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“Sean” told W-5 it was not supposed to happen. “That’s my bitch. And I love her. I did not mean to do it.”


Taiyania Thompson

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Police: Man, 18, arrested in connection with shooting death of girl, 16, near Gallaudet

An 18-year-old man was arrested Monday and charged with murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Taiyania Thompson who was shot in an apartment near Gallaudet University on Thursday and died the following Sunday, January 28, authorities said.

She be a dead bitch now.

What is the Alt-Right? Prager U Video Unwittingly Exposes the Poverty of Conservatism

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

As far as I can see, the coalition known as the Alt-Right is a response to the movement known as “multiculturalism,” which seeks to annihilate the white race.

Since in the video below, Michael Knowles never addresses this matter, he is lost in mocking the Alt-Right, and thereby makes a fool of himself.

Published on Oct 26, 2017

What is the alt-right? What is its worldview? How big is it? Michael Knowles, bestselling author and host of The Michael Knowles Show, took a deep dive into alt-right culture. Here's what he learned. Donate today to PragerU!

Script: What is the alt-right?

Everybody has an opinion about it, but nobody seems to know exactly what it is. So, I took it upon myself to find out. I took a deep dive into alt-right culture. I read their books, listened to their podcasts, watched their videos, followed their blogs, and spoke personally to their leaders.

Here’s what I learned: First, they’re really small... like, your high school reunion small. That “big” national alt-right gathering in Charlottesville, in August 2017? Yeah—that attracted all of about 600 people...and that’s on the high end of estimates. And that infamous torch rally on the evening of August 11? There were maybe 100 tiki-torch carriers.

But however small it is, the alt-right does have a belief system—a worldview. It’s right there, in their name. The alt in “alt-right” means “alternative.” The alt-right is an alternative to American conservatism.

So, it’s no surprise then that the alt-right has far more in common with the left—another alternative to conservatism— than it does with the traditional American right.

Let me try to untangle this. Both the left and the alt-right are obsessed with race and identity politics—the belief that a person’s value is linked to their racial heritage. The left wants special status for racial and ethnic minorities. The alt-right wants special status for the racial and ethnic majority. Since America, according to the alt-right, was founded by white Europeans, and was built by white Europeans, it should belong to white Europeans. America’s success, in their view, is a product of race and geography—or, as the alt-right likes to put it, of blood and soil. So, in the alt-right’s view, the moral ideals of the American Founders—like, “all men are created equal”— are naive and misguided.

The man who coined the term “alt-right” is a white nationalist named Richard Spencer, who runs as well as the National Policy Institute, the self-described think tank of the alt-right. According to Spencer, the movement is “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States.”

Jared Taylor, the editor of the white identity website American Renaissance, holds that, “Any attempt to create a society in which race can be made not to matter will fail.”

Other alt-right leaders include: Sam Francis, the late syndicated columnist and forefather of the movement who famously called for a “white racial consciousness.”

Theodore Beale, the blogger known as Vox Day, who, in his manifesto, “What is the Alt-Right” cites the white nationalist motto, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

And Paul Ramsey, a white nationalist who produced and starred in a video entitled, “Is It Wrong Not to Feel Sad about the Holocaust?”

Another area of agreement between the alt-right and the left is that both ultimately reject God. The alt-right admires Christendom for uniting the European continent, but rejects Christianity for its offer of salvation to all people, irrespective of race. The movement’s favorite philosopher—just like the Nazis of yesteryear—is Friedrich Nietzsche, who famously claimed, “God is dead.”

Forget It, Jake; It’s Malmo: Strange, Raceless “Man” in Club Suddenly Put His Hands on Beautiful, Swedish Girl's Butt and Between Her Legs, and then Slugged Her and Smashed a Bottle on Her Head, When She Pushed Him Away (Shocking Photos)


Sophie Johansson, 19, prior to being culturally enriched

By Reader-Researcher RC

“Smashed with a bottle for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied Swedish woman attacked in a nightclub after man put his hands between her legs”

What the increasingly pc Daily Mail won’t tell its readers is that Malmo is part of the caliphate. It is dominated by Moslem rapefugees and “immigrants,” is the rape capital of Europe, and that the violence of this crime is unthinkable as having been committed by a Christian Swede.

Although there must have been many witnesses, Swedish police say they have no description of the perp, and have therefore "shelved" the case.


Sophie Johansson, after being culturally enriched

Teen hit with a bottle for rejecting man who groped her in a nightclub

Sophie Johansson, 19, says she had never met the man before, and that she suddenly felt his hands hands on her bottom and between her legs on the dancefloor of a club in Malmo, Sweden.


Sophie Johansson’s profile

At the Daily Mail.

Babel: Once a church, now a club, soon a mosque?

Check Out This “White” High Schooler’s Hate Video


Rachael Francois

By An Old Friend

David Cole at TakiMag exposed the two Sacramento Bee operatives, Anita Chabria And Diana Lambert, who collaborated with a black, Pleasant Grove High student, Rachael Francois,to create a race hoax.

Desirae Fernandez Racist Rant

This racist Snapchat rant went viral this week, and it’s sparking an angry backlash in her hometown of Elk Grove, California. She is a Pleasant Grove High graduate.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Republican Congressman Wants Illegal Immigrants Who Attend State of the Union “Arrested and Deported”

By Reader-Researcher RC

A Republican congressman on Tuesday called for authorities to arrest and deport any illegal immigrants who try to attend the State of the Union.

[Rep. Paul] Gosar’s statement follows approximately 30 House Democrats saying they are bringing so-called DREAMers -- illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. at a young age -- to President Trump’s speech at the Capitol.

But these guests are protected from deportation: President Obama in 2012 issued an executive order shielding them from being deported. Trump has since ordered an end to the program, but that doesn’t go into effect until March.

At Fox News.

