Monday, September 21, 2015

PEGIDA Resurgent in Dresden!


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Anonymous said...

Why in the name of Ali Baba are countries like France and England taking these "refugees" in? This is nothing less than a full scale invasion and subsequent dilution of what these once sovereign nations used to be.All through history there were monumental wars fought by France and England to keep their borders safe and their countrymen secure.But in a blink of time, this has been abandoned---for what purpose? Muslims already have a population that s exploding in many European cities, including London and Paris.Centuries of battles were fought to protect itself from invaders successfully, yet now nary an outcry against this massive swarm of Middle Easterners.I ve read there are at least 50% Muslims in these cities as of the latest figures.Is THAT all right with the Brits? Do they not mind being blended out of their country? How long will it take to have Muslims taking over government an Abdul Muhammad a future prime minister of England?Why is the EU allowing this? What SHOULD be happening is the Syrian people should be fighting Assad.There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions who if organized, could overthrow the regime.That s what USED to happen.Now they just take over another country without so much as a protest..