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Family of Indian H1-B Killer-Suicide Pawan Kumar, Who Murdered Damielle Mehlman: He wuz Framed!

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Pawan framed for murder, claims family
June 28, 2012
By Aleena Alice
Deccan Chronicle

The family of the 26-year-old city-based techie Pawan Kumar, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a motel room in New Jersey in the US, allege that he was murdered by someone who was professionally jealous of him.

The family said it plans legal action against his employer if it fails to help bring his body back home. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Pawan Kumar’s uncle Mr Krishnappa said, “A couple of times, Pawan had mentioned that there were a lot of people who were jealous of him since he was good at his job. We feel that this could be the reason he was framed for the murder (of Danielle Melhman). It was definitely not suicide. We strongly suspect he was murdered by someone who could have induced him with drugs”.

Pawan’s brother-in-law Gopalakrishna said company officials – who had initially promised to help the family – were now disconnecting calls. He said the family will write to PM Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil seeking their intervention. He said the family has approached External Affairs minister S.M. Krishna’s office in New Delhi and they faxed a letter to the company seeking details.

Pawan Kumar was suspected by the Delaware State Police to be involved in the murder of Danielle Mehlman (26), a teacher and part-time dancer at a club, who was found murdered two days before the death of Kumar. According to the US police, Mehlman and Kumar had checked into the motel on June 17. Mehlman’s body was discovered by housekeepers in a room on the first floor of the motel on June 18.

Pawan’s sister Gunasheela says Mehlman had used her brother for his money. “My brother never mentioned anything to us about any woman in his life. We don’t understand how the murder issue just cropped up. Education was my brother’s life. He was always a merit student and was a very humble person. He never argued with anyone for anything, so how can he murder a person?”

“Cognizant’s HR for Bengaluru, Mr Praveen Joshi, called me on Monday evening and said that he would come to my house on Tuesday and help us get in touch with the US officials so that we can get my brother’s body back. However, he did not come or call again,” said Gunasheela. She says that they last spoke to Pawan on June 15 “when he called us and informed us that he wanted to buy a car. After that, we did not receive any call. On June 20, Mr Joshi called up and informed me that Pawan was dead. After that there was no proper communication from the company,” said Gunasheela.

Pawan’s mother Ganga Ratnama said, “I have lost my only son for no fault of his. Now we are not even able to go about his final rites. What will the US government do with a dead man’s body? All we are asking for is that the US government release his body,” she said.

[Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

“Yet Another Collision of a Suicidally ‘Liberated,’ White Female with the Third World? H1-B Visa Holder Pawan Kumar Murders School Teacher/Stripper Danielle Mehlman at Delaware Beach Resort Town, Then Commits Suicide”;

“Family of Murder Victim Danielle Mehlman: She Met Her Killer, Pawan Kumar, Through an Online Dating Service”;

“Indian H-1B Killer of Danielle Mehlman, Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, was an Indentured Servant for Cognizant; Killer’s Family is in Denial, Claims Firm Has Sought to Hide Its Connection to Killer”; and

“Danielle Mehlman’s H-1B Killer, Indian Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, Left Suicide Note; Times of India ‘Disappears’ Victim.”]

Houston: Family Feud Turns Deadly

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Man killed, sister charged
Diondra Deville charged in brother's death
By Irika Sargent,
June 29, 2012, 10:55:44 p.m. CDT; updated June 30, 2012, 10:21:15 a.m. CDT

Harris County detectives said a woman shot and killed her brother Friday.

Diondra Deville was arrested and charged with the murder.

Deputies said around 3:45 p.m., Deville was inside her home at 10514 Mist Lane with her two brothers and five young children. They said the older brother, Dominic Small, started fighting with his family.

"A 28-year-old black male was having an argument with everybody in the household," said Sgt. Robert Spurgeon, "and a fight between him and his brother took place."

Investigators said Deville went into another room, grabbed a gun, and came back to break up the fight. She's accused of shooting Small in the chest.

"The sister retrieved a handgun and shot her brother," said Spurgeon.

Sherry Mankin lives across the street and said she heard a woman yelling for help.

"I looked out my window and there was a lady screaming on the driveway," said Mankin.
"She was laying down, kind of rolling in the grass."

Family members of the brother and sister said the woman yelling for help was the victim's girlfriend.

Those family members also said the sister shot Small in self defense, because he was physically fighting and threatening her and the younger brother.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this article.]

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Danielle Mehlman’s H-1B Killer, Indian Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, Left Suicide Note; Times of India “Disappears” Victim


Murder victim Danielle Mehlman

A store surveillance picture of murderer-suicide Pawan Kumar, from June 16 or 17, 2012

By Nicholas Stix

Note that the following Times of India article “disappears” murder victim Danielle Mehlman. Her name appears nowhere in the article, and although the article mentions in passing the warrant for Kumar's arrest for murdering Mehlman, if you read the article superficially, you’d think he was the victim of the piece!

* * *

Bangalore techie Pawan Kumar left suicide note, say US police
Rajiv Kalkod, TNN | Jun 29, 2012, 01.54AM IST
Times of India
Comments (191)

Distraught family members of Pawan Kumar Anjaiah want his death to be probed.

BANGALORE: In a latest development, the Delaware police in New Jersey have confirmed that Pawan Kumar had left a suicide note and that they recovered it from his room.

However, Delaware police have refused to reveal the details of the suicide note. As a rule, we do not disclose the details to press," Delaware police sources said in an email to TOI [N.S.: Times of India].

A Pawan Kumar, software engineer with Cognizant, was found dead inside a hotel room in New Jersey on June 19. Delaware police had issued an arrest warrant against him for allegedly killing a 26-year-old [former] teacher in a beach in the second week of June.

Meanwhile, there was confusion in Pawan's family on who will bring the body. "We are in touch with the company to help us bring the body," Pawan's father, A Anjaiah, told TOI.

He said that his son had told him days before he was said to have ended his life that he had drawn around Rs 10 lakh from a bank to buy a new car. No one knows what happened to that money," Anjaiah said.

Congnizant [sic] spokesperson said: "Cognizant is working closely with the Indian government officials in New York and they have been very helpful. After multiple calls to the family members of Pawan Kumar today, they met us in our office this evening along with their lawyer. We have given the family members the forms from the US government authorities that need to be signed by Pawan Kumar's father to obtain the release of Pawan Kumar's body. We are waiting for the family to sign the necessary paper work so that we can facilitate the return of the body to the family as quickly as possible.''

[Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

“Yet Another Collision of a Suicidally ‘Liberated,’ White Female with the Third World? H1-B Visa Holder Pawan Kumar Murders School Teacher/Stripper Danielle Mehlman at Delaware Beach Resort Town, Then Commits Suicide”;

“Family of Murder Victim Danielle Mehlman: She Met Her Killer, Pawan Kumar, Through an Online Dating Service”; and

“Indian H-1B Killer of Danielle Mehlman, Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, was an Indentured Servant for Cognizant; Killer’s Family is in Denial, Claims Firm Has Sought to Hide Its Connection to Killer.”]

The Latest from Knoxville, aka Peyton Place, Tennessee

By David in TN

In the latest news from Knoxville, defense attorneys, Tom Dillard and Stephen Ross Johnson have fired back at Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols' allegations of unethical conduct by Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood with their own accusations. Supposedly, Nichols and his staff hid information about disgraced Judge Richard Baumgartner's misdeeds while Baumgartner was presiding over the Christian-Newsom case.

Dillard and Johnson are the attorneys for George Thomas. They argue "a motion to recuse should have been filed years ago in this case concerning Judge Baumgartner."

Blackwood has ordered new trials for the defendants in the Knoxville Horror torture-murders because of revelations that Baumgartner "was a chronic alcoholic and pill addict who used a felon on probation in his court to procure pills and using a graduate of his Drug Court to garner sex and pills."

