Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street & Friends: The PC-ification of Fox News Continues Apace

By Nicholas Stix

Thursday morning a week ago, Good Day New York showed a clip, presumably from the previous day, of a high-level white NYPD supervisor (captain? deputy inspector? inspector?) swinging away at unseen communist and anarchist “Occupy Wall Street” rioters with his night stick. Although one of the hosts—Greg Kelly, I believe, the son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly—read aloud a report saying that the occupiers had rioted, viewers saw nothing of the riot. Whether the cameraman refused to show the rioters, or the news producer edited the story to show only the cop using violent force, clearly someone at Fox was on the rioters’ side.

But I thought Fox was so right-wing?

Wait, it gets better.

A few days ago, it was raining, and the Fox reporter covering the smelly thugs said that he had a box of (Fox) umbrellas, and he was going to give it to them.

The occupiers hate Fox, and the reporter was not smirking. He was not being ironic.

That’ll get Fox far.

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