lawrence -- Florida. Killed robbery victim. Life term, 1976. Paroled 1985. Killed robbery victim. Condemned 1990.


Donald Dillbeck -- Florida. Killed policeman in 1979. Escaped from prison in 1990, kidnapped and killed female motorist after escape. Condemned 1991.


Edward Kennedy -- Florida. Killed motel clerk. Sentenced to Life. Escaped 1981. Killed policeman and male civilian after prison break. Executed 1992.


Dawud Mu'Min -- Virginia. Killed cab driver in holdup. Sentenced 1973. Escaped 1988. Raped/killed woman 1988. Condemned 1989. Executed 1997.


Viva Nash -- Utah/Arizona. Two terms of life for murder in Utah, 1978. Escaped in 1982. Murdered again. Condemned in Arizona, 1983.


Randy Greenawalt -- Escaped from Prison in 1978, while serving a life sentence for a 1974 murder. He then murdered a family of 4 people, shotgunning them to death, including a toddler.


Norman Parker -- Florida/D.C. Life term in Florida for murder, 1966. Escaped 1978. Life on another count of murder in 1979.


Winford Stokes -- Missouri. Ruled insane on two counts of murder 1969. Escaped from asylum, 1978. Murdered again. Executed for this murder, 1990.


Charles Crawford -- Missouri. Life term in 1965 for murder. Paroled 1990. Convicted of murder again in 1994.


Jack Ferrell -- Florida. Committed Murdered 1981. 15 years to life, 1982. Paroled 1987. Murdered again 1992. Condemned 1993.


Timothy Buss -- Murdered five-year-old girl. Sentenced to 25 years in 1981. Paroled 1993. Murdered 10-year-old boy. Condemned 1996.


Martsay Bolder -- Missouri. Serving a sentence of life for first-degree murder in 1973. Murdered prison cellmate 1979.


Henry Brisbon, Illinois. Murdered 2 in robbery. Sentenced to 1000- 3000 years. Killed inmate in prison 1982. Sentenced to DP. Commuted by Governor Ryan.


Randolph Dial -- Oklahoma. Life for murder 1986. Escaped from prison with deputy warden's wife as kidnap victim. 1989. Still at large. Warden's wife never found.


Arthur J. Bomar, Jr. -- released from prison in Nevada on parole in 1990. Bomar had served 11 years of a murder sentence for killing a man over an argument about a parking space. Six years later in Pennsylvania, Bomar brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered George Mason University star athlete Aimee Willard.


Dwain Little -- Oregon. Raped/Stabbed 16-year-old girl. Life term 1966. Paroled 1974. Returned as Parole Violator 1975. Again Released 1977. Then shot family of 4. Three consecutive life terms for rape and murder 1980.


Arthur Shawcross (The 'Monster of the Rivers') -- Released after serving a 25 year sentence for a child murder, turned to murdering prostitutes. At least 10 in all. Now serving ten consecutive sentences of 25 years to life - 250 years in all.


Samuel D. Smith -- in prison for murdering Zita Casey, 79, during a burglary in St. Louis in 1978. While in prison he murdered another inmate, Marlin May, during a knife fight in 1987 in prison.


Darrell P. Pandeli -- After being released from prison after a conviction for murder, Pandeli murdered a prostitute, cut off her nipples and flushed them down the toilet. Now on DR in Arizona for that second recidivist murder.


Chad Allen Lee -- Convicted of capital murder. Sentenced to other than death. Released and went on murder spree. Murdering Linda Reynolds, a pizza delivery person, and 9 days later robbed and murdered David Lacey, a taxi cab driver. Lee then robbed a mini-market 7 days after than. Shooting the owner, Harold Drury, multiple times without reason.


Scott Lehr -- Convicted of capital murder. Sentenced to other than death. Later released. After release, between Feb 91 and Feb 92 lured 10 different female victims, between the ages of 10 and 48-years-old, into his car. Raping and beating them unconscious, stripped and adandoned them in the desert. Three of his victims died in those acts.


James Erin McKinney -- Convicted of capital murder. Sentenced to other than death. Later released. Then murdered Christine Mertens in a home invasion robbery. Later murdered James McClain in another separate home invasion robbery.


