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Family of Indian H1-B Killer-Suicide Pawan Kumar, Who Murdered Damielle Mehlman: He wuz Framed!

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Pawan framed for murder, claims family
June 28, 2012
By Aleena Alice
Deccan Chronicle

The family of the 26-year-old city-based techie Pawan Kumar, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a motel room in New Jersey in the US, allege that he was murdered by someone who was professionally jealous of him.

The family said it plans legal action against his employer if it fails to help bring his body back home. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Pawan Kumar’s uncle Mr Krishnappa said, “A couple of times, Pawan had mentioned that there were a lot of people who were jealous of him since he was good at his job. We feel that this could be the reason he was framed for the murder (of Danielle Melhman). It was definitely not suicide. We strongly suspect he was murdered by someone who could have induced him with drugs”.

Pawan’s brother-in-law Gopalakrishna said company officials – who had initially promised to help the family – were now disconnecting calls. He said the family will write to PM Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil seeking their intervention. He said the family has approached External Affairs minister S.M. Krishna’s office in New Delhi and they faxed a letter to the company seeking details.

Pawan Kumar was suspected by the Delaware State Police to be involved in the murder of Danielle Mehlman (26), a teacher and part-time dancer at a club, who was found murdered two days before the death of Kumar. According to the US police, Mehlman and Kumar had checked into the motel on June 17. Mehlman’s body was discovered by housekeepers in a room on the first floor of the motel on June 18.

Pawan’s sister Gunasheela says Mehlman had used her brother for his money. “My brother never mentioned anything to us about any woman in his life. We don’t understand how the murder issue just cropped up. Education was my brother’s life. He was always a merit student and was a very humble person. He never argued with anyone for anything, so how can he murder a person?”

“Cognizant’s HR for Bengaluru, Mr Praveen Joshi, called me on Monday evening and said that he would come to my house on Tuesday and help us get in touch with the US officials so that we can get my brother’s body back. However, he did not come or call again,” said Gunasheela. She says that they last spoke to Pawan on June 15 “when he called us and informed us that he wanted to buy a car. After that, we did not receive any call. On June 20, Mr Joshi called up and informed me that Pawan was dead. After that there was no proper communication from the company,” said Gunasheela.

Pawan’s mother Ganga Ratnama said, “I have lost my only son for no fault of his. Now we are not even able to go about his final rites. What will the US government do with a dead man’s body? All we are asking for is that the US government release his body,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a culture that is engaged (along with China the other most populous country in the world) in a gender based holocaust that is resulting in the abortion of 100's of millions of female fetuses. If they value their own females so little how much do you think they value Western women? Women in the west are simply immoral whores, receptacles for their young men to sew their wild oats but not worthy of marrying their sons, only Indian women are worthy of marrying their sons, though not worthy of being born, a contradiction that only a people and culture of unbelievable ignorance, stupidity and shortsightedness could have.
Indian sons are worshipped as princes from the day of their birth, there is simply no room in the Indian mind to accept their son could do wrong, even if they knew for a fact he murdered Danielle Mehlman she was valueless as a human being so what does it matter.
The media is in the business of planting the mantle of sainthood on male immigrants, I say male because the focus is primarily on males coming to America, far less often is female immigration anointed the same way. Remember the series "Angels in America"? Now we have Raj in Big Bang Theory, harmless with a goofy accent. Who could believe he would hurt someone? I suspect many women view men from the subcontinent that way, truth is these men come from an incredibly misogynistic and patriarchal society, biases that can manifest in violent and murderous ways when they come to the US, something that Miss Mehlman unfortunately discovered. Jerry

Anonymous said...

A whore who uses the guys money and gifts is not really a women to be respected.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the country that had Raani Lakshmi Bhai (even before you wore some clothes in England) and many women warriors. A women Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi), a women president (Pratibha Patel)and many more women leaders. Women always had the right to vote unlike you folks who had to fight for it..She just tried to use him and he must have got really pissed off (you dont like if somebody uses you, do you?).

DO NOT STEREOTYPE!! There are lot of cool things about India and we gave you a ZERO.

LBD said...

There are many layers to this case, including the above, but there is another element: the decline of traditional etiquette to the point that younger people do not even know the "rules" exist. In the bad old days, situations like this arose infrequently because if you were following the rules, you were usually protected from these wild cards.

