Friday, June 15, 2012

Buffalo: Do White Neighborhoods Have a Right to Survive, or a Duty to Die?

Posted by Nicholas Stix

“News 4 spoke to a South Buffalo resident about an arson fire in a South Buffalo neighborhood that may have been motivated by racial hatred. He had some startling opinions about race relations in the Queen City.

“He spoke his opinions freely with News 4's Ed Drantch.”

“White Man Speaks Out Against the Detroiting of Buffalo, NY”

This man has big, cast-iron balls, but I wish he hadn't shown his face. For his and his family's sake.

And get the reporter. He's momentarily speechless. Apparently, he'd never encountered an honest white man before in his entire pathetic, sheltered life.

A tip ‘o the gas can to Nivius Vir.


Anonymous said...

Here's one that might be worth looking into:

From: Gerry

PDK said...

Everything that man said I myself have seen during my own lifetime and therefore I can say, he speaks the truth. He is not the white supremacist we have been taught or programed to hate. He is honest and factual.

I believe a lot of whites are beginging to schuck the liberal, both white and black, illusion that blackys problems are whiteys fault and therefore we white people must pull our pants down, bend over, take their full monte illusion up our rears, at our expense, for their gain and then to have to say thanks and I apologize.

Five years ago I concluded the only genuine solution to the liberal problem, blacks are 95% liberals, is for non liberals to migrate to republican states and shortly thereafter declare independence. This to be followed by the first order of bussiness, outlawing liberalism and its socialism, Islam and illegals.

This because I believe American culture of personal sovereignty, liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness is more important than the Union. Further, since the liberals, which include 95% of the black people, are the ones stating America cannot have both the Union and its inherited culture, I choose culture over Union and say to my fellow liberal citizen, siah F`n nada, adious, and goodbye scumbag.

I realize how difficult this would be, but the problem that is, and has been, materializing, is way bigger than just the immature dolt liberal blacks, whose most sacred and hallowed illusion is the black, self created, persecution complex, (SCPC).

This illusion allows blacks to shirk their personal responsibility to mature and simply blame whitey for all that ails them. If and when GZ is found innocent, this illusion, the sacred cow of black losership is why the minion black dolts will riot. Having the illusion exposed puts said illusion at risk, and rioting will protect it, as it, the illusion, protects blacks from their personal resposibility to mature.

I know the time has come and the need has risen for nonliberals, predominately white people to separate out from all liberals, and begin life anew without the enslavement of baring the liberals burden anymore.

Let the black liberals burden the white liberals not we, the non liberal.

The movie "Birth of a Nation" (1915), may have been born out of racism and prejudice, but at this point in time, the movies central theme of black lowbrow mentality destroying America and harming whites, is being born out by none other than the blacks themselves.

Blacks have become to dangerous for decent people, especially, but not exclusively, white people. I do not know if white nationalism is the answer but I firmly believe in white American culture, and therefore tend to think along that line of reasoning first.

That man truely had courage, it is time for real Americans to start talking about real solution for all that ails us. For me the solution is rid my, our, culture of any and all of the liberal mindset.

"Give me liberty, or give me death", Patrick Henry. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you don't know whether ot laugh or cry:

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old joke about a Rabbi who asks passerbys if they are anti-semites. After being repeated rebuffed by them, one says he is. The Rabbi states: "Finally! An honest man! Could you watch my stuff while I run an errand?"

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I like this guy! I'd buy him a beer anytime!