Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yet Another of Those Non-Existent (Alleged) Black Serial Killers! Jesse Matthew Charged in Student Morgan Harrington’s Death

By David in TN

Matthew is finally being charged in Morgan Harrington's death.

CNN: Jesse Matthew charged in student Morgan Harrington's death
A grand jury has indicted Jesse Matthew on charges of first-degree murder and abduction in the case of Morgan Harrington.



David In TN said...

Our friend Countenance pointed out a few months ago the "quasi-official line that there are no black serial killers."

And these killers have benefited from it.

Anonymous said...

I've stated this before about Matthews but it bears repeating. This POS has only gotten national publicity because the disappearance of Hannah Graham was so heavily covered BEFORE the media realized the perp was a black man. If she were just another white girl murdered by a black man (OJ notwithstanding), the case would have been given only token local mention and quickly disappeared. The media is still basically refusing to cover the serial killer angle on this monster. The only mention in a print national outlet was when I was standing in the grocery line and saw a headline on the Enquirer: Jess Matthews may be a serial killer. It then had pictures of at least 1/2 dozen women that disappeared while he was around and seemed to fit his MO. Yup, I got that breaking news from the Enquirer. You know what? I find the Enquirer to be a lot more honest than the lamestream media, maybe they post a lot of crap but sometimes they're the only major media outlet that will bypass the politically correct rules. Of the women he is suspected of murdering around 1/2 are actually black women so he wasn't exclusively targeting white women.
The closest mention of this guys serial killer angle in a "major" outlet I can find was in the NY Daily News:

Of course no homicidal black man story would be complete without requisite soft headed white girl making excuses for him. Note this girl describes him as a "teddy bear", kind of like the gentle giant crap they like to use with big dangerous black men. This former classmate of his (Who didn't want to be identified. Why? Is she afraid the big teddy bear might escape and come after her?) also states:

"During their years together at LU, she says she helped him with his class work and it was then she realized his intelligence level was not up to par.

"When I was looking over his work, it was truly at the age of Grammar school. It was see spot run, with handwriting to match."

That's one of the reasons this woman says she'd be shocked if he committed these crimes.

How is having low intelligence a reason why he "wouldn't" commit those crimes? With logic like that I have to wonder about her intelligence. She also states: Don't jump to conclusions about him. No lady, sorry, dna has tied him in with at least two women he murdered. That's pretty much a slam dunk.

Jerry PDX