Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thomas Sowell’s Discrimination and Disparities is the Book About Racism that America Needs

By David Marcus
The Federalist
August 9, 2018

Thomas Sowell’s “Discrimination and Disparities” is the Book About Racism that America Needs

Sowell takes aim at two typical explanations for differences in the success of racial groups. One, most associated with the Left, is that discrimination by racial groups in power is the primary force creating bad outcomes for the groups out of power. The other, most associated with the Right, is that racial groups have inherent abilities or disabilities based on factors such as IQ distribution that lead to unequal outcomes.

Not only does Sowell argue that neither of these explanations is sufficient, he also effectively shows that the truth does not lie in some simple combination of the two. In fact, the issue is vastly more complicated than merely finding which balance between these two competing ideas best tells us the truth about why outcomes are what they are.

In a theme Sowell opens with and refers to throughout, he discusses how in any area or endeavor, success is the result of meeting multiple and myriad prerequisites. Lacking even one of these, even if others are in abundance, can prevent success….

N.S.: David Marcus is a Republican “anti-racist.”

Sowell has always been weak on IQ.

Robert Knox:

"...liberals cloak their destruction of our school system in the mantle of equality!

"Under either socialism or communism where equality of result is the primary religion..."

N.S.: Socialists and communists (aka liberals) do not destroy school systems, because they seek equality; they destroy them, because they seek destruction.


Anonymous said...

"the truth does not lie in some simple combination of the two

This is an essential element of almost all issues and should be understood as such?

Anonymous said...

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