Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Michael Weaver/Carothers Case: Are Neo-Nazis the New Canaries in the Coalmine? (My New VDARE column is Up!)


Michael Weaver/Carothers

By Nicholas Stix

First they came for the neo-Nazis, but I was no neo-Nazi...

When they came for the Jews,
There was no one left,
Who could protest.

Hardly anyone knows who Michael Weaver/Carothers is, but Americans had better learn fast, if they don’t want to be enslaved.

“Michael Weaver/Carothers (he was born Michael Carothers, but at some point, changed his name to Weaver) is not a nice guy. He won’t win any popularity contests. But according to the U.S. Constitution and the Georgia penal code, not being nice or popular does not constitute a felony. Nevertheless, since November, Weaver has been in several different state prisons—the authorities move him every few months—and right now he is in the Chattahoochee County Jail, where he was transferred for a hearing on Monday.”

“‘The First Amendment is Dead in America’: Michael Weaver—Yet Another Railroaded Political Prisoner?” (Read the whole thing.)


Anonymous said...

This is getting off subject a little, but getting into your web page today for the 1st time, I got a warning that this is a known fraudulent web page & is blocked. They recommended that I visit Symantec to learn more about phishing & internet security. My security is Norton. I continue to get this warning as I read each article. What do you think, fascist hackers, or a government group?

PDK said...

Unbelievable story.

The big picture as regards the law and justice departments, where blacks and hispanics have their crimes lessened while whites have their crimes increased, is of course, one expression of agendized liberal ideology.

Liberal ideology pursues a one world government of socialism. It is the liberal leaders who "progress" the hugh numbers of the great unwashed, the hoi polloi, towards this intended goal and here in America it is these liberal dolts who must be kept on the democrat plantation.

In their pursuit, the liberals have taken controll of both the education and MSM enterprizes. It is here that liberal dolts are indoctrinated and here that indoctrinated liberal dolts have their liberal ideology reinforced.

One element in the liberal ideology ploy, is that the white man is evil. As Susan Sontag once burped, in 1967 I believe, "the white race is the cancer of the world". This lie of liberal ideology is promulgated through, among other places, our law and judicial systems.

This is also why the out of controll black crime in our country is always reported in sanitized mode, while white crime is adulterated, embellished and exagerated.

The white race is in jeopardy, and it is the liberals, who among other realities, uses liberal black dolts to achieve their pursuit of a socialist, one world order.

Is there anyone who does not see how the liberal MSM manufactured the Trayvon fiasco, out of wholecolth, to press the blacks into doing said liberals bidding for said liberals. Black liberal dolts are so easily duped.

I wish good luck to Michael Weaver/Carothers.

Liberalism is, as with the blacks, killing America. Thank you.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the heads-up.

Norton/Symantec has been going crazy lately. I get that all the time, even for my own blog. Sometimes even in the middle of editing an item, it will repeatedly interrupt my work.

It was doing the same thing re VDARE. After I and others alerted Peter Brimelow, he got them to rectify the matter, but it was even occurring at CBSNewsLA.

I suspect that someone at Symantec turned the tolerances so tight that everything sets the system off. The false alarms ultimately make the system less effective.

I just haven't had time to deal with these people. I've got enough problems just dealing with my pc and its maker!

Michael Weaver said...

Hello Nicholas,

This is Michael Weaver and I've been released from the State gulag.I wanted to thank you for writing an unbiased article on my behalf.For the record,I am available for further comment,if you'd like. Feel free to contact me via e-mail My blog is back up as well.

Michael Weaver said...

