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Illegal Honduran Allegedly “Randomly” Stabs White Woman to Death in Middle of Well-Lit, Busy Wal-Mart Parking Lot at 7 P.M. Sunday in Albion, NY

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who wrote:

Gents: more evidence that there are No Safe Places. BTW, this one of the few news reports that actually describes the culprit as an “illegal alien.”

What I don’t get is, since police suspect the two men accompanying the alleged killer may have planned on robbing the victim, besides being likely illegals, why would they let them go?

Woman stabbed to death in Albion parking lot

Monday, October 31, 2011 12:00 a.m.; updated: 7:32 a.m., Mon October 31, 2011.

Woman stabbed to death in Albion parking lot
By Scott DeSmit,
The Daily News Online

ALBION— An illegal alien from Honduras was charged with murder for the vicious stabbing death of a shopper in the Wal-Mart parking lot Sunday night, a murder that appeared to be a random act, Orleans County Sheriff Scott Hess said.
Luis A. Rodriguez-Flamenco was arrested after an all-night search by numerous police agencies. He was arraigned in Town Court and committed to Orleans County Jail without bail.

Flamenco, 24, is accused of repeatedly stabbing Kathleen I. Byham, 45.
Byham was shopping alone and had just left the store when she was approached by three men as she got to her car about 7 p.m.

‘‘She suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso,’’ Hess said.‘‘She was shopping by herself and was not with any of the three men.’’

Byham, of Albion, was transported to Medina Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7:40 p.m.

Several people witnessed the attack and were able to give police a description of the men, who took off running east toward the village of Albion.

Two of the men were caught in separate homes in the village, about 90 minutes after the attack, Hess said.

‘‘We were able to locate them based on information we received,’’he said.

The two men who were with Flamenco did not actively participate in the murder have not been charged. Hess said the two are illegal immigrants from Mexico and both have been turned over to U.S. Border Patrol.

Hess said it was unclear what the motive was but investigators were looking at the possibility of an altercation inside the store or a robbery.

‘‘There is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the defendant and the victim knew each other,’’ Hess said. ‘‘Sheriff’s investigators believe that the defendant specifically targeted the victim only after she exited the store and walked towards her car. This appears to be a random act of violence.’’

The woman parked almost directly beneath a light pole in the middle of the parking lot. The pole also contained surveillance cameras, two which are pointed directly where the woman was stabbed.

Police did review the video.

The stabbing happened on a fairly busy Sunday night at Wal-Mart, which is just west of the village of Albion at Route 31 and Gaines Basin Road.

During the hours after the stabbing shoppers came and went, some driving slowly past the site of the stabbing, which was cordoned off with yellow police tape.

To the east a state police helicopter hovered over the area, searching for the third suspect. A Niagara County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit arrived to assisted deputies, along with village of Albion police, Orleans Major Felony Crime Task Force and state troopers.

Police on foot were concentrating on an area east of Wal-Mart.

Patrol cars and unmarked police cars combed the area and parked at several intersections.

Hess said the extra help was ‘‘invaluable’’ and the Wal-Mart officials were cooperative during the investigation.

An Anonymous Reader Explains Why I Need Your Help!


“If these murders mentioned here were committed with the races reversed, the charge would be murder, and a hate crime. The media would have its ‘Great White Defendant’ and every TV channel would lead off with these crimes. Gab fests and hen parties on TV would devote many hours to discussing them. Everyone in the world would know about them, instead one has to read Nicholas Stix's blog to know a crime has been committed.”

That’s why I need your help, in order to continue my work. Someone has to do the “professional” media’s job for them.

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Lululemon Trial of Brittany Norwood, for the Murder of Jayna Murray, Day 1: The Defense is Not Using the “Crazy Card,” but the “She Lost It Card”


Murder victim Jayna Murray

By David in TN

The trial of Brittany Norwood for the murder of her co-worker, Jayna Murray, at an upscale yoga shop began on Wednesday. State's attorney John McCarthy told jurors that Norwood lured Murray back to Lululemon store and attacked her with at least a half-dozen objects found inside the shop.

The women were found in the shop the next morning. Murray was lying face down in a pool of blood with a rope around her neck. Her skull was crushed, and 322 distinct wounds, the majority while she was alive, were inflicted on her. One hundred and seven wounds were defensive, which Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy “said the medical examiner would testify were the most she had ever seen.”

McCarthy said Norwood used a hammer, a wrench, a knife, a rope, a box cutter, and a merchandise peg. The peg was one of the items that left a pattern of injuries in Murray's skull, indicating "she had been beaten with the same item multiple times."

Murray’s killer, Brittany Norwood; “Norwood is charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors intend to seek life without possibility of parole. (Montgomery County Police Department)”

Does this sound like it started with the proverbial sucker punch with a hammer or wrench?

Norwood was found with superficial wounds and her hands bound. She alleged both had been sexually assaulted. Her story of two assailants soon fell apart.

What is the defense? “Brittany Woods lost it, ladies and gentleman,” defense attorney Douglas Wood told the jury. “There's no doubt about it.” Wood argued that the crime was not premeditated. “Something erupted between these two young women that night.”

The defense is not using the “Crazy Card,” but the “Lost It Card.” Norwood's attorneys are hoping for a verdict of second degree murder.

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts”;

“Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos”;

“Trial Date Set For Britanny Norwood, in Non-Hate Crime Murder in Bethesda, Maryland, lululemon athletica Store”;

“Reader Who Claims to Have Known Jayna Murray, Whose Killer Smashed Her Skull in for 20 Minutes in lululemon athletica, Has Compassion for the Killer, but None for Those Who Would Judge Her”;

“In Web Posts and Emails, Friends of Brittany Norwood, the Racist Lululemon Killer of Jayna Murray, Paint Mutually Contradictory Portraits of Norwood”;

“In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him”;

“Already in August, Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood’s Lawyer was Playing the ‘Crazy Card’”; and

“New Details in Grisly Lululemon Murder: Brittany Norwood Used at Least 4 Different Weapons to Kill Jayna Murray; Prosecutor: Crime was ‘Pre-Meditated.’”