"A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation probe showed that much of Baumgartner's crimes were committed while he was still helming the Christian-Newsom case."

It appears Baumgartner was secretly advised to take treatment for alcohol addiction before those trials began. Knox County legal authorities allowed Baumgartner to preside over the most heinous murder case in Knoxville history, even though they knew his health and self-control were not of the best.

Dillard and Johnson also contend that Nichols and his staff kept these revelations secret from the defense lawyers in the Christian-Newsom case.

Nichols' special counsel, John Gill, said, "We didn't realize the extent of the problem."

Judge Blackwood had originally ordered the retrial for "alleged" ringleader Lemaricus Davidson to begin on June 11. If the Knox County DA had not challenged the decision, the Davidson trial would probably be over now. As it is, it is still up in the air. The back-and-forth that has gone on now for several weeks helps only the killers.

Is Angela Corey After George Zimmerman, in the Hopes of Appeasing Blacks and Saving Her Career?

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Angela Corey, Monster.”]

I lay awake last night, wondering how anyone could ruin the lives of innocent people, as Angela Corey does. Imagine being locked in a cage for 20 years, separated from your loved ones. In the case of brutal criminals, that is necessary to protect innocent people, but Corey is doing it to innocent people who only tried to protect themselves.

Then a thought came to me about her possible motivation in the Zimmerman case. The female victim of Corey's persecution, Marissa Alexander, is black, and so now has black organizations standing up for her. Now, having powerful black organizations against one is not generally positive for one's political career. The question is: Is Corey after Zimmerman, in the hopes of appeasing blacks and saving her career?

I don't know if anyone else has considered this possibility, but one would hope that a journalist somewhere would be digging up the facts.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Indian H-1B Killer of Danielle Mehlman, Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, was an Indentured Servant for Cognizant; Killer’s Family is in Denial, Claims Firm Has

Sought to Hide Its Connection to Killer

Murder victim Danielle Mehlman


Killer-suicide Pawan Kumar, June 16 or 17, 2012

[Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

“Yet Another Collision of a Suicidally ‘Liberated,’ White Female with the Third World? H1-B Visa Holder Pawan Kumar Murders School Teacher/Stripper Danielle Mehlman at Delaware Beach Resort Town, Then Commits Suicide”; and

“Family of Murder Victim Danielle Mehlman: She Met Her Killer, Pawan Kumar, Through an Online Dating Service.”]

* * *

Bangalore techie found dead in US hotel
By Rajiv Kalkod, TNN Jun 27, 2012, 04.19AM IST
Times of India

BANGALORE: A 26-year-old techie from Bangalore, who was in the US on an assignment, allegedly committed suicide in a New Jersey hotel room last week. He was wanted in connection with the murder of an American woman.

Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, a software engineer with business and technology services major Cognizant, died allegedly of drug overdose, according to US media reports quoting Delaware state police. He died in a room in Belleville city of Wayne county in New Jersey state on June 19.

The body of Pawan, a resident of RT Nagar, is in a Belleville hospital, sources told TOI. With no sign of the body arriving in Bangalore though a week has elapsed since his death, Pawan's family accused his employers of having washed their hands of the case and telling them not to speak to the media about it. But Cognizant denied this and said it was providing all assistance.

Pawan's family believes he was innocent and not the kind who would be involved in any crime. Delaware police were looking for Pawan in connection with the alleged murder of Danille [sic] Mehlman, a 26-year-old teacher and mother of a four-year-old boy. Her body was found with multiple stab wounds in a hotel room in Dewey Beach, Delaware, on June 18.

After preliminary investigations, Delaware police sounded an alert for Pawan, who was believed to have been sharing the room with the woman and possessed a deadly weapon. A day later, Pawan's body was found in the locked room of Belleville Motor Lodge. Pawan, who went to the US on an H-1B visa (non-immigrant) in early 2011, was scheduled to return to Bangalore next week.

Angela Corey, Monster

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

Fair-minded people across the nation recognize that George Zimmerman is being railroaded, that for the "crime" of saving his own life from a savage who may well have beaten him to death, his life is being ruined. Many naive Americans probably don't believe that such injustice can happen in our country, but it has, can, and does.

Here is the case of a woman with a history of abuse by a man (to the extent that she has been hospitalized), a woman who had obtained a restraining order against this man, who had a license to carry a gun, but who received a prison sentence of 20 years for merely firing into the ceiling in an attempt to frighten off this man.

You may ask yourself how such a monstrous miscarriage of justice could happen. What prosecutor would do this to a person--much less an abused and frightened woman? Well monstrous miscarriages of justice happen because of prosecutors who are really persecutors—in this case the very same Angela Corey who is persecuting George Zimmerman, a good community-minded man who stood up for homeless victims and tutored black kids.

There is little people in the rest of the country can do other than spread the truth (and perhaps contribute to Zimmerman's defense fund), but people who live in Florida need to ask themselves, "With such a monster on the loose, is anyone safe?"

Angela Corey must be fired. Just ask Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz—Corey called Harvard and tried to get him fired and disbarred for telling the truth about her.

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Family of Murder Victim Danielle Mehlman: She Met Her Killer, Pawan Kumar, Through an Online Dating Service


Murder victim Danielle Mehlman

Danielle Mehlman's killer, Pawan Kumar, committed suicide

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Yet Another Collision of a Suicidally “Liberated,” White Female with the Third World? H1-B Visa Holder Pawan Kumar Murders School Teacher/Stripper Danielle Mehlman at Delaware Beach Resort Town, Then Commits Suicide.”]

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Murder suspect, victim met through online dating service
By George Mattar
Updated 6/21/2012 2:15:27 a.m. ET

Bensalem resident Danielle Mehlman died of multiple stab wounds allegedly at the hands of a man she met on an online dating site, Delaware State Police said on Wednesday.

Mehlman, 26, was killed Monday by Pawan Kumar, 26, of Wilmington, Del., in the Atlantic Oceanside Motel along Route 1 in Dewey Beach, state police said.

Her body was found by a motel cleaning woman, they added.

Authorities said Mehlman’s murder was the first in Dewey Beach since the town was incorporated in 1981, the Reading Eagle reported.

Mehlman was a teacher at Planet Abacus Charter School, which is in the Tacony section of Philadelphia.

One of her students said she was saddened by the news.

“For the short time I spent with her, I never thought that anything could happen to such a beautiful person inside and out. On a teacher level, she was one of the best. On behalf of the family, I wish them the strength and more they need to get through this,” said Dekira Ladson.

Police gave few details of the murder.

“The cause of death is multiple stab wounds,” said spokesman Cpl. Gary Fournier. Family members said she suffered multiple stab wounds to her upper torso.

Fournier told the Reading Eagle, “We only know (Mehlman and Kumar) checked in (to the motel) the afternoon prior (to her death). The investigation is ongoing.

Basically, we’re still trying to figure out the facts to bring closure to the case, although there may never be closure for her family.”

Mehlman’s family said she recently met Kumar through an online dating service but that they had never met him.

Kumar was found dead Tuesday of an apparent suicide by overdose in northern New Jersey, said Katherine Carter of the Essex County, N.J., prosecutor’s office.

He was an Indian national in the United States legally on an H1B work visa, said Harold Ort, public affairs officer for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Newark, N.J.

Investigators said they cannot know what led to the murder of the woman, the mother of a 4-year-old son. The child is now with his father in New Jersey, the family said.

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Brittney Watts Murder Update: Suspect Loses Lawyer

By David in TN

On Monday at Fulton County Superior Court, attorneys for Nkosi Thandiwe told Judge Kelly Lee they will file a withdrawal motion, dropping Thandiwe as a client.

