Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Is St. Louis a Dead City? Colin Flaherty Video on Last Friday’s Hate Crime Attack on White Fan Chris Sanna Leaving the Cardinals Game


[War crime victim] “Chris Sanna, second from right, poses for a family photo with his mother and brothers at a Cardinals game on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. He was shot during a robbery after leaving the game. Family photo.”

War crime victim Chris Sanna in uniform 20 years ago, possibly with his mother 

War crime victim Chris Sanna in the hospital, presumably with his mother

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“Hate Crime in St. Louis: Raceless, Faceless, Nameless Person Believed to Have Shot, Severed Spine of White Cardinals Fan Leaving Friday Night’s Game….”

No More False Empathy: Black on White Robbery and Paralysis in St. Louis


Career felon and suspected war criminal, Kilwa Jones, in a mug shot that was censored by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Anonymous said...

You haven't mentioned the latest minority mass shooter. Maybe you haven't heard about it. I only saw it mentioned briefly on the Monday morning national news show.

Anonymous said...

It s hard to keep up with them all.