Friday, September 18, 2015

Whatever Happened to Racist Affirmative Action Killer Vester Lee Flanagan’s Manifesto? (My New VDARE Report is Up!)


Vester Lee Flanagan is the true face of the so-called civil rights movement, and affirmative action

Vester Flanagan’s Suppressed Manifesto, Black Psychopathy, and Obama’s War on Whites
By Nicholas Stix
September 18 2015, 9:18 p.m.

Nine days after the August 26 murders of WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, Franklin County, VA Sheriff Bill Overton announced that he was withholding the manifesto that black homosexual killer Vester Lee Flanagan II faxed to ABC News after his crime [Investigators will not release Flanagan’s manifesto, WDBJ7, last updated on September 5, 2015]. But the MSM focus on Sheriff Overton was a diversion tactic. The real question: why did ABC News itself not release the entire manifesto, instead of teasing everyone with drips and drabs of it? The media giant has not given any explanation—and the MSM has not demanded one.

This contrasts glaringly with the immediate dissemination of Dylann Roof’s manifesto and the nation-wide witch-hunts triggered by its (very fleeting) mentions of the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Confederate Battle Flag. My assumption, in default of disproof: Flanagan’s manifesto contains something about blacks and/or homosexuals that our ruling class does not want Americans to know….

Read the whole thing at VDARE.


Randy said...

you pretty much nailed it. I said much the same thing on my blog a few weeks ago -- see leftistconservative.blogspot

Anonymous said...

The MSM has had two of it's own murdered by one it's own. It's like the cat that eats its kittens. This one was even filmed for your viewing enjoyment. What the MSM is perpetrating on the public turns and eats two of it's own. The police in some way are feeling the effects of their policy's of looking the other way on black crime especially when it involves crimes committed by blacks against Whites. ABC and the police refusing to release the evil black TV "reporter's" manifesto is just another example of these organizations protecting these evil blacks. Already the MSM has moved on while the White guy Root is still in the news. How has that worked out for the police and the MSM while "news" organizations lay off people and shut down and police are under attack across the country while the so called US president eggs on their attackers? This is indeed Black Run America (BRA) at all levels starting in kindercare with the kids. The courts are also participating in BRA. A White student is being sent to prison for a harmless prank while blacks, females, and minorities stage "hate crimes" and when found out there are no consequences at all.
It is White males who are suppressed and attacked without redress. There should be severe consequences for those "in charge" who are really the ones responsible for these evil acts. These people are paying however. Their creations are devouring their creators. The magic negroes are thoughout this country and rearing their ugly heads on a daily turn. We even have one in the White House and some hoping to get into the White House. There will not be a good ending to all of this as the evidence shows so far.

Anonymous said...

Screw Flanagan, I'm a Dorner man. Old school in tha house!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment, but could you incorrectly use "it's" about two thousand more times? Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Are you deliberately using quotation marks to subtly annoy those who take pride in writing English correctly?

Anonymous said...

I did use it's incorrectly it should have been its as it's is a contraction for it is. I know that. Why did I made that mistake? I could be just finding out if anyone reads my comments or maybe a slip of my intelligence. My quotation marks are my scare marks as I referred to Flanagan as a reporter he was anything but, and I have long ago lost any confidence that I might have had in news organization as to their honesty in reporting the news. I admit I don't always go for correct writing when I am going for an idea. I will try to keep your criticisms in mind in the future.