Friday, June 22, 2012

Pants on the Ground! White Judge Has Black Role Model Jailed for Showing His Underwear in Court; Role Model and His Mother Have No Comprehension That

What He Did was Wrong



By Nicholas Stix

Why do I emphasize the race of the offender, and of the judge? Because this is all about race.

Durrell Brooks’ mother raised him to disrespect whites. How do I know this? Because she had no shame, when her little boy was jailed for a day for contempt of court for showing his underwear in a courtroom. She thought her baby was the victim.

The pants-on-the-ground syndrome is an expression of black racism. Most black racists, especially the younger ones, are obsessed with defining decency, which they define as “acting white.”

This conduct is too much even for some black supremacists of a certain age, such as New York State Senator Eric Adams, who has called for black males to cease from such displays. I suspect Adams of being a closet member of the murder cult, the Nation of Islam, which requires clean grooming of its assassins.

But Adams has devoted his life to encouraging racist black defiance. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Stop the Sag


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Judge tosses man in slammer for ‘sagging’ pants
By Nick Dutton
June 16, 2012, 11:37 a.m.
WTVR [N.S.: Why the URL is for WTVR, while it says WJW below, I cannot say.]

LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – An Ohio man is sent to the slammer for saggy pants.

Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok has been on the bench for 10 years. Like an umpire, he has the call of the courtroom. That includes handing down sentences to upholding high standards in court.

On Thursday, Durrell Brooks of Lorain was in court to assist his girlfriend with her traffic citation. That is when Judge Mihok found the 23-year-old man was in violation.

“When he turned around and sit back down, I could see that his pants were sagging. And, I could see his underwear,” Judge Mihok said.

The judge found Brooks in contempt of court and sent him directly to jail for three days. Judge Mihok said he does not impose a dress code because he knows Lorain is a working town.

“But, at least they have to have no underwear showing,” he said.

On Friday, Brooks’ mother came to court to plead her son’s case. Michelle Brooks felt three days in jail for saggy pants was excessive punishment.

“I was surprised, I am was shocked. I was like I didn’t even think that was a law to get them arrested for showing their underwear,” Michelle Brooks said.

Judge Mihok said he has to be respectful of everyone in his courtroom.

“Yesterday I had a courtroom full of people. I had children in here. I have elderly women here and I can’t have people showing their underwear in court,” he told Brooks’ mother.

Durrell Brooks was brought up from jail to discuss the matter. Brooks said he felt his shirt covered his saggy pants and that he wasn’t warned to pull them up.

“Nobody should have to tell you to pull your pants up,” Judge Mihok told Brooks.

Judge Mihok said he did not believe Brooks meant to be disrespectful in court. He reduced his sentence to the one day served and released him from jail.

“I guess I will have to wear my pants like Urkel. I mean put them up to my stomach and hope that he don’t say nothing about that,” Brooks said outside the courthouse.

Be forewarned. Judge Mihok will not tolerate saggy pants. Brooks was the third person this month he has sent to jail for “sagging” in court. ”I have to keep things from turning into a rodeo in court. And, I think this is the only way I can do it,” the judge added.


Anonymous said...

It's a sexual display, it's a step away from actually exposing yourself, primary targets are white females. Underlying message is the black man is entitled to thrust his "manhood" in the face of whitey, whether or not he or she wants to see it, and if any white man says anything you you are a racist and we have a right to launch a gang assault. Even most black females dislike black men displaying their undergarments but will stay silent because of cultural pressure to spite the white man. The lower you sling your pants and closer you get to actually displaying your genitals to white society the more status you have and the more "gangsta" you appear which means status and street cred. White liberals will offer psycho social ratinalizations all designed to steer your mind away from what is really being expressed but it's all nonsense. The intent is to taunt and offend and to hide exhibitionism behind racism. Jerry

Nicholas said...

"... to hide exhibitionism behind racism."

Or to hide racism behind exhibitionism? Or cna they be separated at all?