Monday, October 31, 2011

Murder the Night Before Halloween

By David in TN

In the thread on the Jayna Murray murder, I made a comment about a similar case in Torrance, California. It was at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant 27 years ago. A black employee who had been fired for stealing from the safe killed an assistant manager who was alone in the store.

Here is a Los Angeles times account of the trial, which took place exactly 23 years later in 2007.

Dateline: The Night Before Halloween, Part I



Part II


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI

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Anonymous said...

I checked and found that William Marshall is incarcerated at the Calipatria State Prison. I have an email correspondent who used to work in the California prison system. She told me that Calipatria is a "worst of the worst" kind of place.

I had asked several weeks ago concerning serial killer John Floyd Thomas, who was also sent there. This was because of the number and type of Thomas' crimes which gave him more custody points. Thomas had previously done time so he got points from that as well.

"Thomas is a bad bad man and he's been throw in with other bad bad men," she told me.

Unlike Tennessee, a murderer in California gets maximum security from the start, but if he behaves it gets better.

I was told that the prison environment, (many gang fights) along with the heat makes Calipatria a very unpleasant place.

I was pleasantly surprised Marshall was sent to Calipatria. In Tennessee, he would be at a prison farm in a rural area.

David In TN

David In TN said...

This one was still another "disgruntled employee."