Saturday, October 29, 2011

Already in August, Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood’s Lawyer was Playing the “Crazy Card”

By David in TN

Murder victim Jayna Murray

The attorneys for Brittany Norwood are preparing a mental health defense in the Lululemon murder. The defense is trying to suppress the statements Norwood made to police in which she told a story of masked intruders. Making up a story to cover up her crime would make Norwood appear sane.

Mental Health Defense Emerges in Lululemon Case
By Meredith Somers
The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Attorneys for the woman charged in connection with the killing of her co-worker at the Lululemon Athletica shop asked a Montgomery County judge Wednesday for more time to arrange for an expert, mental-health witness.

The request indicates defense attorneys Douglas Wood and Christopher Griffiths will likely offer a mental-health argument for their client, Brittany Norwood, who was arrested in March on a charge of first-degree murder.


Jayna Murray's killer, Brittany Norwood

Ms. Norwood is accused of killing co-worker Jayna Murray, a 30-year-old Arlington resident, on March 22 inside the yoga apparel store on Bethesda Row.

She was in the courtroom for the hearing, sitting low in her chair next to her attorneys and wearing an olive-colored jumpsuit and a white, long-sleeve shirt.

Judge Robert Greenberg allowed the defense team to file a request for an extension and set the next hearing date for Aug. 30. He also set a Sept. 2 date to hear motions arguments from both sides.

The trial is scheduled for Oct. 24.

The defense attorneys also told Judge Greenburg they are trying to suppress five statements their client made to investigators.

Ms. Norwood told investigators after the incident that two masked men entered the store near closing time and attacked both women during a robbery.

However, she was arrested after her story failed to match crime-scene evidence.

A co-worker arrived at the store the next morning to find the doors unlocked, the inside in disarray and moaning coming from the back of the store.

Officers called to the scene found Ms. Murray’s body with injuries described by State’s Attorney John McCarthy as “shocking” and “catastrophic.” Ms. Norwood was found in the back of the store with her hands and feet bound with zip ties.

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NiviusVir said...

I remember this case fairly well, Nicholas. Thanks for your work.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for your kind words, Niv.

Anonymous said...

The general scenario of a black murdering a white co-worker at a store has happened before. One was at a San Fernando Valley Subway Sandwich shop in 1991. Amother was in Torrance, California in the mid-1980's.

These two I know of because they were on TV. The first was on Court TV's LA Forensics several years ago, the second (the suspect was ID'd 20 years later and convicted in 2007) on NBC Dateline about a year ago.

Both involved ex-employees who were fired after stealing from the cash register and came back to the store.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

You can add the 2000 Wendy's Massacre in Queens to the list.

Nicholas said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Wrong list. I don't think any of the Wendy's vics was white.

Anonymous said...

When blacks murder whites it seems as if the white is always very attractive and a highly productive citizen whereas the black is some kind of creep scum sucking asshole and of course crazy, although there is no history of mental illness until it shows up in the murder or mass murder of whites.

Nicholas said...

Anon 3:20 p.m.,

Yes, this "mental illness" is "proven" by the murders. It's all circular, but of course, it's b.s. that doesn't fool anyone. But it's a form of b.s. that is now all the rage among attorneys defending blacks who have murdered whites: Samuel Lee Conway (Pearcy Massacre), Nkosi Thandiwe (Brittney Watts murder), and now, Brittany Norwood.

Anonymous said...


You are on to something.

The next use of the mental illness defense will probably be in the Tulsa murders of a young white couple in September (the prelim is on December 1). One of the two suspects, Darren Price, actually talked on camera to a TV reporter not long before his arrest while driving the victims' car. You can see where the defense will go with this.

Also, will we see the Crazy Card in the trial of Lawrence Lovette for the murder of Eve Marie Carson? This trial starts about a month from now.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

If these murders mentioned here were committed with the races reversed, the charge would be murder, and a hate crime. The media would have its "Great White Defendant" and every TV channel would lead off with these crimes. Gab fests and hen parties on TV would devote many hours to discussing them. Everyone in the world would know about them, instead one has to read Nicholas Stix's blog to know a crime has been committed. Instead of murder and a hate crime against law abiding, productive, and peaceful whites, we get the crazy card played.
It's way past time that whites defend themselves against the genocide of whites, but first whites must understand what is happening and it's the genocide of the white race.