Thursday, December 23, 2021

Omicron is Now 75% of China Virus Cases in the US

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By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 12:59:00 P.M. EST

Omicron is Now 75% of Cases in the US:

About a year ago, Delta appeared and quickly became 95% of cases. Whatever happened to good ole regular Covid? Did Delta make it go away, or did it go away all by itself? Now is Omicron making Delta go away? It seems to me that the new variants would just add to the original and cause the aggregate numbers of people with respiratory illness to expand, but when Delta appeared the total number of people dying didn’t change. The same number of people died of respiratory illnesses as the year before; they just tallied a higher percentage of Delta deaths rather than regular Covid.

I’ll be interested to see what the numbers are after Omicron has been out for a year or so and how they stack up to Delta and OG Covid. And if Omicron is a milder form of Delta or the OG Covid, as we are being told, wouldn’t that just know...what the flu is? So mass hysteria is created, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and more and required “booster” shots because of the good ole’ flu? I dunno, maybe there’s a lot I don’t know about these bugs, so kind of thinking out loud, I guess, but if somebody can enlighten me, I’m all ears.


Anonymous said...

They must burn out quickly.This time,Delta was replaced by a milder version.Supposedly,that's normal--they become less severe,but if they're being cooked up in labs--who knows?


Anonymous said...


(Boris Karloff singing)
He's a mean one--Doctor Grinch
He is vile--through and through.
He enjoys every pandemic,
Has a vaxx that could kill you--Dooooctor Grinch!

I see Fauci as a combination of a more demented Dr.Moreau
---with someone in a theater who'd yell fire!

(Karloff narrating)
The Grinch had thought up a plan and his goal was quite clear:
"I must stop the unvaxxed from having Christmas this year."

He made an announcement--and he spoke it with glee:
"Don't let them sit near you," he said it,said he.

"All those here in Whoville(America)must get all of their shots.
That includes all the old folks--right on down to the tots.
You will not disobey us--we will take you to task.
And I'll add something else:you must still wear a mask!"

But the Grinch wasn't finished--"there was still much to fear,"
He claimed--to those listening--"There'll be no Happy New Year."
"The unvaxxed,"he warned,"should not darken your door.
They will try to infect you,"he lied even more.

When the Whoville police,marched into every Who house
They had orders from Fauci--Fauci the louse.
"Grab all their med records and vaxx their arms twice."
It was all very evil--and not very nice.

The Grinch smiled a smile--as rotten as sin.
"There'll be no unvaxxed Christmas--ever again!"

But just at that moment--as the Grinch thought he would win,
Millions of Patriots had just broken in,
Into Grinch Fauci's office--for a piece of his skin.
I watched it on TV--and I sat with a grin.

They say,that's the last day,that Fauci was seen,
Biden and Harris and Buttplug,the queen.
We took back our country--back from its fall.
Merry Christmas to one,Merry Christmas to all(pro-Whites).