Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Illinois Reader Writes, Regarding the Nicola Furlong Rape-Murder, on the Japanese’ Impression of Young American Black Men

[N.S.: The bracketed asides are also from the correspondent.]

As in keeping with the Nicola Furlong case, the negative impression quite correct as it seems, that the Japanese have of young American negro men is only reinforced. And for a period of decades actually reinforced over and over.

Readers might remember the various rapes alleged of Okinawan women by American servicemen. American servicemen, but more correctly called in 100% of the cases, as I understand to be American negro servicemen.

I can recall very well the time the three "American" servicemen were accused of raping the Okinawan minor. Were brought out of the brig with hoods over their heads and had to be escorted, carried more or less, to waiting autos. I thought that was strange, the hoods over their heads, and only later realized, when seeing the mothers at the trials in Japan, that they were all American negroes and that is why the hoods, so as to not further infuriate the Japanese populace.

That anger and outright mistrust and hate of the American black man NOT without reason as most exemplified by the instance from two decades ago now [1992], the Texas Southern marching band debacle.

American negro university band playing during the half time festivities at the Japan Bowl observed shoplifting in what is called a most brazen manner. Regardless of the insult to the Japanese and the shame of representing your nation at a prestigious goodwill even.

Read about it all: [all only to an extent]


Characterized as being:

"first an incident of 'misconduct.'"

"some small items had been taken from merchants but were subsequently returned."

"suggest that the already negative Japanese view of blacks had been further eroded."

"the value put on them was $18,500, with another $3,500 worth not recovered. In all, he said, 119 items were reported stolen."

NOT exactly reported as occurred. These students, and you would have to assume that these American negro young people are in what the negro community refers to the "talented ten percent," the cream of American negro society, stealing and shoplifting in a concerted and open and notorious manner. And observed and probably knowing they were being observed. BRAZEN as described to the astonishment of all.

That bus carrying the band to the airport stopped by the Japanese police, the band members being told the bus would not continue, and none of them would be allowed to leave Japan until all the goods were returned.

That bus, when departing for the airport finally, leaving behind a large stock of stolen goods alongside the road.

[possibly not even everything having been returned either!!]

The reaction of the university President [he lost his job in the aftermath] and other associates of the university being uniformly disbelief.

"Not our kids," "there has been a mistake," "this is all blown out of proportion," etc.

Some years ago too I remember seeing an interview with the famous [?] American journalist and correspondent Charlayne Hunter Gault. At the time working out of Johannesburg SA.


Charlayne was dismayed to learn, as part of her reporting and travels, that to her astonishment people the world over have a very negative opinion of young American black men. See them as:

* Wearing baggy clothes.
* Doing drugs.
* Belonging to gangs.
* Playing basketball all the time.

And Charlayne set up a program, a project where young American black men of caliber could tour the world and lecture the foreign audience that ALL American black men are not to be seen in a negative light, but are normal folks, not bad, accomplished even.

[Charlayne in her own mind probably does believe she is doing GOD’S work on earth!!]

The one American black man touring South Africa for instance, a Ph.D. candidate [probably a theology candidate at that].

As you are aware, there are just all sorts of young American black men that are Ph.D. candidates. [NO]

My guess is that the Japanese police had anticipated too that arrival of the Texas Southern marching band, and had undercover officers tailing them from the start, knowing full what the odds said was going to happen.

"American" men commit crime in Japan and shame us all.

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