Sunday, September 20, 2015

Obama Put a Black Affirmative Action General in Charge of Training Pro-US Resistance Fighters for Syria (and in charge of American Forces in All of Central Asia), with Predictable Results, but at Least He Hasn’t Murdered Anyone! (Yet)



By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Articles emphasize this is only in the planning stages. Which is bad enough.

Berlin *state government*
additional articles:

Stan d Mute said...

I'm confident you've seen this NYT piece discussing the Afghan (Muslim generally) predilection for pederasty:

The NYT admits it is common for Muslim men to sodomize boys and that our troops are ordered to overlook such behavior in the goodmuslims. Troops who fail to overlook the anal rape of young boys are quickly labeled badwhites and drummed out of the service like the subjects of above linked article. US military commanders declare that raping boys is a cultural practice which we must respect. The Times introduces to us terms like "bacha bazi" ("boy play") which is occurring even on US military bases with the approval of our military leadership.

Given the US Federal government is already condoning anal rape of young boys alongside murder of girls who are of such loose morals as to be rape victims, how long is it before approval of these "cultural" practices extends beyond US military bases and onto US civilian soil? And since this is a genuine part of Muslim culture, how can Europe be so racist as to oppose it? Just as law enforcement is prohibited from meddling in American Indian pot smoking and use of hallucinogens, will they be prohibited from interfering in the rape of children and murder of young girls? As long as the goodmuslims aren't wearing explosive vests, we are badwhite racists to notice they have raped our nine year old sons.

Anonymous said...

What we have here is another magic negro. The only necessary qualification for a magic negro is that do be black.