New Details in Grisly Lululemon Murder: Brittany Norwood Used at Least 4 Different Weapons to Kill Jayna Murray; Prosecutor: Crime was “Pre-Meditated"


Murder victim Jayna Murray


By David in TN

As in other trials, the facts of the murder were worse than previously thought.

Murray’s killer, Brittany Norwood; “Norwood is charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors intend to seek life without possibility of parole. (Montgomery County Police Department)”

Prosecutor: Multiple weapons used in Lululemon murder
By Neal Augenstein,
Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 11:41a.m. ET

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Jayna Murray was found with a rope around her neck, hammer and knife wounds to her head, and had been repeatedly struck with a metal stand from the Bethesda Lululemon yoga store, prosecutors say in Brittany Norwood's murder trial.

In a motions argument, after 300 potential jurors had been sent home for the evening, Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy insisted he be allowed to show several photos in a slideshow presentation during opening statements.

Defense attorney Douglas Wood argued against allowing the photos to be displayed to jurors before they're introduced into evidence, because "these pictures are as graphic as you can get."

McCarthy argued for the ability to use the pictures, saying "this case turns on identity and premeditation."

"This is critical, your honor. She did it, and it was premeditated," McCarthy told Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Robert Greenberg.

With Norwood quietly sitting at the defense table in a tan sweater, with her hair pulled back, Wood countered the pictures would be prejudicial, especially at the beginning of the trial.

Norwood is charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors intend to seek life without possibility of parole.

"I think the prosecution can get its point across without pictures," Wood countered.
"Nobody disputes there are defensive wounds on Ms. Murray's hand and front part of her body. Pictures of her skull are extremely graphic -- you might as well show the pictures during voir dire," Wood argued.

Judge Greenberg said he would consider the arguments, and rule Tuesday morning.
Most of the Monday court session involved voir dire of 150 potential jurors. Asked if they had heard of the Lululemon murder case, all but 18 responded in the affirmative.

Thirty-eight of the juror candidates said they had already made up their mind as to Norwood's guilt or innocence. None was immediately excused for that reason, although it's unlikely they will be selected as one of the 12 jurors or five alternates.

Greenberg estimated the trial will last eight to 10 days. Sources say opening statements likely won't occur before Wednesday morning.

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts”;

“Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos”;

“Trial Date Set For Britanny Norwood, in Non-Hate Crime Murder in Bethesda, Maryland, lululemon athletica Store”;

“Reader Who Claims to Have Known Jayna Murray, Whose Killer Smashed Her Skull in for 20 Minutes in lululemon athletica, Has Compassion for the Killer, but None for Those Who Would Judge Her”; and

“In Web Posts and Emails, Friends of Brittany Norwood, the Racist Lululemon Killer of Jayna Murray, Paint Mutually Contradictory Portraits of Norwood”; and

“In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him.”

“Already in August, Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood’s Lawyer was Playing the ‘Crazy Card.’”

Murder the Night Before Halloween

By David in TN

In the thread on the Jayna Murray murder, I made a comment about a similar case in Torrance, California. It was at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant 27 years ago. A black employee who had been fired for stealing from the safe killed an assistant manager who was alone in the store.

Here is a Los Angeles times account of the trial, which took place exactly 23 years later in 2007.

Dateline: The Night Before Halloween, Part I



Part II


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI

Thanks to pleaseconvinceme.

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Wikipedia Scientific Hoax Alert: In Article on the U.S. Census, the Encyclopedia That Any Leftwing Fraud Can Edit Promotes “Race Does Not Exist” Myth


Scientific fraud Franz Boas as a young buck
By Nicholas Stix
Revised and expanded, 6:24 a.m., on Sunday, October 30, 2011
Last updated at 2:30 a.m., on Monday, October 31, 2011

[Previously, see: ]

The following passage comes from the entry in Wikipedia, or as I call it,
The Pretend Encyclopedia, on “Race and ethnicity in the United States Census.”

==Relation between ethnicity and race in census results==

The Census Bureau warns that data on race in United States Census 2000|2000 Census are not directly comparable to those collected in previous censuses. Many US residents consider race and ethnicity to be the same concept. American Anthropological Association. " A Brief History of the OMB Directive 15." 1997. May 18, 2007.

[N.S. How many is “many”? WP/TPC’s own guidelines prohibit such squishy language, but in practice, the rules never apply to lefties. If there is confusion about the simple distinction between “ethnicity” and “race,” the confusion owes much to generations of mischief by organized, Marxist anthropology professors and their comrades in other departments and outside of academia, which the editor who inserted the approving reference to the AAA somehow failed to note.]

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:right"
!Race !!Hispanic or
Latino!!% of
H/L!!% of
US!!Not Hispanic
or Latino!!% of Not
H/L!!% of
!Any races
!One race:
!Black or
African A.
!A. Indian/
Alaska Nat.
|119,829||0.3||<0.1||10,123,169||4.1||3.6 |- !Hawaiian N. & Pacific Is. |45,326||0.1||<0.1||353,509||0.1||0.1 |- !Some other |14,891,303||42.2||5.3||467,770||0.2||0.2 |- !2+ races: |2,224,082||6.3||0.8||4,602,146||1.9||1.6 |- !Some other + W/B/N/A |1,859,538||5.3||0.7||1,302,875||0.5||0.5 |- !2+ W/B/N/A |364,544||1.0||0.1||3,299,271||1.3||1.2 |} In the United States Census 2000, respondents were tallied in each of the race groups they reported. Consequently, the total of each racial category exceeds the total population because some people reported more than one race. According to James P. Allen and Eugene Turner from California State University, Northridge, by some calculations in the 2000 Census the largest part white bi-racial population is white/Native American and Alaskan Native, at 7,015,017, followed by white/black at 737,492, then white/Asian at 727,197, and finally white/Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander at 125,628.