Thandiwe is charged in the July 2011 shooting spree in Midtown Atlanta that killed Brittney Watts, left Lauren Garcia paralyzed, and wounded Tiffany Ferenczy.

Thandiwe's former attorney John Garland said it was the wishes of the accused that he be dropped. The case will now be turned over to a public defender who asked not to be identified. Garland's office will still "offer whatever assistance possible."

Judge Lee set a tentative trial date of January 13, 2013. In April, the judge ruled Thandiwe was competent to stand trial. Thandiwe was in court Monday, but apparently no family members of the victims were present.

Thandiwe is charged with three counts of felony murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, hijacking a car, aggravated battery and gun possession during the commission of a felony.

"Police say Thandiwe, who was a security guard at the Proscenium building where all three women worked, shot Watts in the neck in the building's parking deck, and then fled the garage in her car, shooting two more women as he exited onto Crescent Avenue. Tiffany Ferenczy suffered a leg injury."

The above article has a link to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story that has police saying Thandiwe "randomly targeted" the victims.

N.S.: Thandiwe comes from a well-to-do family—his mother is a prominent lawyer, and his father is a prominent engineer—but intends to stick the taxpayer with his tab. And he will never receive justice for what he did.

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Exposing the Black Talented Tenth

By Burgess Owens

[N.S.: I was honored that NFL great, Burgess Owens, would send me this excerpt from his forthcoming book, It’s All about Team- Exposing the Black Talented Tenth. I will notify my readers when Owens’ book is published, which should occur anytime over the next three months, but keep an eye out for it.]

“The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men. The problem of education, then, among Negroes must first of all deal with the Talented Tenth; it is the problem of developing the “Best of this Race” that they may guide the Mass away from the contamination and death of the Worst, in their own and other races...

W.E.B Dubois

This was the description in 1910 of the professional, educated and elitist black professionals who W.E.B Dubois first termed, “The Talented Tenth.” Dubois, was the first Black American to graduate from Harvard. He was accepted within the northern white intellectual circles as one of the “best of his race.” As an avowed Socialist, he was the only Black member of the original 19 wealthy, white Socialist founders of the NAACP. He was to represent the face of the NAACP and be their messenger to the black community through its magazine, The Crisis. He would later serve on the board of eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, as she began her foray of abortions into the Black community. According to her writings, her view of blacks and other minorities was succinct…“human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born.”

W.E.B Dubois used the NAACP platform for two decades to discredit the character, reputation, and fundraising efforts of capitalist and Tuskegee University founder, Booker T. Washington. Washington’s message of industry and self-sufficiency was eventually replaced by the NAACP’s message of “integration at all cost” and unionization. Dubois, later in his life, would join the Communist Party and renounce his American citizenship. His “integration at all cost” message would, decades later, continue to influence the community’s self-perception. It is here where there is a devaluated worth of black goods, services, schools and communities when stacked against its white counterpart. Dubois’s reward for sharing and promoting the goals of the liberal/socialist organizations he represented was honor, national prestige, and a good job. He, unlike the visionary capitalist, Booker T. Washington, has been treated kindly in the history books as an intellectual hero. .

The Talented Tenth is alive and well today and visible in all arenas of prominence. “That they may guide the Mass away from the contamination and death of the Worst, in their own and other races.” As they elevate themselves from the masses, they ensure their success and that of their fellow Talented Tenth friends. They are the black liberal academia, who from the safety of their tenured jobs skew capitalism and promote socialism, they are the professional black legislatures who legislate barriers that keep poor black children from a quality education, poor black teenagers from employment, and black entrepreneurs from competing with labor unions for federal projects. They are the black developers and managers, the slumlords, who have garnered tens of millions in wealth from “help the poor” federal funds, while their tenants live in squalor. They are the wealthy black entertainers who confuse humbleness with elitist condescension and the community organizers who march for the downtrodden, and then jump in front of the line when the Federal goodies come or a hosting job for MSNBC.

This is the group that with the encouragement of liberal/socialist organizations guided a proud and productive mid-20th century black race away from capitalism and industry to one that would spend decades demanding the industry of others. In 1900 Booker T. Washington labeled them as “Problem profiteers…There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. …… - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."…

This group has been the most ardent enemy of the black community and represents its most seductive and deadly Trojan Horse. They come as if from the community bearing gifts… but instead of sharing encouragement and hope, they who live the American dream, offer a message of hopelessness and actions of obstructionism, making it almost impossible for the masses to experience the American Dream. Their influence will wane once, through the power of capitalism and competition, the American people decide that their product… hopelessness... is no longer of any value. This could be the beginning.

Burgess Owens

Burgess was the 3rd Black American Student-Athlete given a scholarship at University of Miami, graduating with a B.S in Biology. He was a 1st round draft choice for the NY Jets and concluded his career with the World Champion Oakland Raiders. His post-NFL career has been in corporate sales and as an entrepreneur.

Burgess has a soon-to-be released book
, It’s All about Team- Exposing the Black Talented Tenth.

The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department: Why are White Uniformed Services Personnel Not Permitted to Criticize Black Pathologies and Evil, but Their

Black Counterparts Can Make Off-the-Wall, Black Supremacist Statements?

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“No First Amendment for You, Whitey: Miami-Dade Fire Captain Who Criticized Trayvon Martin Hoax is Busted All the Way Down to Fireman, Humiliated, and Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation and Still More Diversity Training.”]

By Nicholas Stix

A reader just sent along the following letter.

Hi Nicholas,

Thought you might be able to think of a useful countermeasure to this story: came across this on NPR;

Look for the comment from a Tracy Triplett who claims to have worked (and perhaps.....still works?) at the Kansas City FD.

"Tracy Triplett White people have no souls therefore you can't respect humanity, I'm not sure why your type was created or mutated but the earth had paid a heavy price for it. Have a happy father's day:)"

Interesting eh? The email for the department appears to be:

Might be worth a shot?

[N.S.: I just confirmed that the statement is at NPR, comes from a black going by the name Tracy Triplett, and that Triplett claims to work for the KCFD.

I am not in the habit of trying to get people fired for their opinions, but I also do not believe that whites should have to surrender their First Amendment rights, while blacks enjoy unfettered First Amendment freedoms.]

Marcia Clark: The Reading Public Will Not Support Writers of Realistic Crime Fiction; It is Only Excited by Stories of PC, Feminist Detectives and

Prosecutors (Like Her!) Pursuing White, Heterosexual, Male Serial Killers

Marcia Clark (Claudia Kunin)

By Nicholas Stix

The notion that the reading public finds realistic crime fiction boring will come as news to Joseph Wambaugh, who made his name and tens of millions of dollars, and revolutionized TV cop shows, through realistic crime fiction.

Marcia Clark comes across as a stupid person, which I’m sure she isn’t, which leaves dishonesty as the lone remaining explanation for her silly op-ed below. After this essay, I subject her rant to a running commentary.

The reason publishers started favoring bizarre over realistic crime fiction was political. Publishers (or, at least, most chief editors) are aware that the overwhelming majority of violent crime in America is split roughly between blacks (two-thirds) and Hispanics (one-third), but are hopelessly pc, and thus refused to publish fiction that depicted that reality. Instead, they began publishing novels about white male serial killers (e.g., “Hannibal Lecter” and “Buffalo Bill”), thus promoting the decidedly unrealistic fiction that most serial killers are white, heterosexual men, a myth that the alleged news media also promoted. However, in recent years, the overwhelming majority of serial killers have been black men (81.6 percent since 2000).