Chicago Bulls Ready to Dump Racist Hate Crime Victim Nikola Mirotic, While Keeping Racist Hate Criminal, Bobby Portis; Media Operative Adds Insult to Injury

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 1:49:00 P.M. EST

NBA trade deadline: Bulls close to dealing Nikola Mirotic to Pelicans for Omer Asik
By Chris Barnewall 9m ago • 1 min read
CBS Sports

The Pelicans and Bulls are reportedly closing in on a deal that will send disgruntled wing Nikola Mirotic to New Orleans in exchange for big man Omer Asik. This is a huge deal for a Pelicans team that needed the shooting and cap space that this brings to their future.

GRA: So the black, violent instigator stays (Portis) and whitey vic (Mirotic) goes. Who would take Portis, in all honesty, after he assaulted and battered his teammate?

Obviously, and understandably, Mirotic could not mend fences with Portis, and it should be his right to work in a place where he feels comfortable and safe from violence. The Bulls should have released Portis and called the police the same day as the incident.

It was that simple, and they blew it.

Btw, check out the writer's description of Mirotic—as “disgruntled.”

Biased writing, anyone?

N.S.: And Barnewall didn’t mention Bobby Portis once.

The Big Lie Behind the Movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Rape-Murder victim Kathy Page

Frances McDormand plays the feminized protagonist in the fictional version of the story

The real person McDormand’s character is based on, is Kathy Page’s father, James Fulton. The rape-murder was committed in Vidor, Texas.

By Nicholas Stix

Three Billboards is thus yet another picture in which the heroism of a very real white man is stolen, and credited to a member of an affirmative action group, as in Flight, A Dolphin’s Tale, and A Dolphin’s Tale II.

In today’s Daily Mail.

The “James Franco is a Sexual Harasser” Story Line is Just Another Feminazi #metoo Hoax! (Video)

By Jerry PDX
Monday, January 29, 2018 at 1:16:00 P.M. EST

I'm not a James Franco fan, though he was good in the great Freaks & Geeks TV series where he got his start, but his acting in big time movies has been borderline atrocious, just watch the prequel to The Wizard of Oz for the perfect example. I hadn't paid much attention to the sexual harassment allegations against him. It's all getting to be background white noise that I just tune out. However, by chance I caught an Inside Edition interview with his accusers. Three women went in front of the camera and described incidents that didn't even remotely resemble sexual harassment.

Here it is in a nutshell with my responses:

First girl: “I could have said no, but had sex with him anyways in a car because I wanted him to like me.”

Are you kidding? She consented because she wanted him to like her. Oh, please. If I had a quarter for every girl who has told me she gave it up to some guy before she really wanted to have sex because “She wanted him to like her,” I'd be a millionaire. Wanting him to like you is not his fault. The fact that your personal desires caused you to CONSENT is what matters, and that is not harassment.

Second girl: I was his personal assistant and “He sent me two insulting and demeaning text messages.” In one, he called me retarded. Though she also threw in that they had a consensual relationship at some point.

[The Boss calls me “a retard” all the time. Does that mean I can sue her for the big SH? Oh, I just remembered that I’m a man.]

Where does sexual harassment enter in to this? Maybe Franco is a jerk of a boss, but that's a different issue. Besides, maybe she is retarded. The fact she is in front of a camera pushing this as sexual harassment is suggestive of some kind of innate flaw.

Third girl: “There was an orgy scene in an independent movie he was producing, and I didn't think it was artistically justified,” so she didn't want to do it.

“Artistic justification” is so subjective this could purely have to do with her own personal boundaries, not necessarily anyone else’s. She doesn’t say if she actually went through with the scene but if she did then she consented, and if not, then what’s the problem? Funny thing about this girl is she's really not even particularly attractive. At least the other girls were pretty hot looking. I’m having trouble believing Franco really wanted to get into her pants that badly. Hmmm... just speculating, but maybe that's the reason why she’s bitter and vengeful...

I have a hard time feeling sorry for a lot of these Hollywood actors because most of them are wimp liberal poseurs who embrace every liberal issue that comes around the corner and relish bashing Trump, in order to gain validation from their peers. However, to destroy this man’s career and ruin his chances for an Oscar this year (he’s been pulled from consideration), over this nonsense is more evidence that this harassment campaign is becoming more and more of a pure witch hunt. They are having trouble finding legit cases after picking the low-hanging fruit, so now the definition of “sexual harassment” is expanding to anything that might be deemed the slightest bit inappropriate. Makes great headlines and gives failed wannabe actresses a chance to get their faces and names in the news, and possibly a payoff.

The recent racial politicization of the Oscars was bad enough, but now with actors being blacklisted, due to questionable sexual harassment accusations, it’s becoming more and more clear the Oscars have nothing to do with merit, but everything to do with political posturing.

Lügenpresse Video from Inside Edition: “3 Women Share Stories About James Franco’s Alleged Inappropriate Behavior”


Inside Edition
Published on Jan 22, 2018

Three women who are accusing James Franco of inappropriate behavior are discussing their time with the actor for the first time together. Violet Paley, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Tatjana Liepelt all accuse Franco of inappropriate behavior. There was polite applause when Franco's name was announced at the SAG Awards for winning Best Actor. He gave a wan smile as the camera panned to him. Paley says she dated Franco in 2016. She posted a tweet moments after he won The Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Tamara Larissa
1 week ago

"because with the #metoo movement, men and women feel safer to finally report their experiences."

N.S.: Garbage. The #metoo movement is a hoax movement, like "campus rape culture," "racial profiling," and "mass incarceration."

Monday, January 29, 2018

For Certain Classes of Felons, the Killing is Free; Small-Town Montana Boy Makes Bad


The late Joseph “JoJo” Gregory Carnefix III befriended the wrong guy, and now, unless there’s a surviving brother to pick up the slack, there’ll be no JoJo IV.

Polite killer Jacob Burroughs, 19, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide with tears in his eyes in court on January 26. But don’t worry about Jacob—he got a free killing. He killed his friend while driving 110-120 mph.

