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Biden Flashed “White Power” Hand Symbol

By Merlin
Sat, Oct 23, 2021 5:01 p.m.

Biden Flashed "White Power" Hand Symbol

Biden Flashed "White Power" Hand Symbol During CNN's Town Hall

Biden appeared to flash the "white power" hand symbol during his televised town hall on CNN.
Don't believe us?
Here's the moment it happened:
Some of you might think that Joe Biden is just making the "OK" sign with his hand.
But according to the Left's logic, he is not.
Trump made the "OK" sign sometimes while he was speaking.
But the left claimed that it was a "white power" symbol.
Yet… Biden can make this symbol multiple times on cnn, and now the same people don't seem to care!
Here's a clip of Trump making the "OK" sign:
But after that incident, the Left claimed that Trump was using a white power symbol.
The Rolling Stone fed into the frenzy:
While referring to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a speech on Tuesday, President Trump flashed a distinctive hand gesture.
The gesture is traditionally the symbol for "OK," but, mutated by a wildly successful 4chan hoax and stripped of its irony by White supremacists, it's now also used as an earnest "white power" symbol.
So when does it mean what? As the Anti-Defamation League writes in an explainer, "The overwhelming usage of the 'OK' hand gesture today is still its traditional purpose as a gesture signifying assent or approval. As a result, someone who uses the symbol cannot be assumed to be using the symbol in either a trolling or, especially, White supremacist context unless other contextual evidence exists to support the contention."
He was either using the OK sign for no apparent reason, or ironically as a symbol to trigger snowflake libs who would believe it was a symbol for White power, or unironically because it actually is a symbol for White power.

And it wasn't just the Rolling Stone.

Other media outlets began reporting on it every time Trump made the "OK" sign with his hands.
forbes even ran an entire article when a Trump supporter made the gesture at a rally:
A man standing directly behind President Donald Trump at a campaign rally at The Villages in Florida on Friday repeatedly made a hand gesture associated with the White supremacy movement, which coincided with the president making several racially insensitive remarks during his stump speech.
The movement associated with the gesture, called "Operation O-KKK," was reportedly started on the anonymous message board platform 4chan in 2017.
Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and other White nationalists use the gesture in public "to signal their presence and to spot potential sympathizers and recruits," the New York Times reported in 2019.
It appears that the Left clearly thinks the OK symbol is a white supremacy sign.
So that raises the question:
Why did Biden make this sign multiple times during cnn's town hall?unately, a few honest journalists are picking up on this story.
The Right Scoop reports:

cnn  held a presidential town hall tonight where Joe Biden was asked questions by someone in the "audience" about taxing the wealthy.
Biden answered the question with a whisper and then flashed…a white power sign?
Ok of course it's not a White power sign, because Biden used it and he's not a Republican or a racist. No one in the media would every [sic] accuse Biden of using a White power sign.
We all know what would happen if Trump made that exact same sign.
It's hypocrisy and dishonesty at its worst!

More on Dragging of DC Cop by Raceless Driver

By "W"
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 8:02 p.m.

More on Dragging of DC Police Officer by Unidentified Driver

"W": Is n-w DC more dangerous than other parts of the city?

But aren't Serial Killers Supposed to be White?

By "W"
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 8:30 p.m.

But aren't Serial Killers Supposed to be White?

Brief Video: When You Start Your New Job as a Cinematographer, and Alec Baldwin Shows Up on Set

Re-posted by N.S.

Creepy Crime News from Evansville, Indiana: Yet Another Crime "Gone Wrong"; I Can't Imagine Who the Killer Might be

By "W"
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 8:27 p.m.

Creepy Crime News from Evansville, Indiana

Oil System Collapsing so Fast It May Derail Renewables, Warn French Government Scientists

By An Old Friend
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 11:52 p.m.

Oil System Collapsing so Fast It May Derail Renewables, Warn French Government Scientists

I've been aware of the Energy Return on Energy Invested [EROI] factor for a long time.  That it declines is obvious, though maybe fracking gave things a new lease on life ... for awhile.

