Sunday, March 31, 2019

Yet Another Attractive Woman Murdered While Jogging in Broad Daylight

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 8:07 p.m.

The victim was identified as 45-year-old Carolina Cano. Her roommate said she went out for a jog that morning and never returned. The Peruvian native lived just a few blocks away from the park. Her roommate said she went for a jog every morning before h

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Gunned Down Outside His L.A. Store; Aspiring San Antonio Rapper Shot to Death at Apartment Complex

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 9:24 p.m.

Well, at least he wasn't an aspiring rapper.

He was the gen-U-wine article.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Killed in Shooting Outside LA Store

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 9:24 p.m.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle killed in shooting outside LA store, reports say

Well, at least he wasn't an aspiring rapper.

He was the gen-U-wine article.

Ca-Ching! More SPLC Employees Step Forward, Claim "Systemic Culture of Racism and Sexism"

By R.C.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 9:51 p.m.

More SPLC Employees Step Forward, Claim "Systemic Culture Of Racism And Sexism"

R.C.: The SPLC has deep pockets for all the forthcoming tort suits.

N.S.: These suits are going to have as many as three wonderful results: 1. They'll drain its coffers; 2. They'll force a forensic accounting of its true finances; and 3. They'll make it less rabid in its attacks on anyone who is pro-American, pro-Christian, and pro-decency.

I wonder which ambulance chaser organized these lawsuits. Another lefty-on-lefty crime?

Guatemalan Immigrant Caught Holding 33 Guatemalan Slaves in Her Home; Slavery in the USA is Almost Exclusively a Crime of Dark-Skinned Persons Enslaving Other Dark-Skinned Persons

By A.L.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 1:51 p.m.

Slavery in the USA is almost exclusively so a crime of dark skinned persons enslaving other dark skinned person.

Chicago-area woman charged with keeping 33 undocumented immigrants as slaves

3/30/2019, 6:46:40 PM · by rightwingintelligentsia · 23 replies
Cox Media via Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | March 29, 2019 | Ann Smajstrla

CICERO, ILL. — A Chicago-area woman is accused of keeping dozens of immigrants from Guatemala in her basement in deplorable conditions and forcing them to work. Concepcion Malinek, 49, was arrested Tuesday after federal authorities raided her 1,900-square-foot home and found 19 adults and 14 children inside

More Taco Bell Employee Violence: Portland, Ore., Taco Bell Restaurant Manager Sentenced to Three Years of Probation Friday for Choking a Pregnant Co-Worker

By R.C.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 12:46 p.m.

A former manager at a Portland, Ore., Taco Bell restaurant received a sentence of three years probation Friday for choking a pregnant co-worker during an argument over a food order last year.

R.C.: Bitch set me up!

N.S.: Boycott Taco Bell. Notice that the violent, colored manager got no jail time.

Congressman: South Texas Received Nearly Half of the Foreign Criminals Who Enjoyed Catch-and-Release Treatment from ICE

Sun, Mar 31, 2019 2:53 p.m.

Congressman: South Texas received nearly half the migrants released by ICE

Immigrant Who Served US Troops in Afghanistan Murdered in Northeast Dallas

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Mar 31, 2019 3:52 p.m.

"Immigrant who served US troops in Afghanistan murdered in Northeast Dallas" - Story | KTBC

A 15-hour standoff outside a Frisco apartment building is over after a suspect shot a DPS Trooper and refused to pull over. A DPS spokesperson said the suspect, 42-year-old Bryan M. Cahill, was ...

Mets’ Undefeated Season Continues, as They Again Beat the Nats in a Wild One

By Nicholas Stix

It was Noah Syndergaard vs. Stephen Strasburg, in D.C. Pitchers’ duel, right? Not exactly. Both hurlers appeared to have great stuff early on, but something was amiss.

Strasburg had great stuff, and was striking out a lot of Mets’ hitters, but in-between, he was getting rocked. After one inning, the score was 3-1, Mets. After two, it was 4-1.

In the fourth inning, the Nats tied the game, 4-4. Syndergaard and Strasburg both left the game after six innings, with it still tied, 4-4.

New Mets acquisition Justin Wilson had a one-two-three seventh, throwing 95-96 mph fastballs.

In the eighth, the Mets went ahead, 7-4, and in the ninth, they busted it open, 11-4. Or so it seemed.

