Monday, June 18, 2012

Blackwood Planned Jerry Springer Show (Knoxville Horror Madness: This is Not a Satire!)

By David in TN

Last week's hearing on a motion to recuse Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood from trying the Knoxville Horror ended up in a shouting match between Blackwood and Knox County DA Randy Nichols.

Blackwood says he initially intended to turn it into a Jerry Springer Show. Let Blackwood speak:
"When I saw the motion to recuse, I jumped up and did three cartwheels and said, 'It's my time baby.' I'm finally going to do what my daddy wanted and tell it like it is. I'm going to make this like the Jerry Springer Show. The Jerry Springer Show would be mild in comparison."

Well, let's see. Former judge Baumgartner was buying drugs from felons in his court and having sex with one of them in chambers during trial. His replacement wants to be Jerry Springer. What dignity, seriousness of purpose, and self-respect these judges have.

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