Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Injustice: J. Christian Adams Flogs His New Book; Read the Background to the DOJ Scandals


J. Christian Adams



My previous VDARE and WEJB/NSU reports are linked below:

“O Canada!--Modern Show Trials”;

“Diversity is Strength! It’s also…’Jim Snow’ Disenfranchisement of Whites”;

“What the Heretical 2 Case Says about the Federal ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill”;

“New York Times Finds Civil Rights Commission’s Condemnation of Hate Bill (and AG Holder’s Jim Snow Policies) Unfit to Print”;

“Senate to Vote on “Hate Crimes Bill” Today or Tomorrow: Tell Your Senators to Vote No!”;

“Lindsey Graham KOs Eric Holder: Who’d a Thunk It?”;

““Nix eine Hitler”: “Obama’s” Plan to Try KSM in a Civilian Court is Treasonous, but He Had Help”;

“Whistleblowing, Former DOJ Civil Rights Division Lawyer, J. Christian Adams, Fights Continuing Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice in AG Eric Holder’s DOJ in 2008 New Black Panther Party Philadelphia Voter Intimidation Case”;

“More on the Justice Department Civil Rights Division's Conspiracy to Disenfranchise Whites, Violate Their Civil Rights, and to Obstruct Justice”;

“Justice Department Quota Queen Loretta King: FDNY Must Pay Minorities for Failing; Will Whites Have to Pay Blacks and Hispanics for Murders, Too?”; and

“Diversity, Science, and Crime: Eric Holder’s DOJ Covers Up Massive Theft of Federal Science Funds by Employee of Racist, Black Morehouse College; School Has Agreed to Pay $1.2M to Buy Off Investigation.”

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