Sunday, September 20, 2015

Democide in Sweden: Complete Collapse Draws Nearer Every Day, as Swedish Leaders Completely Embrace Rapist, Muslim “Refugee” Scum of the Earth, and Completely Disenfranchise, Shun, Dispossess, Its Own White Citizen-Taxpayers

By A Reader

Latest development in the fake-refugee crisis is that the Swedish government is developing a policy that all new apartments built in Sweden be rented only to refugees/immigrants. Ethnic Swedes who have waited for an apartment for years will be automatically bypassed in favor of immigrants. Obviously young Swedes trying to get their first apartment are out of luck.

The impact of immigrants on the Swedish housing market has caused housing prices in the "free market" (private housing) to explode.

There are only 38K apartments built each year, while more than 100K immigrants are projected to enter Sweden this year. And that was before the recent invasion started. How many more will come to Sweden now is anybody's guess, especially since every other country is implementing controls and closing their borders.

The complete collapse of Sweden draws nearer every day. And its leaders keep right on trying to cram more immigrants into it and ignoring their own people like there's no tomorrow.

N.S.: This is going to lead to a historic reversal, in which Swedes flee to Norway, which used to be part of Sweden, and/or assassinate the leaders and media that are doing this to them.

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Anonymous said...

This is speculation but I suspect there is some validity here. This from the link below:

"Sweden has the second highest percentage of female parliamentarians in the national parliament. 45.3 percent of the elected candidates were women in the 2002 election."

This was in 2002, I wonder what it is now in 2015? I strongly suspect that a disproportionate amount of pro immigration sentiment comes from females (Anne Coulter notwhithstanding). The fact that the vast majority of migrants, particularly from the 3rd world, is young single males is not lost on them on some level. The fact that a large percentage can be sexually violent is not as important to them as the fact is makes them feel more empowered as women against native men in their own country. Sad and pathetic twisted mindset to have but I do think it exists. Jerry pdx