Thursday, March 16, 2006

Liberal Media Bias and Republican Eunuchs

By Nicholas Stix

There’s a new blog in town, by Matthew A. Roberts: “The Politics of Prudence.” I hope the title is just for show, since there are already too many “prudent” Republicans writing.

Roberts’ first article was originally published at David Horowitz’ Web site, Front Page Mag: “The Decline of Mainstream Media.” Roberts cites a massive, ten-year study by Jeffrey Milyo (University of Missouri, econ) and Tim Groseclose, (UCLA, poli sci).

“What common sense has comprehended for decades now finds support by yet another scholarly study: The media has a leftist bias. Jeffrey Milyo, an economist from the University of Missouri, and Tim Groseclose, a political scientist at UCLA, have published their results in the November 2005 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics. As if to confirm that bias, over the past few months, the media have given this research scant coverage.”

Milyo and Groseclose, Roberts reports, compared citations of think tanks by the media with citations by members of Congress, and found the media way to the left of Congress. In other words, a Republican think tank was much more likely to be cited by a member of Congress, than by a mainstream newspaper, TV or radio (NPR) news organization.

Roberts closes,

“These findings bear bad news for conservatives, who still fight an uphill battle to voice their views. Thanks to alternative media formats (esp. on the internet) conservatives have eked out a friendly forum or two, but are absent in the “mainstream” media. Will the Left’s media monopoly ever end? Or should conservatives focus on cultivating alternative media until it is no longer an alternative?”

But things are even worse than Roberts reported, because most alternative "conservative" Web sites and Republican writers do little more than obsessively repeat GOP talking points (as if that'll get 'em any respect!), and like the GOP, are a bunch of pussy-whipped (as my feminist ex would say) eunuchs who obsessively avoid confronting the worst problems besetting America: Black racism and immigration (legal and illegal). Why is it that the toughest men among conservative columnists are named Michelle and Ann?