In the ninth, Amed Rosario bobbled a sure double play ball, and Robbie Cano dropped Rosario’s toss. Instead of two outs, and no one on, there were men on first and second, and no one out. Seth Lugo, who had gotten the third out in the previous inning with one pitch (after Jeurys Familia faltered), threw 40 more in the ninth, without being able to seal the deal. Finally, with the score 11-8, new, string bean closer Edwin Diaz got the final out on a one-pitch fly out.

The Mets had clutch hitting, but defensive meltdowns.

It was ugly, but it was a win. And an ugly win leaves a real sweet aftertaste.

Small Mexican Texas Town Terrorized by Cartel; Resident Begs for Border Wall

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 11:50 a.m.

Nigerian Brothers' Attorney Rips Smollett's Attorney For "Whiteface" Suggestion: She's "Giving Lawyers a Bad Name"

Sat, Mar 30, 2019 3:49 p.m.

"Nigerian Brothers' Attorney Rips Smollett's Attorney for 'Whiteface' Suggestion: She's 'Giving Lawyers a Bad Name'" | Daily Wire

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hundreds of Asylum-Seeking, Foreign Criminals Pour into San Antonio Catholic Charities Working to Profit Off the Flood of People

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 3:54 p.m.

Hundreds of asylum-seeking immigrants pour into San Antonio

Catholic Charities has been helping large groups of immigrants that began arriving by bus Thursday night. The organization's director, Antonio Fernandez, said as many as 300 immigrants at a time ...

It's an invasion.

Knock on Any Door: 19-Year-Old Shot and Killed after Knocking on Wrong Apartment Door

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 3:57 p.m.

19-year-old shot and killed after knocking on wrong apartment door

Just Another Baltimore Mall Riot with 300 Fellas, Three Clueless Reporters and Lots and Lots of Violence

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 6:40 p.m.

Just another Baltimore mall riot with 300 fellas, three clueless reporters and lots and lots of violence.

From: Colin Flaherty <>
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2019 4:19 PM
Subject: Just another Baltimore mall riot with 300 fellas, three clueless reporters and lots and lots of violence.
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What did you do last night?

I was at a fire pit, smoking cigars with my crew. 

Down in Baltimore, 300 fellas and their lovely ladies had a riot, complete with violence, property destruction, and robberies. All at a mall where this happened before.


Reporters just had a hard time getting their mind around what was going on. Check it out here. And make sure you stick around for the part where city officials are planning for a new BLACK entertainment district there.

It's always something.

Colin Flaherty
Author, Don't Make the Black Kids Angry.
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When a News Story Starts with "Janelius" and "Quinderrius," You Know It's Not Going to be about a Church Bake Sale

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 6:58 p.m.

Through the investigation, police found that Janelius Howard and Quinderrius Johnson were responsible for the robbery and deadly shooting.

2 Teens Charged with Capital Murder in Shooting of Dallas Apartment Complex Manager

Two 17-year-olds have been arrested and charged with capital murder in the shooting death of a Dallas apartment complex manager earlier this month, police say.


Like the Age of Aquarius?

A 1983 Baltimore Police Report Shows that an Arizona Lawmaker Who Resigned this Week was Accused of Paying Boys for Sex

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 10:23 p.m.

A 1983 Baltimore police report shows that an Arizona lawmaker who resigned this week was accused of paying boys for sex. The report was included in investigative files released Friday by the House Ethics Committee, which was investigating the sex charges

PGCE-P: Ten dollah make you hollah.

Norm MacDonald Comically Rapes Michael Jackson

Reposted by Nicholas Stix

In media world, it’s apparently Groundhog Day. HBO did a documentary on Michael Jackson, and people are now shocked to hear that he was a homosexual pedophile.

They’ve got to be faking it. The whole world knew about Jackson roughly 25 years ago.

Breaking News: NYPD Probing Rape Claim against Former Knicks Star Kristaps Porzingis

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From: New York Post <>
To: add1dda <>
Sent: Sat, Mar 30, 2019 7:14 pm
Subject: Breaking: NYPD probing rape claim against former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis

Hours after suffering a devastating knee injury at Madison Square Garden last year, former Knicks...
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MAR 30, 2019


Shocking Video from Red China: School Bus Driver Runs Down and Kills Tyke Who Just Got Off His Bus, Just Keeps on Going, and Countless Pedestrians Just Walk by, Ignoring the Dead Child in the Road

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I wish I could agree with the poster's statement about Western countries, but Western countries ain't Western no more. Besides which, there always certain areas--e.g., black ones, trashy white ones--where this sort of thing could have happened.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Border Crisis Worsens -- More than Fencing Required

By R.C.
Fri, Mar 29, 2019 6:18 p.m.

