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Wikipedia Scientific Hoax Alert: In Article on the U.S. Census, the Encyclopedia That Any Leftwing Fraud Can Edit Promotes “Race Does Not Exist” Myth


Scientific fraud Franz Boas as a young buck
By Nicholas Stix
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The following passage comes from the entry in Wikipedia, or as I call it,
The Pretend Encyclopedia, on “Race and ethnicity in the United States Census.”

==Relation between ethnicity and race in census results==

The Census Bureau warns that data on race in United States Census 2000|2000 Census are not directly comparable to those collected in previous censuses. Many US residents consider race and ethnicity to be the same concept. American Anthropological Association. " A Brief History of the OMB Directive 15." 1997. May 18, 2007.

[N.S. How many is “many”? WP/TPC’s own guidelines prohibit such squishy language, but in practice, the rules never apply to lefties. If there is confusion about the simple distinction between “ethnicity” and “race,” the confusion owes much to generations of mischief by organized, Marxist anthropology professors and their comrades in other departments and outside of academia, which the editor who inserted the approving reference to the AAA somehow failed to note.]

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:right"
!Race !!Hispanic or
Latino!!% of
H/L!!% of
US!!Not Hispanic
or Latino!!% of Not
H/L!!% of
!Any races
!One race:
!Black or
African A.
!A. Indian/
Alaska Nat.
|119,829||0.3||<0.1||10,123,169||4.1||3.6 |- !Hawaiian N. & Pacific Is. |45,326||0.1||<0.1||353,509||0.1||0.1 |- !Some other |14,891,303||42.2||5.3||467,770||0.2||0.2 |- !2+ races: |2,224,082||6.3||0.8||4,602,146||1.9||1.6 |- !Some other + W/B/N/A |1,859,538||5.3||0.7||1,302,875||0.5||0.5 |- !2+ W/B/N/A |364,544||1.0||0.1||3,299,271||1.3||1.2 |} In the United States Census 2000, respondents were tallied in each of the race groups they reported. Consequently, the total of each racial category exceeds the total population because some people reported more than one race. According to James P. Allen and Eugene Turner from California State University, Northridge, by some calculations in the 2000 Census the largest part white bi-racial population is white/Native American and Alaskan Native, at 7,015,017, followed by white/black at 737,492, then white/Asian at 727,197, and finally white/Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander at 125,628.

The Census Bureau implemented a Census Quality Survey, gathering data from approximately 50,000 households in order to assess the reporting of race and Hispanic origin in the United States Census 2000 with the purpose [sic] creating a way to make comparisons between the United States Census 2000 with previous Census racial data.

In September 1997, during the process of revision of racial categories previously declared by OMB directive no. 15, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) recommended that OMB combine the "race" and "ethnicity" categories into one question to appear as "race/ethnicity" for the United States Census, 2000.

The Interagency Committee agrees, stating that "race" and "ethnicity" were not sufficiently defined and "that many respondents conceptualize 'race' and 'ethnicity' as one in the same {{sic}} [N.S. “{{sic}}” was in the Wikipedia text] underscor[ing] the need to consolidate these terms into one category, using a term that is more meaningful to the American people." [Read: “More meaningful to” Marxists and others waging race war on white Americans.]

The AAA also stated,

"The American Anthropological Association recommends the elimination of the term "race" [sic] from OMB Directive 15 during the planning for the 2010 Census. During the past 50 years, "race" has been scientifically proven to not be a real, natural phenomenon. More specific, social categories such as "ethnicity" [sic] or "ethnic group" [sic] are more salient for scientific purposes and have fewer of the negative, racist connotations for which the concept of race was developed."