The Census Bureau implemented a Census Quality Survey, gathering data from approximately 50,000 households in order to assess the reporting of race and Hispanic origin in the United States Census 2000 with the purpose [sic] creating a way to make comparisons between the United States Census 2000 with previous Census racial data.

In September 1997, during the process of revision of racial categories previously declared by OMB directive no. 15, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) recommended that OMB combine the "race" and "ethnicity" categories into one question to appear as "race/ethnicity" for the United States Census, 2000.

The Interagency Committee agrees, stating that "race" and "ethnicity" were not sufficiently defined and "that many respondents conceptualize 'race' and 'ethnicity' as one in the same {{sic}} [N.S. “{{sic}}” was in the Wikipedia text] underscor[ing] the need to consolidate these terms into one category, using a term that is more meaningful to the American people." [Read: “More meaningful to” Marxists and others waging race war on white Americans.]

The AAA also stated,

"The American Anthropological Association recommends the elimination of the term "race" [sic] from OMB Directive 15 during the planning for the 2010 Census. During the past 50 years, "race" has been scientifically proven to not be a real, natural phenomenon. More specific, social categories such as "ethnicity" [sic] or "ethnic group" [sic] are more salient for scientific purposes and have fewer of the negative, racist connotations for which the concept of race was developed."

"Yet the concept of race has become thoroughly—and perniciously—woven into the cultural and political fabric of the United States. [The concept of race is older than the United States.] It has become an essential element of both individual identity and government policy. Because so much harm has been based on "racial" [sic] distinctions over the years, correctives for such harm must also acknowledge the impact of "racial" [sic] consciousness among the U.S. populace, regardless of the fact that "race" [sic] has no scientific justification in human biology. Eventually, however, these classifications must be transcended and replaced by more non-racist and accurate ways of representing the diversity of the U.S. population." [N.S.: My use of “sic” in the previous two paragraphs is due to Wikipedia’s improper use of double quotes both to open and close quoted paragraphs, and for words within the paragraphs, which should receive single quotation marks.]

The recommendations of the AAA were not adopted by the Census Bureau for the United States Census 2000 or the United States Census 2010.
Race has never been “scientifically proven to not be a real, natural phenomenon.” Apparently, professors of anthropology understand under “scientifically proven,” endlessly repeating what they know to be a lie, and destroying the career of anyone who refuses to play along.

The myth that the races are identical in their abilities was spread by Franz Boas (1858-1942), a German Jewish immigrant, whose true faith was socialism. The reason Boas invented the myth was purely political, and anti-scientific. As Zygmund Dobbs showed in The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences (1964), Boas was a fanatical socialist who had no training in anthropology, as opposed to physics and geography, and who undertook a deliberate political campaign to hijack anthropology, and turn it into a propagandistic tool of stealthy, organized socialism. Boas was hugely successful.

He and his comrades took over one anthropology department after another.

The anti-scientific origins of the ultimate “race does not exist” hoax were in Boas’ plan to impose socialism on America. He knew, as everyone did, that there were different races, which were distinguished by their respective inherited characteristics. However, the facts were inconvenient to Boas’ goal of imposing an ideology and state form that asserted that all men were the same and had identical abilities.

As he wrote, early on,

The anthropologist recognizes that the Negro and the white represent the two most divergent types of mankind,

It is true that the average size of the Negro brain is slightly smaller than the average size of the brain of the white race.
[Zygmund Dobbs, The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences, 175.]
Boas and his devotees such as Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead routed the empirical, scientific study of physical racial differences, and replaced it with “cultural environment theory”: All nurture, no nature. He also committed scientific fraud, in writing a “study” falsely claiming that the skulls of immigrants’ children grew larger, due to the environment in America.

Just as college departments of anthropology were reduced to socialist fronts providing propagandistic pseudo-science by Boas and his devotees (e.g., Margaret Mead and Coming of Age in Samoa, Ruth Benedict and Patterns of Culture, Boas’ works, etc.), Boas also helped socialist fronts outside of academia.


Scientific fraud Margaret Mead at app. 30 years of age, on a U.S. postage stamp, which was as phony and prettified as her long-time prestige in the social sciences

Scientific fraud Margaret Mead as she really looked at app. 30 years of age, in the photograph which was used as the basis for the phony-looking postage stamp
Boas was long involved with one such non-academic front, the NAACP. He sought to use this radical organization, in order to promote race mixing, blend the two races into one, and thereby eliminate the white and black races (in America, at any rate). To this end, he also spread lies touting great black African advances in antiquity.

Scientific fraud Ruth Benedict, at app. 60 years of age
As Dobbs wrote,

Boas busied himself with giving a professorial tone to the NAACP movement. The nation began to be bombarded by a barrage of so-called scientific opinion on the racial question. The major theme projected was that there are no fundamental differences among races. There was constant repetition that all mankind was cast from the same mold. Only some mysterious compound called the culture complex was said to create differences. For example, Boas would team up with Mary White Ovington in a book which emphasized that the only major differences between the white and Negro races are those of cultural environment. A whole bevy of transitory socialist fronts were created….