As I observed in my June 18, VDARE column, “Richard Jewell and Steven Hatfill—Two White Men Who Beat the ‘Serial Killer’ Rap,” throughout the 1990s and well into the 2000s, the news and entertainment media told us incessantly that serial killers were overwhelmingly white, male, and 20-45 years old. The father of that false profile was Robert Ressler of the FBI’s behavioral science unit. Blacks still constantly repeat this canard. However, in Justin Cottrell’s new book, Rise of the Black Serial Killer, he maintains that serial killers today are overwhelmingly black men, and that Ressler deliberately lied, and even perjured himself in court testimony, in promoting his false “criminal profile.”

Ressler: “There are very few non-white serial killers.”

Cottrell argues that Ressler was afraid of being called a racist. I think Ressler had an appetite for the limelight, and was just telling the leftwing MSM what he knew they wanted to hear—the truth, the law, and public safety be damned. The MSM reciprocated by making a star of Ressler.

Another factor is literary agents. Circa 2000, I bought one of those crappy, overpriced, Get Your Book Published books, the kind that only helps the author. The guy doesn’t breathe a word about publishing politics, but it was clear to read between the lines.

Most of the agents were narcissistic, feminist, females. Narcissistic: One after another said never to bother her by calling to check up on whether she’s making progress, selling your manuscript.

Any agent who resents ever hearing from you, needs to be your ex-agent.

Feminist: One after another said that her favorite pastime was reading “feminist theory.” Totaled up, I wasted one of the best years of my life reading feminist theory. Only sick, twisted individuals actually enjoy reading feminist theory.

Note that the lovers of feminist theory reported that they primarily sold manuscripts for self-help and diet books. So, they’re cynics, too, who believe they really should be peddling books on feminist theory, but have to settle for selling the yahoos diet and self-help books.

Finally, there is literary mediocrity. If you’re a talented writer, you can make any sort of crime story interesting, but if you’re inept, you have to focus on really lurid stuff, to distract the reader from your weak story-telling skills.

As my associate David in TN has reported, however, Marcia Clark’s novels sell so poorly that she has apparently failed to distract readers. I wonder how many diet and self-help books her publisher has to sell, in order to be able to afford subsidizing her.

* * *

Marcia Clark on Why Fiction is Way Stranger than Truth
By Marcia Clark
Wall Street Journal
May 11, 2012, 4:00 p.m. ET

Because it has to be. True crime is almost never strange. True crime goes something like this: Joey gets mad at Stewie for poaching his girlfriend. Joey gets drunk and plugs Stewie. Or like this: Leo’s a meth addict and he needs money to buy his fix, so he goes into a liquor store and robs the owner at gunpoint. The only twist you might find is if the owner pulls a gun and Leo kills him. [How about: The owner pulls a gun and kills Leo?

Note, too, the atypical character of the crimes she cites, which are identified with white, heterosexual males. But the majority of violent crimes aren’t committed by white males, they’re committed by black males. Thus, her whole argument is based on lies.

True crime is more like, someone from the Crips dissed S—tavious, who is a Blood, so S—tavious drives by a street corner where a few Crips can be found amidst 20 non-Crips, and sprays semi-automatic gunfire into the crowd, killing three and wounding 10, none of whom were Crips.

Or, S—tavious sees a white guy walking on the street late at night, and tells his friend to pull over his car, so he can rob the guy. But once he draws his gun and the victim has his wallet in his hand, S—tavious says, “I ought to shoot this cracker,” kills the white, and runs back to the car, without even bothering to take the wallet.]

Exciting, huh? Right. I can hear you snoring. That’s true crime. And when a real case captures public attention, it isn’t – as people so often say when there’s a high profile case – because truth is stranger than fiction. Because truth isn’t stranger than fiction. It’s just true, and that’s what fascinates.

Case in point: Casey Anthony. That case had a significant following, but were the facts really so strange? A young woman kills her baby so she could live the Bella Vida and dance around in a wet T shirt. It’s morally reprehensible, cruel, depraved, but strange? No, Virginia, it isn’t.

Mothers who get rid of babies they don’t want to raise is not, sorry to say, an exotic crime. Matter of fact, it happens frequently enough that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has a special unit, Family Violence, devoted to the prosecution of mothers (and other family members) like that. And while it’s true that Casey Anthony was a pretty white girl and not a crack addict on welfare, that isn’t so strange either. Other pretty white girls have killed their babies. So why did Casey Anthony turn into a national obsession?

In part, because of her lawyer’s incendiary claim – never backed up by a shred of evidence – that she was molested by her father, and that he was the true culprit. But mostly because this was a true story that, thanks to the hungry maw of the twenty-four news cycle, we could watch unfold.

[Wrong. First of all, there is no “twenty-four news cycle.” That’s just a tawdry, MSM cliché. Cable TV news runs the same stories on endless loop, especially when there is a big trial.

Second, the nation wasn’t obsessed with Casey Anthony, the MSM were. And that was because they had to fill time, and had no intention of filling it with typical crimes. They filled air time with Anthony, because she was so atypical.]

That woman sitting at counsel table…that man on the witness stand…all real. The facts themselves were a lot less strange than most works of fiction – certainly much less strange than the most successful fiction. Like for instance, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” or “Silence of the Lambs.” Those are strange stories. But Casey Anthony? Meh.

But that’s the thing with true crime. The most mundane story is instantly fascinating if you start with the words, “this is a true story.”

Fiction can’t get away with that. It doesn’t have the magical promise of “true story” to fall back on.

In the mystery/thriller genre in particular, crimes have to be big, shocking and packed with gnarly twists to hold readers’ attention. But even literary fiction tends to focus on ultra strange characters:

Nabokov in “Lolita,” for instance.

[When Nabokov wrote Lolita, it was completely anomalous. Thus, rather than making Clark’s point, it contradicts it. Maybe that’s why she could only come up with one example.]

That’s why no successful fiction writer tells the story of how Joey shot Stewie. He or she knows we’d all be snoring before we finished reading the jacket cover. Now, make Joey a flesh-eating serial killer with a genius IQ…

Marcia Clark’s new book is “Guilt by Degrees.” Clark is a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney who was the lead prosecutor on the O.J. Simpson case. She is a frequent media commentator and columnist on legal issues. She lives in Los Angeles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baloo: Weddings, in an Age of Divorce Lawyers



Visit the cartoon page of the incomparable Baloo here, and his gift page here.

Los Angeles: Grinning Child Killer, Latece Megale (Also Spelled “Meagle”) Brown Sentenced to Death for Rape, Murder


Latece Megale (aka Meagle) Brown in court, 2012

By Nicholas Stix

What do you think the odds are that justice will ever be meted out to this monster?



Grinning Child Killer Sentenced to Death for Rape, Murder
[By Anonymous]
June 22, 2012, 4:50 a.m. PDT

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- An ex-con was sentenced to death on Thursday for the 2003 rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl, whose bound and burned body was discovered in an alley.

A jury convicted Latece Megale Brown on April 11 of 17 felony counts, including the first-degree murder of Jacquies Williams and the kidnapping, rape and sodomy of five other victims, who ranged in age from 14 to 25 years old.

In addition to the death sentence in Williams' murder, Brown was also sentenced to 205 years to life in prison, plus two additional life sentences in connection with the other charges.

Superior Court Judge Bob S. Bowers described the Williams killing as “cold and vicious,” noting that Brown, who weighed 450 pounds at the time of the killing, asphyxiated the victim by sitting on her.

Brown later set fire to her body in an attempt to destroy evidence.

Williams, who lived in Las Vegas, was visiting her father in Los Angeles when her body was discovered in an alley on 121st Street on Oct. 24, 2003.

She had been raped, then tied and bound.

Her body was wrapped in a comforter, doused with gasoline and set on fire.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Brown, a documented gang member, preyed on vulnerable young women, tied and bound many of them before sexually assaulting them in 2002 and 2003.

He was charged with the murder of Williams and 21-year-old Aisha High.

Jurors convicted Brown of raping and sodomizing High, but they deadlocked on the murder charge.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.]

