Saturday, September 19, 2015

America’s Youngest Terrorist Hints at Frivolous Lawsuit, Which May been Planned All Along by His Father



DJF said...

They should point out that the kid brought a unsafe electrical equipment into the school.

The clock he took the parts from ran on 120-volt AC, and he does not appear to have properly attached the transformer to the case nor insulate it. Once power goes through the transformer it drops down to around 9 volt AC which can still short out and cause smoke, fire or tripping of breakers or fuses in electrical panels.

Once power gets to the circuit board it should be changed from 9 volt ac to 9 volt dc, its less of a shock hazard but still can short out and smoke some components because parts inside the pencil box don't seem to be well secured or insulated from each other.

The original case the clock came in provided proper component location and attachment, along with electrical insulation of electric components inside from people outside the case . Taking it out of its case and putting it in a pencil box made it dangerous. The kid needs lessons in electrical safety before he causes some harm.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: A German feminist group has just issued a statement that is extremely critical of the conditions at an asylum center in the city of Giessen. Female refugees in asylum centers throughout Germany are subject to rape and forced to work as prostitutes by organized gangs of male asylum seekers.

If even feminists have finally had enough — feminist organizations throughout Europe have resolutely ignored the Muslim rape epidemic for years — you know things are coming to a head.

The German and Danish governments are making large cuts to immigrant social benefits.

Overwhelmed Sweden is giving fake refugees free train trips to the Finnish border at Haparanda. One thousand a day are entering. Hundreds of Finns linked arms at the border yesterday and chanted slogans in a symbolic show that the refugees are unwelcome. History shows that when a threat becomes serious, the Finns can ramp things up very quickly.

The Hungarian army has joined police officers to secure the border. Police are actively seeking immigrants who threw stones at them on Wednesday, and intend to prosecute them to the limit of the law. People were using megaphones to whip up the refugees in English and Arabic before they attacked the border. A Hungarian police authority said to a reporter, "Since when are megaphones part of the equipment of innocent refugees?"

I would say Schengen is finished for the foreseeable future. Masses of fake refugees are still heading to Europe from all over the Muslim world.

The EU could be on its last legs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I simply have to resend this link. As a side story to this young "black" inventor. The Afrocentrists are declaring this kid to be "black" "African", trying to focus on his race rather than religion. Of course, it can be difficult to determine whether a muslim is a dark skinned asian or of African origin but blacks have decided he must be black. That's because the name inventor has been attached to his name. I've noticed that whenever a possible African muslim does something negative there's no cries of "He a black man!". Jerry pdx

Where was this guy when Malvo and Muhammad were in the news?