But that solar and indirect solar (i.e. wind and hydropower) and batteries are going to replace fossil fuels and retain our standard of living?  That's a fantasy.  For example, read this:  

The material requirements for the batteries alone are a fantasy ...

[Deleted] will likely recommend nuclear.  I wonder what the total nuclear resource is, counting uranium, thorium, breeder reactors, and whatever.

Then there's fusion, which is always fifty years in the future.  (Not really a joke; I recall hearing in 1970 that it was about 50 years away ...)

But this is not because the earth is running out of oil and gas. Rather, it's because they are increasingly eating themselves to stay alive. The oil and gas industries are consuming exponentially more and more energy just to keep extracting oil and gas. That's why they've entered a downwards spiral of increasing costs of production, diminishing profits, rising debt and irreversible economic decline. 

Forget 'peak oil'. Nafeez Ahmed reveals how the oil and gas industries are cannibalising themselves as the costs of fossil fuel extraction mount

A team of French government energy scientists are warning that the collapse of the global oil system is coming so rapidly it could derail the transition to a renewable energy system if it doesn't happen fast enough. In just 13 years, global oil production could enter into a terminal and exponential decline, accompanied by the overall collapse of the global oil and gas industries over the next three decades.
But this is not because the earth is running out of oil and gas. Rather, it's because they are increasingly eating themselves to stay alive. The oil and gas industries are consuming exponentially more and more energy just to keep extracting oil and gas. That's why they've entered a downwards spiral of increasing costs of production, diminishing profits, rising debt and irreversible economic decline. 
Hanging on for dear life to the old, dying fossil fuel paradigm is a recipe for civilisational suicide. 
The implication is that global energy shortages and price spikes will be a taste of things to come if we stay dependent on fossil fuels. Yet a growing narrative has instead wrongly pinpointed the 'clean energy transition' as the culprit. 
The Economist, for instance, describes the global gas price spikes as "the first big energy shock of the green era", blaming inadequate investment in renewables and "some transition fossil fuels" (like gas). This could lead to "a popular revolt against climate policies." 
This implies that the fundamental driver of global energy volatility is the transition away from fossil fuels: but this flawed narrative has it exactly backwards.

Energy Return On Investment (EROI)

The key to understanding all this is in how the new study, published in Elsevier's Applied Energy journal, applies the concept of 'Energy Return On Investment' (EROI).
Pioneered by systems ecologist Professor Charles Hall (whom I worked with on my book Failing States, Collapsing Systems) EROI measures how much energy you must use to extract energy for a given resource or technology. The metric works as a simple ratio that estimates the quantity of energy you can get out for every single unit of energy that's put in. So obviously, the higher the ratio the better, because it means you can get more bang for your buck.
The new study is authored by three French government scientists – Louis Delannoy, Pierre-Yves Longaretti and Emmanuel Prados of the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA) which operates under France's Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry – along with David J. Murphy, an environmental scientist and energy expert at St. Lawrence University in New York. 
Their research found that 15.5% – more than a tenth – of the energy produced from oil worldwide is already necessary to keep producing all the oil. 
Yet this is getting worse, not better. Since the production of the easiest-to-get conventional oil slowed down and plateaued around fifteen years ago, we're increasingly relying on forms of difficult-to-extract unconventional oil that uses greater amounts of energy for more complex techniques like fracking. 

