Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2 "Teens" Shot on Manhattan's Yupper West Side; Raceless, Faceless "Suspect" on the Loose

By N.S.

2 Teens Shot on the Upper West Side; Perp on the Loose



eahilf said...


The worst NYC crimes committed in 2021 are thanks to shaky bail reform law

Protestors in NYC are arrested for entering Burger King without showing proof of vaccination

'These cops could just as easily not do this.'

Anonymous said...

HO-HUM! Just another day in the big city. The new mayor has a plan to stick it to the perpetrators of gun crime. He promised. Just like police chief old Brownie in Chicago had a secret plan to also reduce the murder rate in Chicago. Wait if you will but have long wait.

eahilf said...


At the link above is another video of uniformed officers apparently throwing unvaccinated people, including kids, out of a fast food restaurant in NYC -- a bystander (?) calls them 'NYPD', and it does appear to say 'NYPD' on the back of their jackets, but I don't know for sure if they are regular cops or not -- there must be a half dozen of them there.

But remember: 'Back the blue'

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
CDC cuts isolation period for those diagnosed with Covid to 5 days: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/duration-isolation.html

If you are non vaxxed you can be asymptomatic (but you will know something is wrong soon) and infectious for longer or even just for just a couple of days but the CDC is setting 5 days as a median. The CDC also establishes a 5-6 day median of being infectious even if you are vaccinated, though is a little unclear how long you could be asymptomatic, which is interesting because then there's still really no significant difference in how long a non vaxxed should isolate as a vaxxed (if infected).

You have to read between the lines here because the CDC won't directly say it but if a vaxxed happens to a have longer infectious period than the median established by the CDC, then they become, in effect, a symptomless Typhoid Mary, capable of spreading the virus to many people. Whereas the non vaxxed will certainly exhibit symptoms at some point soon after their initial infection and know they need to isolate.

I try as much as possible to use only info from the CDC because when you talk to people about alternative information they always say: "That's not a legitimate source".
But you can get all this info from the CDC, though you have to read between the lines quite a bit.

Try citing this information directly from the CDC pages and watch your Woke friends and relatives stand there with that deer in headlights look.

Anonymous said...

So the cops will use that on black "protesters" the next time blacks decide to break into Walmart for some freebies?Or is this just going to be used on Whites?

Cop(to black mob) "Uhh,we don't mind you breaking in,as long as your vaxx papers are up to date."

black: "Got 'em right here pig."
Cop: "Okay,good to go--you may resume your looting."