Monday, June 25, 2012

The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department: Why are White Uniformed Services Personnel Not Permitted to Criticize Black Pathologies and Evil, but Their

Black Counterparts Can Make Off-the-Wall, Black Supremacist Statements?

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“No First Amendment for You, Whitey: Miami-Dade Fire Captain Who Criticized Trayvon Martin Hoax is Busted All the Way Down to Fireman, Humiliated, and Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation and Still More Diversity Training.”]

By Nicholas Stix

A reader just sent along the following letter.

Hi Nicholas,

Thought you might be able to think of a useful countermeasure to this story: came across this on NPR;

Look for the comment from a Tracy Triplett who claims to have worked (and perhaps.....still works?) at the Kansas City FD.

"Tracy Triplett White people have no souls therefore you can't respect humanity, I'm not sure why your type was created or mutated but the earth had paid a heavy price for it. Have a happy father's day:)"

Interesting eh? The email for the department appears to be:

Might be worth a shot?

[N.S.: I just confirmed that the statement is at NPR, comes from a black going by the name Tracy Triplett, and that Triplett claims to work for the KCFD.

I am not in the habit of trying to get people fired for their opinions, but I also do not believe that whites should have to surrender their First Amendment rights, while blacks enjoy unfettered First Amendment freedoms.]

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