Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lawrence Auster from Beyond the Grave, on the Morgan Harrington Murder

By David in TN

Larry Auster wrote, “Liberal society is a factory for the production of dead young white women.”


David In TN said...

The CBS 48 Hours program had much more on the Hannah Graham murder but Morgan Harrington was discussed. However, the details from the authorities were extremely vague as always in black on white murders, especially of white women.

Morgan supposedly was trying to find a rest room inside the arena and somehow went outside and couldn't get back in. She then called her "friends" and said she would get a ride home "from friends in Charlottesville." Now, her parents home was 120 miles away and VA Tech is 150 miles away. So she thought someone would make a two and a half to three hour round trip to take her home late at night?

Her parents say Morgan was "disoriented," maybe from a fall. At one time during the show, it was said Jesse Matthew "drove a taxi," which could explain him getting control of her.

Morgan's father says she got in a taxi. No context is given by the CBS producers. Just vagueness and indirection.

Information for this post was obtained from the link to the late Lawrence Auster's blog.

Nicholas said...


I saw the show, at least from 9:15 on, and I’m mad as hell that I did. At 10:15 p.m., my son tried to get me to turn off the TV, but I told him I had to keep watching, so I could criticize the episode. What a waste of time. What a pack of lies of omission and commission! Of course, that’s how propagandists work, in oder to deceive and confuse the public.

I took notes, but don’t have time right now to write ‘em up.

I wasn’t aware of how far away from home Morgan Harrington was; that’s a very important point.

My understanding was that Harrington and Hannah Graham were both drunk, when they disappeared. Harrington—if memory serves—was refused re-entry to the concert venue, according to initial reports, because of her extreme inebriation. If she got hurt before falling into her killer’s clutches, it was likely because, in her state of extreme intoxication, she stumbled or fell.

The story about the murder of Alexis Murphy was a red herring that did not belong on this show, but was added:

1. To pad out the time;
2. To deceive viewers by showing a case of a white man (and a scrawny, little one, at that) murdering a black girl, to make them think such murders frequently cut both ways, when white men virtually never murder black girls; and
3. To depict white-black solidarity which, as we know all too well, is almost non-existent.

Truly related cases would be Immette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore, stupid white girls who went out with girlfriends in Manhattan, drank themselves unconscious and separated from said girlfriends, and who were kidnaped, raped, and murdered by huge black men.

48 Hours lied by omission and commission regarding the real dangers: White girls getting themlseves obscenely drunk away from home, and letting strange, huge black men “help” them.

The proper duration for a show like this is 30 minutes, which is how Forensic Files does it. Investigation Discovery pads them out to 60 minutes, largely through repetition, such that when my family is watching ID, I watch only long enough to learn the name of the vic, and google for the rest. In five minutes, I typically learn more than I would by watching the entire show. But padding out a story to fill a two-hour time slot would be obscene, even if CBS had told the truth. But to waste two hours that viewers will never get back, and fill them with lies, is unconscionable.

The longer I work as a crime reporter, the less tolerance I have for these TV crooks passing themselves off as writers and reporters.

David In TN said...


Last night I re-watched the program as it was still on my DVR. I agree with your summation. Here's an anecdote. When Immette St. Guillen was murdered in early 2006, Dan Abrams had an afternoon "legal" show on MSNBC. Abrams said the St. Guillen murder showed young women shouldn't get drunk late at night and walk alone on the streets. Several feminists took umbrage, especially Wendy Murphy, a big supporter of the Duke Lacrosse Hoax.

"You girls out there. Go out and get drunk. Do anything you want," shrieked Murphy in criticizing Dan Abrams for daring to suggest girls should be careful.

Among the padding of the CBS 48 Hours program, you had to listen close for anything useful. In 2010, it was learned DNA from the Morgan Harrington murder matched DNA from a 2005 rape-attempted murder. But there was no named individual to check against.

How did law enforcement get Jesse Matthew's name? That's always been vague. On the CBS show they say a "tip" alerted them to Matthew. That's all. Who was the tipster?

As it happened Matthew looked like the composite drawing from the 2005 rapist. Once Matthew was named and eventually arrested, his DNA could be checked and it matched the Graham and Harrington cases.

But not without the mysterious tipster.

You had to listen close to learn Matthew's job was transporting patients at a university hospital. I can tell you that is a "black job."

It's just mind-boggling how these "smart" college girls get drunk and go stumbling down the street alone late at night. Don't they pay attention to the news? Apparently not.