Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Breakthrough for humanity, failure for a.d.l. and a.n.c. Nazi's! South Africa withdraws white farmland redistribution bill six days after Trump warned he was closely studying the situation

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Subject: South Africa withdraws white farmland redistribution bill six days after Trump warned he was closely studying the situation


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant governor of California, is touting a universal health care system for all Californians, regardless of "immigration status".

Here is his Youtube interview regarding the plan and his inclusion of illegals. Gotta love the way he justifies with: California has a larger economy than every country in the world except 4. Tell that to people struggling to pay rent, food and medical bills Newsom:

He claims it was successful in San Francisco when he was mayor and now wants to take it statewide. The program in San Fran was the Healthy San Francisco Health care plan which supposedly got people out of emergency rooms and into routine care programs which saved money in the long run. From what I've read about the plan, there are some good ideas in it but I strenuously object to the insane idea of including illegals (formally). Here is a comment I posted on Foxnews explaining why:

It might actually be less expensive, in the short term, to work with people on preventive care rather than having them make emergency room visits or wait until health issues become more severe and more expensive. Yes, I understand that hospitals aren't going to turn people away because they are "illegal" so we bear the costs anyways so what they heck, just accept it and work it into the system so we can set up a more cost effective way of dealing with it. Problem with that is that it contributes to the idea that the US is a free ride for people who can sneak in illegally. Besides, that the system in San Fran may have been relatively cost effective for a citywide program but an entire state, especially one the size of California may be a whole different kettle of fish. The logistics and bureaucracies to manage the system are going to be much greater and the proximity of California to the border of Mexico is going to encourage a great many to make that quick hop in order to get this "health care service", then they can hop back over the border and not pay a cent. People south of the border are sharply aware of benefits in the US and this is going to encourage many more to get across the border, which may very well offset any (theoretical) cost benefits to treating illegals for free. I'm not saying hospital should turn people away at the emergency room if they don't have proof of citizenship, but I'm not putting out the big blinking neon sign to the 3rd world "Free medical treatment for all who get here", I'll accept the cost of emergency room treatment but won't accept Newsom and his allies putting out an "announcement" of worldwide universal health care for all who can get here, it will end up costing vastly more in the future. We can't save the world and I'm not paying for some looney like Newsom to try.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Our largest regional grocery chain, Fred Meyer, has gotten itself in trouble by locking up African American hair products behind glass cases. What were they thinking?

Company spokesman put out this statement:

Jeffery Temple, Fred Meyer's director of corporate affairs, released a statement last week to KOIN explaining that the company - owned by Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co. - periodically reviews items that may need additional security measures. He added, "Decisions about product access in our stores are data driven."

That was a fancy way of saying black hair products get stolen more so they got locked up, and who buys black hair products? Koreans and Swedes of course, just's blacks that buy black hair products..right? There I said it. Public figures can't say that directly though because it would be rayyycist. Of course it's something that anybody knows who works in retail, blacks are responsible for a huge disproportion of shoplifting but nobody dares so much as suggest it, even indirectly.

jeigheff said...

Hi Jerry,

Funny you should say that!

There is a small African (Nigerian-American) grocery store here in Austin, Texas. Several years ago, I used to visit it occasionally on behalf of an elderly friend of mine from church. Emmanuel was from Liberia and he liked certain foods which weren't available at most grocery stores.

My wife and I were the only white people that I ever saw there. But I must that the man who owned the store was nice, although he didn't put up with baloney. (He once threatened to slap a smart-alecky teenager while I was there.) That guy also had his hair products locked up behind glass.