Burroughs timeline
• First arrest
Arrested for felony burglary in medical marijuana dispensary
July 29 [2016]

• Released
Released after posting bail
Aug. 10

• Fatal crash
Arrested for negligent homicide in crash that killed 17-year-old Joseph Carnefix
Sept. 1

• Released
Released after posting $50,000 bail
Sept. 6

Cited for an MIP [minor in possession of alcohol] after reportedly caught drinking at Montana State University homecoming football game
Sept. 24

• Arrested again
Arrested on two warrants totaling $100,000 after prosecutor files petition to revoke release
Sept. 30

• Bail
New bail set at $60,000. Posts bail and is released that same day.
Oct. 7

• Violation
Tests positive for alcohol. Admits that he drank wine the previous day.
Oct. 16

• Warrants
Two new warrants, totaling $100,000, issued for his arrest
Oct. 20

• Arrested (again)
Burroughs was again arrested on Oct. 21.
Oct. 21

• Increase bail
Judge John Brown increases Burroughs’ bail to $160,000.
Nov. 16

• Released from jail
Burroughs posts bail and is again released from jail.
Jan. 4, 2017

• Positive tests
Burroughs tests positive for cocaine and TCH in a random drug test.
April 28 [2017]

By A Montana Reader

N.S.: Montana Reader sent me the following links, asking:

MR: What do you notice about this article:

“Teen Pleads Guilty to Negligent Homicide in Deadly Crash” (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle).

And gee, gosh, golly, here's "his" page at the paper's website: Jacob Burroughs.

... nice timeline to May 17, 2017 here (scroll down): “Warrants Again Issued for Bozeman Negligent Homicide Suspect” (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle).

Response by N.S.: That the BDC operative, Whitney Bermes, keeps referring to the 18 and then-19-YO perp as a “teen”?

That no matter how many times Jacob Burroughs re-offends, he just gets bonded out again?

That Burroughs gets depicted as if he were a patient, rather than a career criminal?

That Burroughs has no insight whatsoever, and just continues doing whatever he feels like doing?

That the BDO does not permit reader comments on these stories?

And I think this was the zinger you were thinking of: Burroughs just keeps committing crime after crime after crime, at every level, including killing someone, without ever getting punished.

MR: What I notice is that he looks black (mulatto, actually) -- no?

And that's a pretty small demographic in Bozeman and Montana.

[N.S.: Under President Donald J. Trump, the Census Bureau has literally “Xed” out “Race and Hispanic Origin” that I’ve been retrieving from their Website’s “Quick Facts” section for many years. However, the Bureau’s “American FactFinder” section reports that Bozeman is 0.5% “Black or African American,” and 2.1% “Two or More Races.” However, this section no longer provides stats on “Non-Hispanic Whites.” It reports that Bozeman is 93.6% white, but that would include some Hispanics (“Hispanic or Latino of any race”), who are listed as 2.9% of the population.

The Bureau’s “American FactFinder” section does, however, still contain such information on Montana, which it reports is 86.8% “Not Hispanic or Latino/White alone.” In other words, Montana is one of the whitest places in America, and Bozeman is even whiter.]

N.S.: Well, yes, he does, but that's so common for your garden variety career criminal in this country that I didn't remark upon it. Also, when I noted that he received affirmative action sentencing all the way down the line, the mulatto factor was a given.

I didn't consider the Bozeman factor, but affirmative action sentencing is apparently universal in America, regardless of local demographics.

Jacob Burroughs surely committed many crimes as a minor, and once he attained majority in the eyes of the criminal in Montana, at 17, he committed felonies (felony theft and felony burglary) which were switched to juvenile court. His felony theft of a shotgun form an unlocked vehicle was not cited on the list above.

So, he graduated from felony theft and burglary to negligent homicide (killing his friend “JoJo” while driving 110-120 mph, and flipping over the car), without ever being punished. And now, he’s going to skate for the killing, too.

I’ve written repeatedly on affirmative action criminal justice for blacks.

In the case of Far Rockaway, Queens’ Milan Taylor, felony assault and attempted murder are re-defined as “assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and second degree [sic] harassment,” which a plea bargain turns into “disorderly conduct”!

In Atlanta, Jamal aka Shamal Thompson was permitted to commit felony after felony without any punishment, until he murdered acclaimed, white cancer researcher Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle, 57.

In Delaware, there’s Radee Labeeb Prince.

The Navy supported racist, eventual black mass murderer, Aaron Alexis.

Tremaine Leigh is yet another case of AA criminal justice, Atlanta-style.

The media and academia respond to out-of-control black criminality by increasing their lying, in promoting the blood libel of “racial profiling,” and demanding “criminal justice reform.” Even some Republican elected officials have jumped on this bandwagon to hell.

And so it goes.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Breaking News: Mass Murder This Morning in PA Leaves Five Dead… so Far



By Reader-Researcher RC

Multiple victims after a shooting in Fayette County/

Ex-NY Giants Player Sent to Prison for $1.6M Fraud Case

By “W”


DACA: Trump’s Proffer is Brilliant


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“About Those Nightmare (‘DREAMER’) Illegal Alien Numbers—What was 800,000, Became 1.8 Million, and is Now 3.6 Million… and Counting!”;

“Even Wimpy, Moderate, Triangulating Immigration Reform Group Admits that Trump’s Proposed DACA Amnesty is “Preemptive Surrender” that Will Lead Directly to His Impeachment!”; and

“Trump’s DACA Proffer: Cowardly, or Brilliant?”]

By Glaivester
Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 7:21:00 P.M. EST

I'm hoping that this is a ploy - the fact that the Democrats are trashing this proposal rather than negotiating the terms is hopeful to me... it suggests that nothing will get passed. According to Bill Mitchell, what Trump is doing is offering the Democrats a very generous offer he knows they will not be able to accept.

• This will split them from the RINOs;
• It will mark the Democrats as the extremists in the discussion; and
• Perhaps it will portend a debate among the Republicans trying to get a bill passed without the Democrats, where the goal will be to take the President's framework and pull it to the right.

The point being to do everything possible to show the Democrats for the unreasonable extremists they are... then win big in 2018.

Perhaps the solution to DACA will be a continuing resolution, extend it for a year sort of deal, with the hopes of a different Congress and Senate by then.

Nonetheless, pointing out how bad this framework is, is still a good thing, because it emphasizes how generous the deal the Democrats are rejecting is, and it makes it harder for someone to actually make the deal happen.