The Downwards Spiral

In 1950, the EROI of global oil production was really high, at about 44:1 (meaning, for every unit of energy we put in, we were getting a whopping 44 out). Yet as the graph below from the new study illustrates, this value has undergone a shockingly steep decline. 
By 2020, it reached around 8:1, and is projected to decline and plateau to around 6.7 from 2040 onwards.
By 2024 – within the next four years – the amount of energy we are using for global oil production is going to increase to 25% of energy production. In other words, the world will be using a quarter of the energy produced from oil just to keep producing that oil. 
But instead of getting more efficient, fossil fuel technologies are getting less efficient – which is why the quantity of energy we need to keep producing oil is exponentially increasing
By 2050, fully half of the energy extracted from global oil reserves will need to be put back into new extraction to keep producing oil. The authors have an interesting name for this self-defeating phenomenon: they call it, "energy cannibalism."
This tendency is having massive consequences on long-term economic growth that few mainstream economists acknowledge today. The key issue is that the more energy we need to extract energy itself, the less energy is available for other areas of the economy and society.
As economists Professor Tim Jackson and Dr Andrew Jackson of the University of Surrey have shown, there is now abundant scientific evidence that the decline in EROI is an underlying driver of the decline in economic growth. 
This suggests that the last two decades of global economic turbulence are closely related to the global economy's continued structural dependence on fossil fuels: a dependence that, if it goes on, will guarantee a grim future of energy and economic decline amidst mounting environmental crisis. 

Yes, the Age of Fossil Fuels is Ending 

What does this mean for the idea of 'peak oil'?
Previous discussions about peak oil, the scientists say, were too polarised to be helpful. So they call for a re-opening of the debate based on these new findings, not because we are running out of oil (the authors point out that "we clearly have too much fossil fuels stock to respect ambitious climate targets"), but because our economic ability to access the oil affordably is declining at an exponential rate that decision-makers aren't talking about.
"If the shale tight oil has been able to compensate for the production plateau of conventional oils since the mid-2000s," they portend, "no other liquid is expected to take off and become the next backstop energy source." 
This, they argue, will define the point at which all global oil production will probably peak and decline – a date they suggest lies somewhere around 2034: that is, just 13 years from now. 
"A contracting window exists between oil prices high enough so that extraction and development are viable and low enough to let consumers have access to it," they conclude. "From this perspective, peak oil will never be either totally peak supply or peak demand, but a mix of both in proportions that are difficult to measure and project."
Other analysts have pointed out that technology disruptions like solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, batteries for storage and electric vehicles (EVs) are on track to eliminate demand for oil and gas over the next decade. Oil, therefore, faces a perfect storm from both above and below.
In a separate new study, the same team looked at global gas data, finding similarly that while we're currently using 6.7% of global energy to produce gas, that quantity is growing at an exponential rate and will reach nearly a quarter by 2050. 
Over the next decades, then, oil and gas investments will become 'stranded' due to three converging pressures: climate policies demanding that fossil fuels stay in the ground; plummeting demand as fossil fuels and combustion engines are increasingly disrupted by solar, wind, batteries and EVs; and accelerating "energy cannibalism" as the oil and gas industries, ironically, consume themselves into oblivion in the process of trying to keep going.

Aborting the Alternative

Perhaps the most alarming implication of the new research concerns renewable energy technologies. The authors conclude: 
"… either the global energy transition takes place quickly enough, or we risk a worsening of climate change, a historical and long-term recession due to energy deficits (at least for some regions of the globe), or a combination of several of these problems."
So if we delay the clean energy transformation for too long, there might not be enough energy to sustain the transition in the first place – leading to a 'worst of all worlds' scenario: the collapse of both the fossil fuel system and the ability to create a viable alternative.
The good news is that according to more and more research, the alternative could open up a vast new possibility space for human civilisation. According to financial think-tank Carbon Tracker, renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and batteries are becoming more efficient, rolled out with increasing speed, and generating greater returns. 
As I've argued for the technology forecasting group RethinkX, there's also mounting evidence that renewable energy technologies have a higher and increasing EROI compared to fossil fuels, and if optimally deployed can avoid bottlenecks in minerals and materials supplies.
There's no time to lose. The new research led by the French team confirms that whether we like it or not, human civilisation is in the midst of the most rapid transformation of the global energy system we've ever experienced. And hanging on for dear life to the old, dying fossil fuel paradigm is a recipe for civilisational suicide. 

