Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two White Men That Got Away: Richard Jewell and Steven Hatfill (My New VDARE Column is Up!)

By Nicholas Stix

Well into the 2000s, the news and entertainment media told us incessantly that serial killers were overwhelmingly white, male, 20-45 years old. Blacks still repeat this canard. The father of that false profile: Robert Ressler of the FBI’s behavioral science unit. But Justin Cottrell’s new book, Rise of the Black Serial Killer, demonstrates that serial killers today are overwhelmingly black men, and that Ressler lied in court when he stated: “There are very few non-white serial killers.”

Cottrell argues that Ressler was afraid of being called a racist. I think Ressler had an appetite for the limelight and simply told the leftwing MSM what they wanted to hear. The MSM reciprocated by making Ressler a star. (Conversely, only VDARE.com notices Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome—at least 37 cases and 337 victims over 20 years).

During the 2002 Beltway Killings by the Nation of Islam’s John Muhammad and his young protégé, Lee Boyd Malvo (an immigrant), people were avoidably murdered because…

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Anonymous said...

Good article.

I have been watching how the lefties play their game and I am sure you will agree, they don't care about facts and the damage they wanted or needed for whatever purpose has been done. Job complete.

I am glad that in both of these cases the lies were crushed and both men were cleared and sued for the damage these lies caused to them, but you would never know this because the MSM keeps the narrative of theirs going despite their defeats. For them, when it comes to mass murderers, it's always an angry white guy.

The truth, or reality, have no place in their land of delusion.

Whenever the topic of mass murderers comes up in a conversation with people, especially when I go on a rant about the crime rates for different races, many people still interject---"but, but, all serial killers are angry white guys"


jedfan said...

"Diversity: You just can't hate it enough."

-Rev. Jed DeValleyism

Anonymous said...

jews control the media