Trump’s DACA Proffer: Cowardly, or Brilliant?


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“About Those Nightmare (‘DREAMER’) Illegal Alien Numbers—What was 800,000, Became 1.8 Million, and is Now 3.6 Million… and Counting!”; and

“Even Wimpy, Moderate, Triangulating Immigration Reform Group Admits that Trump’s Proposed DACA Amnesty is “Preemptive Surrender” that Will Lead Directly to His Impeachment!”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 6:54:00 P.M. EST

Part I: Cowardly

These uninvited banditos are here in the millions already--and unless they're caught committing a crime, will never be deported. Mex, like black, don't call the American police on other Mex. I see statistics that supposedly show “the lowest illegal crossing of the border in years,” but even if that were true (which I doubt), the die has been cast already—with the numbers of actual illegal Mex previously in the states—for a decade or longer—
dwarfing the DACA estimates.

So DACA or not, these Mex will never leave without an act of war. Instead of war, it seems Trump is waving the white flag (but I'll give him 1% leeway that he's trying to pull a fast one, in some way, on the Dems and Mex).

We'll see.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Even Wimpy, Moderate, Triangulating Immigration Reform Group Admits that Trump’s Proposed DACA Amnesty is “Preemptive Surrender” that Will Lead Directly to His Impeachment!

The Art of the Choke
By Mark Krikorian
January 25, 2018
Center for Immigration Studies

The White House immigration outline was released today and it's not good.

It could change tomorrow, for all we know, but as it stands now, this is a preemptive surrender on several issues.

The enforcement component is fine, as far as it goes – there's no E-Verify, but the White House decided months ago not to push that, thinking it would be a bridge too far for Democrats, since it impacts illegals who are already here.

But the amnesty and chain migration components are fatally flawed. The fact that the amnesty would include a path to citizenship (i.e., the beneficiaries would eventually get green cards like regular immigrants) is fine with me – if you're going to amnesty illegal aliens, just rip off the band-aid and get it over with.

Instead, the issue is the size of the amnesty, or rather the universe of people who would be amnestied. If – as the White House promised just days ago – the amnesty were confined to those who now actually have DACA work permits (or even those who had them but didn't renew), administering the amnesty would be relatively straightforward. All those people are already in the DHS database, and even if they were all re-examined as part of the amnesty process (to weed out the fraudsters that snuck past Obama's eagle-eyed DHS), it could still be done relatively quickly and with minimal disruption of the work of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the DHS component that deals with green cards, work permits, and the like.

But going beyond DACA beneficiaries to those who could have applied but didn't is a different thing. It's not just a difference in degree, but in kind. A whole new process will have to be set up for the 1 million additional people who would be expected to apply. The other work of USCIS would grind to a halt, delaying other legal immigration applications, as happened when DACA was originally implemented (and remember that Obama's DACA amnesty was smaller than what Trump is proposing). In addition, there would be an opportunity cost, with USCIS unable to pursue many urgently needed administrative reforms.

What's more, expanding the amnesty beyond DACA beneficiaries is morally dubious. The reason they have a compelling case for amnesty before all enforcement measures and in place and legal immigration curbed is that not only did they arrive here as minors but they voluntarily came forward and provided their information to the government. Those who chose not to do so should not be granted the same extraordinary act of mercy.

Then there's the legal immigration "cuts." The outline says that no new applications for the visa lottery and the chain-migration categories would be accepted, limiting family immigration to spouses and minor children. Great! But it also provides for the continuation of those categories (and reallocation of the lottery visas) until the admission of all 4 million people on the current chain-migration waiting lists. This is the same gimmick that was in the Hagel-Martinez amnesty bill in 2007 – and the estimate at the time was that it would take 17 years before all those people got their green cards. In other words, legal immigration would not actually be reduced until after President Kamala Harris's successor took office.

The Cotton and Goodlatte bills both grandfather people on the waiting list who were within one year of getting their green card applications adjudicated, and refund the application fees for everyone else. This is a reasonable measure, since as the date gets closer, people might be selling property and whatnot as part of their relocation planning.

But to wait almost two decades before there's any reduction in legal admissions is absurd. First of all, if we're going to amnesty close to 2 million illegal aliens (and maybe more, since past estimates have proven so woefully wrong), that needs to be offset by immediate reductions elsewhere. What's more this would be yet another example of the other side getting what it wants up front, with promises of things we want in the future. As Popeye's friend J. Wellington Wimpy might have said, "I will gladly reduce immigration on Tuesday for an amnesty today."

The White House has botched the DACA issue, cutting Bob Goodlatte's House bill off at the knees and making it more likely that either there will be no bill at all or that any final bill the president signs (which is guaranteed to be even weaker than this) will fatally demoralize Republican voters. If the latter happens, the president will be well on the way to joining Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton in the impeached-but-not removed club.

Marcia Clark's A&E Docuseries Found New Casey Anthony Case Evidence; David in TN Has a Suggestion for Her on a Show She Should Do

By David in TN

Remember several years ago I wrote you about Marcia Clark being an example of “failing upward”? Well, she's getting a two-hour show on A&E, and an ABC pilot.

I see she's doing Casey Anthony and Robert Blake. Wouldn't it be nice if Marcia had a show on the Knoxville Horror?

At The Wrap.

About Those Nightmare (“DREAMER”) Illegal Alien Numbers—What was 800,000, Became 1.8 Million, and is Now 3.6 Million… and Counting!


“Jorge Garcia, an undocumented immigrant who entered the U.S. at age 10, was deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from Detroit on Jan. 15, 2018, forcing him to return to his native Mexico and leave his wife and children - all U.S. citizens - behind.

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

There are 3.6M “DREAMers” — a number far greater than commonly known
By Alan Gomez
Published 2:49 p.m. ET Jan. 18, 2018 | Updated 5:15 p.m. ET Jan. 18, 2018

A small group of senators spoke on the floor Wednesday, urging their peers to pass what they say is a bipartisan DACA solution before the looming March 5th deadline. (Jan. 17) AP

The political debate over the fate of "DREAMers" — undocumented [sic] immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — has overlooked just how many there are in the country today: about 3.6 million.