Michael Murdaugh -- Convicted of capital murder. Sentenced to other than death. Later released. After release murdered David Reynolds. Beating him to death. When 'dumping' the body, Murdaugh severed Reynold's head and hands, pulled out his teeth, and buried the body parts.


Charles Daniels -- was convicted and sentenced to Life for the 1965 rape and murder of a Louisiana woman. Later having his sentence commuted, he was release. And he again killed another woman, 32-year-old Debbie Tatum.


Jarmarr Arnold -- who, while on DR, murdered another DR inmate by stabbing him in the forehead with a sharpen spike. Proving that not even a death sentence can prevent murder until the sentence is carried out.


Robert Lee Massie -- Sentenced to the DP, but overturned by Furman, which resulted in him committing further new murders.


Kenneth McDuff - Sentenced to the DP, but overturned by Furman. Subsequently released, and murdered as many as 19 young women after his release. Finally executed in 1998 for the murder of Melissa Ann Northrup see ...
Who once remarked "Killing a woman is like killing a chicken. They both squawk."


Darryl Kemp -- Sentenced to the DP, but overturned by Furman. Subsequently released. Authorities now say he raped and strangled a woman jogging, less than 4 months later.


Timothy Hancock -- Serving a life sentence for a murder he committed in 1990, murdered his cellmate, Jason Wagner, in November 2000, while serving his life sentence.


Howard Allen -- murdered an elderly woman.. Opal Cooper, in Aug 1974, and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. By January 1985, less than ten years after being incarcerated, Howard Allen was released. On May 20, 1987 Howard Allen broke into the home of eighty-seven year old Laverne Hale, and savagely beat her to death. Six weeks later Allen struck again. On July 13, 1987 Howard Allen knocked on the door of Ernestine Griffin. At lunchtime the following day she was found murdered. On June 11, 1988 Allen was found guilty was found guilty of Ernestine’s murder.


Melvin Geary -- originally sentenced to L wop, for the stabbing death of a woman in 1973 with a boning knife. Changed to Life.. released... After his release, Geary was subsequently convicted of murdering 71-year-old Edward Colvin of Sparks, again with a boning knife after Colvin took him in.


William Coday Jr. -- convicted of murdering 19-year-old Lisa Hullinger in September 1978. After spending just 15 months in a German prison, he was released. In April 2002, he was convicted of having murdered Gloria Gomez on 13 July, 1997.


Corey R. Barton -- In 1983 he murdered 16-year-old Shari-Ann Merton. He received 18 years in prison. He was released after serving 9 years and 8 months. In November 1998, he murdered 27 year-old Sally Harris of North Carolina.


Cuhuatemoc Hinricky Peraita -- Rainbow City, Alabama, who was serving life without parole for 3 murders in Gadsden, Alabama was found guilty of capital murder for murdering a fellow inmate.


James Prestridge -- Sentenced to L wop, for murdering Esfandiar Ateighechi, as he begged for his life in 1989. Escaped from prison along with John Doran. After their escape Prestridge murdered his fellow-escapee John Doran, shooting him in the back of the head.


Jimmy Lee Gray -- who was free on parole from an Arizona conviction for killing a 16-year-old high school girl, kidnapped, sodomized, and suffocated a three-year-old Mississippi girl.


Jack Henry Abbott, who had murdered a fellow prison inmate, was released early from a Utah prison. On July 18, 1981, six-weeks after his release, Abbott stabbed actor Richard Adan to death in New York.


Benny Lee Chaffin, on December 7, 1984 kidnapped, raped, and murdered a 9-year-old Springfield, Oregon girl. He had been convicted of murder once before in Texas, but not executed.


Thomas Eugene Creech, who had been convicted of three murders and had claimed a role in more than 40 killings in 13 states as a paid killer for a motorcycle gang, killed a fellow prison inmate in 1981 and was sentenced to death.


Wayne Henry Garrison, 42, was convicted of 1st-degree murder in the death of Justin Wiles 13, of Tulsa. As a teenager, Garrison had killed two children in Tulsa. Police earlier said the circumstances of those killings were similar to Justin's death.


Tommy Arthur -- sentenced to die in Alabama's electric chair for killing Troy Wicker in a 1982 murder for-hire scheme in Muscle Shoals. Arthur had already been convicted in 1977 of killing the sister of his common-law wife. He had been sentenced to life for that murder.


