Sunday, October 23, 2011

On Saturday Night, Another Hispanic Birthday Party turns Deadly, This Time in Dallas

Family birthday party turns deadly in Dallas
By Wendy Hundley
Dallas Morning News | Bio
2:17 p.m. on Sunday, October 23, 2011

A family birthday party turned deadly Saturday night when two men got into an argument and one man pulled a gun and shot the other, according to Dallas police.

Jesse Labon Benavides, 33, was was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

He and the suspect were attending the party at a home in the 3000 block of June Drive.

The suspect, 31, fled after the shooting and was still at large on Sunday.

[Thanks again to reader-researcher RC.]


plano. tx said...

It wasn't just another Hispanic birthday party that turned deadly!!! FYI, Jesse was only protecting his family and the physco got mad and shot him! The guy had just gotten out of jail yesterday for a charge that he should've never been allowed to bail out of jail! Thank you to our wonderful court system!

Nicholas said...


Thanks for the background. Since you seem to know so much about the crime, can you give me the killer's, er, "suspect's" name? I'd appreciate it.

As for Texas' "wonderful court system," I've done a bit of work on it during the past year, particularly on how it is much more liberal than the MSM depicts it, and it looks like I'll be doing a lot more, as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Jesse is my son's father so I don't just "seem to know". Yes, I know the killers name but I'm definitely not telling you!

Nicholas said...


The scare quotes are because I have no reason to believe you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you have since proved yourself unworthy of such.

You expect me to believe that the deceased Jesse Rodriguez was your husband/ex-husband/sperm donor/whatever, but then refuse to tell me the name of the man who killed him. If you were who you claimed to be, and cared at all about justice for Rodriguez, the first thing you’d have said was the killer’s name.

Maybe the killer’s your boyfriend. Maybe you’re a man, you live in Alaska, and you have no blessed idea who Jesse Rodriguez was. In any event, you’re so full of shit, it’s coming out of your ears.

Fuck you very much for writing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You can't even get his name right! Ha! God bless you!

Nicholas said...

That's because I got my Saturday Hispanic birthday party murder victims confounded. The murder victim from the OTHER Saturday night Hispanic birthday party was named Rodriguez. I assure you that if you had as many similar murder cases to juggle as I do, and had to deal with phony baloney commenters, that you too would occasionally confound names in flame wars. But I don't do that in my articles and blogs, not that I'm concerned with what you think, out in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I personally don't know the suspect's name but I did know Jesse. The killer had raped Jesse's sister in law at gunpoint a few weeks earlier. Jesse and his family were having a birthday party when this thug showed up, Jesse went outside to tell the loser to go away that he had no business there, within a few minutes the mofo shot six times and killed Jesse. Jesse's son was in the backyard and heard the shots and saw his father taken away in an ambulance. Jesse was half hispanic and half white. In the event you are so worried about race. Nicholas, I know you are just reporting what you see and hear. Jesse was our loved on so of course we are going to post our thoughts here and defend him.

Ivonne said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Plano Texas,
I am so sorry for your loss. Jesse was a very nice hard working person who I met on a job site. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
All the best,

J. Ortega said...

RIP Jesse

Nicholas said...


Thanks for the link. Is that the suspect: Santana Gaona?

WillMissYouJesse said...

I am very upset at having learned of this tragedy today. Jesse was my friend. I knew him since he was 15. He was a friendly guy and always offered to help when it was needed. He CANNOT be "stereo-typed"! He was a GREAT FATHER and very dedicated to his work. He was very funny and liked to joke around a lot. R.I.P. JESSE! YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!