That number of people whose lives risk being uprooted is not widely known, in large part because so much public attention has been focused recently on 800,000 mostly young DREAMers accepted into the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

This smaller group of DREAMers is in the spotlight because President Trump terminated DACA in September, saying it was an illegal overreach of executive authority that can only come from Congress, which is negotiating with Trump on a compromise immigration plan.

While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably, the terms are "not a distinction without a difference," said House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

DREAMers got their name from the DREAM Act, a bill that has been proposed in Congress since 2001, but never passed, that would protect that group of immigrants.

The 3.6 million estimate of undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. before their 18th birthday comes from the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global immigration patterns. That is roughly a third of all undocumented immigrants in the country and does not include millions of their immediate family members who are U.S. citizens.

A number so large raises the stakes for both sides in the dispute over whether to deport DREAMers, allow them to stay under prescribed conditions or provide them with a path to citizenship.

Ali Noorani, executive director of the pro-immigrant National Immigration Forum, said exposing millions of DREAMers to deportations would be a moral and economic calamity.

"At a time when our economy is growing and our labor market is extremely tight, these are all folks of working age who have skills to immediately contribute," Noorani said. "We would be spending billions of dollars to remove folks who have the potential to help the country grow."

On the other side is Mark Krikorian, executive director for the Center for Immigration Status, which favors lower levels of immigration. He argues for only extending protections for the 800,000 in DACA. "It's not like they're entitled to anything, but prudence suggests an extraordinary act of mercy," he said. "Amnesty is warranted for them alone, at least this time."

[Justice demands mercy for Americans. "Amnesty is warranted for them alone, at least this time." Mark knows better than that, but he and CIS have a history of wimping out and triangulating. In response to CIS’ overtures, the Left (i.e., the SPLC) refers to CIS as a “hate group.” Besides that sounds just like what amnesty con artists said in 1986, and we—and Mark—know what happened then.]

In exchange for DREAMer protections, Republicans want enhanced border security [exactly like in 1986!], the end of a diversity visa program for people from under-represented countries, including several from Africa, and a reduction in relatives that U.S. citizens can sponsor for visas.

The impact of what may happen to DREAMers was highlighted this week when Jorge Garcia, 39, a Detroit landscaper who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years, was deported back to his native Mexico even though he arrived in the country when he was 10 years. Garcia, whose wife and two children are all U.S. citizens, did not qualify for DACA because he was just over the age limit.

[The “impact of what may happen to DREAMers”? He’s a criminal, for cryin’ out loud!]

To qualify for DACA, created in 2012, DREAMers had to undergo a thorough background check, prove they arrived in the U.S. before their 16th birthday, were 30 or younger, were attending school or in the military, and had not committed a felony or serious misdemeanor. The program provided work permits and two-year reprieves from deportation that could be renewed.

Cecilia Muñoz, Obama's domestic policy director, said he chose to protect a limited number of DREAMers because he could go only so far through executive action.
[No; what he did was illegal and unconstitutional.] Now that Congress is involved, Muñoz said, far more DREAMers should be protected.

"The right policy is to be as generous as possible," Muñoz said. "We know the success of DACA. It's good for the country, and this has overwhelming support around the country from people on both sides of the aisle. There's no reason to limit who is eligible."

There are several legislative proposals that each protect different numbers of DREAMers. Some deal only with those who entered the country before their 16th birthday. Others set age limits and include education or military requirements and clean criminal records.

According to an analysis by the Migration Policy Institute:

•The most generous proposal is the American Hope Act introduced by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., which would provide legal status to 3.5 million DREAMers, excluding a small group who pose public safety threats.

•Another plan known as the DREAM Act presented to Trump by a bipartisan group of senators last week would allow 2.1 million to stay in the country.
"There is support across the country for allowing Dreamers — who have records of achievement — to stay, work, and reach their full potential," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said. "We should not squander these young people’s talents and penalize our own nation."
More: GOP leaders push another short-term spending bill as shutdown looms
More: ICE defends deportation of immigrant in U.S. nearly 30 years
More: The four big fights Trump and Congress must resolve to avert a government shutdown

•Other proposals from Republicans would protect up to 1.7 million immigrants.

•The most restrictive proposals would provide legal status only to the 798,980 people approved for DACA.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said it will not deport former DACA recipients if their protections expire. But under Trump's orders, it will arrest any undocumented immigrant agents come across. The percentage of undocumented immigrants without criminal records arrested by ICE has increased dramatically since Trump took office.

If Congress does not strike a deal by March 5, DACA enrollees will begin losing their deportation protections and work permits.

“Top o’ the World!” TCM Gives a 21-Tommy Gun Salute to Crime Pictures Starring the Great Jimmy C., Ginnie Mayo, Eddie O’Brien and Ruth Roman, Supported by Steve Cochran, Neville Brand, et al. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning!




By David in TN
Friday, January 26, 2018 at 5:44:00 P.M. EST


Jimmy Cagney and Edmond O’Brien


On Saturday night, January 27, at 8 p.m. ET, TCM features White Heat (1949) with James Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Edmond O’Brien, and Steve Cochran.

Virginia Mayo, Margaret Wycherly as "Ma," and Cagney

This is one of Cagney’s most famous roles, as a mother-fixated psycho killer (“Top of the World!”). Edmond O’Brien is an undercover T-man who hooks up with Cagney in prison and joins a breakout, followed by a major heist.

Virginia “Ginnie” Mayo said that Jimmy Cagney was “such a dynamic actor” that he “should have won five Oscars.” This is surely one of the “Oscars” she was thinking of. Unfortunately, Cagney was not even nominated for White Heat. He was only nominated three times—for Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), and Love Me or Leave Me (1955)—but at least won one Oscar as Broadway titan George M. Cohan, in Dandy. Some of his many memorable performances were in The Public Enemy (1931), The Roaring Twenties (1939), Come Fill the Cup (1951), A Lion is in the Streets (1953), Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) and Man of a Thousand Faces (1957). Jimmy was married to his beloved Frances for over 63 years.


