Thursday, June 22, 2006

Steve Sailer = Gregory Cochran?

By Nicholas Stix

Speaking of Steve Sailer, has anyone ever seen him and Gregory Cochran in the same room together? Has anyone ever seen a photograph of Cochran, for that matter?

I’m asking because I keep seeing posts at Steve Sailer’s blog that Sailer attributes to Cochran, but without his ever linking to any blog or Web site of “Cochran’s.” I realize that merely suggesting that Sailer might actually be the world famous scientist and polymath could cause his head to explode, and result in my being charged with manslaughter, but … inquiring minds want to know.

The most recent post by “Cochran” goes like this:

The frog and the snake: A baby rattlesnake in Illinois slithers up to a bullfrog on the banks of the Mississippi and asks him to carry him across to Iowa.

"No way, you'll bite me and I'll drown," says the frog.

"But why would I do that? Then I'd drown, too," says the snake.

"You'll bite me anyway. I heard all about this."

"No, really, I won't. I very much want to get across and I'd be awfully grateful if you'd carry me."

Eventually, the frog agrees. He swims across with the snake on his back. When they get to Iowa, the snake crawls off and says, "Thank you very much. If there's anything I can ever do for you, please let me know."

Puzzled, the frog says, "I don't get it. I was sure you were going to bite me and we'd both drown. Why didn't you?"

The snake replies, "Because it's the Middle

Greg Cochran

BTW, I have a friend who grew up in St. Louis, and who is the walking embodiment (aka stereotype) of Midwestern graciousness, whom I just sent the Sailer/Cochran story. In the past, my friend has humbly suggested that Midwesterners just aren’t that bright, but I think he’s been around Easterners for too long.

In Against All Enemies, Eastern snob Richard Clarke suggested that because Attorney General John Ashcroft was a slow talker, he was severely retarded. No matter what your upbringing tells you, if you should ever run into Dick Clarke on a river bank, and he asks you for a lift to the other side, don’t do it!

Plugging Ear Plugs

By Nicholas Stix

Steve Sailer has a post up on ear plugs.

The wonderfulness of earplugs: I want to plug earplugs, which have made my life better. I work better and sleep better because of them. They also make airline travel less awful. You can buy a big jar of 100 orange foam ones for about $10, which should last you a year. If you have to work in a cubicle, what are you waiting for?

I wrote back as follows (except for a couple of spelling errors, which I’ve “sicne” corrected),

The orange ones do not in practice match their decibel claims. (If you have the same ones I once bought out here, they say something like "32.") I've been using ear plugs since the early 1980s, when I worked on the assembly-line at Daimler-Benz in West Germany. However, those plugs, which were available free from dispensers on the line, were made out of cotton balls (IIRC), and disintegrated deep into one's ear, leading me to suspect that they would be as dangerous to one's hearing, long-term, as using no ear plugs at all.

Since we're doing plugs (pun intended), these days I find Flents' Quiet Please white foam plugs, which claim only a 29 rating, much better than the orange ones. A friend once bought me some white foam plugs via mail order from a (I think) different company. They were the best I ever had, but during the early 1990s the box (and thus the company name) and the friendship both went astray.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cabrera Commits Grand Theft Baseball in The Bronx, Yankees Win 2-1

By Nicholas Stix

In the top of the eighth inning, with the score 2-1 in favor of the Yankees, Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez hit a long drive to left-center field. As leftfielder Melky Cabrera and centerfielder Johnny Damon converged and leaped, the ball soared over the fence, only to be grabbed at the last moment by Cabrera, to preserve the tie. Manny Ramirez was speechless, Johnny Damon cheered, and Yankees reliever Kyle Farnsworth embraced Melky Cabrera, whom the Yankees faithful called out for a rare defensive curtain call.

Mariano Rivera came on in the ninth inning to get the Red Sox out in order, to preserve the win for Chien-Ming Wang (7-2).

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Invasion: The Movie

by Nicholas Stix
Updated 8:50 a.m., Monday, June 5, 2006.

The good folks at Politics of Prudence sent me a link to the reconquista/aztlan video that the courageous, tireless Minuteman who maintains Immigration Watchdog shot at Los Angeles' March 25 Gran Marcha, and put together, with English-language speeches given over the years by reconquista leaders who either spoke only in Spanish at the march, or who uttered only safe platitudes that day (as if the MSM would have honestly reported on seditious speeches given in English!).

If you have been reading up on illegal immigration/reconquista/aztlan you may have read the text of some or all of the speeches in the video. I already had, before viewing it.

And yet, somehow hearing the same words spoken aloud provoked in me a more visceral response.

David Orland, sole blogtender of faut de pire and one of the team (with Michelle Malkin, Juan Mann, Bonnie Eggle, Peter Gadiel, Chris Kelly, Heather Mac Donald and Bryan Preston) that tends The Immigration Blog, felt similarly. David wrote:

My reaction was much the same as yours: I've read all that stuff before but hearing it spoken, often in a voice quivering with hatred, is deeply disturbing, even pornographic.

"Pornographic." That's the best description I've heard of the frenzied racist hatred motivating the reconquista/aztlan movement.

See if you have the same reaction.

Reconquista/aztlan video.

Send links to everyone you know. And for $5.99 at the same link, you can buy a copy of the video to send to an elected official.

And speaking of frenzied racist hatred, the Minuteman (I don't even have a nom de cyber for him) also sent me a link to the videos he shot of communists' and illegals' attempts to shout down and shut down the Minutemen March held in Los Angeles on May 21.

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