Republican Lawmaker Closes House Floor Speech with "Let's Go Brandon!" (VIDEO)

By R.C.
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 10:17 p.m.

Republican Lawmaker Closes House Floor Speech with "Let's Go Brandon!" (VIDEO)


U.S. Border Patrol Made Nearly 1.66 Million Arrests for Unlawful Crossings on the US-Mexico Border over the Past Year, the Highest Annual Number of Apprehensions on Record

By A Texas Reader
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 11:40 p.m.

U.S. Border Patrol made nearly 1.66 million arrests for unlawful crossings on the US-Mexico border over the past year, the highest annual number of apprehensions on record, according to year-end data released by the agency Friday.

ATR: Trump's little "wall" is just a fence in many areas.

Should have been a real wall.

Who is the Real Fake President?

By N.S.

Ever since the fake, illegal inauguration on January 20th, I have, for obvious reasons, referred to Joe Biden as Fake President Biden. The real president is Donald J. Trump, who won re-election on November 3, 2020.

However, on account of Biden’s senility, he is not even the “real” fake president. Someone else is. And who might that be? Fake Vice President Kamala “Giggles” Harris? In spite of not suffering from senile dementia, Giggles would have trouble managing a lemonade stand, much less the world’s biggest welfare program. That may leave White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain.

The White House chief of staff wields tremendous power. He sets each day’s agenda, and is the man who determines who has access to the (now fake) President. Klain must, of course, still answer to the bosses at the Democrat National Committee, but he must be seriously considered as Boss of the Biden fake White House.

Ron Klain

Did Gov. Andrew Cuomo Rape 11 Women?!

“New York Attorney General Letita [sic] James' sexual harassment report concluded a NYS Trooper was one of the eleven women sexually assaulted by former governor Andrew Cuomo.” [N.S.: From the new york post.]

By N.S.

Well, black supremacist New York Criminal General Letitia James has asserted that Cuomo “sexually assaulted” 11 women, while he was governor. And feminists have taught us that to “sexually assault” a woman is to rape her. Of course, they’ve also taught us that “unwanted touches” of a female by a man constitute “sexual assault.” Then again, feminists have taught us that ultimately, words mean whatever they want them to mean.

The trooper in question

And the now pc new york post goes along with this whole travesty. God forbid, its staffers should challenge a black supremacist female.

Like Antonin Scalia, I recall a time when words had meaning. But Scalia’s pillow put an end to that.

The notion that Gov. Cuomo “sexually assaulted” 11 women is based entirely on a dubious report that was contrived at the behest of a black woman who demanded that the White man governor be forced out of office, so that she could eventually succeed him.

NYS Police Replaces Head of Governor's Detail in Wake of Cuomo Sex Harassment Report

TCM’s Film Noir of the Week is the 1952 Argentinian film La Bestia Debe Morir (The Beast Must Die) Saturday Night-Sunday Morning at 2 and 10 a.m. ET

By David in TN
Friday, October 22, 2021 at 10:41:00 P.M. EDT

TCM’s Film Noir of the Week is the 1952 Argentinian film La Bestia Debe Morir (The Beast Must Die) Sunday Morning at 2 and 10 a.m. ET.

The plot has the revenge angle, and is the second film from Argentina Eddie Muller has shown on Noir Alley this year. He boasts: “This is the American TV premiere.”

N.S.: At the risk of offending David, I am going to interpret the brevity of his intro this week. Over the past few months, he has been increasingly underwhelmed by Red Eddie Muller’s programming choices, and is fed up with him. (As am I.)

The previous film from Argentina that Red Eddie chose and hosted, was the Communist race movie, Native Son (1950), based on the eponymous propaganda novel by Richard Wright, who was a card-carrying Communist. The picture was obscenely, excruciatingly bad, yet Muller acted as if it were some sort of classic. At the time, David wrote:

Do you know what Eddie Muller is showing on TCM’s Noir Alley next month? Would you believe Native Son (1950), based on Richard Wright’s novel? It has never been part of the Noir Canon, and is considered a bad movie on its own terms….