Yet Another Collision of a Suicidally “Liberated,” White Female with the Third World? H1-B Visa Holder Pawan Kumar Murders School Teacher/Stripper

Danielle Mehlman at Delaware Beach Resort Town, Then Commits Suicide

Murder victim Danielle Mehlman


A store surveillance picture of murderer-suicide Pawan Kumar, from June 16 or 17, 2012

By Nicholas Stix
Sunday, June 24, 2012, 6:40 p.m.
Expanded on Monday, June 25, 2012, 1:02 a.m.

Everyone in the following story says what a sweet, wonderful (not to mention, beautiful) girl Danielle Mehlman was. Then what was she doing, letting a swarthy foreign stranger lavish expensive gifts on her, while humiliating him in front of other strangers, by showing off the gifts, while going out of her way to emphasize to them that she wasn’t sleeping with him, had no interest in doing so, was sleeping with another man, and was interested in sleeping with yet others?

Am I missing something here?

As my VDARE colleague Brenda Walker has emphasized time and again, and as I know firsthand, immigration is extremely stressful. Many people cannot handle it.

Pawan Kumar claimed that his parents and sister lived her, but that appears to have been the cover story of a desperate killer on the run.

On top of dealing with someone under the stress of having immigrated from a very strange culture, sexually humiliating a man is unwise, unkind, and unsafe, no matter where he hails from. A reader observed,

A supposedly naïve, sheltered Victorian era lady knew one didn't accept gifts from men, unless he was a relation or fiancé. They understood about sexual jealousy. Modern women are knowing, yet seem to know nothing.

But it get worse. The liberated female was not alone. She had someone who was totally dependent on her.


"Danielle Mehlman, 26, is survived by her 4-year-old son, Tyler"

On second look, maybe not totally. The victim was listed as living in Bensalem, PA, while her son was listed as living in Voorhees, NJ.

Will we learn of the possibly chaotic lives that led these two to cross paths? The character of today's multicultural journalism, in which crimes committed by protected groups are reduced to cliches such as "senseless violence" makes that possibility increasingly unlikely.

Next story!

Warning: I am usually the most tolerant guy on the internet when it comes to anonymous cowards who know absolutely nothing about the crime in question, yet who feign omniscience, often insisting they knew the victim, and telling me, “You don’t know what happened, you weren’t there.” However, I have momentarily reached my limit with such characters, and will consign their sage observations to spam, right from the get-go.

* * *

DELAWARE: Dewey Beach murder: The final hours
A tale that starts with gummi bear shots in a Dewey bar and ends with a suicide in a New Jersey hotel
By Sean O’Sullivan and Jesse Paul
June 23, 2012, 8:58 a.m.
The Daily Times/Dellmarva Now [Gannett]

Hours before she turned up dead in a Dewey Beach motel room, Danielle Mehlman was at a nightspot in town with Pawan Kumar – the man authorities believe later killed her – doing gummi bear shots with a Wilmington couple and showing off jewelry given to her by Kumar.

Dan Caputo and his fiancée, Cheri Duvall, said they did not sense any issue or tension between Mehlman and Kumar, although they were a bit puzzled at the exact nature of the couple’s relationship.

Caputo said at one point, they referred to Kumar as Mehlman’s “boyfriend” and she quickly corrected them to indicate he was not.

“She didn’t consider the relationship dating,” Caputo said. “She said, ‘he likes to buy me things,’ and showed us this jewelry, a gold necklace and two bracelets. She said right in front of him, ‘I’m not having sex with him, I’ve got a boyfriend.’ ”
Caputo said that it didn’t seem as if Mehlman was being mean, that she was matter-of-fact about it.

Hours after having drinks with Caputo and Duvall at Jimmy’s Grill, Mehlman’s body was discovered in a room at the Atlantic Oceanside Motel, the first homicide victim in Dewey since the resort incorporated 31 years ago.

Kumar’s body was discovered about 24 hours later at a motel in New Jersey, an apparent suicide.

Interviews with Caputo and Duvall, and with the cabbie who drove Kumar from Dewey to Wilmington, provide a picture of events in the hours before and after Mehlman’s death.

Caputo said due to the fact it was late on a Sunday, they were just about the only people in Jimmy’s Grill besides the bartender, which is apparently why Mehlman struck up a conversation with them at the bar. “She was a bit more tipsy than him,” Caputo said, but Duvall said she did not appear to be drunk.

From the conversation, Caputo said he understood that Mehlman and Kumar had only known each other a short time, perhaps a week.

“I never got a clear explanation as to how they met,” he said, or why she was down at the beach with a man she did not consider to be her boyfriend.

“I think he thought there was more going on in the relationship than she did,” Caputo said, adding that he had difficulty understanding what Kumar said due to his accent.

Kumar, a citizen of India, was in the United States on an H1 B work visa, said Harold Ort, in a statement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Newark, N.J. The News Journal was unable to determine where he worked or how long he’d been in the country.

Mehlman, who was from Bensalem, Pa., told Duvall that she was a schoolteacher, and media reports said she was a teacher at Planet Abacus Charter School in Philadelphia. Site Director Claudia Lyles said Mehlman had previously worked at the school but did not work there this school year.

“She was not here during my time here,” Lyles said. “I’ve been here since the end of November.”

Mehlman worked occasionally at the The Oasis, a gentleman’s club on Essington Avenue just outside of Philadelphia, according to a manager and dancer there. The manager, who identified himself to a reporter but asked that his name not be used, said Mehlman hadn’t worked there long, but once every few weeks would work the 9 p.m.-2 a.m. shift.

The manager said she “was a very sweet girl. She really hated to [work at Oasis]. She was very beautiful, and we hate to lose her. She didn’t cause any problems.”

A Delaware State Police detective visited the club as part of the investigation into Mehlman’s killing, the manager said.

At Jimmy’s Grill, Duvall said she chatted with Mehlman about where to go and what to eat in Dewey Beach. “She was really friendly and told me she was a schoolteacher.

We ‘friended’ each other [on Facebook],” she said, adding Mehlman took a picture of them with her cellphone and promised to send it to them over Facebook.

“While we were sitting there, she showed me a couple of texts from a guy she said she really did like,” Duvall recalled, saying the text was “something about ‘Where are you, I want to see you.’ ”

But, Duvall said, Mehlman reiterated in regard to Kumar, “I’m not going to have sex with this guy because I don’t love him,” but she added that Kumar was next going to take her to buy a Coach purse.

“I guess close to 9 p.m., they said they were going to the Starboard and they wanted us to go,” Duvall said. She and Caputo begged off. “We left and went home [to a beach house] and that was the end of it,” he said.

“Nothing seemed out of the ordinary,” Duvall said, adding she now regrets not going with them to the Starboard. “I have this strange feeling that maybe we should have gone.”

“She really wanted us to go,” she said.

About 10 hours later, just after 7 a.m., Beach Ride Taxi in Lewes got a call from someone who wanted a ride to the Wilmington train station. When dispatch asked him for his name, the man said, “you have my number, that is enough,” according to 56-year-old Jim Allen, owner of Beach Ride.

Allen himself went out on the call and arrived at Old Inlet Bait and Tackle nearly four miles south of the Atlantic Oceanside Motel to pick up his fare. He found a man, whom he later identified to police as Kumar, waiting outside with two plastic bags filled with clothing.

Allen said he immediately recognized the man.

“I saw [Kumar] get thrown out of the Starboard at 10:30 the night before while I was dropping off another fare,” Allen said. “I saw him in the parking lot [with] the bouncer grab[bing Kumar] and pushing him out like ‘you’re not welcome here.’ ”

Allen asked Kumar to show him proof that he had cash to pay for the ride, at which point the passenger pulled out a fistful of bills. Allen asked him how he had gotten to the tackle shop, but Kumar refused to answer.