Robert Lynn Pruett -- a convicted killer already serving a life sentence, fatally stabbed prison guard Daniel Nagle with a sharpened rod while patrolling the Texas Department of Criminal Justice McConnell Unit near Beeville in South Texas. It was the first fatal attack on a Texas corrections officer since guard Minnie Houston was stabbed to death in 1984 by an inmate at the Ellis Unit near Huntsville, a prison official said.


Miguel Salas Rodriguez -- charged in the murder of a sheriff's deputy. Sgt. David M. Furrh, 40, in Dec 2000. Rodriguez had a December 1973 conviction of homicide without malice, for which he was sentenced to five years in prison. And yet ANOTHER conviction for murder in April 1979, for which he was sentenced to 70 years in prison. Rodriguez was paroled in October 1989.


Bennie Demps --condemned to the DP for the 1976 murder of Alfred Sturgis, a prison snitch. Originally, Demps was sent to death row for the murders of R.N. Brinkworth and Celia Puhlick, who were fatally shot in a Lake County citrus grove. A year after Demps was sent to death row, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out capital punishment across the country, ruling death sentences had been imposed in an arbitrary way. Another failure of the Furman-commuted murderers.


Leroy Schmitz -- convicted of strangling his live-in girlfriend in 1986, during an argument. He was sentenced to 18-20 years for that homicide. He was later convicted of murdering his wife, in Whitefish, Montana in 1999.


Vernon Sattiewhite -- In 1977, Sattiewhite had been sentenced to five years for a murder but was paroled two years later and granted clemency. In 1984, he was convicted of robbery and sentenced to two years in prison but was paroled after less than six months. Soon after he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Sorrell.


Tomas G. Ervin -- Sentenced to death in 1990, after conviction of the December 1988 murders of Mildred L. Hodges, 75, and her son, Richard E. Hodges. Bert Hunter, who was arrested along with Ervin pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder charges. Hunter and Ervin had met in the Missouri State Penitentiary, where they were both serving life sentences for previous murders.


William Michael "Billy the Kid" Mason -- killed his wife three weeks after he was paroled on another murder conviction.


Daniel Joe Hittle -- convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death for murdering a police officer Hittle, 40, was described by witnesses as a man who gleefully killed or tortured animals and who routinely beat women and children. He was on parole for the killings of his adoptive parents in Minnesota when he shot Garland police officer Gerald Walker during a traffic stop. Hittle then sped to East Dallas, where he fatally shot Mary Alice Goss, 39; Richard Joseph Cook Jr., 36; Raymond Scott Gregg, 19; and Goss' 4-year-old daughter Christy Condon.


Tony Walker -- Texas. Convicted of murder in 1978. Sentenced to 5 years. Murdered a 66 year-old woman and her 81 year-old husband in 1992. Jerome Butler -- Found guilty of the shooting of cab driver Nathan Oakley, 67. Oakley had been a Houston cab driver for 30 years. Butler had an extensive criminal history, including a 1959 conviction on two counts of robbery and assault in New York City. Butler had previously served about 10 years of a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to the murder of A.C. Johnson, 69.


Dalton Prejean -- killed a taxi driver when he was 14, . When he was 17, he gunned down a state trooper in Lafayette, Louisiana. Despite protests from the American Civil Liberties Union and other abolitionist groups, Prejean was executed for the second murder on May 18, 1990.


Phillip Jablonski -- Carol Spadoni married Jablonski on June 16, 1982, while he was serving a prison sentence for the 1979 murder of his third wife, Melinda Kimball. After she became his pen-pal correspondent in prison. Jablonski murdered his prison pen-pal wife and her mother. And the day before those murders he had murdered Fathyma Vann, 38, in Indio, about 25 miles from Palm Springs, Vann was found shot and sexually mutilated in the desert with ``I love Jesus'' carved in her back." Now GET THIS -- See...
It seems that Phillip Jablonski, now in prison after ALL those murders, placed an ad for a pen-pal -- "Jewish Death Row inmate, white, 51 years old, seeking understanding and open female or male for honest correspondence. Amateur poet, artist. Will answer all correspondence received. PHILLIP JABLONSKI, C-02477/SE95, San Quentin, CA 94974"


Jerry Michael Ward -- Originally sentenced to die in the electric chair, for committing murder with malice in the rape and murder of a Houston school girl. His sentence was commuted to life in prison when the U.S. Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in 1972. Although the death penalty was reinstated, the sentence was not. He was subsequently paroled in 1984 after serving 18 years in prison. He was the number one suspect in two new cases, involving the the disappearance of Connie Sue Cooke, and the murder of Brenda Maureen Hackett. But althought police were on the verge of arresting him, Ward committed suicide in a self-inflicted execution.