TCM’s Film Noir of the Week Saturday Night-Sunday Morning is worth skipping. For black history month, Eddie Muller is showing Native Son (1951). The author Richard Wright plays his own creation, even though the character is supposed to be a “teen” (what else), and Wright was in his forties.

It’s the Bigger Thomas myth—black-on-White murder is caused by White racism.

Friday, October 22, 2021

West Virginia Governor Would Welcome 3 Western Md. Counties with "Open Arms"

Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 10:53 pm

West Virginia Governor Would Welcome 3 Western Md. Counties with "Open Arms"

N.S.: He reminds me of the late Ariel Sharon

The Final Nail in the Coffin? De Blasio, Stringer Turn $8B in NYC Pension Funds over to AOC-Driven Green New Deal Investments

By N.S.

Most Chicago September Homicides in 30 Years… but “Overall Crime is Down” (!)—$10,000 Offered to Bribe blacks to “Snitch” on Fellow Thugs

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 2:38:00 A.M. EDT

(wttw-Chicago) With 89 homicides recorded, Chicago experienced its deadliest September in nearly 30 years, according to new data from the Chicago Police Department.

The number of shootings and homicides in 2021 continues to outpace 2020’s rates, new crime data released by the CPD on Friday shows, as Chicago has now seen 2,726 shootings and 616 homicides through the first nine months of the year.

That homicide total is already more than Chicago recorded through the entirety of 2018 or 2019 and marks a 4% increase over the first nine months of 2020.

September’s 89 homicides are the highest total for that month since 1992, when there were 109 killings, police data shows. Since then, only two other single Septembers topped 80 homicides (2020 and 1993).

The number of shootings in Chicago is also up more than 10% this year over last, with 3,419 shooting victims from 2,726 incidents thus far, according to police.

While overall crime is down 8% compared with 2020, the CPD said violent crime is up 3% year-to-date.

On the same day the new crime data was published, the CPD announced a new rewards program for anonymous tipsters who provide information leading to charges or conviction in homicide and gun trafficking cases.

Brown said those who provide information on gun trafficking cases involving 10 or more guns can receive up to $3,000, with another $2,000 possible if that information leads to a conviction.

For homicide cases, tipsters who give police information that leads to charges can receive up to $10,000, with another $5,000 possible following a conviction.

GRA: Will the blackies snitch on their thugs friends for 10 Gs? Do blacks get their rent paid by section 8?

Same answer might be more murders, though, because of it.


N.S.: This “more murders, less crime”–sounds like a light beer jingle, no?—has been a running joke for at least ten years. In 2011, I saw a Chicago newscast in which the news reader, a White man who looked to be in his early thirties, said he wasn’t buying it.

Perhaps it’s possible in an alternate universe, but as a practical matter, it is an impossibility for murders to increase, while crime overall goes down. Murder is the king of chaos. It often accompanies rape, robbery, burglary, carjacking, kidnapping, etc. And to have a record-setting month of murders…

First, it was the Chicago PD, then the Detroit PD, and now, even the FBI has been utterly corrupted, and is saying this line, which is a tell that its speaker is a compulsive liar, who can’t be trusted to give you the correct time of day.

I can recall during the late 1990s or early 2000s, when the Boca Raton PD was hit by fakestat scandals, and the FBI announced that it was no longer accepting the BRPD’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs). But now, the Bureau is as crooked as they come.

I sat on this story for five days (sorry, GRA!), because I wanted to come up with links to previous items on the same topic, going back to Chicago, 2011, but there are too many!

I’m going to have to do a separate item on this topic that will be a link farm.

“We Will Find You”: Queens da, nypd Bust Man with Arsenal of Ghost Guns, Issue Warning to Smugglers, Sellers, and everyone Who Believes in the Right to Self-Defense

By N.S.