As the two started heading North on Del. 1, Kumar changed his mind about where he wanted to go and told Allen to take him to 3120 Naamans Road –Kumar’s last known address, according to police – which he said was his parents’ apartment.

“I could barely understand his English, his accent was so heavy,” Allen said. “I asked him to write down the address so I could put it in my GPS. He kept asking every 10 minutes how far away we were.”

Allen tried to strike up a conversation, which, he said, was “like trying to pull teeth.”

“[Kumar] said he was down visiting friends and that his car had broken down,” Allen said. “He told me that his parents owned two businesses in Wilmington and that he had a sister who was in law school at Widener.”

Kumar said that he had only been in the United States for two weeks and was heading back to India on July 1 to attend medical school, Allen said.

At about 9:40 a.m., the pair arrived at the Stratford Apartments complex in Brandywine Hundred, where Kumar paid the $344 fare, with no tip, and Allen drove away.

“He just seemed very, very nervous,” Allen said. “He was disheveled and had the same clothes on as the night before. You could tell he hadn’t shaved.”

At around 10:45 a.m. Monday, a housekeeper at the Atlantic Oceanside Motel in Dewey Beach found Mehlman’s body in a ground-floor room. Police said she had been stabbed multiple times.

A couple staying in the motel said that it was a quiet night and they didn’t see or hear anything unusual.

Sometime after he was dropped off in Brandywine Hundred, Kumar made his way to Belleville, N.J., just north of Newark, according to police.

On Monday night, Kumar checked into the Belleville Motor Lodge and told the clerk he would be checking out the next day, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. When he failed to check out on Tuesday, employees tried to contact him and found the door to his room was locked.

Belleville police were called and found Kumar’s body in the room and a suicide note, said Deputy Chief Mark Minchini. The medical examiner attributed his death to an overdose.

“There was no information that [Kumar] had any specific links to Belleville that would explain why he went there,” said Katherine Carter of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

State police confirmed Thursday that Kumar had used the cab service to reach Wilmington and said they had investigated evidence in Allen’s car and had spoken to Caputo.

Sgt. Paul Shavack of the Delaware State Police said despite the fact that the suspected killer is dead, an aggressive and thorough investigation is continuing. He said they are still proceeding as if it was a criminal investigation and plan to release the details when it is complete.

Looking back,Duvall said she gets a sick feeling and wonders if Kumar was thinking or planning about what he would later do.

Caputo wonders if Mehlman’s off-hand comment dismissing her relationship with Kumar – and stating that she would not have sex with him – set Kumar off in some way. “I just keep thinking back and wonder if we never had that conversation,” he said.

The couple said they did not realize the importance of their Sunday night meeting until Tuesday when they picked up a copy of The News Journal and read about a murder in Dewey Beach. Caputo then went to to read more.

That’s when he saw the picture of Kumar released by police and called over his fiancée.

Their first reaction was that it looked just like the person they had met. They didn’t realize it actually was him until they read the story and saw the names.

“When I saw the picture and read the article, I just started to get tears in my eyes,” Duvall said. “Really, it just puts a big lump in my stomach. We really had a good time and planned on keeping in contact. She was so nice.”

[I thank the anonymous reader who sent me this tip.]

In Chicago’s Posh Lakeview Neighborhood, Obama’s Sons Still Robbing Whites and Asians at Will; How Long Has It been? 2 Years? How Long Till Targets

Leave and It, Too, Becomes a Ghetto? Will CPD Keep Fabulating That Crime is Going Down There, Too?
By Nicholas Stix

In Chicago, only felons and cops are permitted to arm themselves.

Note that the media, especially the Chicago Tribune, and cops have conspired for some two years now to cover up black-on-white and black-on-Asian violence in Chicago’s toniest neighborhoods.

The conspiracy has been an abject failure, costing both institutions credibility.

* * *

Cops: Black Suspects Rob 4 in Lakeview
Written by Chicago News Report
Sunday, June 24, 2012, 5:32:00 a.m.

At last count, a total of four people were robbed by the same two offenders in Chicago’s North Side, Lakeview neighborhood, said police.

Between 4 am and 4:15 a.m., a woman was robbed on the 1200 block of West Cornelia Avenue… two more victims were robbed on the 1300 block of West Cornelia… and a fourth victim was robbed on the 1300 block of West Barry Avenue, according to police dispatch reports.

In each case, the offenders were described as two black males with short hair, wearing hooded sweatshirts with black t-shirts underneath.

Authorities believe the same men are responsible for all three crimes.

Investigators said the victims on the 1300 block of West Cornelia Avenue saw the muggers flee the scene in a rust or pumpkin-colored vehicle.

The getaway car may be an import/foreign model, said police.

Dolton, IL: Father and Daughter Weekend Visit + PCP = Dead Daughter


"Gloria Woods, 16, and her father Larry D. Woods, 34. Larry is accused of killing his daughter Gloria." (Dolton Police Department )

By Nicholas Stix

Back in a former life when I was a foster-care worker for abused and neglected black kids, one of my supervisors once remarked that you only take PCP if you want to go psycho. There’s no benign aspect to the drug, for which the psycho part is merely a disagreeable side-effect. The psycho effect is all there is.

R.I.P., Gloria Woods.


Man charged with killing daughter in Dolton

June 22, 2012
By Peter Nickeas
Chicago Tribune

A Dixmoor man was high on PCP and marijuana when he broke his 16-year-old daughter's nose, jaw, skull and vertebrae in a Dolton hotel room earlier this week, according to police, who announced first-degree murder charges against the man Friday night.

The two were arguing over money when he beat her to death, police said in a statement.

A housekeeper at the Best Hotel on the 1300 block of East Sibley Boulevard found a girl covered in blood inside a hotel room and called police about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday.

The Cook County medical examiner's office identified her as Gloria Woods. Her father, Larry D. Woods, 34, admitted to being high after he was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon about 5:30 p.m., police said.

Gloria lived in Park Forest, police said, and her father lived in Dixmoor. She was visiting her father "for the weekend as she often did," police said in a statement.

The South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force helped Dolton police with the investigation. The charges were announced about 9:35 p.m. Friday.
Twitter: @peternickeas

[I thank the Chicago buddy who sent me this story.

From WEJB/NSU’s Chicago/Chicagoland files:

“Illinois Sentencing Guideline for Robbery + Assault + Attempted Murder by a Black on a White: One Year;

“Chicago: 21-Year-Old Shoots 84-Year-Old for ‘Disrespecting’ Him (with a Surprise Ending!)”;

“Chicago is Enriched by ‘Jaliscan’ (or is It ‘Arizonan’?) and ‘African’ Diversity”;

“Shooting at Whitey: Running the Gauntlet in Chicago Public Transportation”;

“Amish Gone Wild: Chicago Police Brace for ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks”;

“Walter Williams: America's new racists”;

“Chicago: Fifty-Strong, Black Robbery Mob Hits Walgreens on the Magnificent Mile”;

“The Great Chicago Memorial Day Gang Attack Cover-Up”;

“Convicted Murderer to Chicago Tribune’s Dawn Turner Trice: ‘I’m Not a Murderer’”;

“One Act of Memorial Day Weekend Violence That Neither the Chicago Police Department Nor the New York Times Tried to Cover Up”;

“Cognitive Dissonance in Chicago: Last Weekend, 20 People were Shot and 5 Killed of All Ages and in All Situations, Yet Crime is Dropping Like a Rock!”;

Chicago Tribune Editor to Readers: It’s None of Your Damned Business, Who’s Racially Targeting Whites and Asians for All of These Ceaseless, Brutally Violent Crimes!”;

“Speaking Truth to Black Power in Chicago”;

