Saturday, June 23, 2012

Et tu, Drudge?

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

By now everyone must be used to seeing media types avoid the truth by using terms such as "teens" or "youths" when they mean blacks, or something like "Virginia Man" when the criminal is really an illegal immigrant or a recent transplant from the Dark Continent or Muslimestan. I mistakenly thought Drudge had more courage than most, but I note this headline on Drudge:

CHICAGOLAND: Man's throat slashed by sneering stranger while walking his dog...

Of course it actually was a sneering black stranger.

Immediately below, Drudge uses the standard terminology: COPS: Teens order Chinese food, kill deliveryman, eat dinner...

Of course we all know what "teens" are. Although for some reason I got an error when I clicked on the Drudge link, use of a search engine resulted in confirmation: with names like Rasheed Thompson and Manjie Johnson, sure enough the "teens" are the usual suspects. Pictures with the article confirm it.


Four suspects, including Haugabook, tilting defiantly left (June 22, 2012) "Clockwise from top left, Manije Daneek Johnson-Martin, Marvin Lee White, Rasheed Ramone Thompson and Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr. [sic; he's on the bottom right] were charged in connection the the shooting death of Zhen Bo Liu."

The sixth suspect, Nathaniel T. Lawrence (June 21, 2012) (Mug shots are publicly available of five suspects, as one suspect still enjoys juvenile status.)

Mug shot of Cornell Dwayne Haugabook, defiantly holding up his head (June 21, 2012)

We are supposed to think that race doesn't matter—like Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn, who said crime is colorblind—as usual, check the comments to get the real story.

Of course, race matters. Some time ago, a Seattle radio station was running "community service" ads attempting to shame people for the "racism" of locking their car doors when stopped at a red light and seeing a black on the curb. Although most people have been intimidated by enforced political correctness and seldom admit it, in the privacy of their own minds they well know that black males are many times more likely to be criminals than whites or Asians. Even Jesse Jackson admitted feeling relief when seeing it was white men behind him on the street and not his fellow blacks.

In VDARE, the brilliant Steve Sailer once posed a didactic problem which went something like: Your wife runs out of gas in an unfamiliar neighborhood and walks to a fork in the road. In both directions she sees groups of dark-skinned males standing around talking. In which direction should she go? When given some additional information, the answer is obvious to anyone but the most brain-dead liberal: the dark men in one direction are blacks while those in the other direction are Indians-- who likely as not are discussing the latest software bugs.

By the way, both articles had surprisingly bad writing for professional journalists and editors. For example, "Detectives notified the Chinese embassy of the murder, which is where Liu's family is located." Wow, Liu's family lives in luxury in the Chinese embassy, while this poor guy is reduced to scratching out a living as a restaurant delivery man?

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