Police State Amerika: The People's Republic of Columbus,Georgia.-By David Carothers

Are Americans a free people or are they not, that is the question. Do Americans still have the right to petition their government for redress of grievances, or do they not?
These questions were answered on the morning of March 10 when this writer received a knock on his door. Outside stood two men, one clad in civilian attire, the other in the uniform of a Muscogee County sheriffs deputy. The first deputy was grasping a small stack of envelopes. "We need to have a word with you sir," he said.
The envelopes contained copies of an article I had written for The First Freedom, an article that was published in the December, 2013 edition of this alternative newspaper. Almost 200 copies of this article were made, and subsequently mailed, to every judge in Columbus, as well as all 10 city council members. The article recounted the exploits and travails of then-Columbus, Georgia-based white rights activist Michael Weaver, and was juxtaposed with the story of Jeffrey Foxx, a black racist rogue Columbus police corporal who resigned from the police department in May, 2013 amid charges of racial profiling and the violation of the civil rights of white citizens. While on patrol in the northern part of Columbus, Foxx told a female friend to whom he was talking on his cell phone: "They make me work these white areas, somebody's going to pay the price." He added: "I'm hooking these white folks up with tickets." Read more at:

Unknown said...

Columbus, Georgia, although an insignificant former cotton mill and erstwhile slave-owning town has long labored under the laughable illusion that it will some day become an important will not. This is because people comprise a community, and thus no community can be better than the quality of the people who comprise it. Columbus is comprised of low-quality people, thus Columbus is a low-quality community...a dark, dirty, dangerous community in which no citizen thereof dare stroll after dark for fear of falling prey to the savage black predators who prowl the dark streets of this city. Columbus has a highly paid "Crime Czar," Seth Brown, who is supposed to tend to this never-ending problem, but yet, if anything...crime has increased under his useless tenure...

Michael Weaver said...

Editor’s Note: We all fall on hard times. This is especially true for pro-White activists who have gone public with their beliefs and earn the enmity and harassment of our enemies. I’ve written here before about the bullshit that happened to Michael Weaver. I know Michael in real life. He has been a friend of mine for several years now. I’ve never known him to be anything but an enthusiastic activist who has a passion for distributing literature.

Michael has asked me to post this because he is in a desperate situation and needs our help. As you all know, I have a distaste for fundraising and don’t use this blog to raise money. I maintain this website because I have such a passion for the cause, however, if we aren’t going to help each other when we are in need, what are we even doing here?

Michael is actually further to the Right than I am. Many of you are further to the Right than I am. That’s … OK. I’m going to send him a donation on behalf of our family because I know whose side he is on. Also, if you live in North Georgia and know of a job in or around the Cartersville area, let Michael know about it. That would be a big help and relief to him.

On December 5th, 2016, Michael Weaver was arrested at his residence by two Cartersville police officers on a Probation violation warrant that was issued in Columbus, GA. He was held for 2 days in Bartow County jail until he was transferred to Columbus, GA by two Muscogee County Sheriff deputies. Why?

Columbus, GA Probation officer, David Shank, said “That someone told his office that I had visited someone in prison.” Mr. Shank also stated the reason behind my arrest as “Failure to report to Columbus, GA probation on 6/16/16 as directed.”

Here’s the facts: I’ve been on non-report, non-call unsupervised probation since 2014 in Cartersville, GA by Officer Dover. In fact, this status was confirmed by Probation Supervisor, Officer Byerly, on March of 2014 in his office on Postelle Street. I haven’t been in trouble with the law since my release back in April of 2013 from the gulag.

On the day of my release, I was homeless and destitute. Since then I have been gainfully employed, established a stable place of residence and even bought a car. Alas, their false imprisonment of me has caused me to spend 25 days in jail, the loss of my full-time job and I missed my daughter’s first Christmas. All based on a lie! We as citizens are held accountable for our actions, but why isn’t the corrupt powers that be that rule Columbus, GA accountable for their actions and for violating my rights as an American citizen?

On January 2nd,2017 I went to my place of employment to tell them the truth so I can get my job back. However, even though I was a great worker and always on time, I was informed that someone told my employers about my past political activities. Alas, I wasn’t rehired.

Please help me right this injustice.

Sincerely, Michael Weaver

PayPal info:
Or you may send a donation payable to Michael Weaver at this address:

Michael Weaver
1521 35th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the situation, all these bullshit that has happened to Michael Weaver stems from pepper spraying two black thugs who were trying to steal his car. It’s one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.