In the course of a few decades the well-organized Boas leftist anthropological phalanx had managed to cripple physical anthropology as a scientific discipline. This was done by degrees. The early works of Boas began with a mixture of the cultural approach with anthropometrical and biological data about the different races. Little by little, the physical aspects of anthropology were pushed into the background through ridicule [sound familiar?] and politically inspired charges. By the time Hitler rose to power, the socialists throughout the world, and the Boas group particularly, began to apply epithets of “racism” and “genocide” to those who endeavored to carry on scientific studies of the various races and sub-races of humankind. They were greatly helped by Hitler’s use of the racial theme to excuse his inhumanities.

The Nazi pre-occupation with the theory of Aryan “superiority” to justify their massacres of millions of innocent civilians was cited in literature, speeches, university lectures and newspapers, as the reason for damning all physical investigations into racial differences. [See the Left’s ongoing war on the Pioneer Fund and all whose research it has funded, including some of the world’s foremost scholars of intelligence, e.g., Richard Lynn, J. Philippe Rushton, and Linda Gottfredson.] By imperceptible degrees the Boas leftist school, which was made up of both socialist and communist partisans, began to create the impression that the Aryan “superiority” theory was a Fascistic abomination and invention.

[Dobbs, 175f.]
Dobbs the shows that it was the Left, above all Marx’ collaborator, friend, and benefactor, Friedrich Engels, that had embraced and promoted the Aryan myth generations before Hitler did.


The real deal: Zygmund Dobbs

Boas’ fraudulent assertion that the races were equal in abilities was designed to become self-fulfilling through socialist agitation and social policy. Today’s phony “anthropologists” and other leftist pseudo-scholars (e.g., the late Stephen Jay Gould) are consciously continuing Boas’ work, and have extended his fraudulent claim that the races are identical in abilities to the even more obviously fraudulent claim that there are no different races, and that race exists merely as a “social construct.” And yet, they demand in all areas of human activity that one non-existent race be privileged, and other non-existent races be harmed.

The leftists who control WP/TPC are likewise continuing such pernicious propaganda, with the goal of wiping out the white race. Note that they do not even feign impartiality by at least citing dissenting, more scientific voices, let alone permitting anyone to expose Boas’ deceit, which Wikicensors such as anti-scientific Marxist S.L. Rubenstein have continuously covered up in Boas’ WP/TPC entry. In this regard, see also the WP/TPC Franz Boas “talk page.”

[I thank my friend and colleague Joel Lefevre for providing me with the brilliant, fearless Dobbs’ research.

Joel has scanned and uploaded Zymund Dobbs’ brilliant companion work to The Great Deceit: Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo. He is currently at work on making The Great Deceit available online.]

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Baloo: The Broken Windows Economy


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Santana Gaona Has been Arrested for Murder of Jesse Labon Benavides!


Santana Gaona's August 30th Dallas County Jail mug shot

By Nicholas Stix

At 4:19 p.m. today, a family member of murder victim Jesse Labon Benavides, 33, informed me that suspect Santana Gaona, 31, has been taken into custody. I have not yet been able to corroborate this news. Since the media reported that Benavides had been murdered, they have been silent, not so much as naming Gaona as the suspect, which is something that this blog did exclusively, as a result of help I received from a friend of the family.

Let us hope that this news is true, as I had feared that Gaona, named on August 30 by the Dallas PD as an illegal alien, had not slipped across the border to Mexico.

On August 30, Gaona was arrested and charged with rape and being an illegal alien. A family friend of Benavides wrote me that Gaona had allegedly raped Benavides’ sister-in-law at gunpoint.

While Gaona enjoyed the presumption of innocence for the rape charge, there is no presumption of innocence for illegal aliens. Either you can prove that you are in the country legally, or you are an illegal alien, in which case you should never be bonded out for any felony. But the Dallas criminal justice authorities bonded out Gaona. If he proves to be the killer, Benavides’ family will have the basis for a civil action, as Benavides’ death will have been entirely preventable, not that any amount of money will bring back a little boy’s father.

As I have written and will continue to report, Texas’ reputation as a tough-law-and-order state is undeserved. Gov. Rick Perry’s claims to the contrary notwithstanding, you cannot be tough on crime, while having open borders and catch-and-release policies.

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Is Illegal Alien Santana Gaona the Suspect in the Dallas Birthday Party Murder of Jesse Labon Benavides?”

Already in August, Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood’s Lawyer was Playing the “Crazy Card”

By David in TN

Murder victim Jayna Murray

The attorneys for Brittany Norwood are preparing a mental health defense in the Lululemon murder. The defense is trying to suppress the statements Norwood made to police in which she told a story of masked intruders. Making up a story to cover up her crime would make Norwood appear sane.

Mental Health Defense Emerges in Lululemon Case
By Meredith Somers
The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Attorneys for the woman charged in connection with the killing of her co-worker at the Lululemon Athletica shop asked a Montgomery County judge Wednesday for more time to arrange for an expert, mental-health witness.

The request indicates defense attorneys Douglas Wood and Christopher Griffiths will likely offer a mental-health argument for their client, Brittany Norwood, who was arrested in March on a charge of first-degree murder.


Jayna Murray's killer, Brittany Norwood

Ms. Norwood is accused of killing co-worker Jayna Murray, a 30-year-old Arlington resident, on March 22 inside the yoga apparel store on Bethesda Row.

She was in the courtroom for the hearing, sitting low in her chair next to her attorneys and wearing an olive-colored jumpsuit and a white, long-sleeve shirt.

Judge Robert Greenberg allowed the defense team to file a request for an extension and set the next hearing date for Aug. 30. He also set a Sept. 2 date to hear motions arguments from both sides.

The trial is scheduled for Oct. 24.

The defense attorneys also told Judge Greenburg they are trying to suppress five statements their client made to investigators.

Ms. Norwood told investigators after the incident that two masked men entered the store near closing time and attacked both women during a robbery.