David E. Maust -- Hammond, Illinois. Murdered a 15-year-old boy in 1981. After released murdered three teenage boys, in circumstances similiar to John Wayne Gacy... burying their bodies in concrete in his basement.


James Homer Elledge -- sent to prison for life in 1975 after beating a Seattle motel owner to death with a ball-peen hammer. In the years that followed, he won parole 3 times, most recently in August 1995. prosecutors have now charged Elledge with 1st-degree murder for allegedly stabbing and strangling Eloise Jane Fitzner, 47, in a church basement.


Zeno E. Sims -- sent to prison for eight years for the murder of a 24-year-old-man. Released on parole, in Kansas City, he then murdered DeAntreia L Ashley, a 15-year-old-girl, after a minor traffic accident.


Arthur James Julius -- convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. In 1978, he was given a brief leave from prison, during which he raped and murdered a cousin. He was sentenced to death for that crime and was executed on November 17, 1989.


In March 1979, a Graterford (Pa.) prison guard was murdered brutally by an inmate. The inmate -- at the time he murdered the guard -- already was serving a life sentence for the triple murder of two infants and an elderly woman.


In 1994, an inmate who already was serving two life sentences in the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center was sentenced to three more after he was convicted of stabbing three prison guards.


In 1995, two death-row inmates at the Florida State Prison in Starke were killed by their fellow inmates.


In 1999, a Beeville (Texas) prison guard was killed by an inmate already serving a sentence for murder.


On November 9, 1983 Associate U.S. Attorney General D. Lowell Jensen told a Senate subcommittee that it is impossible to punish or even deter such prison murders because, without a death sentence, a violent life-termer has free rein "to continue to murder as opportunity and his perverse motives dictate."


On October 22, 1983 at the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, two prison guards were murdered in two SEPARATE instances by SEPARATE inmates who were both serving life terms for previously murdering inmates.

How many 'chances' would you GIVE THEM GENTLE READER?

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Craigslist Hate Crime Carjacking/Murder: The Black View


War crime victim Taylor Clark, 19, was a sophomore Engineering major at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, on this racist atrocity, at WEJB/NSU:

“Craigslist Hate Crime Near Ferguson: Cops Say Black Man, 24, Arranged with White SIU Student, 19, to Buy His Car, Left Work During Lunch, Murdered Him, and Went Back to Work, as if Nothing Had Happened.”

Anna Mimes-Williams:

“White ppl are to smart and paranoid to meet black ppl and not tell a sole because most white ppl are taught that black ppl are going to steal and kill them anyway so interview that entire town since they were so close.”

N.S.: You’re projecting your black supremacist paranoia onto the white vic. I wish it were true, though. Unfortunately, most whites don’t teach their children the truth about blacks, or the black-on-white crime rate would be much lower. Most whites are terrified of being called “racist.” Blacks have no such fear, even though (or because) they are the most racist group in America.

Breaking News: In Twin Peaks, Texas, Motorcycle Gang War Escalates to Point of Mass Murder, with 9 Dead, Many Wounded; Police were Present, but Passively “Monitored” the Carnage



By A Texas Reader

BREAKING: Nine Dead in Shooting at Twin Peaks
Posted: May 17, 2015 3:47 PM EST Updated: May 17, 2015 5:20 PM EST

WACO -- Nine people are dead and multiple others are injured after a shooting at Twin Peaks on Sunday.

Shortly after 12:00 p.m. Waco Police were at Twin Peaks monitoring at least two motorcycle clubs gathering there. The conflict began with an argument inside the restaurant, which then escalated and moved into the parking lot. Multiple weapons were involved in the conflict, including chains, knives, bats, clubs, and firearms.