Immediately following, at 10:15 ET, is D.O.A. (1950). Edmond O’Brien stars in perhaps his most famous role as a businessman who travels to San Francisco for a week of fun away from his girlfriend. At a night club, someone spikes his drink. The next day doctors tell him he has only a day or two to live.


O’Brien then goes on a quest to find his killer. He does a lot of running around. Our friend Eddie Muller previously called Edmond O’Brien the “master of perspiration.”


Neville Brand plays the psycho henchman who enjoys punching the dying man in the stomach (“Bigelow can’t take it in the belly!”).

That's Neville Brand on the left


Good location shots, shows what San Francisco looked like in 1950.




On Sunday, January 28 at 10 am ET, TCM's Film Noir of the Week is Tomorrow is Another Day (1951). Not GWTW, it stars Ruth Roman and Steve Cochran.


Roman (in a blonde wig) is a hardened taxi dancer who has ex-con Cochran fall for her.


Roman’s lover, a jealous cop, slaps her around, Cochran intervenes, and a typical Noir follows.




Friday, January 26, 2018

Was Legendary NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Dirty? Did Crooked Asian Cops Conspire with Chinese “Karaoke Bar” Owner and His Prostitute to Frame a Clean, White Precinct Commander for Rape? Did Brass Cover It All up? Biggest Police Corruption Scandal Since 1970s Threatens to Tear NYPD Wide Open!


NYPD Sgt. Steven Lee: He’s the white hat

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

NYPD official planned to frame officer for rape to cover up scandal: cop
By Shawn Cohen and Julia Marsh
January 24, 2018 | 7:40 p.m. | Updated
New York Post

A police sergeant says the NYPD covered up the most damning allegations in its embarrassing 2015 karaoke bar bribery scandal including a plan to frame a commanding officer for rape.

In a notice he plans to sue the city for $35 million, whistleblower Sgt. Steven Lee alleges police brass hid the massive scale of the Queens nightclub corruption.

Just two cops were arrested in the crackdown — Lt. Robert Sung and Det. Yatyu Yam. They were accused of taking payments in exchange for advance warning to Flushing, Queens karaoke club owners about police raids. They were suspended but eventually reinstated to the force.

But Lee, who was an undercover officer in the Internal Affairs probe, says the corruption ran much deeper and involved around 100 cops.

At the heart of his notice of claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, is Jimmy Li, owner of two Flushing clubs — JJNY Cafe on Northern Boulevard and CEO KTV & Cafe on College Point Boulevard.

Lee was put on the internal probe after Sung allegedly told him that he planned to frame Thomas Conforti, the commanding officer of the 109th Precinct, as a favor to the club owner.


Bill Bratton and Jimmy Li

Sung planned to falsely accuse him of raping a female escort in one of the karaoke joints— to protect the bribe racket from scrutiny, Lee claims.

In an interview with The Post, Lee recounted driving Sung to a pizzeria when the fellow cop confided in him about the plan to get an escort to allege that the commanding officer of the precinct had raped her.

Lee reported that to superiors but they did nothing, he claims.

Shortly after Sung and Yam were arrested, Li — who allegedly paid cops tens of thousands in bribes to protect his clubs — showed up at then-Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s holiday party.

“He was telling people he was friends with the PC,” Lee said.

When Lee brought higher-ups evidence of criminal activity by numerous cops, including a chief, detectives, sergeants and lieutenants, he was told to limit the scope of his probe, the claim says.

Lee says video and audio recordings of the additional corruption mysteriously “malfunctioned” after he handed it over.

Lee questioned the integrity of the investigation, but Bratton subjected him to internal investigations and barred him from promotions, his claim alleges.


KTV Cinderalla [sic] Lounge

“The police always claim they can clean up after themselves, but they can’t,” said Lee’s attorney, Eric Sanders. “The watchers are corrupt. The whole internal investigation process is a big joke.”

Marvyn Kornberg, lawyer for Robert Sung, responded to the notice of claim, saying: “It appears he is suing the city for 35 million dollars because IAB didn’t fully believe his allegations. Apparently the District Attorney felt the same way since the felony charges against Sung were dropped to the lowest of misdemeanors.”

An NYPD spokesman declined to comment. Bratton did not immediately return requests for comment. Li also did not return a message.

The Greenmount Avenue Regime: Killers in Baltimore: Feds Convict Three Members of the Black Guerilla Family

By “W”

Links to multiple articles at DuckDuckGo.

I Speak for the Dead

A friend from California recently sent me some articles on the Nation of Islam’s hate crime murders of whites in California, including the San Francisco “Zebra Murders,” which made up approximately 25% of the NOI’s Golden State murders of whites.

The three white, 1973 victims in the article I posted (with more to come) were Jose Villaroman Jr., 18; Stephen Conachy, 22; and Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18.

My friend is a family member of one of the murder victims.

When you are able to reach the public—notwithstanding Google’s sabotage—with news about murders that the powers that be have alternately swept under the rug and lied about, in order to diminish them, while terrorizing into silence others who tried to inform the public, leaving you the last man standing, you gain new friend/researchers in faraway places, from California to France.

I have been researching and writing on the Nation of Islam’s nationwide racist murders of whites since 2004 or 2005.

And as all frequent readers are aware, I have a stable of buddies all over the country, who act as voluntary reader-researchers. Not only do they send me articles on local and national events, but they tell me about crimes committed in their own neighborhoods or regions last night, and 50 years ago.

As the truth is washed away by professional liars, who engage in reverse reporting, over time the public comes to know less and less about history with which it was once familiar, while those who remember gradually die off, or lose their memories.

Hindsight is no longer 20-20. Increasingly, it’s blind.

I don’t require much, though if anyone wants to send me $250 million, or even a “measly” $1 million, I’ll rush to the bank and deposit it. And I won’t ask you how you came into the cash. Spending money on good works is redemptive for the giver. Redeem yourself through the Wyatt Earp Journalism Bureau/Nicholas Stix Uncensored!

However, I have expenses. I have to replace this Dell Lemon, hopefully with a non-citrus model from a different company (also not HP, for the same reason).