“We Will Find You”: Queens DA, nypd Bust Man with Arsenal of Ghost Guns, Issue Warning to Smugglers and Sellers

It Must Have been "Stereotype Threat": Afghan Rapefugee Arrested for Rape in Montana

By David in TN
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 10:08 a.m.

Afghan Refugee Arrested for Rape in Montana - Frontpagemag

David in TN: Greenfield shows the Montana rape by a "resettled regugee" is part of a pattern already begun.

Re Putin: You Can't Change Your Sex? What a "Shocking," Controversial "Opinion"!

By "W"
Fri, Oct 22, 2021 11:51 a.m.

"W": You Can't Change Your Sex? What a "Shocking," Controversial "Opinion"!

Alec Baldwin Cover-Up Continues Apace: Now, Movie People and Their msm Shills Want Us to Believe that Baldwin Accidentally Shot Two Two People, Killing One, with One Bullet, from a Prop Gun that was Never Supposed to be Loaded

“Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was injured [sic] on set while filming the movie Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Oct. 21, 2021.”

By N.S.

Either this was murder and attempted murder by Baldwin; negligent homicide and aggravated assault by the prop master; or premeditated murder and aggravated assault by whoever loaded live rounds into a “prop gun.” However, there is no justifiable explanation for Baldwin pointing a gun at not one but two people who were not characters he was supposed to be shooting in a scene, let alone firing it.

Over the past 40 years, several people have died on Hollywood movie sets, due to negligent homicide or murder. During the studio system days, this never happened.

The Union claims that “New Mexico” people, not union people, were handling the props. Why isn't the union raising holy heck?! Was this an affirmative action incident? Will we ever get any straight answers? Don’t hold your breath.

"Prop Gun Used by Alec Baldwin in Shooting Contained Live Round: Union"

“I Don’t Think It Does Race”—The Rise of Raceless Police Suspect Sketches

By Nicholas Stix

In 1946, the New York Times gave the world the “raceless” perpetrator. With its decision to refuse to provide readers with the second type of information that police list about an assailant (after “sex”), the “newspaper of record” combined an implicit acknowledgement of blacks’ astronomically high crime rates with protoPolitical Correctness.

As is so often the case, eventually the rest of the press embraced the Times’ vice—to the point where “not reporting race” is now a major blog category.

Some years ago, the press extended its refusal to describe “black” perpetrators to Hispanic ones. And when one media outlet failed to toe the line, and made the PC error of trying to help protect the public from heinous criminals such as Arizona’s “Chandler Rapist,” Spanish-language radio outfit New Radio Venture/KMYL (1190 AM) demanded that it cease and desist.

(On March 1, illegal immigrant Santana Batiz-Aceves, aka Ricardo Ramirez Lopez, aka Chaparro , aka Shorty, whose history included two deportations following drug arrests, pleaded guilty to raping five girls between 12 and 15 years of age, and was sentenced to 168 years in prison—no thanks to Hispanic chauvinist and New Radio Venture VP Mayra Nieves who had asked the police not to describe the       attacker as Hispanic.)

Periodically, I check into who exactly is responsible for not reporting an assailant's race. Usually, the police will give the full description they received from victims and/or witnesses, and the newspaper or TV news censors it. For example, this was the pattern in catch police deliberately misleading the public about an as yet unsolved black-on-white crime was in the case of the racist, black homosexual Baytown, TX serial kidnapper-rapist.

Baytown PD Lt. Richard Whitaker claimed that there was no profile common to the victims—when in fact he knew that the kidnapper-rapist (the since convicted and imprisoned Keith Hill) was targeting smallish, frail-looking white men between 18 and 21 years of age, who were living at home with their parents, and whom he would stalk for weeks at a time.

Which brings us to the June 4 robbery and rape that were allegedly committed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and reported later that day on the Charlotte Observer's Web site. [Woman robbed, sexually assaulted in residence by Steve Lyttle and Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Charlotte Observer, June 4, 2010.]