"Yet the concept of race has become thoroughly—and perniciously—woven into the cultural and political fabric of the United States. [The concept of race is older than the United States.] It has become an essential element of both individual identity and government policy. Because so much harm has been based on "racial" [sic] distinctions over the years, correctives for such harm must also acknowledge the impact of "racial" [sic] consciousness among the U.S. populace, regardless of the fact that "race" [sic] has no scientific justification in human biology. Eventually, however, these classifications must be transcended and replaced by more non-racist and accurate ways of representing the diversity of the U.S. population." [N.S.: My use of “sic” in the previous two paragraphs is due to Wikipedia’s improper use of double quotes both to open and close quoted paragraphs, and for words within the paragraphs, which should receive single quotation marks.]

The recommendations of the AAA were not adopted by the Census Bureau for the United States Census 2000 or the United States Census 2010.
Race has never been “scientifically proven to not be a real, natural phenomenon.” Apparently, professors of anthropology understand under “scientifically proven,” endlessly repeating what they know to be a lie, and destroying the career of anyone who refuses to play along.

The myth that the races are identical in their abilities was spread by Franz Boas (1858-1942), a German Jewish immigrant, whose true faith was socialism. The reason Boas invented the myth was purely political, and anti-scientific. As Zygmund Dobbs showed in The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences (1964), Boas was a fanatical socialist who had no training in anthropology, as opposed to physics and geography, and who undertook a deliberate political campaign to hijack anthropology, and turn it into a propagandistic tool of stealthy, organized socialism. Boas was hugely successful.

He and his comrades took over one anthropology department after another.

The anti-scientific origins of the ultimate “race does not exist” hoax were in Boas’ plan to impose socialism on America. He knew, as everyone did, that there were different races, which were distinguished by their respective inherited characteristics. However, the facts were inconvenient to Boas’ goal of imposing an ideology and state form that asserted that all men were the same and had identical abilities.

As he wrote, early on,

The anthropologist recognizes that the Negro and the white represent the two most divergent types of mankind,

It is true that the average size of the Negro brain is slightly smaller than the average size of the brain of the white race.
[Zygmund Dobbs, The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences, 175.]
Boas and his devotees such as Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead routed the empirical, scientific study of physical racial differences, and replaced it with “cultural environment theory”: All nurture, no nature. He also committed scientific fraud, in writing a “study” falsely claiming that the skulls of immigrants’ children grew larger, due to the environment in America.

Just as college departments of anthropology were reduced to socialist fronts providing propagandistic pseudo-science by Boas and his devotees (e.g., Margaret Mead and Coming of Age in Samoa, Ruth Benedict and Patterns of Culture, Boas’ works, etc.), Boas also helped socialist fronts outside of academia.


Scientific fraud Margaret Mead at app. 30 years of age, on a U.S. postage stamp, which was as phony and prettified as her long-time prestige in the social sciences

Scientific fraud Margaret Mead as she really looked at app. 30 years of age, in the photograph which was used as the basis for the phony-looking postage stamp
Boas was long involved with one such non-academic front, the NAACP. He sought to use this radical organization, in order to promote race mixing, blend the two races into one, and thereby eliminate the white and black races (in America, at any rate). To this end, he also spread lies touting great black African advances in antiquity.

Scientific fraud Ruth Benedict, at app. 60 years of age
As Dobbs wrote,

Boas busied himself with giving a professorial tone to the NAACP movement. The nation began to be bombarded by a barrage of so-called scientific opinion on the racial question. The major theme projected was that there are no fundamental differences among races. There was constant repetition that all mankind was cast from the same mold. Only some mysterious compound called the culture complex was said to create differences. For example, Boas would team up with Mary White Ovington in a book which emphasized that the only major differences between the white and Negro races are those of cultural environment. A whole bevy of transitory socialist fronts were created….

In the course of a few decades the well-organized Boas leftist anthropological phalanx had managed to cripple physical anthropology as a scientific discipline. This was done by degrees. The early works of Boas began with a mixture of the cultural approach with anthropometrical and biological data about the different races. Little by little, the physical aspects of anthropology were pushed into the background through ridicule [sound familiar?] and politically inspired charges. By the time Hitler rose to power, the socialists throughout the world, and the Boas group particularly, began to apply epithets of “racism” and “genocide” to those who endeavored to carry on scientific studies of the various races and sub-races of humankind. They were greatly helped by Hitler’s use of the racial theme to excuse his inhumanities.