In any event, I need a much faster pc, and one that doesn’t continually freeze up. I need to get more work done faster. I also constantly buy books and DVDs for both business and pleasure. (I watch a lot of masterpieces on DVD these days. But as founder, president, CEO and chairman of the board of the Bad Books Club, I all too often have to read books that are no pleasure.)

And there are the usual expenses: The mortgage; feeding and clothing my babies; utilities; buying Tide by the gallon, so I can use triple the suggested amount per load, and thereby get The Boss’ Seal of Approval, etc.

Please hit the PayPal Donate button at the top of this page, and make a generous contribution to the Wyatt Earp Journalism Bureau/Nicholas Stix Uncensored.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix

Why Has There Not been a Two-Hour ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, or NBC Dateline Special on the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders?


War crime victims Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were gang-raped, tortured and murdered by as many as seven racist blacks

[Re: “Former Knox County Judge Richard Baumgartner Found Dead at Home; Disgraced Jurist Would be Forever Tied to the Knoxville Horror Racist Atrocity and His Subversion of Justice, if the National Media Hadn’t Suppressed Story”;

“The Baumgartner Affair and the Knoxville Horror: It Gets Worse All the Time”; and

“The Knoxville Horror: A Reading List on the Racist Atrocity that the MSM and Wikipedia Don’t Want You to Learn About.”]


Convicted Judge Richard Baumgartner

By David in TN
Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:59:00 P.M. EST

Someone might ask: "Why has there not been a two-hour ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, or NBC Dateline special on the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom torture-murders?"

[N.S.: Especially, with two of the rapist-killers still at large!]


Over the years Judge Baumgartner’s probationer, lover, and drug supplier, Deena Castleman has been charged with drug crimes and prostitution, which tend to go together

It's just occurred to me that one of the above might do an episode on the downfall of Richard Baumgartner. The murders of Channon and Chris would get only a brief mention, with the focus being on the disgraced Judge.

You heard it from me, if this happens.


The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Only three of the monsters who raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were convicted of murder, and only one, Lemaricus Davidson, has been sentenced to death. Davidson’s half-brother, Letalvis Cobbins, and George Thomas have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cowardly white jurors and racist black ones conspired to convict Cobbins’ unrepentant girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, only of “facilitation of murder and rape.” Eric Boyd, whom prosecutors are convinced participated in the kidnappings, rapes (of Christophe Newsom, at any rate), and murders, never made any self-incriminating statements, or left any hard, self-incriminating evidence, and was convicted only of being an accessory after the fact, in aiding and abetting Davidson, in the latter’s flight. Two more black male rapist-killers are known only via the semen they left in Channon Christian’s panties.

Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-Up


The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and black supremacist cop-killer, Louis Farrakhan

By Reader-Researcher RC

Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-up - Breitbart

A photograph of then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has emerged after 13 years.

At Breitbart.

N.S.: We have reported before on Obama’s support of the murder cult, the Nation of Islam.


Allies: The Nation of Islam division, New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and “Barack Obama” sharing a stage in 2007, during the latter's presidential campaign. I know of no public figure other than Shabazz, for whom there are so few photographs available on the Web.

Murder News from Grand Rapids, Where the Blood Flows Like a Mighty River: Straight Street Murder Vic ID'ed

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 11:05:00 A.M. EST

Straight Street Murder Vic ID'ed (Black, I presume)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Grand Rapids Police are investigating a death on the west side last week as a homicide [translation: murder, which is not the same thing, but which is often used synonymously].

Curtis Swift, Jr., 26, was found dead Friday, January 19, just before noon in a home on Straight Street NW. Investigators say that he died from a gunshot wound.

No one else was in the home. An acquaintance of the victim had called police out of concern for his well-being.

GRA: Finally, four days after the body was discovered, an identification.

We also have had, over the weekend, two shooting attempts at moving cars in the southeast part of Grand Rapids and Kentwood. One, on Saturday, resulted in a wound to the neck of a driver on the East Beltline near 28th Street at 3:15 a.m.

The next occurred two days later—an attempt, a short distance away on a highway, near the Cascade exit. No injury from that driveby. Related? Unbelievably, the police say, “No.”


Bill de Blasio and James O’Neill’s NYPD: Hispanic Cop Accused of Firing Service Weapon While Holding up Man for His Clothes, Cash in Brooklyn; New York’s Finest Lied, Charging Innocent Passersby with Having Robbed and Fired at Him!


“NYPD Officer Anthony Delacruz (c., tan coat) carried out a bizarre mugging in which he fired his service revolver, the Brooklyn district attorney charged.”

By An Anonymous Reader

The new generation of New York's Finest - now adding aggravated armed robbery to the usual raft of drug-dealing “officers.”

For essentially being uneducated - and provided the complexion is correct - often borderline psychopathic, cops make a great salary, approaching $90 K within five years.

You must be mentally ill to toss a career like this, for what, maybe ~ $200 of loot?

Gotta maintain that “diverse” police force at all costs!

N.S.: To amplify what Anon said, there were surely red flags in Anthony Delacruz’ background check—misdemeanor crimes (possibly felonies that were undercharged), and/or criminal relatives or associates, and/or a history of bankruptcy—or does “the job” even do background checks of diversity hires in this don’t ask, don’t tell age of affirmative action?

Fifteen to 20 years ago, the New York Post did a story on a Hispanic female badge-and-gun holder (quite comely, as I recall), who had been hired, in spite of at least two red flags that would have automatically disqualified a non-AA hire. She had declared bankruptcy before being hired, and had an immediate family member who was a criminal. An accompanying photograph showed the alleged law enforcement officer with her brother, who was flashing gang signs.

This may have been a hate crime, as well. The only time I’ve ever heard of a robber stealing a man’s pants and shoes was when a racist black thug did it to a white man in England, in order to racially humiliate him.

NYPD cop accused of firing service weapon while holding up man for his clothes, cash in Brooklyn
By Christina Carrega Larry Mcshane
Updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 4:13 P.M.
New York Daily News

An NYPD officer fired his service revolver in a bizarre May 2016 hold-up where the victim was forced to surrender his clothes, cash and cell phone, the Brooklyn district attorney charged Wednesday.

