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Suspected Serial Killer Jason Thomas Scott Convicted of Burglary, Home Invasion; Set for First Murder Trial in November


Murder victims Delores (42) and Ebony Dewitt (20)

By Nicholas Stix

My readers first heard of Jason Thomas Scott on July 27, 2010, when I scooped the MSM, and reported that he was almost certainly about to be indicted the next day.

Having read reports that hinted at an impending indictment, I made some calls, and got an off-the-record non-confirming confirmation that left little doubt as to what was up, yet gave the official enough wiggle room for plausible deniability, should I have cited the official by name.

Scott has so far confessed to 28 burglaries and nine home invasions.


Murder victims Karen (45) and Karissa (16) Lofton)

The authorities believe that Scott was the Prince George’s County Serial Killer, and had murdered two sets of black mothers and daughters—Delores (42) and Ebony (20) Dewitt, and Karen (45) and Karissa (16) Lofton—in and around Largo, as well as Vilma Butler (46), in Bowie. Authorities also believe that Scott has murdered victims in Texas and Florida. He is set to go on trial for the Delores and Ebony Dewitt murders in November.

Murder victim Vilma Butler


To my knowledge, the authorities have not yet publicly disclosed their theories of those crimes.

Maryland is not a death penalty state; thus, if convicted of all five of the murders he is suspected of having committed there, the worst sentence that can be imposed on Scott would be “life” … until parole. However, Texas and Florida are both death penalty states; thus, there remains the possibility, however distant, that Scott, if convicted of murder, will yet be punished.


Suspected Serial Killer Jason Thomas Scott


Local Fox Report from late July or early August, 2010

Story link: MyFoxDC.com

Report on the Vilma Butler Murder from June 24, 2008


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[Thanks to my legman, David in TN.]

Jason Thomas Scott convicted of burglary, home invasion
By Anonymous
July 18, 2011

A 28-year-old suspected serial killer has been convicted of multiple crimes, including carjacking, producing child pornography, theft and other crimes.

The federal jury convicted Jason Thomas Scott of, of Upper Marlboro, of 11 felony charges after a three week trial.

“The evidence shows that Jason Scott was a professional criminal who was methodical and very dangerous, as he progressed from burglaries to armed home invasion robberies and became increasingly violent,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein in a prepared statement.

Authorities said Scott admitted to committing 28 burglaries and nine armed home invasions in Prince George’s County. During one home invasion, Scott is alleged to have sexually assaulted a minor and took pornographic photos of the victim, authorities said.

During a 2009 home invasion and robbery, Scott and an accomplice demanded PIN numbers from the victims’ bank accounts and took from the accounts and stole a vehicle, authorities said.

In another alleged incident, Scott forced a minor to strip and molested her, authorities said.

Scott is also charged in Prince George’s County circuit court with killing Delores Dewitt and her daughter Ebony. Their bodies were found in 2009 in in a burning vehicle in Largo. He is set to go to trial for that case in November.

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