Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pop the Question! “Why Do You Hate White People, and Do Everything in Your Considerable Power to Harm Them?”

By Nicholas Stix

That is the question I have yet to hear asked of a power broker at a public event, and yet, that question should be, must be, publicly asked of the powerful, every single day.

Since the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama was inaugurated, and his administration began staging one racist outrage after another, I have frequently heard pro-white voices say something like, “Whites are getting their consciousness raised…. Worse is better.”

Since racist black lynch mobs escalated their generations-long daily, brutal attacks on whites to the point where even the MSM failed to suppress all news of them, pro-white voices have gotten even louder—at blogs and message boards.

If things are getting better, how come peaceful, rational white intellectuals suddenly cannot even meet at a private venue to discuss their concerns, without being shut down by racist terrorists, including elected officials?

If worse really were better, whites would have revolted during the mid-to-late-1960s, when the black race war ran its hottest to date, with racist blacks burning down one city after another that whites—mostly working-class whites—had labored for centuries to build, and to make rich beyond the Founding Fathers’ wildest dreams.

And yet, they packed up and left. As the years wore on, one heard less and less from besieged whites, and the few who raised their voices in protest were caricatured and marginalized by the racist blacks and their white allies as “white supremacists,” and increasingly criminally persecuted, even when they merely exercised constitutionally protected speech.

I say this, not to heap contempt on the millions of whites who moved out of the cities. They’ve suffered enough, already. They saw their children and wives battered, robbed, and raped, and in some cases, murdered. And in millions of cases they lost everything when racist black invaders destroyed their property values, and they were forced to sell at a loss, and flee, in order to protect their families, or what was left of them.

The problem wasn’t merely the racist blacks, but the powerful whites who backed them: Judges, police, federal bureaucrats, politicians at every level of government, and the media.

But there’s nowhere left to run, and so whites must now either fight or die.

Professional racist assassins, like my good friend Mark Potok of the SPLC, will call me the same names they’ve called me for years (Potok: “Well-known white nationalist Nicholas Stix”). More dignified types whose private views are, if anything stronger than mine, will either publicly condemn me for a lack of decorum, or ignore me, lest I get any publicity, as they are convinced that a “dignified” public presentation will result in “incremental” progress.

Any more such incremental progress, and in a generation or two, whites will exist only as ghouls in revisionist history books.

I’ll believe that whites in these United States are making progress towards saving ourselves, i.e., saving America, when I start constantly seeing stories about the likes of “Obama,” Holder, Janet Napolitano and Arne Duncan; corporate chieftains like Bill Gates, John A. Edwardson (CDW), Judy McGrath (MTV) and George Borst (Toyota Financial Services); all franchise owners in the three biggest sports; “educators” like Peggy McIntosh, Jane Elliott, Joe Feagin, Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. and Marye Anne Fox; media figures, from alleged reporters Howard Witt, Nina Totenberg, and Ti-Hua Chang, and news readers like Don Lemon, all the way up to magnates like Pinch Sulzberger and Rupert Murdoch being daily confronted by people who pop the question.

We’re running out of time, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, but a bit of news for those who still don't realize that Cain is just another "Obama". Can you imagine a black guy running for POTUS, and keeping vital information about his past secret? Me neither...