For example, in traditional manners, women NEVER accept gifts of clothing or jewelry--in fact, nothing that cannot be immediately consumed, like flowers or candy, from a man. Ms. Mehlman apparently dug for gold from this subcontinental "fish out of water", and then was very vocal about her intention NOT to have a relationship with him beyond getting him to buy jewelry for her. He was humiliated, and he exploded with punishing fury. I think he killed himself not so much because of remorse, but because he could not take further humiliation in the form of arrest, trial, failure to succeed in his career, etc.

She bears some slice of responsibility for creating the conditions that led to her murder, but in a Kardashian world, she probably had no idea that she was doing anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If India values women so much to have had female warrios, a female prime minister, a president, etc...
If every Indian family had access to sex selection, how many female children would be born? The answer is easy: ZERO!
I'm NOT stereotyping, it's true, the male birth preference is a long standing tradition. In fact female births have plummeted most dramatically in well to do families with money to select gender, and these are people with enough education to know better. Poor families who can't afford gender selection are the only reason females are even being born at all.
Answer me this: Who will their sons marry if no females are born? Do people have a right to impact future generations in this way?
How does "history" excuse this behavior? It doesn't, it's meaningless in terms of the holocaust occuring RIGHT NOW.

Kumar brought his beliefs and traditions to this country, if he doesn't understand how things are here it's his responsibility to find out, not commit murder when something goes awry. Ms. Mehlman may very well been a user. That is still NO excuse for murder. Not even close. To even suggest that is heinous and inexcusable.

BTW I'm rating you a negative number. Jerry

Anonymous said...

LBD: Articulate, and spot-on analysis. The rules in the subcontinent are even more rigid - a woman would never accept jewellery (considered very valuable) unless she was offering something in return, typically commitment. An Indian lady even refused candy from me on a date, because she honestly didn't see it progressing further.
Also consider that Danielle was texting somebody at the Starboard, and presumably that person or some other patron received more attention than Kumar, from her. Kumar was later bounced out of the Starboard for harassing the male patron, and it's unclear if she did anything in his support. Humiliation, certainly, and compounded further if she returned alone (in her car) to the motel room later that night and refused to sleep with him.
I can see all the elements that could set off explosive rage in any male, especially one who sees himself as 'successful' and very eligible by the standards of the subcontinent.

Anonymous said...

I agree with LBD, A Kardasian world..God I HATE that show and the biatch

Anonymous said...

**sigh** Why do I have the feeling if an american man went overseas began courting a female without understanding the rules of courtship in the country, got played and felt manipulated, became angry and murdered a foreign woman he would be condemned as the quinissential "ugly american" by these very same people who are rationalizing Kumars anger because the american woman was a "whore" and a "user". There would be any excuse for that american male to have committed such a crime, no matter how "humiliated" he felt. Why aren't foreign men held to the same standard? Jerry

Anonymous said...

I didn't assert that Ms. Mehlman was a 'whore' or 'user', though the available evidence suggests elements of the latter. I merely agreed with LBD that the victim made questionable decisions, especially on the last night before her murder, which could certainly have put her at grave risk. For instance, after Kumar was bounced out of the Starboard, why did she return to his motel room? She had a car, so she could have left town on her own. If she was over the DUI limit (likely), she could just have checked into another room or motel - it couldn't have been more than a hundred dollars. A small price to pay for relative safety. After all, she was already trying to distance herself from him at the Starboard...

Anonymous said...

Update: Her vehicle was parked near the entrance to the motel (check-in parking spots), so it had probably not been moved after they checked in to the motel earlier that day. It would seem that they walked around town, at least to the Starboard. Also explains why she had to return to the motel, her car was parked there. Entering Kumar's room was still a bad decision, but some of her stuff may have been inside...

Anonymous said...

There's a witness who sold Kumar the murder weapon (the knife found at the crime scene, which was the motel room booked earlier by Kumar in his own name), as well as store surveillance videos that place Kumar at the store at the time that the witness and the store receipt show that the knife was purchased. The knife blade had the victim's blood on it. Kumar's blue T-shirt found at the crime scene also had the victim's blood on it.
In my opinion, this is sufficient evidence, taken together, to convict Kumar of pre-medidated first-degree murder. BTW, I'm Indian, and I'd convict if I was on the jury - it's open/shut.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - All indians had access to abortion before our per your theory, there will be no women in India..Our civilization is 5000 years survive so many years, I guess you need

Female Fetus genocide happens..there are ignorant people every where..just like the red necks like YOU in america..With a country of 1 Billion people, I million sounds like a small number..

It all started off with a stupid concept called "Dowry" (money exchanged during marriage) If you have a boy, you get money and if you have a girl you loose money in "Dowry" in the poorer class, this became an issue and they started preferring boys..

BTW, you have an IQ of a retard