“Edward Vincent Hanrahan (1921-2009): He Helped Kill Fred Hampton”;

“Air Conditioner Attacks Chicago Sister, Causing a Brother’s Murder”;

“Lynch Mob of Seven Blacks Rob, and Try to Stomp to Death Raceless 18-Year-Old in Chicago’s Chinatown”;

“DADT/Due Diligence, Diversity-Style: For Years, Illinois State Program Did No Background Checks, and Paid Black Convicted Rapists to be Baby-Sitters”;

“The Black Wall of Silence: Harvey, IL, Police Department Conspired for at Least 14 Years to Protect Black Rapists; County Prosecutor’s Office Had to Raid Local PD, in Order to Rescue Stashed Rape Kits”;

“Video: In Racist Attack in Chicago, Two Huge, Fat, Black Sisters, 17 and 18, Jump Skinny Spanish Girl, 14, in Bio Class, Beat Her for 6-7 Minutes, Leaving Her with a Concussion and Internal Injuries; Frightened, Helpless,White Teacher Does Nothing”;

“12 Shot in 11.5 Hours, as Violent Crime Continues to Plummet in Chicago”;

“In Chicago: Happy Birthday … You’re Dead!”;

“7 Dead, 3 Injured Out of Ecuadorean Extended Family in Minivan; Van Hit Deer, was Hit by Semi; No One Wore Seatbelts”;

“The Kelli O'Laughlin Slaying: The Crazy Card, Again”;

“Media Alchemy: Sun-Times, Fox News Staffers Transform a Robbery into “a Fight over a Cell Phone”;

“Federal Judges Thwart Justice, on Behalf of Cop-Killers… Again”;

Chicago Tribune Breaks with Policy, and Racially IDs Perps in Home Invasion!”;

“The Gouger II: Exulam I. Holman Allegedly Gouged Out Uncle’s Eyes Over TV Remote”;

“Chicago Cops Release Photos of Negro Execution-Killers Celebrating Christmas”;

“Here’s a Mass Murder That Not Only the Nat'l MSM, but Even the Local Chicago Tribune Doesn’t Want Known: Cedric Anderson Murdered 4 Yesterday”;

“Chicago: Spree-Killer Dante Simmons Murders Troy Cameron, 22, Anton Sanders, 15, Shoots Up Chicago Walgreen’s, City Bus, Then Does Taxpayers a Favor”;

“Chicago: Rogers Park Gang Hit at Traffic Light Claims Lives of Dion Miller and Jonathan Bell; Killings Follow Pair the Previous Night.”;

“Six Shot Saturday Night on Chicago’s South Side; One Dead, as Crime Continues to Drop!”;

“Chicago: Murders Exploded in January, While Overall Crime Died”;

“Rub-Out by Hispanic Gang in Chicago Suburb of North Lake Claims James Romero, 18”;

“Chicago: 8 Shot, 2 Dead, in 7.3 Hours Saturday Night, as Crime Continues to Drop”;

“Chicago: 13 Hours, 17 Shot, 1 Dead, as Crime Continues Its Brutal Decline”;

“In Chicago’s Vibrant Little Village Section, 2 Latin Kings are Accused of Killing Girl, 6, from a ‘Two Six’ Gang Family; Police Cover for One Suspect; Chicago Tribune Turns Hispanic Gangbangers into ‘Teens’;5 Shot within 1 Hour”;

“34 Shot in Chicago Over Weekend: 1/16 Friday Night, 5/12 Saturday Night; as Crime Continues to Plummet”;

“Chicago’s Ultra-Violent Racist Derrick King, Again: Prosecutors Magically Transform Felonies Attempted Robbery and Making Terroristic Threats into ‘Misdemeanor Assault,’ While AOL’s Huffington Post Transforms Two Violent Felony Convictions into ‘Accusations’”;

“More Derrick King News, Out of Chicago!”;

“Trayvon Martin: Racist Terrorist Rep. Bobby Rush (Race-Chicago/Black Panthers), is Thrown Off House Floor for Donning a Hoodie, and Denouncing ‘Racial Profiling’; CBS ‘News’ Soldiers on with Race Hoax”;

“Chicago Shooters Don’t Wait for Weekend: 13 Shot, 2 Dead in 6 hours Thursday Night, as Crime Continues to Fall!”;

“Only 3 Shot on a Thursday Night in Chicago: Light Night, or Poor Shooting?”

“Chicago: Homicides Up 60%, Non-Fatal Shootings Up 37%, and Overall… Crime is Down 10%, and Rape is Down 15%?!”;

“Chicago Shooters Get the Weekend Started Early, Shooting 8 on Thursday Night, Including a 7-Year-Old Girl, Killing 1, While Crime Continues to Drop”;

“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Screw the Stupid, Phony Crime Stats, I Care about Individual Sob Stories! Besides, Crime is Dropping; Why Didn't Anyone Impose My Worthless Policies Sooner?”;

“Chicago’s Friday Night Shooting Scorecard: 10 Shot, 3 Dead, as Crime Continues Its Fall”;

“Chicago: Nickeas’ Saturday Night Hit Parade: 2 dead, 7 wounded”;

“Chicago: Nickeas’ Friday Night Shooters’ Score Card: 5 Shot, 2 Dead”;

“Reader Gets to the Bottom of All These ‘Chicago Shooting’ Stories”;

“Neo-Nazi Mob Commits Attempted Mass Murder in Chicago Suburb”;

“In Chicago, Black Subway Robber Travels with Backup, Who Stabs 4 Guardian Angels; Chicago Tribune Forbids Comments!”;

“Chicago: Improved Reporting at Trib on 8 Shootings (1/7);

“Fiend Kidnapped 16-year-old Jessica Tetter in Calumet City, IL, Took Her to Hammond, IN, Murdered (and Did God Knows What Else to) Her, and Dumped Her in the Garbage; Suspect was Sometime Lover of Vic’s Mom”;

“‘Eight people were killed & more than 40 were wounded in a string of weekend shootings, but police say that overall crime in the Windy City is down’”;

“Jessica Tetter Murder: New Story: She was also Raped, Front and Back, and ‘On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend’ was Really Stepfather, Who Has Confessed!”

“Nameless in Chicago: Unnamed ‘Someones’ Shot by Unnamed ‘Someones’ from Unnamed Gangs, and Driven to the Hospital by Unnamed ‘Someones’; Nickeas’ Friday Night Hit Parade: 10 Shot, 1 Dead, as Crime Keeps Falling!”

“Racist Chicago Tribune Columnist Steve Chapman Declares War on Newspaper’s Readers”;

“Chicago’s Saturday Night Score: 25-4, as in 25 Shot, 4 Dead; Update: Make That 5 Dead”;

Chicago Tribune Disinformation Campaign: Daily Runs Story on 25 Saturday Night Chicago Shootings, None of Which was Committed by a White, Accompanied Only by Mug Shots of White Suspects from Unrelated, Out-of-Town Misdemeanors”; and

“An Illinois Reader Writes about an Earlier, Yet Even Then Very Dangerous Era in Chicago’s Pill Hill Area.”]


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baloo: Split Decision



Visit the cartoon page of the incomparable Baloo here, and his gift page here.

Et tu, Drudge?

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

By now everyone must be used to seeing media types avoid the truth by using terms such as "teens" or "youths" when they mean blacks, or something like "Virginia Man" when the criminal is really an illegal immigrant or a recent transplant from the Dark Continent or Muslimestan. I mistakenly thought Drudge had more courage than most, but I note this headline on Drudge:

CHICAGOLAND: Man's throat slashed by sneering stranger while walking his dog...

Of course it actually was a sneering black stranger.

Immediately below, Drudge uses the standard terminology: COPS: Teens order Chinese food, kill deliveryman, eat dinner...