Border Crisis Worsens -- More than Fencing Required

From: Newsletter - <>
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2019 4:45:39 P.M.
Subject: Border crisis worsens -- more than fencing required

Need Help?

Weekly Newsletter

This Issue: Border crisis worsens. President must acknowledge what it will take to genuinely address the underlying causes.

Fri, Mar 29th
President Trump rightfully recognizes that the situation at the southern border is a crisis. He has responded by declaring a national emergency in order to access federal funds to build new barriers, and this week the Pentagon announced it had redirected $1 billion for that purpose.
Barriers can be effective, and more fencing is needed in certain areas. Before President Trump took office, there had long been bi-partisan support for border fencing.
The problem with President Trump's approach is that barriers will not prevent much of the illegal immigration that has been occurring in successive waves beginning in 2014. As Chris Chmielenksi pointed out in last week's newsletter, the numbers of Unaccompanied Minors and Family Units from Central America have greatly increased, as well as the number of people claiming asylum. This surge will not be stopped by building more fencing, since poorly written and administered immigration laws hamper DHS's ability to detain and process the cases of individual members of these groups in a timely manner. And they are coming in such large numbers that Border Patrol and the immigration courts are completely overwhelmed.
A new caravan is forming and reports are it could grow up to 20,000. DHS projects that illegal crossings at the southern border could reach one million in FY219, and Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters in El Paso this week that the immigration system is nearing its "breaking point."
There are three things that are necessary in order to effectively deal with illegal immigration from Central America:
  • mandate E-Verify for all employers and turn off the jobs magnet,
  • close the asylum loopholes,
  • reform the so-called Flores Settlement Agreement that prevents the feds from detaining minors for longer than 20 days.
Without these fixes the crisis at the border will continue unabated, new fencing or no.
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Thursday asked Congress for more authority to deport unaccompanied minors.
President Trump does needs to work with Congress on a permanent solution going forward, but he can start right now acknowledging what is needed and begin taking action.
More detention space at the border is needed, as are more immigration judges who can quickly adjudicate asylum cases. The President must not consider his job finished now that he has found money for more fencing. He intends to visit the southern border in two weeks. Why wait?
The President has recently renewed his threat to completely close the border with Mexico. But without the three necessary actions noted above, it is doubtful tough talk will be any more likely to discourage the border surge than it has in the past.

Sens. Graham & Durbin Introduce Dream Act

Article Image Tue, Mar 26th Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) have introduced the Dream Act, S. 874. If passed, the bill would grant amnesty and lifetime work permits to more than 2 million illegal aliens who meet certain requirements. Unlike the H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, S. 874 would not grant amnesty to foreign citizens, most of whom first came to the country illegally, who have received Temporary Protected Status or Deferred Enforced Departure. President Threatens Border Closure Next WeekArticle Image Fri, Mar 29th President Trump today tweeted that he will close the Mexican border or parts of it next week if Mexico "doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the United States." This is the latest in a series of closure threats over the last six months. The president had asked Congress for help in stemming the border crisis but it has not been forthcoming.

How Much Water is the GDP worth?

Article Image JEREMY BECK Thu, Mar 27th With water shortages an increasing concern, we need to measure the true value of perpetual growth. CBP: Border Crisis at Breaking PointArticle Image
New Actions

Have you sent a message to your three Members of Congress showing opposition the "DREAMER amnesty" (H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act)?

If not, take action today by visiting your Action Board and tell your Members of Congress that you oppose no-strings amnesties!

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Wed, Mar 26th
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters on Wednesday during a visit to El Paso that the immigration system is nearing its "breaking point." He said Border Patrol officers have taken in more than 12,000 illegal border crossers over the last two days -- a level he described as "unprecedented."

IT Manager Sentenced to Prison for H-1B Fraud

Article Image
Wed, Mar 26th
The head of two IT staffing companies was sentenced to a year in jail after he was found guilty of falsifying visa applications to secure H-1B guest worker visas for foreign nationals. According to the Justice Department, Anjaneyulu Katam "falsified visa applications, work experience documents, and work contracts, which he then submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State, in order to secure illegal H-1B visas for Indian nationals."

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