Officer Anthony Delacruz, in an attempt to cover up his crime, then accused four innocent people of robbing him at gunpoint in the middle of the night, authorities charged.

Delacruz, 34, was released on $100,000 bail after a Wednesday hearing where prosecutors said DNA from the robbery victim was found on the officer’s gun — and the theft’s incriminating aftermath captured on security video….

The accused cop’s unidentified accomplice was caught on the video holding Eilely’s shoes and pants as the man stood nearby in a T-shirt, boxer shorts and socks.

Witnesses had earlier heard Delacruz demanding the man’s clothes, prosecutors alleged. And cops responded to the scene after a 911 call reporting shots fired.

The officer was charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, menacing, falsely reporting an incident and petit larceny. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted….

[If convicted, will he do any time, or merely skate with probation?]


Brooklyn DA Attorney Eric Gonzalez erred, in alleging that NYPD Officer Anthony Delacruz had one accomplice. DelaCruz allegedly had two accomplices. Here, in a WEJB/NSU exclusive, is their picture: Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lackey, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

This is Why Feminism is so Great! What Do You Do, if a “Refugee” Sexually Molests Your Daughter? I’m Waiting for an Answer!

By Reader-Researcher RC

Sweden: Feminist Mother Refuses to Report Afghan Refugee After He Sexually Abuses Her 12-Year-Old Daughter

45-year-old who had sexual relationship with migrant was "afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan."

N.S.: Jack Benny could make this sort of thing hilarious, in a self-deprecating sort of way, on the radio.

Robber: Your money, or your life!

[The trademark Benny pregnant pause.]

Robber: Well, what are you waiting for?!

Benny: I’m thinking, I’m thinking!

As the song goes, “Where have all the comics gone?”

And while we’re at it, where have all the mothers gone?

“Dreamers” or “Nightmares”?

By Nicholas Stix

Someone near and dear to me, who shall remain nameless, just gave Howie Carr credit for referring to illegal aliens who allegedly were brought here as kids by their parents as “nightmares,” and linked to his January 14, 2018 column.
This latest controversy erupted during negotiations over the Democrats’ insane scheme to protect 800,000 illegal-immigrant criminals they call “Dreamers.” Their dream, our nightmare.
And that was only implicit, on Carr’s side.

On September 10, 2017, I made the usage explicit, in a headline:

”Yet Another Good Reason to Send DACA Nightmares Back, from Whence They Came: Tokyo Rose, aka Sen. John McCain, Says It Would be ‘Unconscionable’ to Do so.”

However, I’m willing to bet that someone else used “nightmares” in that fashion earlier, simply because it’s a natural.

Former Knox County Judge Richard Baumgartner Found Dead at Home; Disgraced Jurist Would be Forever Tied to the Knoxville Horror Racist Atrocity and His Subversion of Justice, if the National Media Hadn’t Suppressed Story


War crime victims Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were gang-raped, tortured and murdered by as many as seven racist blacks

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU: “The Baumgartner Affair and the Knoxville Horror: It Gets Worse All the Time”; and

“The Knoxville Horror: A Reading List on the Racist Atrocity that the MSM and Wikipedia Don’t Want You to Learn About.”]

By David in TN


Judge Richard Baumgartner

Former Knox County Superior Court Judge Richard Baumgartner has died at age 70. He presided over the original four Knoxville Horror Trials. I saw him at the first Vanessa Coleman trial in 2010. Baumgartner sometimes fell asleep during testimony, and didn't look healthy.

He was very much in charge, however. The thinking was Judge Baumgartner wanted to be over the Christian-Newsom trials despite being in such pain that during the Davidson trial, that he was getting drugs from a probationer in his court. If that wasn't enough, Baumgatner was having a sexual relationship with this woman.

Because of Baumgarner's feckless behavior, two of the trials had to be retried.


Judge Baumgartner’s probationer, lover, and drug supplier, Deena Castleman has been charged with drug crimes and prostitution, which tend to go together, over the years


N.S.: The subversion of justice to which I alluded in the headline, was in Baumgartner’s shipping in alternate jurors from Davidson County, Tennessee, under the pretext of Knox County jurors being biased against the defendants. However, what Baumgartner was really up to, was sabotage. If jurors had been chosen from an over 90% white county, like Knox County, where the atrocity had been committed, there was a serious danger of justice being meted out to the monstrous, racist, rapist-killers. Justice required nothing less than the death penalty.

Baumgartner understood that all too well, and had jurors brought in from a county with a black proportion three times that of Knox County. That’s why I dubbed him, “Judge Mischief.”

The only killer whose jury meted out justice to him was Lemaricus Davidson. That was because Davidson refused Baumgartner’s help, and foolishly demanded that he be tried by a Knox County jury, which duly sentenced him to death.

Davidson has yet to be executed, but at least the possibility of justice obtains in his case.

Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood went even beyond Baumgartner’s corruption, in ruling that all four state trials had to be repeated, and in insisting that for Davidson’s retrial, he would bus a jury in from Nashville/Davidson County.

Judge Blackwood’s misconduct was so outrageous that Knox County Deputy Attorney General Randy Nichols went over his head, appealing to the Tennessee Supreme Court.
The TSC overruled Blackwood, ruling that only two of the four state defendants, Vanessa Coleman and George Thomas, had a right to a new trial. Both were convicted the second time around, but with less time, especially Coleman.


The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Only three of the monsters who raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were convicted of murder, and only one, Lemaricus Davidson, has been sentenced to death. Davidson’s half-brother, Letalvis Cobbins, and George Thomas have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cowardly white jurors and racist black ones conspired to convict Cobbins’ unrepentant girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, only of “facilitation of murder and rape.” Eric Boyd, whom prosecutors are convinced participated in the kidnappings, rapes (of Christophe Newsom, at any rate), and murders, never made any self-incriminating statements, or left any hard, self-incriminating evidence, and was convicted only of being an accessory after the fact, in aiding and abetting Davidson, in the latter’s flight. Two more black male rapist-killers are known only via the semen they left in Channon Christian’s panties.