Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jury Convicts "Man" for Sexually Assaulting a Woman on a Plane as His Wife Sat Next to Him--What Kind of "Man"?!

By A Texas Reader

It was a late-night flight from Las Vegas, and the woman rested her head on the window as the plane neared Detroit. She was startled awake by the man in the middle seat next to her. His hand was down her unbuttoned pants, and her shirt was undone. The 22-year old woman fled to the back of the plane to alert flight attendants. But first she had to get past two obstacles: Prabhu Ramamoorthy, the man in the middle seat, and his wife in the aisle seat - an arm's length away from a chill-inducing Jan. 3 incident later described in court. A federal jury convicted Ramamoorthy, 35, of sexual abuse on the Spirit Airlines flight.
Ramamoorthy, an Indian national in the United States on a work visa, faces up to life in prison.

N.S.: Non sequitur alert! How did we get from sex abuse to "up to life in prison"? Convicted, premeditated murderers don't do life anymore, unless they're heterosexual, white men.

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Anonymous said...

Sabu the Hindu immigrant is often thought of as a non-sexual and non-threatening alien. Sometimes it is not so. I guess you get one bad card in a hand most of the time.