However, she was arrested after her story failed to match crime-scene evidence.

A co-worker arrived at the store the next morning to find the doors unlocked, the inside in disarray and moaning coming from the back of the store.

Officers called to the scene found Ms. Murray’s body with injuries described by State’s Attorney John McCarthy as “shocking” and “catastrophic.” Ms. Norwood was found in the back of the store with her hands and feet bound with zip ties.

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts”;

“Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos”;

“Trial Date Set For Britanny Norwood, in Non-Hate Crime Murder in Bethesda, Maryland, lululemon athletica Store”;

“Reader Who Claims to Have Known Jayna Murray, Whose Killer Smashed Her Skull in for 20 Minutes in lululemon athletica, Has Compassion for the Killer, but None for Those Who Would Judge Her”; and

“In Web Posts and Emails, Friends of Brittany Norwood, the Racist Lululemon Killer of Jayna Murray, Paint Mutually Contradictory Portraits of Norwood”; and

“In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him.”

In Oslo, Where All Rapists are Moslems, Rape is Up Over 100% Over Last Year

In Oslo, Where Virtually All Rapists are Moslems, Rape is Up Over 100 Percent Over Last Year

Oslo's Epidemic of Rape

By Bruce Bawer

October 28, 2011

Front Page Magazine


Bruce Bawer



Back in May it was reported that every rape assault in the city of Oslo in the last five years had been committed by a person with a "non-Western" background – a Norwegian euphemism for Muslim.  Now it turns out that there have already been twice as many rape assaults in Oslo so far this year as there were in all of 2010.   At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation "critical" and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures "with a reprehensible attitude toward women."


The Conservative Party has proposed several measures to combat what is being described as a rape epidemic: more money for the police; more police in the streets and doing investigations; faster results from DNA tests; the introduction of volunteer auxiliary police.  There is something to be said for these proposals. 


Policing in Norway is a scandal.  This summer it was reported that police departments all over Norway were so short-handed that they were unequipped to deal with the armies of drunks staggering home from bars on weekends after closing time.  It was also reported that only fourteen of 430 new graduates of Norway's police academy had been offered jobs.


The scandalous fact is that Norway, for all its wealth, has chosen not to invest overmuch in law and order.  The very idea is simply too reactionary-sounding for the '68-ers and their heirs in the political and bureaucratic corridors of power. As I wrote elsewhere a few months ago, "Norway wastes millions of kroner ever year on "development aid" that ends up largely in the pockets of corrupt African dictators; it pours millions more into the pockets of non-Western immigrants who have become masters at exploiting the welfare system; for heaven's sake, the Norwegian government even funds anarchists.  It's not entirely misguided for a Norwegian citizen to feel that his tax money is going less to fight the crime that threatens his home, his self, and his business than to support criminals."


So Norway needs more cops – there's no question about that.  At the same time, beefing up the police force wouldn't even begin to address the problem that's at the root of the country's growing rape crisis: the presence in Norway, and especially in Oslo, of ever-growing numbers of people who have nothing but contempt for Western culture, who have absolutely no concept of respect for members of religions other than their own, and who have been brought up on the idea that women who dare to walk the street alone and without veils covering their faces deserve to be violated.


Not so very many years ago, Oslo was virtually a rape-free city, inhabited by people who had been brought up on civilized notions of mutual respect and tolerance.  No longer.  Over the years, the incidence of rape has risen steadily.  A wildly disproportionate number of the perpetrators are "rejected asylum seekers" – which may sound puzzling unless you are aware of the perverse state of affairs whereby even persons officially rejected for asylum in Norway are still allowed to stay.  And the increasing temerity of the rapists – who know very well that they will probably not be caught, and, if caught, will not be severely punished – is reflected in the fact that the most recent rape (in which two men assaulted a 21-year-old woman) took place virtually in the backyard of the Royal Palace.


Oslo is, of course, not alone in having undergone this cultural sea change: many major cities in Western Europe have experienced similar transformations.  Yet it now appears that the incidence of rapes in Oslo has now eclipsed that in the other two Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen.  This is quite an achievement, given that Oslo has traditionally been the smallest and sleepiest of these three cities – the least cosmopolitan, the one that feels more like a safe small town than a European capital.  In fact, it turns out that the incidence of rape in Copenhagen has been on the decline.  It is perhaps not entirely coincidental that Denmark, for the last decade, has also been the country with the most sensible immigration and integration policies in Western Europe.  (Nor is it coincidental that the other Scandinavian capitals have twice as many police per inhabitant as Oslo does.)


A glimpse of the official mentality that makes this steady rise in rape statistics possible was provided in an article that appeared in the Norwegian daily Dagbladet on October 25.  It appears that in the summer of last year, the same paper ran a story about Abdi, a Somali immigrant, then 24 years old, who since coming to Norway as an asylum seeker had committed 14 robberies, been incarcerated, become a narcotic, and lived on welfare.  On June 3, 2010, Dagbladet reported, an Oslo court had ruled that Abdi, who is not a Norwegian citizen, should be returned to Somalia. Now, however, that ruling has been overturned by an appeals court.  Abdi's lawyer was jubilant, saying that this decision "is important for many Somalis in this country."  (Of all immigrant groups in Norway, Somalis are among those with the lowest employment and highest crime rates.)  The lawyer chided Norway for having shown "an ugly face in this case" by planning to return her client to Somalia, but she expressed hope that given the new decision Norway would "change its practice"; presumably meaning that no amount of unsavory activity would make it possible to kick an immigrant out.