The story, which suggested that the rape had accompanied a rip-off of drug dealers, was accompanied by three revolving composite police sketches of the assailants. (The American Renaissance staff helpfully posted all three police composite sketches together on a line.)


“Police provided these descriptions of suspects:

“One was a dark-skinned black male, about 6-foot­-2 or 6-foot-3, age 23 or 24, wearing dark clothes.

“Another was a black male, about 5-foot-10 and thin with long hair, wearing loose clothing with a shirt over his face. [Hence, the sketch’s lack of a mouth.]

“The third was a black male of medium build with a round face and short hair, wearing black sunglasses and a baseball hat.”[A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, by Thomas Jackson, Special to AR News, June 9, 2010]

As American Renaissance’s Thomas Jackson remarked of assailant number one: “He looks to us more like a Martian than he does a dark-skinned black. Maybe the lighting is different in North Carolina.”

I decided to find out who was responsible for sketches so at variance with the police descriptions. My first stop was the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD).

I reached CMPD spokeswoman, Officer Rosalyn Harrington.

NS: I’m calling regarding a case that was written up in the Charlotte Observer on June 4 about a woman who was robbed and sexually assaulted in her residence at the Summit Ridge Apartments on Farm Pond Lane.

Officer Harrington: Hmm.

NS: The Observer published three photographs [sic] of suspects, and I wanted to confirm by you whether the photographs printed in the Observer were exactly as they were done up by your sketch artist.

Officer Harrington: I would assume so.

NS: Because there’s something peculiar. The first one is of a male who has highly peculiar features, I would say. They look really like they were done with a computer graphic program, anyway, rather than a real sketch artist. And it says, the first one was a dark-skinned black male about 6'2" or 6'3," aged 23-24, wearing dark clothes, but when you look at the face, he looks white to me! So, I’m wondering how a sketch of a supposedly dark-skinned black male could look so pale.

[Since Officer Harrington isn't responding, I continue:]

So, I wanted to find out if that was really what came out of the CMPD, or whether it had been altered by the Observer.

Officer Harrington: I would assume that they aren’t altered. [Unclear] the pictures that we provide for them. I think for the most part the sketches, or whether we use computer programming, they’re not gonna actually color a face in, to make it black, or highlight a face to make it Hispanic, or Oriental, or whatever.

NS (snorting): But that would tend to make for inaccurate pictures, though.

Officer Harrington (coolly): I’m thinking that's why they put “black male” under the picture.

NS (snorting): O.k., well, we’ll have to see. We’ll have to see what shakes out with this. Thank you very much for your time.

Observer reporter Cleve R. Wootson Jr., who had co-authored the story with Steve Lyttle, was kind enough to speak with me at length about the sketch issue.

NS: I’m calling regarding a story you and Steve Lyttle co-authored, in the June 4 Observer, about a rape at the Summit Ridge Apartments on Farm Pond Road….There were three composite drawings that accompanied the story. Now, I looked at the online version, so it was one of those deals where you hit an icon and it revolves to the different pictures.

I wanted to determine if the three images that you printed in the story appeared in the story exactly as they came from the CMPD.

Cleve R. Wootson Jr.: Yes.

NS: They did.

Wootson: They sent an electronic file, and we put the electronic file into the story. I mean, the only thing that’s different is the [fonts?].

NS: Alright. The reason I asked was, the descriptions are—for the first suspect it says, “a dark-skinned black male” but when I look at the image, he looks—I’m white, and he looks about as pale as me [actually, paler].

Wootson: Yeah, and that’s the weird thing about whatever the software that they used. I don’t think it does race. [NS emphasis] Yeah, I don’t think it makes things darker or lighter, or anything like that. But we didn’t alter them, once we got them. We just put ‘em up there, as it was. [unclear] But we found it a little odd, I guess….