The Nazi pre-occupation with the theory of Aryan “superiority” to justify their massacres of millions of innocent civilians was cited in literature, speeches, university lectures and newspapers, as the reason for damning all physical investigations into racial differences. [See the Left’s ongoing war on the Pioneer Fund and all whose research it has funded, including some of the world’s foremost scholars of intelligence, e.g., Richard Lynn, J. Philippe Rushton, and Linda Gottfredson.] By imperceptible degrees the Boas leftist school, which was made up of both socialist and communist partisans, began to create the impression that the Aryan “superiority” theory was a Fascistic abomination and invention.

[Dobbs, 175f.]
Dobbs the shows that it was the Left, above all Marx’ collaborator, friend, and benefactor, Friedrich Engels, that had embraced and promoted the Aryan myth generations before Hitler did.


The real deal: Zygmund Dobbs

Boas’ fraudulent assertion that the races were equal in abilities was designed to become self-fulfilling through socialist agitation and social policy. Today’s phony “anthropologists” and other leftist pseudo-scholars (e.g., the late Stephen Jay Gould) are consciously continuing Boas’ work, and have extended his fraudulent claim that the races are identical in abilities to the even more obviously fraudulent claim that there are no different races, and that race exists merely as a “social construct.” And yet, they demand in all areas of human activity that one non-existent race be privileged, and other non-existent races be harmed.

The leftists who control WP/TPC are likewise continuing such pernicious propaganda, with the goal of wiping out the white race. Note that they do not even feign impartiality by at least citing dissenting, more scientific voices, let alone permitting anyone to expose Boas’ deceit, which Wikicensors such as anti-scientific Marxist S.L. Rubenstein have continuously covered up in Boas’ WP/TPC entry. In this regard, see also the WP/TPC Franz Boas “talk page.”

[I thank my friend and colleague Joel Lefevre for providing me with the brilliant, fearless Dobbs’ research.

Joel has scanned and uploaded Zymund Dobbs’ brilliant companion work to The Great Deceit: Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo. He is currently at work on making The Great Deceit available online.]


NiviusVir said...

I loved this post.

You're welcome for the prior comment, Nicholas.

After nearly acclimating to a world of lies, the truth can seem cumbersome and out of place.

I think the world would be a much better place to live if people would approach race/life more honestly and sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, I believe you are attacking a strawman. The AAA's statement invalidating "race" does not amount to a claim that all persons are identical, but merely that human genetic diversity is very poorly classified by categories as broad as what is commonly called "race".

In other words, it is perfectly possible to reject the validity of "race" without subscribing to Boas, but you have ignored this and instead attempted to paint us all as Boasians.

Nicholas said...


Thanks for your kind words. It’s a funny old world, ain’t it?

Nicholas said...


Boas knew full well, as I quoted him, that blacks and whites exist as separate races, and are a world apart, in terms of abilities. Yet he deliberately lied, in denying those differences. The AAA went him one better, in denying race altogether, as has been the fashion on the Left for some time. So, where’s the straw man?

“In other words, it is perfectly possible to reject the validity of ‘race’ without subscribing to Boas, but you have ignored this and instead attempted to paint us all as Boasians.”

Who is “us all”? You a professor of anthropology? Are you telling me that you and other profs have explicitly rejected Boas and his fraudulent friends, and acknowledge that different identifiable human groups (call ‘em “races,” “ethnys,” “populations,” whatever you like) have differing average abilities? Where have you written or spoken this acknowledgement? We’ll see who’s attacking straw men.

Anonymous said...

"where’s the straw man?"

The AAA does not claim to be Boasian, but you have implied that it is so that you may attack it more easily.

"Who is “us all”?"

Nicholas said...

So, chimpanzees and orangutans are human? You learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

"So, chimpanzees and orangutans are human?"

Another strawman. I had hoped you might have had some interest in serious discussion.