Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jesse Matthew Suspected in Yet a Third Murder!

By David in TN

In addition to Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington, Jesse Matthew is suspected in the death of Alexis Murphy, a young black woman. Her body apparently hasn't been found.

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Anonymous said...

Nicholas, what information do you have that Jesse Matthew is suspected in the Alexis Murphy murder? I'm not asking to be critical, just wondering where the information came from. Randy Taylor was convicted of that crime, and his attorney requested that the other fingerprints in her car be compared to Matthews -- none were found to match him. There may be another way that those foreign fingerprints are connected, though...

I do agree that the press doesn't know even 10% of what's going on in those cases. I witnessed something on the night of the Harrington murder, and can tell you that Jesse Matthew is one of 5 guys or more men involved in that crime, at least one of them a much older predator. Yet Matthew is the only one charged so far.

One of the men involved had been stalking me for many years prior, and in fact I told the cops that I assumed that on that night, he was just there to stalk me again. It wasn't until I went digging through old correspondence that I found an old complaint I'd sent to the FBI from 2003, saying that I suspected him (my stalker, not Matthew) in another crime where someone was stabbed in the neck about 60 times. There's another black man in jail for THAT crime, too... but not my stalker! He never goes to jail as far as I know.

And without even knowing about what I told the FBI, that man in prison said that he was there just to rob the couple, and was high on crack, that it was the OTHER guy who'd done the stabbing/killing. I don't know if he can be believed, but I'd already suspected my stalker was the person they were looking for originally in that crime, before the man jailed for it was even arrested or had a chance to tell his side of the story.

Yet the press is declaring victory already for catching Jesse Matthew, like putting him in prison is going to solve the problem they have with these young college girls getting raped and murdered. Yeah, it'll solve the problem... until his older accomplices find some other dumb black dupe who'll abduct girls for them.

That's my opinion anyway. I was hoping that the cops and FBI could get Matthew to turn on his accomplices and put them away in exchange for a better deal, but apparently his defense team is going for the old silence defense. I doubt it'll work for them, but I understand that if they admit to anything, he's guilty.

Maybe he'll think better of it when he's finally sitting in jail for the rest of his life. We can only hope.

Nicholas said...

"Nicholas, what information do you have that Jesse Matthew is suspected in the Alexis Murphy murder?"

None. I fell for a CBS teaser, which was part of a red herring exercise 48 Hours undertook, to fool viewers into thinking that white men were raping and murdering black girls as frequently as black men were raping and murdering white girls. I do not believe Jesse Matthew had any accomplices.