And the thing I’m interested in [unclear], ‘cause I think the software thing they use is relatively new. They’ve put out very few composites to it, and it may determine how we approach it in the future. If these guys are caught, how the images the police put out compare to the mug shots or whatever pictures that are taken of them. If we find that it’s just totally off-base or totally different or totally doesn’t really do any good, we may revisit whether or not to run things like that.

You don’t want to put—I mean eyewitness testimony, everybody knows about the dubiousness of that, but you don’t want to put out a composite that doesn’t do any good.

NS: Exactly. You could end up with a totally innocent guy getting shot or something.

Wootson: Shot, or apprehended, or fingered, or put in jail.

Americans are now used to seeing the MSM effectively covering up for black and Hispanic criminals. But this time the reporters were the good guys. The police were the problem.

After some 40 years of affirmative action in law enforcement, and buffeted by the media-generated racial profiling myth, police are becoming increasingly Politically Correct.

For instance in 1974, when a black reporter sought to intimidate white San Francisco Police Department Chief Donald Scott by challenging him as to why police were only questioning black men in the “Zebra Murders” case, Chief Scott simply stated the obvious: The suspects were all black. But today, stating the obvious can be career suicide for a police chief, as in the case of Col. Carl A. Williams who lost his job as the head of the New Jersey State Police for saying that the drug trade was mostly handled by minorities. And after he has spoken the truth, and been cashiered, the politician who fired him will accuse him of having “damaged the credibility” of law enforcement!

Today’s law enforcement agencies are not only overrun with blacks, Hispanics, and women who are intellectually, and/or morally, and/or physically unfit for the job, but also with racially sycophantic whites. With “the thin blue line” that separates urbanized, bureaucratized civilization from anarchy substantially blurred or erased, and external and internal pressure against crime-fighting having led to “de-policing,” police departments are often more concerned with policing impressions than with policing the streets.

A department wasting precious funds on a composite sketch computer software that “doesn’t do race” is an extension of that Keystone Kops atmosphere.

Many white police officials today are primarily concerned with protecting themselves against charges of “racial profiling.” But no matter how many whites law enforcement officials sacrifice, their racial pandering will win no hearts or minds among their black, Hispanic, and white leftist and libertarian enemies.

Police may respond to crime, including murder, with ever more statistical legerdemain—on the west coast see LAPD’s public database omits nearly 40% of this year’s crimes, by Ben Welsh and Doug Smith, Los Angeles Times, July 09, 2009, on the east coast see “These Stats are a Crime,” by Paul Moses, Village Voice, October 25, 2005. But this, rather than fooling the public, will merely cause people who previously supported the police to turn on them.

Police sketches, along with truthful descriptions of alleged assailants, don’t merely make catching criminals easier—they also serve a more general, yet vital social function. They let people know that two of society’s most powerful institutions, the media and the police, care about them. For a society not to degenerate into nihilism and anarchy, moral distinctions must always be emphasized, and the Good Guys distinguished from the Bad Guys. Power and moral passion both abhor a vacuum.

Besides which, there’s nothing wrong with hating monsters.

But when the people running powerful institutions refuse to make and to enforce moral and legal distinctions as basic as identifying alleged criminals, law-abiding citizens are overcome by anomie, rage, and despair.

In the spirit of today’s mild, mild Web, a Charlotte Observer editor tacked on to the rape-robbery story, “Comments have been removed because of the nature of this story.”

(For more on how affirmative action/diversity has hurt policing, see my chapter on crime in the NPI report that I edited, and co-wrote with economist and contributor Edwin S. Rubenstein and historian Robert J. Stove: The State of White America-2007.)


Nicholas Stix [email him] lives in New York City, which he views from the perspective of its public transport system, experienced in his career as an educator. His weekly column appears at Men's News Daily, and many other Web sites. He has also written for Middle American News, the New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Chronicles, Ideas on Liberty and the Weekly Standard. He maintains two blogs: A Different Drummer and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.