Sunday, August 12, 2018

“I'm a white guy,” Part II

[“‘I’m a white guy,’ Part I: The Part of the Seattle Airplane Story the Media Left Out.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 11:44:00 A.M. EDT

Needless to say, I would rather have seen Seattle ground service agent, Richard Russell, land his plane successfully. However, his simple phrase should in some form be a rallying cry for whites in America.

As local authorities marvelled, “How this man flew the plane—doing stunts—without any formal training was amazing.”

Simple, he was a white guy. A black or Mex employee would have had no clue.

“I'm a white guy.”

Whites need to feel proud of themselves again. Under constant attack by media (which I should have included in my previous post as a negative for whites), we don't feel like we belong in A COUNTRY THAT WE (WHITES) STARTED!

If I were in Charlottesville today, I would make hundreds of signs repeating what Russell said, either with that phrase, “I'm a White Guy,” or with a slight variation: “I'm a WHITE MAN”-whichever is more effective (or both).

As I type this, I'm watching MSNBC rip whites in general, Laura Ingraham, and Trump—calling them all “racist.” The lib whites planted on the show are, of course, agreeing with the blacks that “conservative whites should not be allowed to have a forum to speak.”

“I'm a white guy.”

We broke away from England's tyranny to form our “own more perfect union.”


“I'm a WHITE MAN.”

We evolved and improved the country as the decades passed, using intelligence and courage—fighting against overseas dictatorships to keep our WHITE, American way of life from being taken away.

“I'm a white guy.”

Through hard work and genius, airplanes, cars, computers, cures for diseases (and much more) came from whites. We are now told to forget all of these achievements, and to prepare for extinction (if liberals and minorities have their way).

“I'm a white MAN.”

It needs to be said forcefully, over and over, until the minorities get it through their heads—we are the reason America exists. It was our country before and can be again.

Blacks have not proven they can keep up with whites in ANY capacity—
except reproducing. Mexico and Central American countries are in chaos, as are black cities.

Whites need to unite and begin to take back what is ours.

--GR Anonymous-"I'm a white man."


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Another white falls victim to that fine hispanic tradition of drinking, getting behind the wheel and killing someone:
Madison Jane Lyden, 23, was struck and killed by garbage truck driver Phillip Chairez. Ms. Lyden was an Australian tourist on a dream vacation in New York and if she came to experience the joys of American diversity, her family now understands how deadly it can be. No word on Mr. Chairez's immigration status, not that it matters whether he's 1st, he's 2nd,illegal or recently naturalized those traditions from the old country persist for generations. I tried searching for a photo of Mr. Chairez and found nothing just searching his name alone, finally I combined his name with the victims name and I found a NY Daily News feature with his photo. Nobody else has published his picture, not even Fox or those sites that post photos of everybody who has had a mug shot, which he must have had. Are photos of non white perps regularly suppressed to keep more white faces in the news? Seems like more often than not those are the ones you can't find. Fortunately NY Daily wasn't observing the information blackout, maybe they didn't get memo on this one:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the hijacker was not doing stunts? He just did not know how to control the plane properly?

Anonymous said...

Jabotinsky knew best. Always I think of his comment reacting to accusation.

Anonymous said...

I'm a White Guy!

But my Grandparents were French
Does that count?