Sunday, September 27, 2015

Breaking News Alert from Detroit: Man Sets Gas Station Pump on Fire; See High-Quality Video! (Gas Station News)

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An awful lot of interesting, weird things seem to be happening at gas stations these days. It seems like all an enterprising (and fearless) freelancer has to do is camp out at a gas station in an interesting, vibrant, diverse area, with a mobile devise, and start reporting online about what he sees. Of course, he’d better be strapped, or he’ll find himself liberated from his device, and maybe his life, in a hurry.

[Several versions of the original video are shmushed together here. If you want to see the most full-length version available, you have to play it until 1:11, to see the same guy who started the fire recover his wits, and heroically put it out.]

Man sets gas pump on fire trying to kill spider
By Samantha Sartori
September 27, 2015 Posted 7:49 A.M.

DETROIT, Mich. — If you ever see a spider on your car at a gas station, don't do what this man did.

This man in Detroit tried to kill a spider on his car using a lighter.

The gas caught fire and the flames spread to the gas pump.

Luckily, the man got out of the way and wasn't hurt.

He then moved his car and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.

He apologized saying he's deathly afraid of spiders.

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Anonymous said...

Luckily, the man got out of the way and wasn't hurt.

Well to hell with that ahole. What about that poor little spider?