The appeals court's basis for its decision to let Abdi stay in Norway was that it might be dangerous for him to live in Somalia.  Whether letting him stay in Norway might make life dangerous for Norwegians didn't seem to enter into the court's calculus.  It's not only the courts, to be sure, that are at fault in this sort of situation.  In such cases, the media almost invariably step in and bombard the public with shameless propaganda designed to stir up sympathy for the miscreant in question.  So it was with the Dagbladet article the other day, which sought to present Abdi as repentant, reformed, and reflective – indeed, almost sagacious and saintly.  He was represented as having claimed that he has turned over a new leaf and that he now wants to help wayward immigrant kids to straighten out.  He also supposedly said that he wants to study to be a sociologist (which, the more one thinks about it, sounds potentially even more dangerous than if he decided to persevere in his life of crime).


So it goes in Norway in the year 2011.  Oslo is undergoing a rape crisis.  There is a good deal of chatter about it and many proposals and counter-proposals for solutions.  But until the authorities begin to take the welfare of law-abiding citizens as seriously as they take the welfare of criminal foreigners, the problem will only grow worse.


[A hearty "Allahu Akbar!" to the gang at Vlad Tepes.]

LAPD Links 6 More Murders to Alleged “Grim Sleeper” Serial Killer, Lonnie Franklin Jr.

By David in TN




The LAPD has linked 6 more murders to Lonnie Franklin, the so-called Grim Sleeper. Franklin has previously been charged with the deaths of 10 women, all by DNA evidence. Not all of the last 6 are by DNA.


The authorities do not plan on charging Franklin with these 6. Instead, they will go forward with the trial based on the 10 murders Franklin is already charged with. To do otherwise would cause a huge delay.


"Grim Sleeper" defendant Lonnie Franklin Jr.


The "Grim Sleeper" murders terrorized the South Los Angeles-area between 1985 and 2007.


The Associated Press reports that Franklin's attorney, Louisa Pensanti, said the new allegations are false and authorities are making the allegations public in an attempt to infect the jury pool.


Prosecutors announced in August that they will seek the death penalty against the suspect.


Franklin, 58, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of ten women. Most were found in alleyways within a few miles south of the suspect's home in downtown Los Angeles. The victims were shot, strangled or both; some were sexually assaulted.


Franklin, who was arrested in July of 2010, worked as a mechanic.


["Suspected 'Grim Sleeper' Killer Allegedly Tied to Other Deaths," CBS News Los Angeles, October 28, 2011 7 p.m.]


[Thanks to reader-researcher RC.]

Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Dead, 3 Injured Out of Ecuadorean Extended Family in Minivan; Van Hit Deer,

was Hit by Semi; No One Wore Seatbelts




Casualty List Released by the Indiana State Police:


Family 1

Cayetano Quizhpe, 28, Elkhart General Hospital, stable condition, father/husband

Maria J. Yupa, 21, deceased, mother/wife

Edwin Quizhpe, 8, deceased, son

Franklin Quizhpe, 6 weeks old, deceased, son


Family 2

Pedro Chimborazo, 52, deceased, father/husband

Maria Antonia Yupa, 36, South Bend Memorial Hospital, serious condition, mother/wife

Pedro Chimborazo Yupa, 15, deceased, son


Family 3

(Driver) Manuel Chimborazo, 30, South Bend Memorial Hospital, critical condition, father/husband

Maria Chimborazo Pinguil, 26, deceased, mother/wife

Jessica Chimborazo, 8, deceased, daughter


[One <I>San Francisco Chronicle</I> commenter argued that seatbelts would not have made a difference under the circumstances, a claim which I initially took seriously. But then I considered that three of the victims survived <I>without</I> seatbelts, which thoroughly debunked the claim. Given that some people survive without wearing seatbelts, the strong likelihood is that still more would have survived, had they been belted in.]



7 relatives killed in crash on Indiana highway

By Anonymous

Associated Press/San Francisco Chronicle

October 28, 2011; 1:58 p.m.


(10-28) 13:58 PDT Bristol, Ind. (AP) --

Seven members of an extended family traveling from Chicago to New Jersey for a funeral, including a newborn and three other children, were killed when their minivan hit a deer and a semi-trailer struck them from behind, police said Friday.


Those killed in the crash on the Indiana Toll Road include a 21-year-old mother and her two sons, one of whom was 6 weeks old. The other victims were a 52-year-old man and his 15-year-old son, and a 26-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter, said Indiana State Police Sgt. Trent Smith.


Three other people from the minivan were hospitalized.


A relative had told The Chicago Tribune that all of those on board were Ecuadoran immigrants living in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood.


"The pain is very strong," Manuel Quizhpi, who said he was the brother of one of the victims, told the Tribune.


State police said they were members of an extended family composed of three family groups.


One family was identified as Cayetano Quizhpe, 28, who was listed in stable condition. His wife, 21-year-old Maria J. Yupa, and sons, 8-year-old Edwin Quizhpe and 6-week-old Franklin Quizhpe, were killed.


A second family included Pedro Chimborazo, 52, who was killed along with his 15-year-old son, Pedro Chimborazo Yupa. His wife, Maria Antonia Yupa, 36, was listed in serious condition.


The other two killed were Maria Chimborazo Pinguil, 26, and her 8-year-old daughter, Jessica Chimborazo. The driver of the minivan, 30-year-old Manuel Chimborazo, was listed in critical condition, state police said.


None of the minivan's 10 occupants were wearing seatbelts during the crash Thursday night about 10 miles east of South Bend, Smith said. Smith said the infant was in a car seat but had not been buckled in.


The minivan was heading east on the toll road about 8 p.m. Thursday when it hit a deer and stopped or slowed down, authorities said. The semitrailer was going about 65 mph when it hit the van in the highway's eastbound lanes shortly after that.


