Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watch the Greatest TV Series You Never Heard of: Sam Peckinpah's The Westerner (1960), Starring Brian Keith; S01E04 “Mrs. Kennedy” (Complete Video, Without Commercial Interruptions)

By Nicholas Stix

Brian Keith has to be on the short list of the most underrated actors in the history of recorded performances. He was underrated because he was understated. He also wasn’t much to look at, though I wouldn’t call him homely. In fact, I could see woman going for his mug, because he a charm about him, though I only know him through his acting.

And yet, as underrated as Keith was, in terms of fandom and prizes, he was clearly very respected by Hollywood producers and directors, who made him the star or co-star of no fewer than eight TV vehicles (most of them short-lived), gave him major roles in several other series, miniseries, and TV and theatrical movies, and who were always calling him on the phone offering him guest star gigs, when he wasn’t in a series. One of those series, the comedy A Family Affair, was a huge success, and earned Keith three consecutive Emmy nominations for best lead actor.


Published on Oct 18, 2014 by Sam Peckinpah's The Westerner (1960).

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David In TN said...

Did you ever see Brian Keith in "Tight Spot" or Nightfall?" These are two examples of Fifties Noir.