Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black High Schoolers Riot at Racially Segregated D.C. Job/College Fair; White Racism Must Have been to Blame!

By Nicholas Stix

The white WJLA news reader intoned, “A college fair turned into something completely unexpected in downtown Washington today. A fight broke out between students, and that forced the entire event to be shut down.”

What he should have said was, “A college fair for black students turned into the usual today in downtown Washington. A riot broke out, and that forced the whole event to be shut down.”

This story is a good example of managing the news. We hear of how “a few people” ruined it for everyone. I understand under “a few,” three. Two are “a couple,” and four are “several.” Had only “a few” brawled, the event would have gone on as scheduled, we would not have seen cops all over the place, and this would never have become a news story. If every time “a few” blacks start fighting, it made the news, you would need a 24/7 Blacks Fighting Channel, in which each brawl could only be shown once, for a few seconds, in order to leave time for the next one.

“A few people” fighting is a racial fairy tale, up there with the claim that “the vast majority” of blacks are law-abiding.

Job fair canceled after fight breaks out
By Suzanne Kennedy
October 18, 2011 4:33 p.m.


Thousands of students were forced to leave the Washington Convention Center and board buses back to their schools after a fight broke out during a college fair Tuesday morning.

MPD officers were called in when the brawl, which broke out at about 11 a.m., escalated, becoming a potentially dangerous situation.

“A lot of people got scared so everyone started to run out of the building so we decided at that point let's get everyone on the bus and out of here,” said MPD Assistant Chief Diane Groomes.

At least 10,000 students from Maryland, Virginia and D.C. were attending the national college fair that has been held in a dozen cities prior to coming to the region.

By midday, D.C. police and convention center security were posted to at least one door and the morning and evening segments of the event had been canceled.
Some students from D.C.'s Woodson High School arrived as the event was being evacuated.

“There was a lot of confusion and a lot of people rushing to get in and they didn't let us get in because it was too much,” said Woodson High School student Andrea Watkins.

for [sic] many of these students, this was their only opportunity to meet with college recruiters. One student, Chanel Green, was disappointed that she couldn’t take part in the fair.

“I think it’s crazy because we didn't even get in to enjoy the college fair,” Green said. “This is our opportunity to go to college and we should've utilized it and we didn't get to use it at all.”

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC.]

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