Both vehicles ended up in the center median, blocking traffic in both directions for several hours. Firefighters and emergency workers at the scene of the crash swarmed around the crumpled remains of the minivan, its side shredded with a torn hunk of metal pinned beneath one of the semi-tractor's tires.


The driver of the semi-trailer — Jesse Donovan, 24, of Johnston, R.I. — was released from a hospital after being treated for minor injuries. Smith said he didn't face any charges at this time and preliminary tests indicated that he had not been drinking alcohol.


Donovan was an employee of Roehl Transport Inc. of Marshfield, Wis., which owns the truck, said Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration Greg Koepel.


"Our hearts go out to those in the accident and their families," said Koepel, who said the company would have no further comment.

Diversity is Strength: It’s Also Getting Beaten Almost to Death, Due to Being Suspected of Being an Intestine-Eating Satanist!



Suspected intestines eating satanists beaten up in Harare Hospital children's ward
27 October, 2011 04:16:00
H Metro
Zimbabwe Online Press

Two men were given a hiding fit for a devil before being detained at the Harare Central Hospital's pediatric unit after they were allegedly caught loitering there and messing with a five-year-old patient's clothes last Wednesday.

They were beaten up by the public under suspicion that they were Satanists trying to extract the child's intestines. The accused have however, denied being evil saying their hands are very clean.

This follows a rumour that satanists were on the prowl in the country and especially at Hospitals. However, the Harare Central Hospital authorities have refuted this claim.

The two, Shepherd Tabarwa and Claytos Dzinumwe, were found loitering around the five-year-old's bed where they appeared to be measuring his clothes as they held him by the waist.

However, the two DENIED being satanists and justified their illegal action and presence in the ward by saying that their company was contracted to supply the hospital with clothing hence they were surveying on the pattern that would suit the new borns!

"Its a problem when dealing with people who do not know how to handle business. Hospital security wanted to get us killed by the crown after one of the women whom we are training as a tailor raised false alarm and told the crown that we are satanists. I am not a satanist, I am a Christian with an apostolic sect."

"We were beaten by security before they handcuffed us and up to now my body is still in pain. Police officers ordered the hospital security to verify with our employer, Power 6 Trading," narrated Claytos.

We asked for permission from the child's mother before we were ACCUSED of unlawfully entering the ward. I am happy about it because I am just like Jesus Christ who was accused when he was innocent," added Claytos.

It is not clear whether he also enjoyed the thorough beating he received since he got his personal defence outline. His 'accomplice' Shepherd claimed that his ear was damaged in the beating after he was slapped stupid!

"it is hard to explain my dear after the incident. We are workers and I can't comment any further," said Shepherd.

The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital who identified herself only as P Zvavamwe could neither confirm nor deny this development as she was waiting to receive a formal complaint.

"I can not confirm or deny it becauseit could have happened but the report is yet to come to my office," said Zvavamwe.

We caught up with the owner of Power 6 Trading which has since relocated. She identified herself as Mai Mpopoma.

She CONFIRMED that her workers were detained on allegations of unlawfully entering the children's ward prompting people to suspect that they were part of the Satanists that have taken a prowl at the children's ward.

"Yes my employees were detained but circumstances surrounding their detention are not true. We are not Satanists, we won a tender to supply the hospital with clothing and the guys were just checking out the pattern. In fact this will discredit my company at a wrong time because i was also bidding for the same tender at Chitungwiza Central Hospital."

"We are a professional company and we rumour business transparently, That isolated incident was regrettable because the guys should have sought permission but I reiterate that they are not Satanists," said Mpopoma.

However, residents from neighbouring Southerton and some staffers told us that there has been a fear of evil elements invading the children's ward.

"Children are dying in unclear circumstances amid rumours that Satanism is taking toil. How can the security personnel leave people getting into the pediatric ward without verifying if they are the parents or next of kin?"

"If it was measuring the size of the clothes or taking the patterns as claimed, they could have followed the official channels," charged one of the visitors who witnessed the incident.

[These are just the sort of folks we need to bring here as "refugees" and immigrants. Don't you just love the diversity?!

Thanks to reader-researcher “W.”]

In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him

In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him

Murder victim Jayna Murray


Ex-boyfriend of yoga-store slaying suspect sought restraining order in ’07
By Keith L. Alexander and Dan Morse
May 1, 2002
Washington Post

Brittany Norwood, the woman charged with killing her co-worker at a high-end yoga store, punched, pushed and threw things at a former boyfriend who ultimately obtained a judge’s order to keep her away from him in October 2007, according to D.C. Superior Court records.

Jayna Murray's killer, Brittany Norwood

Norwood, 28, violated the court order later that year by following the man and his new girlfriend in a car, court documents show.

Detectives, friends and colleagues have struggled to understand what could have propelled Norwood, who is accused of killing Jayna Murray, 30, in March. Norwood had no criminal past, according to a review of national court records. [N.S.: Not exactly.]

But Maury Branch III and Branch’s then-girlfriend, Marjorie Noel, offered details in court filings that provide new insights into the woman authorities say stabbed and bludgeoned Murray inside the Lululemon Athletica store on Bethesda Row and staged an elaborate attempt to cover it up.

Branch reported that Norwood used his alarm code, entered his home and stole one of Noel’s cellphones. Branch said Norwood also called Noel, said hello and hung up. He also alleged that Norwood stole one of his cellphones. He filed the affidavit with the court’s domestic violence unit Oct. 3, 2007.

Norwood agreed to the order about two weeks later, but the court papers say Norwood risked criminal charges by continuing to follow Branch and Noel.

Branch wrote that he ended his relationship with Norwood in February 2007 but that Norwood continued to call “once a week asking to meet” with him. He told Norwood that he only wanted to be friends, but she “seems not to understand that the relationship is over,” he wrote.