All nine fatalities were bikers. No police officers are reported to be injured. It is unknown if any patrons were injured.

Twin Peaks and Don Carlos are on lockdown. The scene is still active. Police ask that civilians avoid the area until further notice.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.

Race Hoax Column by Duke “Historian” William Chafe

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Duke history professor William Chafe wrote the following work of fiction, inspired by 1970s’ Blaxploitation flicks, as his contribution to the 2006-2007 Duke Rape Hoax. Although the Duke Rape Hoax was completely debunked, to my knowledge he never apologized for his racist blood libel.

See my VDARE investigative report:

“Nicholas Stix` Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax.”

Sex and race: Guest column
By William Chafe
Posted: 3/31/06
Duke Chronicle (Duke’s student newspaper)

Sex and race have been intertwined since the beginning of American history. They remain so today, throughout America and here at Duke. The events that occurred on Buchanan Boulevard two weeks ago are part of a deep and troubling history.

Racism has always constituted the original sin of our democracy. Slavery, and then Jim Crow, systematically contradicted our commitment to the equality of all citizens. Race also stood as a primary source of power for those whites with privilege.

But so did gender. Women were denied the vote, just as blacks were. Women could not pursue careers in medicine, law or higher education until the late 19th century, just as blacks could not. Sex stereotypes, like race stereotypes, provided vehicles for the collective denigration of whole peoples-witness the pernicious humor associated with portraying women as scatter-brained, or blacks as lazy buffoons. Sex and race were both instruments of domination. White men of means could access and exercise power. Through most of our history, African Americans and women could not-and those who tried to act otherwise were perceived as "uppity," and slapped down.

Worst of all, sex was an instrument by which racial power was manifested and perpetuated. Why are most African Americans of a lighter hue than Africans from Nigeria? Because at some point in the past, or present, white males have "had their way" with black women. White slave masters were the initial perpetrators of sexual assault on black women, but subsequent generations continued the pattern, which is why black parents, for so many generations, feared letting their daughters take on domestic service roles in white households, where white males could molest them.

To make matters worse, white men portrayed black women as especially erotic, more driven to sexual pleasure and expressiveness than white women; and then, in a perverse form of projection, created the specter of black men seeking to rape white women. That is why most lynchings of black men in the late 19th and early 20th century were justified by accusing black men of lusting after white women-even though there was little evidence that such attacks ever took place.

So sex and race have always interacted in a vicious chemistry of power, privilege, and control. Emmett Till was brutalized and lynched in Mississippi in 1954 for allegedly speaking with too easy familiarity to a white woman storekeeper. And in 1958, two black male children under age 10 were imprisoned in North Carolina because they allegedly had kissed two white girls in a game-the infamous "kissing case" in which North Carolina became a target of ridicule around the world.

What has all this to do with America today, and with Duke? Among other things, it helps to put into context what occurred in Durham two weeks ago. The mixture of race and sex that transpired on Buchanan Boulevard is not new. Whether or not a rape took place (and this is an issue that needs to be assessed objectively and with full fairness to everyone), there is no question that racial epithets were hurled at black people. Nor is there any question that white students hired a black woman from an escort service to perform an erotic dance. The intersection of racial antagonism and sexual exploitation is all too familiar.

The real issue is how we will respond to this latest example of the poisonous linkage of race and sex as instruments of power and control. Who are we, the student body and community, of Duke University? Do we seek to be a community of inclusion, where in action as well as in theory, we encompass and embrace people of all races and backgrounds? Or do we seek to replicate patterns of racial and sexual control that have constituted such an affront to our claims of being a society of equal citizenship?

The choice is ours to make.

William H. Chafe is the Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of American History. From 1995-2004 he served as Dean of the Faculty of Duke University and Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Iowa District Judge Colleen Weiland is This Week’s Winner!


Judge Colleen Weiland: She's a huge fan of black felons

By Nicholas Stix

Winner of what, you ask? Why, the contest among America’s white ruling elites to commit the worst racist outrage against their fellow whites, be it ruining the life of a white who had dared to challenge racial socialism, helping colored criminals, or otherwise hurting decent and/or qualified whites, and helping bad and/or unqualified non-whites.

Read the story at VDARE.