Monday, October 17, 2011

Inside Job at the LAPD: SWAT Weapons Cache, Including 21 Machine Guns, Stolen During Night Following Move

This is not your grandfather’s LAPD.

I’d say that Bill Parker must be spinning in his grave, but we’re way past that stage.

The LAPD supports immigrant gangs via Special Order 40, so gangs reciprocate by … ripping off the LAPD?

Weapons stolen from Los Angeles SWAT training site
By Anonymous
Associated Press
(10-17) 05:49 PDT Los Angeles, CA (AP) --

A cache of weapons, including 21 machine guns, has been stolen from a Los Angeles police SWAT training site.

The 30 weapons were altered to fire only blanks, but officials tell the Los Angeles Times ( they could be converted back to lethal use.

Deputy Chief Michael Downing says the weapons were moved Wednesday night to a downtown building and they were stored in a locked box on the building's first floor. The weapons were gone when a SWAT unit arrived the following morning.

Downing says the site was considered secure. [Well, obviously!]

To get to the weapons, the thieves cut through bolt locks on an outside door and two internal doors and forced their way through a metal roll gate. [How do you force your way through a metal roll gate?]
Information from: Los Angeles Times,


Brian Jacobsen said...

Maybe this is LA's version of Gunwalker?

Nicholas said...

Oh, man. The LAPD has clearly been gutted. When you add this to all the material I've been collecting on it over the past 10 years, this may be the coupe de grace.

Aside from that, how the hell you doin,' man?! Drop me a line.