Of course we all know what "teens" are. Although for some reason I got an error when I clicked on the Drudge link, use of a search engine resulted in confirmation: with names like Rasheed Thompson and Manjie Johnson, sure enough the "teens" are the usual suspects. Pictures with the article confirm it.


Four suspects, including Haugabook, tilting defiantly left (June 22, 2012) "Clockwise from top left, Manije Daneek Johnson-Martin, Marvin Lee White, Rasheed Ramone Thompson and Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr. [sic; he's on the bottom right] were charged in connection the the shooting death of Zhen Bo Liu."

The sixth suspect, Nathaniel T. Lawrence (June 21, 2012) (Mug shots are publicly available of five suspects, as one suspect still enjoys juvenile status.)

Mug shot of Cornell Dwayne Haugabook, defiantly holding up his head (June 21, 2012)

We are supposed to think that race doesn't matter—like Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn, who said crime is colorblind—as usual, check the comments to get the real story.

Of course, race matters. Some time ago, a Seattle radio station was running "community service" ads attempting to shame people for the "racism" of locking their car doors when stopped at a red light and seeing a black on the curb. Although most people have been intimidated by enforced political correctness and seldom admit it, in the privacy of their own minds they well know that black males are many times more likely to be criminals than whites or Asians. Even Jesse Jackson admitted feeling relief when seeing it was white men behind him on the street and not his fellow blacks.

In VDARE, the brilliant Steve Sailer once posed a didactic problem which went something like: Your wife runs out of gas in an unfamiliar neighborhood and walks to a fork in the road. In both directions she sees groups of dark-skinned males standing around talking. In which direction should she go? When given some additional information, the answer is obvious to anyone but the most brain-dead liberal: the dark men in one direction are blacks while those in the other direction are Indians-- who likely as not are discussing the latest software bugs.

By the way, both articles had surprisingly bad writing for professional journalists and editors. For example, "Detectives notified the Chinese embassy of the murder, which is where Liu's family is located." Wow, Liu's family lives in luxury in the Chinese embassy, while this poor guy is reduced to scratching out a living as a restaurant delivery man?

Knoxville Horror: Davidson and Cobbins Cases Will be in Limbo for Months!

By David in TN

It will be months before Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood will decide whether he will step down from the Knoxville Horror torture-murder case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Meanwhile, Blackwood has reversed his previous order giving new trials to Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins, pending a review of the transcripts of their trials. A hearing for these two cases is set for August 17.

A hearing concerning the Knox County DA's request for Blackwood's recusal is set for October 8.

The order granting a new trial for George Thomas still stands.

The motions have not included Vanessa Coleman, the fourth defendant. Her trial is still set for November.

The Michael Weaver/Carothers Case: Are Neo-Nazis the New Canaries in the Coalmine? (My New VDARE column is Up!)


Michael Weaver/Carothers

By Nicholas Stix

First they came for the neo-Nazis, but I was no neo-Nazi...

When they came for the Jews,
There was no one left,
Who could protest.

Hardly anyone knows who Michael Weaver/Carothers is, but Americans had better learn fast, if they don’t want to be enslaved.

“Michael Weaver/Carothers (he was born Michael Carothers, but at some point, changed his name to Weaver) is not a nice guy. He won’t win any popularity contests. But according to the U.S. Constitution and the Georgia penal code, not being nice or popular does not constitute a felony. Nevertheless, since November, Weaver has been in several different state prisons—the authorities move him every few months—and right now he is in the Chattahoochee County Jail, where he was transferred for a hearing on Monday.”

“‘The First Amendment is Dead in America’: Michael Weaver—Yet Another Railroaded Political Prisoner?” (Read the whole thing.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Detroit News is in the Pocket of the Murder Cult, the Nation of Islam: It Named One of NOI Front Detroit 300’s Leaders, Raphael B. Johnson,

“Michiganian of the Year”

[“Detroit: Was Delric Miller IV Murdered Over a Seat at a Baby Shower?; Are Genocidal Black Supremacist Malik Zulu Shabazz and the Nation of Islam Murder Cult Angling to Take Over City?”; and

“Marcel Jackson, Co-Founder of Detroit 300, and Owner of X-Men Security, Fronts for the Nation of Islam Murder Cult, is Murdered While Trying to Keep the Peace at Detroit Nightclub; Detroit News “Reporters” Cover Up NOI Connection.”]

By Nicholas Stix

First of all, what the heck is a “Michiganian” (14,300)? I dated a nice Jewish girl from Ann Arbor for four years, during which time I visited “A2” several times, and never heard such a term. The term of art was always “Michiganders.” (222,000)

Is this a black thing?

The support the Detroit News is giving the NOI is an ugly thing to observe. Are things as bad at the daily’s rival, The Detroit Free Press? Inquiring minds want to know.


Co-founder & president, The Detroit 300
Raphael B. Johnson: Activist focuses on bettering Detroit
By Darren A. Nichols
June 21, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.
The Detroit News

Michiganian of the Year: Raphael B. Johnson: For his crime-fighting work.
Raphael B. Johnson's past used to define him. Now it helps to chart his path toward resurrecting life in city neighborhoods.

Johnson is co-founder and president of the Detroit 300, a nonprofit community group organized in 2010 to help catch criminals who commit crimes against elderly residents, women and children. It was born out of the frustration over the brutal rape and beating of a 90-year-old west-side woman.

The Detroit 300 has been credited with using tips from people in the community to help solve numerous high-profile cases.

"It's a new day. Detroit 300 becomes a necessity because time has dictated it and time warrants a group of men like Detroit 300," Johnson says. "Time has dictated that it's drastic now. We can no longer sit around and wait for someone to come and save us. It's not going to happen.

"We're not trying to be the cops; we're not trying to do their job. (But) before there was a police officer, there was community policing. There has to be a strong presence of men."

Keith Bennett, who is Johnson's mentor, called the work imperative.

"(His work) has been necessary for a number of years, but he was the first person that took the mantle and made it happen," says Bennett, program director of the Flip the Script program at Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. "(Johnson) is misunderstood by a lot of people, not liked by more than a few … (but) he's a changed man."

Johnson's past is no secret. At 18, he was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1992 shooting of Johnny Havard, 40. He served 12 years in prison. Since then, he's been on what he calls "a lifelong journey of atonement and repentance."

After his release in 2005, Johnson earned bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Detroit Mercy. He was hired by Goodwill Industries to help ex-offenders re-enter the work force. In 2008, he was recognized with a Hoodie Award by comedian Steve Harvey as the nation's best community organizer.
Johnson is a regular guest expert on "The Maury Show." And in 2009, Johnson ran for Detroit City Council.

The Detroit 300, which issued identification cards to more than 5,000 volunteers in April, is now receiving calls from other cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Milwaukee to start auxiliary chapters.

Meanwhile, Bennett said there's more work to be done locally.

"It's really imperative that Detroit 300 for now partners with other organizations," Bennett says. "(The Detroit 300) doesn't have the capacity to offset what's out there now. Detroit 300 can put out an eight-story fire, but we have an office tower that's burning."

Johnson wants to be among those who are helping to solve Detroit's problems. "We can all sit back and point fingers at what's wrong. The real question is, 'what are you doing?' I am here for the women, seniors and children at whatever cost."

Raphael B. Johnson
Age: 37
Education: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, University of Detroit Mercy
Family : Wife, Schannon Love Johnson;
two children
Why honored: For his commitment to fighting crime through the creation of the Detroit 300

[N.S.: I posted at the Detroit News’ Web site,

Raphael B. Johnson is a very dynamic man, no doubt. If I were younger and blacker than I am, I could see myself becoming one of his followers.

But this isn’t about Raphael Johnson. Detroit 300 is an NOI front. So, if you support Detroit 300, you support the murder cult.]