Noel, in her own court filing, accused Norwood of stalking her. Branch declined to comment. Noel, whose contact information was listed as confidential on court papers, could not be reached.

Branch told D.C. court officials that Norwood needed “anger management” and a “psychiatric evaluation,” according to court records. “Petitioner fears for his safety,” according to the filing.

But it’s unclear whether a court would ever have ordered a mental evaluation or anger management counseling for Norwood or whether such actions could have prevented Murray’s death.

There was never a hearing in the case. Norwood agreed to the stay-away order without admitting to the accusations, and no judge heard the case or examined Branch’s assertions.

On Nov. 30, 2007, Noel filed another complaint, saying the couple saw Norwood in a dark blue Honda Accord near Branch’s office in the District before she followed them to his neighborhood and an Office Depot in Silver Spring.

Court officials scheduled a criminal contempt hearing for two weeks later, on Dec. 14. Two days before the hearing, Norwood told the court that she needed more notice to get time off from her job at the Willard InterContinental Hotel. “This matter is very serious to me,” she wrote.

A judge rescheduled the hearing, and it was later moved to January 2008 so Norwood could find an attorney. She hired Carol Blume, according to court records, but Blume later withdrew from the case because of a “conflict” with Norwood that made it “impossible” for Blume to represent her. Calls to Blume were not returned Friday.

Norwood didn’t appear at subsequent hearings, according to court records. A bench warrant was issued for her arrest in May 2008. Norwood never was arrested, and the warrant expired a year later, as was customary for violations of court orders at the time.

“These are allegations stemming from a domestic situation, which were never proven in court,” said Norwood’s attorney, Christopher A. Griffiths.

Norwood, who studied for several years at Stony Brook University in Long Island, N.Y., later moved to the Washington area. By February 2006, she was dating Branch, according to his filing in D.C. Superior Court.

Montgomery County detectives are working to shore up their evidence and disprove the coverup they say Norwood concocted immediately after the attack and for several days after Murray’s death.

Capt. David Gillespie, head of the major crimes division, said the documents follow a pattern they have picked up in Norwood’s life, particularly when it came to allegations of theft: She was able to present herself as engaging and cheerful, but those close to her sometimes saw another side.

“Brittany was able to mask it,” Gillespie said.

He called some allegations in the petition “alarming” but said they didn’t foreshadow the level of violence that erupted inside the store. “How do you connect the dots? I don’t think you do. But it is one more building block of information about her,” Gillespie said.

Montgomery detectives said Norwood, who originally told officials that she was a victim in the attack, said two men in masks slipped into the store after closing and attacked her and Murray. Norwood was discovered bound and injured in a store bathroom.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC.

I am now referring to Norwood as Murray's “murderer” and “killer,” because the former has confessed, through her attorney, to the killing, and now seeks to evade punishment through playing the “crazy card.”

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts”;

“Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos”;

“Trial Date Set For Britanny Norwood, in Non-Hate Crime Murder in Bethesda, Maryland, lululemon athletica Store”;

“Reader Who Claims to Have Known Jayna Murray, Whose Killer Smashed Her Skull in for 20 Minutes in lululemon athletica, Has Compassion for the Killer, but None for Those Who Would Judge Her”;

“In Web Posts and Emails, Friends of Brittany Norwood, the Racist Lululemon Killer of Jayna Murray, Paint Mutually Contradictory Portraits of Norwood.”]

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Was the Shooting Outside a North Nashville Elementary School at Dismissal Really “Senseless Violence”?

By Brian Haas
5:03 PM, Oct. 27, 2011
The Tennessean

Two teens shot outside North Nashville elementary school

Two teens were shot outside Robert E. Lillard Elementary Design Center in North Nashville as students were about to be dismissed.

The two, 16 and 17, were waiting outside for a sibling who attended the school at 3200 Kings Lane when a man drove up, retrieved a shotgun and opened fire on the pair, said Don Aaron, spokesman for Metro Police. One teen was shot in the foot, the other in the calf. The elementary school student, who had joined the two, was uninjured.

The school was placed on lockdown for a few minutes around 3 p.m. as students were about to be dismissed to ride buses and cars home. Walkers had already been dismissed. No students were injured.

Both injured teens were rushed to Skyline Medical Center and expected to recover.

Aaron said one of the teens had argued with the gunman earlier in the day. He said detectives had good information on his identity, but hadn’t made an arrest as of Thursday evening.

Contact Brian Haas at 615-726-8968 or

The longtime reader who sent in this story writes,

“You read the headline and you think ...

But the story doesn't say ...

But then the sole comment, so far, confirms your guess:

5:36 PM on October 27, 2011

Something needs to be done about North Nashville. Every single resident in that hood is to blame too. They should be ashamed for allowing such things to continue for so long. They elect the same losers over and over. They often hinder police investigations with silence and often aid and abet the criminals themselves. Then they blame whitey. Simply outrageous.

As the commenter notes, such “senseless” shootings aren’t at all senseless. They happen, because the “community” supports the thugs who commit them. Then the phonies call on people to “stop the violence.” It’s empty, emotional, theatrical lip-service, and it’s as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Many of the people putting on the shows are deeply involved in the violence. For instance, after thug and drug dealer Sean Bell was killed in Queens, when he tried to kill a cop, his fiancé Nicole Paultre not only shook down the city for millions, but participated in a “stop the violence” along with pro-violence preachers.

After the murder of Zurana Horton by a gang-banger who fired into a crowd in front a school at dismissal, Black Panther racial terrorist and city councilman Charles Barron suddenly called for an end to the violence.

People who truly want an end to the violence turn in the violent. They cooperate with the police. They throw criminals out of their homes.

By the way, Tennessean “reporter” Brian Haas is also a “senseless violence” kind of guy.